Recent events were of an economic context, pressure building on House hold bills and energy bills, we find that the government faced resistance where it needed to freeze energy bills and we had to work to ensure Polices that needed implementing faster were implemented faster, the idea being that from this point of view, we can see some important facts emerging – such as the time that will be wasted on resistance from the energy companies whilst a Business is really supposed to be a self sustaining organism not a contraption held together with a process where some goon had turned up to be the right hand man of those whose money ruled the world and then overpowered them whilst the public paid the price for it, unless they were the tax man i.e. doing the business of Government – their business is not self sustaining, it undercuts the clients at income, remains in such a position and undercuts the client further when it needs the client to be reliant, it is a tax system for the private sector and we know that this sort of business organisation was the main cause of the economic crisis that really began in 2007; the businesses and financial organisations that were too big to fail because they had picked up a business model which is the reserve of the Government and it is for what their ethics were doing, set up in such a way that even if it was a business organisation that had not picked up the operational reserve of Government, it was still a bad structure, such that if they realised that making profit was hurting the source of their profit, they could not innovate or shut down. The other side of the story is that we were facing crisis after crisis but there is really none, just a bunch of people who got involved with politics to spend a lot of time tackling others on areas of work for which they had no expertise – it will then arrive at a stage where it claims that such activities added up to competition and then for each day it competes with those who had expertise, its competitors will end up with one more day of expertise added and they will end up with one more day of experience, eventually arriving at a point where they were supposed to be better than the competitors in order to prove they were in charge and none knows when exactly such a day will arrive. I have been told that I faced the same issue as well which is utter nonsense as I do not need a PHD in legal studies for which I am qualified, to assist the Head of State on Administrative matters; in my Office it is mostly a process of administrating the way that people organised themselves into communities that saw others without the clothes on and fingered peoples bums to get ahead in life financially, where the men were concerned and where the women were, the violent orthodoxy that would easily allow them to convert the time they spent at home running people down in the neighbourhoods, into a form of religion, where I put a lid on it and the Queen likes my work; hence we see that some people clearly had paid jobs that involved collecting peoples wealth for the wealthy and are starting to inform me that wealthy and powerful people were behind all these matters, which means nothing to me as such, as I am an Arch Prince and their incomes are of no relevance to me, however, what stands out is that the stories these individuals tell about wealth and social inequality are lies, as we can see that even if it was a job to collect the income margins of my small business to boost the profits of large companies for which they worked because they were keeping their jobs and Offices, it would still not have been a problem or a danger to others even myself, if the business structure was sound. The rest who claim that I dabbled into matters I did not have expertise for, can be rest assured that I must have already withdrawn from any processes where I did not have expertise and this is the reasons their gimmicks never stick to me and I appear to get away with involvement where matters were beyond my knowledge base – they however, especially at the Monarchy and Parliament, had a problem that needed resolving as they still had difficulty making sense of what I did to ensure that when society damaged public work I got it out of them and when celebrity damaged public work, they got to fix it, we have seen them suggest the things I did to express a sense of having lost my dignity due to the fact I had lost my temper to their insults and abuses as a sign that I had diminished but some would rather say that I tended to multitask.

The truth of who I am is more a matter of an understanding that up to 70% of FTSE brokers and Firms had gotten into a form of trust with me, small or large - an Asset exchange system operates on being able to forecast the value of companies and brokers, which value is derived from the amount of influence that their brands and products had in the Households, so if they are in a form of trust with me, small or large, it was common knowledge that I would have been aware of the above described matters. 

They do eventually come on to suggest I had learned my place in male society, when it was not busy stifling my Family life to collect American money fighting communists and having babies on the Diplomatic influences of my Royal Estate, like something that continued to make the most of its insanity on social media with my finances and needs me to make sense of the possessions it acquires with the American money that get to its stupid head by finding it a real job that befits its gimmicks. I had learned my place in male society long before we met for this nonsense where they are always the big boys taking my lunch box – it has been 15 years since the University routine of not refraining from churning my tummy while I shared study space with others, running off a sales gimmicks on my social life, over sociological matters that emerged because I attended University and the next thing I will do with their stupidities will ensure my time was well spent thereof as well. I have otherwise given them the exit to stop running it off at me during working hours and to stay away from my Books, it would rather take the test of whether it can actually protect its famous idiots from me, to a whole new stage, half well dress twat playing with my career endlessly and nothing has really changed from the days when it had to choose acquaintances for its female colleagues, to show up here making a deal with local hoodlums over my social life because it wants to be the ones solving the problems I was solving when I got involved with some female journalists, in order to earn more than women. what it therefore needs is a result where the locality of my residence was used to make a mess of my finances, build communities that finger my bum and practice civil service narcissism on me as a means of getting me into work if I am living on Government support, whilst their neighbourhoods where they make the most of my finances will be the next thing I will trash, so it became clear every insult, every gesture, every comment on the stupid media which affected my finances, would escalate the situation. 

Currently, it is not clear whom they suppose is meant to take responsibility for the abusive results of the ton of naked celebrity photographs taken to make statements about my Office, social life and public image, if they were complaining that their orifices were sore.

They claim it was a mystery what  wanted which is never clear either – we all know everybody wanted to complete the academic pursuits, settle the finances and get a social life; when I meet them there is a self-introduction which suggests they pick their girlfriends to preserve their genes, when I meet some female journalists, it will start a mini war, once done trashing it all completely shows up here complaining about what it failed to ask people about especially the Police, on what was a recurring theme in instances where women got murdered. For my part, it seems that deliberately or not, throwing my work to society trouble makers as part of an intellectual property administration process, produces a result where their interest in me led to an administration of a Bookshop in a manner which implies that society insanity and the role of the famous in it were the most important things in the world, whilst they splashed out naked pictures of their celebrities all over it, literally to make me homosexual but successfully stifling my Bookshop by the sheer stupidity. They do suggest this was largely due to the way I underestimate how much people hated the British, but I underestimate nothing here, we have seen the length of time taken to resolve and issue associated with my Books being censored by local celebrities from overseas who claim they were preserving their turf. We have now resolved it to such an extent that we were reading the star signs – they claim I am the kindest and build communities to finger my bum and I did their own as well, especially the Aries that cannot thrive without the sex trade, the Capricorn and Cancers that are always seen running around and so loutish and abusive, doing things with peoples lives to make money and those things they did were so stupid, caused the victims so much distress and suffering, it tended to suggest they were 100% deserving of physical violence, needs give me my space. It eventually arrives at the point where it began to hurt other people on my account, wrecking whole communities that involved themselves with my public work, whilst the other gits who trashed the career and academic work, picked up the career and product publicity to make a mess and play up money market gimmicks, looked like they were in dire need of a clash with Royalty over access to the Households and neighbourhoods at the market place. It needs to stay away from my Book sales and therefore my finances now, as mentioned before, it has been 15 years and they have all had a great time, my great time should not be driven into a stage where I closed up all access to my torso which allows them to churn my tummy and cause me the distant violence pain, in terms of a necessity to do them harm as well.


I am working in agreement with the idea that the history I have on Celebrities here have been mired in confusion and a lack of information. That said, an assumption of vandalism and harm caused by a supposed lack of information does not generally excuse the effects of Championing the needs of the destructive and abusive poor, while clinging to my Books without permission, through which processes my finances are wrecked, to make statements that facilitate exit from the destruction of a person’s own civil living or open invitation to Hoodlums and Criminals to take Part in the destruction of my civil living.