Now I am aware of talk that my clash with Celebrities is rather confusing although most people know that it is one of those cases they had been warned about where the love had turned to hate in a spectacular fashion but there was never love in it – what happens is that they don’t think University matters, but whilst they chased the Celebrity culture on my Public image, they had to ensure that my academic pursuits were completely destroyed to make it work, as stupidly as possible – years later the bloody idiots hate my books and are shoving hoodlums through the academic system on my public image due to a lack of co-operation on my part while anything I said about women was what they would make a name for their stupid selves with on Media. So we can see that I have written this on a backdrop of another 24 hours of book sale time being spent on practical jokes associated with weaker sex making money on my income margins and I am therefore thinking about the next form of appropriate pain to inflict as well. For their part they claim they want to move on with their Celebrity culture as well but the Books I write here gets to my head as much as everything they have gained from those stupidities of showing up to become more important than I am using my own public image gets to their own – it beats me all the time when they say they are famous as it does show they never check what fame means in the English Dictionary. So their Daddy character got me dropping out of University in 2007 and I finished my Book in 2009 and they have since built me a global stage reputation where their overseas goons can chase my private parts when I don’t co-operate with their all consuming fame and money making needs once I have been found out from my hiding place with a big mouth, while theirs is one of every direction I turn leading back down to being wrapped round their little finger and the bad mistress squandering everything routine was played on it. I have tried to make it easy for them by setting out a reminder that their mental illness cannot avoid; that as long as this manner of involvement with my Bookshop continues the results will always make me cross – I am not interested in their problems and whether they want to move on with their careers as well, they need to realise I don’t write their Books in this place and get involved with this shop according to the purposes it was set out, this works for them and works for me as well, the alternative being the fact there is no place known to man where their stupidities could become more important than I am using my own public image and I have really had enough of them at this stage. So the other story where I think I can win against the Celebrities if they cling to my concerns for such reasons is very well understood naturally but I am wondering each time they blab like that, when they wish to start as it were, so I too might go down the shipping ports and hang around looking like I wanted access to all the music CD and Film DVDs that are being processed in the System, just to see what their stupidities were made of.

They blow off the big mouth like so all the time – the most recent is that their behaviour is set to intimate me to the sense that I have been in league with the enemies of the West and I have no idea what part a handful of famous opinionated twats played in the matter anyway; what really happens being that people will sit around making up government as they go along in the middle east for instance and the outcome will kill an American and the Americans will be very unhappy about it and set about bombing some middle east and we British are an ally so one way or another we get affected by it – what these scum want from me is an outcome were more still will die getting into a fight with some communists from their fame idiots communities. They do claim my Books indicated something of me trying to do the same as well, while what my Book which their stupidities have obviously read really said is that their Daddies always have the wreck the lives of younger men for their foolishness to play around with – the extreme case is when they are seen hanging around expecting me to become some lost youth their foolishness had a homosexual relationship with, otherwise they are being nice if I am stuck in obscurity complaining about how evil the world is while they made money on my reputation, looks and public image – the scum always have to do this and nobody has yet gotten an explanation from their stupidities as to why they always have to do it. So far its involvement with my concerns have eventually produced an outcome in which its stupidities hated my books but recently it had acquired a media presence and started all over again, the most recent being that the fucking idiots are climbing social ladder on the fact their Celebrity children are facilitating society and culture fools in the business of building communities that get imagination up my bum and practical violent nepotism on me all day long, which I guess is set to show their idiocy has got a penis and I will be telling the female community all about it pretty soon as well. now it becomes clear what I wrote as it were. They do love to brag that my Public image is wrecked permanently and that I am at the mercy of Asians and Muslims which is utter rubbish – the public image will be damaged permanently when I am done with preparation to show up somewhere important only for them to repeat what once happened at Buckingham Palace, I suppose we avoid talking about what those insolent saloon cars drive around the roads doing all day long because somebody will get killed if it was pointed out that the 2 decades of vandalism as is in my case is something they do deliberately and not this issue we refer to as life itself. As for the Asians and Muslims, they are stuck between the City centre war and sex idiots and seldom set any pleasure for their part in the matter save when they get dirty ones, I can ignore their case for eternity if I wanted but their disobedience when it comes to chasing money and sales around my academic work will be their undoing.

I have to admit they do look like a bunch of fools that need an education on the reasons we step outside of our doors as adult, blabbing permanent damage to my public image over a gimmick that I could really do without that involves ripping up the career if they cannot have it, suggests its not enough they are currently completely out of their depth. The boasting is all good but the reality is that their stupidities feed into a combination of Politicians wrecking my finances and years of living in rented arrangements. Some have said I really need to resolve this matter of a hate they say they have for me which needed to be settled and its an old story naturally – the hate is separate from me and separate from them and separate from anyway that my concerns have met with theirs, it started in 2005 during my dirt year at University and I had a Hermitage with a Literary empire in the works, so every person that graduated each year I spent at University would own everything that was known about me, that way they were able to sell the University to wealthier students and began to wonder what I was doing there – I do not attend it anymore at this point and the idiocy has not yet stopped. They do say they hate me because I smell naturally but that is an issue that will never be settled – starts out with women being verbose and the insults will grow and grow and grow into something that causes me to feel like vomiting for everything I eat because I have shown signs of not being complicit with wicked evil and immoral behaviour, after that it becomes an open secret they share as a community and get fun from everyday and then the threats associated with smell caused kicks off from here – I have warned them as well that there is nothing here, no culture, no society, no media, no Celebrity, just a Hermit and I am never going to completely destroy all of it.

There are three main areas associated with this matter, the insults developed along the lines of explaining the bullying away according to anything I had achieved through my academic pursuits lest what people say mattered in a world where if I beat them up somebody else can beat me up for them and its a fabulous use of my time. The other is the Celebrities setting off culture and society idiots and if I said the bottom chasers can chase the bottom and those who bang away can bang away and the game of loss idiots can play their game of loss until it all build up to something that I make money with, then it gets serious but there is no way to maintain this if I am of the opinion looking after public concerns is compatible with a process of getting along with Celebrities. The third is that I have been hanging around tackling idiots who pick up everything that adds up to a public stage sensibility around my Books and anything I am doing with my Publishers and then set about putting up their own products, splashing out, doing sex on video and taking their clothes off to get sales all over it but the Celebrities built this nonsense for them since 2009, they have only just completed it and set about running off the social immorality gimmicks of the bad mistress that spends everything I have on my Public image and I really do need to face them down. They do claim I have accepted that Celebrity business had nothing to do with me and it does not - there is nothing that links my concerns with a process in which somebody leans on my public work to make music CDs that are being shipped from Indonesia to USA if people think so obviously, so have they got an obligation to ask the famous idiots what the link between this and the constant need to rip up my academic work and Bookshop everyday really is, why they have taken my time between 2009 and 2016 to build me a history of insults which allows people to take the clothes off and sell sex on any relationship I had built with my Publishers, then build me an involvement with gangs and criminals, some of which are still serving time in prison and splash out everyday, for my part it goes without saying I will burn the Celebrity one as well but eventually they now know that Mr Trump is not the racist they thought I was trying to harm them with and I need to racket up a process of hurting them every time they harm me, up to the point where they did it again. I have been told I should have known the case with Celebrities always plays out in such ways and yes it does but the reality is that Celebrities usually turn out in two ways - the mainstream Celebrities who are good at what the do to such an extent they are able to take the campaign against bullying they started out since teenage years into the mainstream and into adult life, while the others become culture people who will easily ask you to play the gay games if you wanted and when enough had been done, a sense of normalcy and reality will be achieved at the other end - these idiots are organised crime product gits who showed up to pick up entertainment Industry and saddle me with the fools that buy the products from them blabbing stupidities that are destructive all day in order to get violent over their own property when they fear the same treatment. What they have done as such is set out a stage where they claimed they knew how we did it and so they clearly do not know the half of it yet. Some have said that I don't point out my own achievements but its an old tale of having my business pillaged by a handful of idiots who want to be the young providers who are employing Tens of Families and are respected and worshipped for it literally, the disobedience being one thing I have to deal with but then just as I found myself caught up where the entertainment Industry was developing into the two applicable parameters mentioned, its organised crime product gimmicks showed up here to make a mess of it just as the young people were developing well and we were doing very well too, so it had to find out how we do it too.

