I am said to have been heart broken at this stage but I am really not, just a matter of what I say to myself in an environment where my service processes at the Bookshop had been taken up by famous idiots who lived off getting attention from me and making a mess of my personal life while at it at the same time, to build a social condition where every attempt to get to what people showed interest in at the Bookshop produced an outcome where I paid them attention and they did not have to pay for what they used, leaving me broke – so when it had since developed into something that a stupid community that has been built up to chase my bum by a society idiot had gotten involved, the realisation on the whole is that the stupid University fiasco from years back had not yet been solved and time was catching up with my body. Every day that passes, every week, every month, every year, the same question of solving the financial problems by being braver at attacking the famous idiots viciously enough to get the results that you need, while the bank account had begun to develop a mind of its own, some small voice from it saying that the explanations I give for their actions were lies and that doing me harm which my bank balance shows is what the idiots were really doing. It is not really a crisis as such just people thinking I am heart broken when I am not, we know one of the main ways they do it involved picking up everything I did with Royal Office and career, to build up publicity for it that ran into a sequence of events that ended in an outcome where I got hurt and we know that I have been pushing it back on them right up to this stage where I am old enough for people to put labels on, hang about talking rubbish about being better human beings than I am because of their financial well being as compared to my age, those were the parts where it saw me as a character that was big enough to be killed by racist and extremists to satisfy the savage racists and extremists, which I turned on them instead, so after years of stagnating my career and finances, I have ended up in a situation where the prospect of me being such a career is viewed with a sense that there was greater success in the horizon and I really need to stop their careers until the practical jokes I want to play with it to pick up their public lives and run off a gimmick that gets them into harms way was complete too, otherwise it will never make sense and will never stop telling people who never ask the lies about it like I am some piece of meat everyday on a stupid media. They do claim it is about getting into a fight but we know everybody involved with Public control always gets into a fight; first of all this is really about criminal activity and it seems that I am a sort of victim that will put up a fight but the crimes committed against me will not get them into trouble with the Police, so they could work it with more intelligence and more intrigue to any extent that they wanted, then there is also the fact that it is usually as simple as public control problems running me down and when I ran them down as well, I will on matters such as peace and quiet which hits their Celebrities and society ageist fools that send them out to do it really hard as well, deprives them of any potential protection from me thereof, so they had to work so hard to stay alive whenever they clashed with me but the motivation was there to do it everyday and shoot off the big mouth that I was being discriminative – so it seems that each time I did, there will be a series of other security industry based heart disease causing abuses levied on me by those who want to steal my methods from celebrity culture and this is why the way to respond to the insults of society idiots, German influence twats and scum on the streets taking advantage, was to burn the stupid show business – I just need to be braver and braver at it. For want of a better way to say it, it seems that when I fuck them famous well enough on the matter, the problem ceases to pop up endlessly.

We now know that their success in the sales industry involved imaginary sexual insults being channelled at me until it became as real as it can get, leading up to insults that suggested I was untidy - it tells lies about the star signs issues as well, where the part in which Libra-Gemini relationships ran Hollywood was wealth and social inequality because it suggested that they all came from the sewers, so they did not like that, the part they liked was one in which their bullying was loved by all, right up to top ends of Government Offices, as their stupidities tried to run a life through Public investment funds and ripping up the finances of those that were doing it by themselves. I really need it to go away and cease distracting my audience, especially the stupid entitled hidden internet real men crime twats, who all appear to possess the intense desire to address me.


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I am working in agreement with the idea that the history I have on Celebrities here have been mired in confusion and a lack of information. That said, an assumption of vandalism and harm caused by a supposed lack of information does not generally excuse the effects of Championing the needs of the destructive and abusive poor, while clinging to my Books without permission, through which processes my finances are wrecked, to make statements that facilitate exit from the destruction of a person’s own civil living or open invitation to Hoodlums and Criminals to take Part in the destruction of my civil living.