I have no idea why it is that every single media presence or publicity they get always results in a need to address and handle me. The big mouth never goes away even when it learns that it will be a dangerous situation for its narcissistic and superior stupidities if those abuses produced an outcome where there was me on one side and their communities on the other and those who can beat up will talk about it endlessly while those who cannot will keep the mouth shut and hurt themselves all the time but it does not stop the behaviour either with its German shit thrown around all the time. Speaking of their agitation which creates this nonsense whereby ignoring them tended to encourage them rather than show I am not interested and that carrying on forever will not change my interest and leaves me a University drop out that has difficulty keeping jobs he finds and is struggling with his Bookshop because they enjoy perverting the service processes, would claim that I am disrespectful. In terms of disrespectful, what really happens is that what they are complaining about is not taught at Church but incessant need to handle me has gotten me learning all about it – it is more concerned with a process of their culture and society banging my face to wreck the public image, banging my anus to wreck the social life and they rather than those who are friendly with me, will be the first to issue threats claiming I smell – the disrespect I throw at them is one that has progressed from a process of putting barriers up against me when I step outside of my door, thereby using the communities that are built to get imagination up my bum to wreck the career and get whatever they wanted, like the stupidities they do at their society is what the Law of the land is. The disrespect is a case where it shows up here to claim all the time that I will get into a difficult situation if I continued to fail to comply with the idea that life itself was split into two parts and I got the left hand side while they got the right hand side – that said as if any person here is their mate and spends time fooling around with their stupidities, of which if I decided I was going to do something about other human beings when offended, only if I felt I was attacked, the result will be one in which the sexual abuse that expresses their claims that they were the male side of society and I were the female, will rip up everything here and I will feel my heart beating inside my chest like it was about to explode and make sense of the fact the age of 60 would be a luxury, while if I got into a fight with them, then the fight will last forever but until such a scenario, it will never stop priding it stupid self in the ability to travel the whole mile and look for trouble it can rely on what is really fooling around with it, not to provide its insanity with one, like an education on the reasons people end up in prison. Eventually of which we see them all the time so tolerating their stupidities should be easy, save it loves to place cultural barriers around me and churn my tummy when I had failed to comply with it at random and since last I dropped out of University which made me a very happy person, it has not yet learned something big had happened over it and its stupidities need to move elsewhere, so it has acquired a media presence to address me all the time with. Another story they tell is that I am scary and this part of their case is simply annoying as I never set out to be scary but hang around somewhere being picked on, insulted and abused to a stage where I am disturbed person, then the scum get off disturbing their stupid selves as well and when they see me get scared and believe something had to be done about it but have never really lived up to the stupid threats. They have suggested it’s the same way my behaviour on being a small man that thinks he can deny them what they want from me has on their stupidities, like this matter has turned out the way it has because when they were warned during the early days they spent time blowing off their big mouth about how those who mess with their culture always got killed. So I did naturally and pushed them into a difficult condition to make sense of those stupidities that I am the female thing and they were the male thing as a form of communication with people they don’t know and so when it does add up to that stupid lifestyle they have got, I will be hanging around somewhere pointing out that enough had not yet died over it as it were. I do get told these activities of theirs has an economic impact and yes it does, so what I do here involves intellectual property administration and they are not expecting legendary disobedience of business just business to wreck peoples property if a Client broker equity with me to create a product that runs into hundreds of thousands of pounds only for them to hang around somewhere copying it to imitate, mock and express business just business practical jokes about being successful – even my Books have the same feel; they may mess with it as much as they liked but one day somebody will buy the copy they should have bought as it were and then we would enter into a phase where I would never sell it to them regardless of how much they wanted to pay, so that a social condition emerges from it which gets them to lose the job and leaves us an opportunity to find out how far the big mouth stretches really. It does like to boast that this does not mean I am out of the woods but it actually does since I can take it up to a whole new level and the multinationals are frequently being seen saying they had dared not do it as well. It has the usual effect where your Children get off to school and the consequences of getting to school is that they had a sad expression on their faces, so that gangs might be interested.

They claim that I never reach out to the main cause of these issues but the main cause have always been that they are meant to take peoples lives and property, especially that which is being put through a livelihood, the way that they see it – if they do not have the money for a purchase can save up or get a credit facility. We saw the same behaviour during the recession, where they had found out how rich people live because of the damage that the financial crisis had caused and we have heard nothing from them on the way poor people live since it would mean getting all the way to the toilet as were but these gimmicks continue still. It then goes without saying the disobedience might continue to show up around my Bookshop and barricade it making stupid statements on my public image and getting me into a fight if it wanted but at some stage, I am going to hang around doing the accounts Books with their stupidities showing up all over it and one of those will be the decisive factor in the way that I set out consequence after consequence until there is a global stage phenomenon as a result of their behaviour too. We know it is so bad and so destructive of peoples lives you might be forgiven for thinking whenever you see it, that they were not playing those foolish games with a means by which people put the roofs over the heads etc. I personally have made myself clear as the warnings about hanging around in this place looking like I have split a means to an end with them and their stupid communities because it has not yet stopped the way I wanted it and they are still handling my Books to blab nonsense all over my concerns and public image – as long as something of my personality and the way I live is out there for them to access due to empathy with their wealth and social inequality gimmicks, it will never stop, so the question is becoming that of what the community women fail to do to tend their abusive backyards when they spent time tackling me and this is about the 4th time my whole life has come to a stop because their money making needs is an all-consuming thing – what the young people ignore about everything which provides them energy to chase their daily concerns including those communities they build to get imagination up my bum because abusing me was more important – what the middle management older ones ignore about their lives and livelihoods when the most important thing in their lives is to handle me as though I was a tool and then I might end up making my own contributions to those wealth and social inequality problems which they will remember for generations so this nonsense got to stop the way that I wanted it to as it were. For now, it’s a simple case of questions on the reasons people get rich being answered when I explain everything I do, the onus is now on their stupidities on the other hand being honest enough to buy Books.

They say they are planning to target me naturally and I understand as well – I mean it has a lot of respect for its Office and work place and thinks it should get on Media to invent reasons by which it gets to dredge mine everyday, since it has not been getting a response and the whole thing is now part of its ego, it is prepared to fight for it than to let me breathe the free air. So I am starting at this stage to pick up everything they have done here since 2007 when I dropped out of University after years of those who graduated before me being entitled to my Royal Commission and Literary Empire, which has allowed them to become the brains behind the stupidities that Celebrities exhibit at my expense, so since last the Celebrities hung around claiming public trouble makers were nice people buying entertainment while I was discriminative and showed up here with entitled stupidities to pillage my career and finances in order to own my career and get me doing something else, as a means of managing the crisis they had created for themselves thus, I have been working on the matter and so recently reached a stage where I want to make an inventory of everything that has been built up by them to facilitate it and these fools had better not been counted among those items if they want to keep blabbing into the future. We all know their own case is an irony of building communities that get imagination up my bum like extremists have got their own custom ethnic minorities as well and although this is no where near an environment where people give it as good as they get because they are facing challenges or environments in which people have had the finances in a good place and are therefore organised or environment in which people are wealthy, the insults channelled at me for it are meant to be bread winner insults which facilitate sales. So its work place and home is Gods gift to the world while there should be no respect for mine, so we are about to find out how it turns out if I faced anymore stupid challenges associated with businesses coming back on again in this Country as it were. They do say I am too confident and yes I am as it should not be a difficult matter that COVID-19 saved me according to their big mouth, that we have entered another phase in which the economy is experimenting on itself again and they are here to learn what I know even though I am aware telling them will leave them with two jobs and the option of having to chose, so we find a three persons with the same qualifications while one of them owns a large company will see the other two make a decision as per whether they wanted their own companies or they wanted to get a job in the big company, as long as the money does not leave the system, they can conduct the experiment and make a clear choice for the future – so am I confident? Yes I am – they are good to go kicking it off if they have the fucking guts.They claim most of my problem come from the Monarchy and it doesn’t but even if it did, I would not end up in trouble either way because I am not seen as a problem at the Monarchy – what really happens is a group of goons who have assessed the way that the machinery of Public security works and decided although they understand why it works that way, they would like me to get caught in the spokes. The same applies to the Industry goons and business idiots blabbing all the time while their LGBT friends who breeze into their concerns and inflict alternative lifestyles on them run riot with it, only for them to set about building me a Publicity that said I am meant to get into a fight with people to make them comfortable and the prospects of ignoring them does not exist since they were able to handle and deploy the service processes of my Bookshop to make it happen but does it then mean the other goons who want me to get caught in the works of National and Public security are a threat, simply because they were rich and stupid and everything that makes a mess of my Bookshop will not be shut down as they want it instead of the way I want it because they understand what I am saying but they were out of my league and the problem is the way that I have said it?

Some people have said they now understand how I work but it was never a mystery – we know the Community croons spend their time abusing me and because it’s a full time job they soon forget about the backyards that are the source of all their gimmicks and then I will get my hands on it – same as the young people with their civil rights, communities and everything that gives them energy to chase their own concerns – same as the middle management abusive parents with their tribalism raids and a need to get out of bed everyday to make money by hurting people. The problem has always been the civil and criminal disobedience exhibited at my expense to make me a toy for them on Media – at this stage we know Celebrities said they are nice people buying entertainment products and I am discriminative which wrecked by academic work, then returned to wreck what is left of my career in order to own the Career I had built from handling their case and get me doing something else because Celebrities had settled up on the fact they were not nice people – the outcome being that if life itself was split into two parts and they were to have the right hand side of mine while I got some of the left, as the Celebrities said the same things but were entitled to the left while I got some of the right, it is quite clear I will be having nothing but then again it has been communicated enough times to them at this stage that all I want is a process where all exhibited stupidities around my Bookshop and Public image were stopped entirely.


 Now they say they enjoy seeing me get into a fight and I have not got a clue at which stage I have ever done so anyway – we have already done the part where these Men have wrecked everything in my life to be the best men aesthetically, now they want to raise their children as real men and young people are getting stabbed and killed on the streets for it, so they think I have been getting into a fight as well. They do like to think these crimes represent some reason I will be found fighting for something, I am rather convinced it’s another new big work for the Media to do. I do get told my thinking pattern is very unusual but it isn’t; you see nothing I do or say or believe matters to these people – I may set out my Church business and chase up my finances and family but they will become very convinced they need to wreck the academics and public image and spend time finding out if they can order my steps – soon we find that they want to tell me how to exist as per whether I am strong enough to be on the right hand side or need move left to be a celebrity i.e. the vices and so called bad women never pay attention to me or my finances if they are not telling me what to do and their big problem appears to be that I have a need to be left to be by myself. So we can see another instance where every interest people have in my Books is being destroyed by journalists and Television personalities trying to convince me at any cost that they were famous and important; which in terms of the Celebrities I can deal with the way I am already i.e. collect the facts so that they know it will be my turn next to use them until people hear them complain as well without wasting my time in Court bearing in mind the facts I have are such that they know they will lose anyway and in terms of the Journalists and Television personalities, their own was the original point of call as over 90% of what we see them do on Media these days is about damaging interest in my Books. What we have at the other end therefore are goons at Industry who give them money for these things and wait at the global market to extract it from other peoples property and each day their activities towards me are not punished to a point of actual deterrence it makes my Royal Estate very toxic, each time it is not punished, it makes my literary empire smaller and smaller and so these are things I now get out of bed to administrate everyday especially because their interest does not include buying my Books which they apparently need so much all together as it were. So I intend to ensure the Media stops doing these things by beginning a process where these activities towards me are declared as damage, so that I might proceed from each occasion to damage the Celebrities and Media responsible as well but I have to point out that the rest really do not have a clue how easy it will be for me to take them down when I want to as well; they like to say its all consequences for blocking their fame but I am not blocking any fame, I am stopping it because I am always sore, smell like my toilet every time on account they want to make use of my public image, therefore logical this is what I do every time the abuses have caused me to lose my temper. So they always say that it would have been better if people knew what I know but we can all see that whilst my life is about the fact the vices never pay attention to me unless society goons are pretending to be my parents and this means the theory that they will have everything and their problems will be over if through me they conducted raids with tribalism they cannot afford, to get themselves into the top jobs at Government buildings and big companies is nothing but a theory that will need to be tested. In their case however, they have chosen celebrity culture for business as though poor people want to spend money on Celebrities who cannot account for a penny they make, in order to make them richer than they already are, while it is a matter of people going out to enjoy their culture lest somebody else is seen doing their own for them – thus if they have chosen this route as the means by which to decide a certain percentage of the income of a business can be spent on the families that constitute the customer base and a certain amount retained and a certain amount spent on the company itself to keep the jobs and the dream going, I find it really difficult to locate where they decided exactly that it has something to do with my Books and therefore my income as well all together but I do know my crime was to build an empire then break it up and broker the equities with companies as there was a recession at the time I had completed it, hence nobody knows what sort of Media exists for the purpose of destroying interest people show in my Books anyway nor can anybody explain why they never listen to what others are saying to them, to this extent where my Books show I have got enough to fight for the kind of liberal society they want to have, take out all the racists so they can be free when there is no part of my Books that say anything of that sort, at the same time of which while they want the Books but clearly have no time to read it, they will not let other people access to it until I had made them. I do get told that the main problem with me is that I am always untidy and unprofessional, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that half of the time they spend their days building up publicity that works in terms of a life lived in the public light which concerns an outcome that means my job and livelihood is affected in a negative way especially towards my losing it; this is because it is an expression of power i.e. if I react negatively they have controversy on Media to pay with all over my Public image and if I react positively they have a career to conduct some piracy on – but it is not that I cannot perform this sorts of power on others as well, its just that I am not wired like they are, we are not the same thing, Europeans playing stupid games all the time but so is it equally important to bear in mind as they have become so fond of destroying my property, making this Estate toxic and my empire smaller and smaller, that if I did it, I would be doing it for the sake of vengeance; in any case, every normal person can see that claiming an Arch Prince is untidy and unprofessional is a rather stupid thing to do.