They do claim that I am oblivious to how much women hated and despised me but it is an old story about when their stupidities settled on what they hated – before then it shows up here to target and trash my finances everyday showering me with insults and the part where it solves its stupid problems by running me down until I ended up on the fringes of civil activities so people could finger my bum, while the real me disappears was not violent, if I responded my actions would add up to a form of sexism instead. I mean in 19 years we have done nothing with each other save a process of being a character about whom some old men will come out of the Bushes to decide I am supposed to get involved with gang activity or direct state security conflict to help them feel more feminine, to a character that is such a coward he does not deserve his career, topping being the part where I dropped out of University and their mean cunts built me a reputation where I smelled. The main problem apparently was the part where the Men had decided anything female should have the careers wrecked and made to crawl on hands and knees to serve them with sex in return for money and supplies and I appear to have been the man who will not leave the women to their fate and therefore takes a position on whether this was the conventional process by which people were supposed to indulge activities that helped them pay their way in the world, we have also seen the part the idiots have played to help them men screw up my life as well, showing up here to shoot off its big mouth about what it hated all the time while its insolence and that of its celebrities ensured this place was never quiet enough for people to read and I am therefore cash strapped as a direct result of their abuses. I mean they are not in charge for goodness sake, the men should have been able to see that when they started complaining about the female community and the Media along with their Celebrities should have seen it when it was clear that hanging about in public places to cling to my career, doing justice by sticking only to telling people what is fact, was free PR that they did not want to give to me. The idea which continued to propel it was the sense that I had no way to control their activities, which was always the case when the idiot who kept buying everything they put out on the market place on the basis that they were engaged with these activities, had not yet been stopped painfully – for their part they had money and their money ruled the world, these fools were going to screw it up properly, leave the mess for the racists and show up to expect others to pick up the pieces while they paid for it the whole way, at which stage their stupidities will be absolved of all responsibilities when the realisation had come through at great cost, that their stupid money did not rule the world. Normally saying it like this would have solved all problems but it does not because in  the meantime, the Politicians had already struck a business deal to allow the right hand man that bothers and makes a mess of other people reputably built enterprises to seek power and industry gimmicks, run the whole at Government, claiming we were competing with other economies – I would set it straight like this every time with my 29 year career mess behind me due to their government office stupidities set out to target me specifically; the media is not in charge, the celebrities are not, male society is not and neither is female society but each time we find out that they had taken up the disposition of some fantasist who loves to bother business owners and become their right hand man, which is not a real thing and made it into the main influence factor by which public matters were decided and informed me I had to take the pain as the need of the many was greater – then it will say that should we have arrived at a stage where I informed it to get a private army if it got on my nerves one more time, it was difficult to tell if I could enforce it.

They do claim this was not how things were done in the UK and yes, it is not; normally people think they needed to study and settle up on a career, then they could address the culture and society gits but once settled in the career, the culture and society gits did not make any more sense whatsoever. That is not what we are doing, we are doing the part where a group of idiots show up here to wreck my career because it is thought that if I spent enough time among the criminals and their antisocial behaviour friends, my personality will be altered into something that will make me below them socially and therefore easy for their stupidities to decide if they wanted to tolerate. It needs to stop talking about my career unless it wants to keep to the facts and thereby offer me free PR. It is never quiet enough for people to read around here because of their disrespect and for that reason I am cash strapped, dealing with the nausea that comes with the complications their gimmicks cause. They say Americans did not like me much but we know I was an adult, no where near deceased as such when the gimmicks concerning the Americans began on practical jokes that will run me career into the precincts by which these gimmick produced some form of financial impact on me, we know I can track it – in like manner it has been this way for years before people decided on what they hated, never quiet enough for people to read at a Bookshop because I am being disrespected all day long, for 14 years straight, at the same time they can rely on me to do no harm, so their stupidities got to keep a salary that made them bolder and bolder and bolder. 

It is never quiet enough for people to read and they were saying nothing to me, just oodles and oodles of disrespect.


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Renaissance - Popularity and Celebrity Administration 

- Film based Functional Security Equity Broker Property Admin 

- Entertainment Assets Intellectual Property Administration and Celebrity Court

- Popular Culture Power, neighbourhood abuses and Crown Service for security for Security concerning the Hermitage Resident's Faith Declarations and Public image

Politics and Industrial Villages

- Church and Popular Culture 

- Local Government Administration

Industry and Functional Aesthetics

- Popularity Canopies, Media and International Markets

- Multinational Management systems and Natural Environment Security Assets/ Broker Administration

- Crown Service concerning Popularity Luck Hunting, Profitable abuses, Civil and Criminal disobedience at Industry and Investment processes,other Market Stability and Employment

Economy and Liquidity

-Estate and Brokers' Product Equity and Trading Alliances Global

- Literary Property contents patents security: Liberal and Republican America influences and corruption/vandalism Administration