So they do day the issues are persistent and that I work out my own security; I do not work out my own security first of all, its just reality that people wish to ensure their insults and abuses translate into fame and fortune and it never really happens if they know what I know and to ensure they do not know what I know they do not want me to get off telling them, which of course can be avoided by not getting involved with me at all anyway – in terms of the persistence of the issues, we can see they have raise those children appallingly and spend all their time attacking me to get a reaction that will allow them covet how I stand up for myself in public while the children seek to own my public image all together; so it’s the influence of the Germans and the French telling us which parts of the world is not British territory but we all know this is beside the point i.e. we were always all aware that Africa was never British Territory as a whole but it does not mean that people who hold British interests in Africa, who are regarded as different should be vulnerable – hence it seems they cannot understand that no matter how small, it is British interest anyway. So where the violence on the streets is concerned, it goes beyond the way Politicians make Policy on the matter to get the trouble makers closer to peoples careers and academic work – it has always been about very stupid people; the parents will tell people how to exist and the children want peoples public image and everything in-between is vandalism while the glue that keeps it all together is lies – the lies that only clear the air if they are complaining about what I have said and how it changes nothing, about which I have not really expected anything to change about civil and criminal disobedience because I said something but I expected their time to be taken up the way they waste mine, like the stupid things their Politicians do which they do not have the range for, especially concerning Country size based influence and that other gimmick of confiscating my Literary Empire which they claimed does not exist as I am no where near such a degree of success, to build some new global economy with.

There is also that question of whether it is this Royal business that is making it impossible for me to get a job which leaves me on government support and therefore means I am not actually looking for work but if I am writing Books as an extra-curricular activity, I have little time for peoples bottom chasing fun while the sort of fun they want to have with me involves the one where their parents grabbed my career and public image and I was provocative sitting in an Office to write Books as though Books get written by people who are as unimportant as myself, as stupidly as possible, so I would like it if they had stopped following me around and stopped showing up around my Books like a test for an ethic that says describing people as stupid is the wrong thing to do. So some people do want to know about what I would do if I wanted to settle the matter comprehensively and its an old story, I do not know what people would do if I told them but mentioning their lives are a question for an ethic that says describing people as stupid is not the right thing to do, so what happens is that they want to raise a community gits who get a lot of narcissist fun at your expense and the purpose would be that this community rips up your whole life to cut down your public image and build a tiny one that exists on everybody’s door step and does not go anywhere but is there as something they know exists even though they do not need it; so its an old story about how they end up with this business of me coming up with a series of activities that ensure getting involved with me was always a bad idea and still while the complain about those activities right down to the business of antagonising women has reached global proportions as we speak, they are still doing it – so its also the story of how I will be selling that stupid culture and society for a living the next time they do damage I have to go through these sorts of trouble to rectify and if they show up here to blow off their big mouth about that too, will I buy them a weapon with the money. Its closely linked to the things we see the Muslims do when they offer community support for any event in which somebody said they were superior to another at a National stage competition or likely to be the community that offered the original support that every other community soon became a part of. They do claim I am not a normal person but I am as normal as can be as long as they had stopped provoking me and handling my Books for some narcissism based fun they tell lies about, I mean there are other forms beyond the public image one that involves the need to make business profitable, so these sorts of gimmicks about my normalcy do not really apply either; the very first time that my normalcy was question was about an involvement with modern Christians, so they are the ones that are good at building themselves a Publicity that will go global on the idea they taught me all I know, showed me the way, made me who I am and basically brought me up into the person I am and are entitled to all that comes with it; I was doing well with that until the culture and society gits joined in and now I appear to have become a notorious character when I am really not. They do claim its prove that HRH Prince of Wales is right and I am wrong but the British Crown has always responded to these Social and Public matters only via process of its advisers, as far back as the Victorian ear to HM but as they say at the Monarchy, The Prince of Wales really is convinced that different standards apply to him - I am responding to it directly and solely because of the abuses and insults which are due to my race and or the damage done to my property but then again I have answered this question in another fashion before i.e. they have continued to suggest they were vested in all knowledge of what the scale of the Role of HM as Head of State was and it has become a question on my part of which part exactly we can see they have knowledge of as it were, they have responded to this by saying the shit is on me and I responded to this by saying that was theoretical. It is all still eventually largely a matter of Crown succession Politics, National Mistress and the Boys, concerning which I share Authority at this Office with none.

They do love to claim I am done for and its so annoying, as the only thing that supports that theory is their need to fool around with my Career in terms of National level claims that Celebrities had spent it on themselves, that I could not get it back and that the whole thing was amusing – we can clearly see that it is something they need as far as their day job and profession is concerned, the last time we checked, save the fact they want me to move left of them as insultingly as possible. All that happens is this nonsense running all day and the pressure will be enough for me to respond, any respond will end up in the hands of Society fools, any git with a Media job will then help those to claim they stole my career, then when their bottom hurts set about threatening me and calling on local gangs to handle me for its television stupidities – absolutely no idea why they need it, no fact to support the sense around it that the whole things was necessary or had a purpose to it, as idiots may do; it keeps brewing this nonsense that gets me to respond all the time and is going to get a respond that it did not fancy and the whole thing will stop the way that they want it to apparently. The Society people on the other hand clearly want to know what I know, so I have decided they can, no idea then what they are complaining about, now that I am not prepared to pay the price for their stupidities on account I am on the side of freedom and democracy. The Americans I had always noticed when I first got my Book Published, a Community of entitled low lives who love to tell others how to exist and really hate Royalty for obvious reasons, have got their civil disobedience and can do any sexually abusive thing to any person they wish until somebody gets them seriously beaten up for it as it were. I don’t know why they keep it, since it is clear they will never grab my career, don’t know why they keep at it since its clear they already have a day job, don’t know why they keep it if they found the business of Celebrities grabbing their career from them as amusing as their stupidities have shared their lives experiences with me against me wishes so far. They do say its something about people fighting my battles and its an old story; I am given state provided security which is based on surveillance, people pick up on what I do to help them conduct their National service jobs, they get off picking it up as well and then set about a campaign to get the general public thinking it belongs to them, lending me pure misery and making a mess of everything around here – same old tale about Celebrity goons getting involved with matters at the Military, it will always do this and find a reason to get on Media and play with the idea Celebrities spent everything you had on themselves and your life was over, as stupidly as possible, no idea what they are complaining about, no idea what the appeal was but I do know that unless the business of claiming my Royal Order belongs to them affects every single person on the planet, then it will not do. I have warned enough times of the probability I will take very drastic measures if this nonsense follows me around when I am trying to study, as stupidly as possible again as it were. They do point out it’s a matter of what is happening to me at the Monarchy, which is utter rubbish – what happens is that The Prince of Wales wants to fool around with them and the fact they want to take advantage of what I have to make success happen for them, about which we know that for everything it appears to have taken advantage of, the idiots build a crowd that wants to do the same, just like we know that attending school did not appeal when they were younger – HRH wants to fool around with them and I simply don’t want to keep being the character that is dragged off to a corner where I drop out of University over and over again, hence need to take a strong position on it; I mean supposing I was an ethnic Minority at the Monarchy who had no footing at the Country as they say and then like I do presently I had white women willing to fight my corner, it was quite clear that even in terms of racism, I only with respect to primary Governance, have to worry about these women, their Men and then the war issues – so its just me, the women, their Men and the war issues, such that if I spent my time on work to keep people away from Tribalism and prevented junkies from getting rich with my public image at Popular culture and Celebrity culture, that would be the war issues sorted out – knowing these goons want to blame somebody for the fact they have not been as successful as their mates all the time, no idea what the appeal of getting involved with them especially in the circumstances was, I am lost as per why the entire world cannot take HRH away from them, like I am fed up with the whole thing making a mess of me. making a statement everyday that suggest I am done for and finished to fool around with my Bookshop by on Media is clearly something they need as we can see, and they are the only ones blowing off big mouthed threats at me for the consequences too. They are convinced they need it and it is going to get a response from me that will stop them without appealing to their sense of pleasure obviously.


I am recently said to be sitting at home playing around while the Government has to support me and it is utter nonsense as Politicians have not offered me a job and then proven I am playing around when I had failed to pick it up, as equally as they are aware if I told Industry goons I was busy although my finances are still not doing well enough to justify my hard work and I could really do without the practical jokes, they would think it was a more credible threat to them than if the Politicians had said to, so its never clear why Politicians love to think they are more organised for work than I am anyway.

What happens is that you never spend your energy or money on something else other than looking for work according to the contract you had signed with the Government, so this sort of thing just puts my stress levels through the roof, as all I am meant to do is apply for jobs and attend the interviews, which will never get easier when these sorts of ideas mix with the other gimmicks the idiots who push them off play at the Civil service about a certain way I look whenever I have a job, which suggests I am not prepared to work. It was the same gimmicks that made their day when they cut off the support during exam week while I was studying for my Legal executive qualifications, I ended up failing a Course which means I am unable to practice and can only deploy my qualifications to continue University studies, while it seems Politicians can never stop supporting it, I don’t know why they complain about the benefits as well.

It builds up wonder as per what they thought these goons would be doing if they had succeeded in wrecking my academic work in the first place; I have been following up the warnings I issued, that I will be waiting for them at the jobs market as well, I have been chasing down their need to plan their lives on my wallet and public image but the question that the Politicians have not yet answered is what they thought these gits would do if they had successful wrecked the academic work like they had. Its what my day looks like all the time, at the same time which I need complete any Books I am working on, need follow up interviews I get or the government will hack away, need look for work which I am but while I am doing that, these goons spend all day making sure I am sore all over and cannot sell Books I had written because they should have gotten it free of charge on account I have ended up in their Country first of all and ensure I am so sore all over that I cannot sell the Books to those that are interested because of my incredibly bad mood, then set about confiscating the public image telling lies on Media.

The Muslim ones like to issue those threats all the time but they are git who work hardest on this nonsense – the twerps who offer public support to any person that had said something about being superior to others at a National level competition or likely to be the first community that began support for it before the rest joined up later. Blowing off their big mouth at me will not help; their own is relentless and come in three parts everyday one being the business of banging their car doors on my bum whereby I will do what they want that personality of mine to be used for otherwise I know what is coming to my bum and that it will happen never the less for any delays, as stupidly as possible – the other will be that they were the daddies spending all day wasting my whole life and finances on their stupid whiles to find out they could derive incentives from their narcissism if I had not responded in a violent way later on – then we also find that they can never stop punishing me for not allowing them peddle faith, personal life and public image by using violent processes to run absolutely every part of my life including when I eat and when I get to the loo. We also know that Liberal America is fundamentally run by Celebrities who hate work as much as their stupidities do, which explains the new found alliances that now exist between the two but then again as I mentioned the big mouth at me all the time, its worth thinking about the fact there have already been a war in Iraq and Afghanistan with these idiots and the little violence that are keeping peace time going simply never stop as well; they were fundamentally responsible for wrecking the academic work at University, the spear head for everything concerning the fact while you work to keep people away from tribalism, they are working to ensure every junkie that wants to make money from peoples concerns is able to do whatever it liked, now what we face is a whole array of their interests laid before us while the insulting need to boost their incomes on my work by dominating me and moving into my right hand to chase my bum has now ensued, which is also now being followed up by Politicians claiming I waste away messing about while Government has to support me financially, something they want the government to do because their stupidities plan to make me homeless and should I think a Politician is about to pick up the phone and ring some friends who will be responsible for further joblessness in my case, I am really going to do my part to ensure they understood what I am like too. the question still applies i.e. if they were thinking these gits will be spending time on these practical jokes at other peoples expense once the help they got from Government buildings was sufficient to wreck the academic pursuits – I mean time has caught up with me at this stage, so people are able to put labels on, hence this question should not be difficult to answer.

It has always been about the fact Celebrities hate work and these goons want to make a mess of peoples lives to get around with or marry some Celebrities through whom they will be settled for life – it is now getting to a stage where those fun stupidities that continue to encumber my work over claims that I interfere with Celebrities will give way to an outcome where they became my main preoccupation and I shall never make them squirm in the process too. It has always been the same issue at the heart of it i.e. that their only problem here is the sheer number of people who have read bits of my Books and want to see what the rest of it looks like, so all hell has broken lose and my whole life will spiral out of control and end up in the loo like nothing that has ever been witnessed, with a big mouth and I would fancy this place was quiet enough for these people to read Books I have written, want to attend a Book signing event whereby I did not have to contend with their stupid security issues. So it is still the same gimmick, cannot get a job because of the labels, cannot sell the Books because of the practical jokes and each time we find Politicians co-operate with it, this conversation I take it then means we have arrived at a point where they want me to make the decisions on the matter after 15 years of hell.

They always say I talk as if there is much that I can do which is all very well while we know that what is really going to happen if I do not delay action until I lose all I have and should they have money at the end I will become vulnerable to them, is that they will become my main preoccupation and the tit for tart will never stop. All I want is a process where they stopped showing up near my Books and had stopped following me around especially when they saw me attend the academic institutions – it needed to stop being amusing the business of being dragged down to that stage where I get to drop out of University again and again, it needed to be less and less amusing as it were. I mean the business of not being able to do anything beyond talk is supposed to raise a question as per whether we are talking about it because I am not yet done with them whereas we are talking about it on account Politicians like to respond to and represent the stupidities they invent. It wants me to drop out of University because it would like to calculate me into a condition that meant I had to make a living responding to violent situations because it was bigger than me; it needed to stop being so amusing, it was important that it stopped being amusing. They do say what I have done is very wicked but I am lost as per where they suppose I got the ideas – they never stop showing up here with the gangs and criminals to ensure that having decided they are not allowed to peddle my faith and personal life and public image, that they were going to run my life, down to when I use the loo, when I feed and even when I swallow my own saliva – what they then think is that my response to this is the wicked thing. I understand I should be worried about those of them that are criminals as such but I do also wonder which part they think I mean when I say I am done with them and the Books which have emerged should feel just like dropping out of University to sit about responding to some stupidities I had invented, as foolishly as possible; nothing they say makes any sense from here on, only the response that the Media and Politicians put up on their behalf looking for some as well.

I have cleared this out and ended up with new problems, new problems associated with claims I interfere with their concerns; the truth of it is rather that of well fed goons in the City and wealthy neighbourhoods who think an Arch Prince whose finances and Academic work they have been playing practical jokes with in the last 6 years is a bum but will not deploy the well fed body to get a day job either, so we also then have the second part being the popular culture idiots making an announcement about my tummy all the time and we finish with society gits who claim when they cannot peddle the faith and personal life and public image its me trying to run every aspect of their lives and they need to run mine too and attack me violently as well if they could – so what will happen with this is that I am going to break it for them and it will feed into the business of trouble makers at the Monarchy showing up to let them run my life, claiming I damaged Celebrity culture and deserved it while what happens is that you do understand whenever people return from National service it comes with risk of mental illness and a propensity to seek mobility from the effect of a Royal Office but their own is about ripping up everything around here which is why I was manipulate enough to get them involved with National service in the first place, find out what it is exactly they can do about me, the answer to the question is that I damaged their Celebrity culture because its some form of mobility at my expense at it were. I do get told that I appear to be giving people a false hope and cannot handle these matters which is utter nonsense – as we can see talk of interference is just a matter of being oppressed by Celebrities who want to run their own business by wrecking my property and I have not said or done a thing about it over a period of time that has allowed them think it is a permanent condition they have created here because those insults of how I need work for Books I had already written are clearly things they do to ensure I felt like doing a very bad thing, so I had to indulge them, now we have ended up with a condition whereby there is nothing left to do and it is starting to become a break mine I break yours case to ensure their comments about me and my concerns were fully shut down unless they were sharing the salary or made a contribution to the contents of my Books, like idiots would. It’s the old business of either moving them on with some form of Public disposition or getting through life hating them in order to reserve the energy to just carry on but I am a tolerant person, so the good part is that I never get emotionally attached to Celebrities, meaning I am able to reason with them to any extent and still reserve the energy to recover thereafter, the bad part is that if I want to completely destroy it I can and the business of not knowing my place which has courted me repression from both white people and black people cannot help them out with that. The start of it will be the business of how they put up their investments to sabotage everything I do to run a livelihood everyday and there are other talk about how this is a matter of the privileges of other Members of the Royal Family which situation I have no idea how I ended up in all together in the first place but is a measure of how unwarranted and unnecessary. They claim I make myself out to be what I am not but what I am doing is a governmental commission, I have no idea why it is not okay to walk into a company and take any jobs you want but it is okay to walk into a government and take any jobs you want anyway – what I know is that others are predisposed to doing it at the Monarchy as we can see, I simply cannot think of an incentive for my part anyway – so the probability of what will be the outcome of all these nonsense is that I will break it for them, just as I have explained they did say it was a matter of Prince Harry’s privileges, about which I did set out I am not aware of how I ended up in the stupid situation they have created. So I do get told part of the problem was that people cannot tell what I am thinking about these matters of which I am thinking nothing as there is nothing to think about, all these nonsense are completely unnecessary, unwarranted and have nothing to do with anything whatsoever, all I know about the way they work is that they damage my property and as explained earlier the likely outcome is that I will break it for them too. The story of me being disrespectful is not an emotive one either; I do not remember meeting any of these goons as a minor, they did not pay the fees at the University and are not paying the Bills as we speak, so the claim of disrespect is obviously something they want to do with their stupid time until it starts to take up my time too, then will the story change. What I know of the pressures is that I have not performed the ultimate duty of raising a child for my position and its all due to the fact these gimmicks tends to mean it is being put off all the time i.e. each time my Publishers find a Client, the actions of these idiots mean that Clients are not clear about what I am doing, so it has now been delayed often enough for a sense of urgency and that means its no longer a matter of letting people get on with what they think is best for them around here, it has become a matter of raising a certain amount and taking it up from there with the Bookshop, finding a partner and doing a Royal Office duty.

They do say its about me making a mess of the concerns of Royals from other parts of the world and I understand that too – their exotic lives and silly women abusing me now means these goons talking nonsense about being of an age where they are nearer their pensions than I am and need to draw money from my life and Public image whether I liked it or not, cannot have enough of handling the fact I am young, broke and An Arch Prince with a good reputation developed in a Hermitage and cannot have enough of it, while those who simply never stop think they are angry about something - Certainly not about women who pick up my work to do their duties at Society getting sexually abused, they are not angry about their Fashion idiots running off some very abusive improper investiture all over my Public concerns on the Global stage, they are angry that after 15 years of it, their sense of convenience has been affected.

Public image & ownership Adjudication (Media games and Celebrity interference)

So, are we complicit with Modern Day slavery? Not really of course since we never actually declare it in public as such but we do have an attitude which suggests that we had servants waiting on us when we were Children and that we miss it all the time especially when we see people who are really good at what they do, which leads us to our powerful media by which we run it off endlessly alongside a tribalism we have not got money to support, giving encouragement to those who want to do it until they are caught, to just get on with it already. I personally cannot make out how it has developed from that insults about how there are better black people out there for the Monarchy to get involved with beside myself, to a stage where their whole popular culture is based on getting money from goons who spend their own fighting others and then showing up to pass around life changing insults at Media and fame to help the goons who do so, recover their money at the Market – then claim it is the same way the Monarchy behaves towards ordinary people while reality is that not everyone has the attitude that Politicians have towards them, some of us live in a world where we see that we have a society of playboys and very irresponsible Men and that it needs to be administrated.

The question is usually whether I enjoy showing myself off as a victim and am trying to convince people I am a victim and not the other way around but I am not; what happens is the unprecedented ego that gets involved with my concerns to a point where I have to deal with financial complications because of its unwieldy character day after day for years on end while they become more disobedient and more abusive, so I get to that stage where I begin to wish they only got involved if they did by invitation. The story they tell is that they were a really big problem for me which they are not, its common sense that if over 90% of their activities are meant to damage what those who distribute my Books get up to, that I should stop the media from being famous as this is usually the most important tool to cause the damage with. They are not a problem as such and blabbing of this type is only set to ensure they ended up finding out how much destruction I am capable of as well over that terribly insane disobedience that enjoys exhibiting dominance by handling my finances; so the issue at the heart of it being that every time I show my face in Public a society idiot wants to make me into a tired personality that he can point to as a means of expressing himself concerning what bothers him, starts to tell me what to do and how to exist and the vices and bad women start to target the real Man guy and he starts to decide I am too weak to be on the right hand side and need move left and do some popular culture for a living lest I smell like my loo, destroying everything around here including academics in the process and so when he fears me as well, especially if he ends up with queer society and somebody who does not fancy his tribalism raids at Industry and becoming more violent while it has not yet explained why it wants to hurt my bottom and make me smell like my loo then tell tales about it all the time, we find a fool who claimed the Media job was his dream job show up to adjudicate against me and make stupid statements about what happened when he simply could not leave alone the Head of State in Britain and it cannot get out of it obviously, time and again, everyday; enjoying it increasingly while his family is not affected, his family is not the wiser about the nonsense I have to put up with for years on end and it was never in his job description to begin with.

They always claim they were tying to answer the question of whether I am treated like a slave by the Monarchy, about which I have been given a Royal Commission that many apparently got before me in the first place therefore treated like a slave to say the least but every time I assess my Business, of the thousands of people interested in my Books for any given 24 hours, none will have bought a copy and the main barrier would be a fool with a Media job doing some physical damage that was developed from a practical joke they had started when I first Published the Book about 10 years ago and have since gotten used to.

Of this tale that I am being broken down and dissected we hear all the time, reality of which is rather that I am set to teach the Popularity and Celebrity corruptions a lesson of a life time if their fingers are not kept off my privates and their insults where it is appreciated. What they spend their time on all of the time a test for me concerning their stupidities everyday is beating down women to be dominant Men which also involves beating me down as well and their main problem therefore has become how to keep it up permanently. It’s never really been a problem since my Dad was the way I am as such; do not get told what to do by society goons and the vices will not chase you around, concerning which the divorce of my parents was one of the most difficult ones I personally have ever seen, even the mention of my Mum will throw him into uncontrollable rage; I have now found the reason for this position was because no ordering around by society and vices coming into my life full of idiots spending time to build publicity and a crowd that gets bigger and bigger and bigger on the basis of the notion the solutions to the problems of the world are to be found in my life, talking nonsense at popular culture, Celebrity and Media while their equally stupid families are safe from it all, means the ability to make your own money and chose your friends, the ability to get a life and have everybody good and bad people alike avoid getting into trouble. So where we are now rather than being dissected and broken down is a process where these goons think they are famous and will never understand they have their own ways of getting around and should not be damaging mine, have been playing up practical jokes that have grown to a stage where my Book sale business is affected, then gotten used to that, a decade after wrecking my academic work as well and unless I make them, like the need to get used to beating me down alongside the women even when they fear me, these idiots will never understand i.e. I am stuck with them because I want to, stuck with them until I had made them understand. In a public sense however, these goons are usually unaware busy having too much fun, that there are certain aspects of their corruption which add up to a strand that lets government operatives wreck whole countries and company leadership embezzle funds to leave employees without jobs – such as when I get told I need to handle the matter comprehensively which I am anyway; for instance I fancy the Automobiles they drive around churning my tummy and abusing me because most of the Companies that build them broker equities with me but it does not mean an Arch Prince has become a lover of money either, what we will happen before their behaviour improved will likely be that I twist them into such a difficult position that their lives are only likely about chasing up the jobs to make the money that will pay the bills and buy these goods and services without chasing any of the Industrial wealth and its power like they do to create problems for me at the moment – as we can see of which if I did would have added up to a public service that they could have done by themselves by not being such inconsiderate fools, showing respect towards others and letting matters be decided by market forces, answers right there before them, way ahead of the times they had decided to create problems for themselves, only to find they want to be safe thereafter at my expense when they had wrecked everything around here as well. Its like they tell me kissy kissing the faces of Women at the work Court will lead me into trouble, while I am usually left thinking it is some sort of delish trouble or something; as Women need their jobs and when people had created those faces that know they will go home and smell like their loo and therefore end up with borrowed time at the work place, it would be great if I were told which were the Princesses that will inherit some wealth, so that I do not have to. Yes they always say I encourage a lack of control of female behaviour of which the platform their relationships are built on have nothing to do with me, only they expect support from me concerning the consequences of screwing around – to ensure the women are served their share but the world of Men protects the Men from it, whereby women lose jobs if they feel somebody is looking at them through work and I am getting beaten down by them because they want to get used to another form of stupidity that will ensure they have some sensations of safety to add to the foolishness we already see them practice.

The talk of how I am being dominated by those that are real Men is much the same story naturally; what really happens is that I am hardly seen behaving like a Man in Public places and the reason is that my biggest problem appears to be persecution from women who promise me they will make money off my life for the purpose of popular culture since the last time it never worked that way when I attended Church and got labelled the buy who attends Church while they were the immoral people who got all the money that was supposed to exist in that space and there were boys in the neighbourhood that will bend me to their will violently. Where we are now is the old case of the fact that I make them out to be bad people without experiencing what they have suffered in order to become what they are – always about what they have suffered and experienced of course if they are not Pop stars that are done making money on your Public image to pass insults at and persecute you with talent shows after; while what they really did was the same intrusion we see bully ageist Men on media exhibit about lumbering me with the one thing and need for sex, telling lies and dominating women to enjoy the sight of what happens when the women who support me are wistful – they wrecked the academic work in 2008 and the same behaviour has persisted since, complete with a new life of dominating me because they dominate women, then thinking it is my problem when I am un a hurry off to somewhere and happen to brush past them, which destroys every theory they have ever built up about dominating me, alongside those stupidities where they get themselves into trouble after years of fulling around and start to finger my bum in public places with their imagination because they have suddenly felt they wanted to be safe. They have not dominated anything around here – what happened is that they chased me around and will not let it rest building crowds who wanted to know what goes on in my head and then when I wrote a Book buying it became their biggest problem; we are here because now that they are complaining from it about the need to live like real men claiming their lives in the neighbourhoods, pointing out how bad things should be happening to me at this point but are not, while popularity idiots and the same foolish women are off on an angle over fame and fortune alongside society goons telling me what to do to draw them into my life all together, we have only had to have a public discourse on it because a group of idiots who first claimed their Media job was their dream job, are lending the Media job to them for Public attention that can be used to take my mind off what it really important to me. So obviously, it is not important to them to stop the abusive insults, I suppose it will be when I had decided exactly what they will be doing with their time for the rest of their lives.

Now it is said that we British are good at forcing ourselves on others in terms of relationships and its utter nonsense as what they do not want to discuss is the Elephant in the room i.e. their need to groom people and move into peoples right hand, beating up the victims whenever the victims think about that part of living, in order to exist in a condition where they felt like money, saw money and spent it on their stupid selves. Then there are the stupid women as well who show up here to handle my earnings making excuses about problems and difficulties they faced being something that was either my fault or something I had to deal with in some way and telling lies was a second nature and if I made it clear there will be consequences every time it showed up here to play up the abusive practical jokes on me, that foolish dream of me waging war on women will become very real for its stupidities. It will do that until I am still single at 40 while it becomes obsessed with picking up women that show interest in me and relies on me to do nothing because I were afraid of its business just business civil and criminal disobedience stupidities.

This matter has never been a crisis; what happens is that the society gits wreck the academic work and finances playing practical jokes on me which involve putting labels on me that set me out as a profitable victim of financial corruption about which financial complications facilitated by Politicians will get me responding to the stupidities that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, while their stupid women had ideas about which success was suitable for my size and then I end up responding to it, I end up in a condition where such nonsense shows up where I had done the best work for my career, so if I cleared it out their money situation will give them top up social situation that helps them plan a pension having spent their youth working out how tough their stupidities can be. Then the Celebrities spend time on insults and abuses which get me to make sense of obscurity and these bottom chasing scum were the fucking salesmen – it does need to stop issuing threats at me and blowing off its cracked up out of my league mouth in my face like that all the time as it were, otherwise there is every indication its stupidities will get a response for it too and I am never going to get away with it.

They are becoming one of the main things that I am responding to in this place and I suppose it will help to cure the smell issues their stupidities issue threats for as well all together – the last time we checked the scum not keeping their hands to themselves because they were petty privileged barely criminal twats whose behaviour never improved if somebody had not done something about that stupid money in an extensive way, the hanging around being little kings and queens of the neighbourhoods grew into a full blown mental crisis that the idiots thought others were responsible for handling all together. If it continues to fail to make sense of the fact I have had enough of them after a decade and a half and continues to show up around my Bookshop and public image, peppering my social life with stupid comments all day, there is a good prospect the business of taking that foolish money seriously, added up to middle management insults, criminals I must get along with at the work place, foolish women in the city centre ripping up my whole life because I did something to improve security over the bottom chasing foolishness and the stupid Celebrities wrecking the career to seek self-improvements from everything I did to fix it and then we will find out how they got to blow off the big mouth and kept their fucking hands off me, kept their hands to themselves the way that I wanted it. Then there are my personal favourites as well, the efficient German pricks claiming I did security guard job in a sexual way, to hang around complaining about the consequences more than I am.

We hear those stupidities come through as a vibe all the time, about people who behave as if Germany during The first and second world war was the devil and yet the question has never been answered as per what Germans find so amusing and interesting about what Europe regards as the primordial premise of culture and social evil. We all know the backyards of our cultural and social life will be incredibly messy – there will be children there whose idea of the world is what they see their parent do, there will be family shame that we use to control Children that are growing up and yet despite the fact this is a very difficult place for any person to end up, it is the only available route by which a career criminal can start their work – the culture and social evil being a bunch of character that have made so much out of this, that they hang around somewhere looking like they had acquired a University degree from it. This stupid question tends to suggest that we had no sense of what cultural and social evil looked like before the two world wars but the question of what their fascination is with the one we now know when we pretend none had died in those wars has not yet been answered.

They claim that they target me because I look weak and vulnerable all the time and its utter rubbish; what happens is the Labour Party wrecking my finances and academic work to make me vulnerable to everything that adds up to a stab and shoot on the streets incentive by which communities send out their criminals to run people down and grab public image for their educated fools who get into government buildings to wreck people’s lives and educate people about obscurity thereafter. What this really means is that these scum have gone from pinching me and putting labels on me, showing perverted excitement about what they will use my personality for, to a point of being able to link up a process where they sold products and services at the market by hurting and harming me, in terms of what the MPs do at Government buildings, never acknowledging once that their behaviour is a threat but that if I performed the same where they kept their local constituency Offices, I would be the one acting dangerously. So we see these fools show up to live on it thereof all day long and it’s a grand old case of how Liberal America must top every success that others had achieved and make people feel breathless because they don’t know what respect is and cannot give it, these scum hang around with some perversions they go off to learn in Asia afflicting me with criminal activity to blab about which neighbourhoods I ought to live in, issuing those stupid threats, while their goons in Asia chase me around with business just business civil and criminal disobedience all day long. I have been told I have been seen to act on it and that I am not vulnerable to it and I am not; its just one of those cases where their case is decided when MP provide people with incentive to practice violence on you because there is a sense you will lose a public image to their Communities, producing an outcome where the way bad people who find it difficult to process matters of emotion and feelings feed their activity into it, to such a stage I will require that stupid culture and society to keep this place quiet for the Books I am writing and they will move into my right hand and own it, so when we start the war, I will be hurting them to keep the culture and society and they will be hurting me to keep my right hand side; the alternative is that it stopped following me around if it is clear getting involved with my concerns to pinch me and poke me and put labels on me in order to be successful at Market, only brings about an outcome where I dropped out of University and am off controlling their lives as well to a stage where I broker equities with companies and will not tolerate the abuses the channel at my Books with respect to products those companies put out at the market as it were. They do say for their part that I talk like I am innocent but my behaviour towards the plan to abuse me for money making processes has caused them to lose money but then again, so do I suppose that as long as they are bragging about winning, it should be perfectly alright. Here it will be said I continue to solve these problems that make me vulnerable to Labour Party MPs but we also know if I shot and stabbed it as well, I would have been said to have committed an assassination, nothing of the fact we have been at each other’s throats with them choking the life out of me everyday will have been mentioned and the whole business of their culture and a society continuing with a sense that there are people who should in view of the way bad people can pick up on other peoples weakness live in an environment where everybody formed a circle around them and judge them while their clothes were being taken off, in order to be strong will progress as normal.

So far, they are starting to becoming the main thing that I respond to in this place because they make a big thing out of the violence they will visit on me once done telling stupid lies, targeting me, getting imagination up my bum and issuing threats for the smell, to improve their stupid lives – the outcome where I think they do it because they are stupid and need to know something that makes them less stupid is beginning to emerge.

They do say their problem is the hate for this idea that I low life like me got to lead them and so is mine the fact that updating their social lives with nice clothes and latest gadgets gave them and their parents the right to build communities that run me down and get imagination up my bum, while it is completely unnecessary – so we have entered a phase where they need to show some regard for a writers Books if they can see it is what he is likely to wear the nice clothes by as well. Its an old tale issuing those stupid threats all the time once the Politicians had given them incentive but the reality is still always one must not detach them from the imagination getting up the bum as prime indication of their existence due to a tendency to create a situation where I were on one side, they were on the other and that behaviour had to earn a response – what the pushes up the stress levels to ensure I looked like my life expectancy was incredibly short is other scumbags forcing me to respond to it, the outcome is usually a mind that is not in agreement with career and personal life because it was incredibly below it then then the sheer extreme anxiety of catching up again as a matter of urgency. They claim it’s a product of disrespecting the culture and society that runs me down all day while they did nothing about their children who are real examples of when some things never change in society making hell for everybody in the neighbourhoods.

I do get told the way I work is not healthy either but I know what I am doing, it’s a process of making sure I hold nothing back and it’s the fact people are certain I am not which gives them the strength to face the day if I fell short – so what kills the health is the fact if these fools allowed me my peace and quiet it would mean I were important while I am not. There is now a two part story to it, one involving Industry egos and insults where people hate my guts and claim I appear to be the victim while I am not because they have been paying off Celebrities to prevent bad social activities since they really love insults that wreck my career and allow foolish women show up here to give them an opportunity to get into a relationship with people that are a big deal and completely out of my league, their insistence on the insults and abuses are the main reasons my Bookshop is losing money – on the other hand are Celebrities and minions who never respond to an administrative process when the gangs and crime have not happened and we know they love the insults a lot while the Government thinks that allowing gangs and crime happen is always the wrong way to approach, while I think there is no way to administrate where their imagination goes if that is not the case. Blabbing about where I wouldn’t say what I say because they would have stopped but their ego is too big, is apparently one of those things they do to find out if I would wreck it completely and get away with it all. Their excuse every time is that I am in agreement with what people did at the Armed services and we know that it is a meat grinder and those who work it, work it like a meat grinder but their ego is such that they will get involved and try to make those who are working meat grinder stop working it while it is dangerous for everybody, making sense of the number of times they would have been dead if that Police Office and or Soldier did not get involved. They then turn to a story of those who work the meat grinder of state security in a way that got others into trouble so they might grab wealth and social status but I am not the one looking like I am the reasons for the violence that happens during carnival either (where the professionals and private sector will do their parade, public sector will, the security operatives will and they will show up starting from 18.00 hours). They will then claim that it is the way that I am regarded with high esteem at the Monarchy and that I responded in such ways to claims I force myself on others because it is true; for the former however it is largely a case of the fact the only thing I have not yet done is give my life for Public and National interests, while the latter is largely a matter of the fact that even at Church, their stupid girls will claim I was put in this world by God to set the stage for how they got to marry wealthy Men, as insultingly and disobediently as gets me making a sense of the fact that having Children and making sure they are upstanding Citizens so the Country does not lack a workforce is still a National stage obligation required of them, especially for the Celebrities who lead from the front on this nonsense. I mean we were doing rather well with the Armed Forces and its various types of talents, then there were recruitment tiers emerging and the various ways in which it was followed including the Crown facilitated diversity processes of doing so, then the women got involved and we were working on female Military talents, now we cannot tell what we are doing anymore.  So if I should confess anything it should be the cause of this i.e. excitement about what I and my personality can be used for in the world of Celebrities, resulting in the destruction of my academic work, career and finances, communities built up to get imagination up my bum and labels placed on me to make peoples perversions more profitable – which I have responded to by making sure a world where they were famous does not exist and they would say its not a nice thing to be proud of as such but its not of my doing, only they don’t have the stomach to work for it because they want my public image and cannot have it.

They do claim I have not actually answered the question of whether I force myself on others where relationships are concerned and I don’t; what is happening is a process where I had begun to show I am interested in a relationship with other people, so I don’t end up missing somebody I could spend my time with – it courts responses that involve women objectifying me and blabbing about their personal problems on my public image among various life changing insults. Then the part where they claim they would want to get into a relationship but I actually had no money comes to play and those who insist on the idea it would work but they cannot wait for a Man will produce this outcome where wanting to be left alone was the wrong way to approach it. The complication in all thing being brought about by Liberal USA where they learned I found women that were older than I am appealing and set about wrecking academic work, Bookshop and finances to ensure that I was targeted and dragged into a relationship by a dominatrix, to make sense of this sneaking feeling people always had that they have no brains in their heads but the problem is that 9 years of my time has been wasted on this nonsense and I cannot stand their stupidities anymore as well. It’s the way that I have planned it you see, something about being tackled for the wicked things women do which I supported, getting me to seek out a process of finding out what they will do if the women were the ones paying the Bills and they could show up here to try and find out if I could pay bills as well if they wanted and it will continues to go round in circles until something stopped the way I wanted – the Liberal USA one being the part that I am about to clear out currently as it were. They do claim people who seek a relationship with women that pay the Bills are always interested in getting involved with dominant women and its utter nonsense; what happens is that when culture and society gits are done following me around over what my person and public image can be used for, wrecked the academic work and finances, then play a game of chicken, I tend to enter into this state where what brought about their problem was that I am such an extremely introverted person but now I am to exist in a state of being perpetually relaxed at their expense, so I am not looking for a relationship with somebody that is as relaxed. I have seen them claim people of my star sign always hold on to the fantastic believe that true love exists and in like manner I see them fall in love with one person and marry another to please Industry fools like a state of affairs, so that when Government supports people on finances and social life, Industry gits might grab it through processes of buying sex.

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