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This story about a lack of respect for the famous never ceases to rear its head but the real starters of the level of abusive activity and disrespect here is the Celebrities themselves, my academic pursuits were wrecked by their need to help every body’s thoroughly modern twat cry devils tears over me and make the most of my social life and public image, backed by goons that a hold digger believes will attack me if they did not get to make the most of my financial wellbeing. I mean in the end it will speak of respect issues when we have not pointed out the way it tears up my Book sales and gets seen at tourist destinations preventing people from engaging with my Books, it has spent some time in millionaires neighbourhoods and can make sense of its place in the world naturally but it continues to hold the view that I am its famous fools punching bag. Then there is the abusive and insolent way it addresses me and a certain habit with it about my body, where it does rather seem that the only way to stop being addressed by their stupidities and that of their feminists in such a manner, which consequence is their antisocial behaviour fools and criminals getting fingers up my bum all day, was to ensure they ended up somewhere receiving treatment on my account. They raise this point that I never liked the famous but we can see that for all that pleasurable disrespect, it was impossible for my own personal space and social life to be quiet enough for people to show up and read some Books – the reality of which is that the society we lived in was comprised on instances were we saw public functions where government officials attended and Celebrities showed up to get to know people etc but so are we aware that by the time the minister for education had to answer questions on the number of people who dropped out of school because of them, we would have been facing a crisis at that stage. Then it builds into questions about my overall view of the economy and this vision I kept working on, somewhere around the way we had to follow the Queens leadership on the matter of celebrities, as it could easily spent a decade of peoples time seeking a new Country and thereafter another decade fighting peoples battles because it wanted to show it loved its Country more than the victims of such social and cultural abusive indemnity, so to avoid instances where you got to execute them so to speak, you must follow the Queens leadership, especially the part where the Queen was a symbol of public Unity – then it runs off to the part that actually concerns me: where the public sector and private sector were two separate work places, people assuming it is the public sector where people are allowed to do stupid things while it is the private sector where people can do the stupidest of things and did not care about others – in the middle where a bunch of people that spent time in both and they were the people you could rely on to make broadcast advertisement, they were informed enough about what they public needed and could understand mobility issues that helped answer questions if somebody was agitated over some git picking up my lives work to run off abusive tribalism raids that helped him chase 6 figure salaries in other people’s reputably built companies. If the British economy does not work like this, it will never work and the Celebrities do need to find themselves a real toy, as I am not one of those. Where I fit into the picture was my intellectual property administration where I needed to build up equities that clients can deploy for product creation and development, had to ensure it was a three part of creativity, aesthetics and appearance, about which these goons have been killing off my earnings picking up my service processes to make me into something else that their stupidities could push a career with, bid for equity and spend time building products of copy what my clients and doing for an eternity, so my career did not mean anything to anybody no matter what I did with it whilst they made money off it and then my party piece where it shows up here to try and do things for the public which the government had failed to do on account it was wanted to avoid taxes which is the domain of the Head of State and it could go to Buckingham Palace so they might tell it how much they wanted it to pay for the service if it needed to instead of ripping up my finances and relying on me not to do any harm. In the end the purpose of my wealth equity was to say that I had such a public life as facilitated means by which women would get involved to build products and make a living selling it to people who spend money fighting others like this – the premise is that they were so unhappy that an Arch Prince’s wife had to play with them all the time to ensure they did not do huge damage, so it is intoxicating, the fact it is not really my wife is even more intoxicating, all they have to do is cease fighting others with their money, as we are rather prepared for the gold diggers and sugar babies who will show up here to help them preserve their family fortunes; this is the real public of my wealth equity public image, not famous idiots making me into a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, which also needs to move on or I will get to stop it badly. As for the story of an inability to do any harm to them, I believe I have said my piece about their disrespect stagnating my personal life, social life and finances, allowing their idiots to say things to me that ensure I cannot step outside of my door, things that are so low from my social station that I did not notice its purpose until it is too late, while building communities that finger my bum, so if it will not progress to the weeping and wailing on my account, consequence of the fact I felt I was facing a real threat from them and decided to burn their world and find out if I would not get away with it all, they do need to stop now.

Currently prefers to run of a life that was built on public investment funds alongside its abusively insolent little pricks that pick up peoples concerns to help them make more money and politicians with a public appearance which suggested others needed to take charge, raising a point about respect like so, as though it was insane.

I am said to omit the part the Prince of Wales plays in the matter which I do not – it all really has nothing to do with me but we are engaged with it because the Prince of Wales had decided we were better off doing so. Hence we probably needed to ignore the part about societal leadership, public enforcement and the provision of civil services, to ensure they could rely on us to pay attention to what is really a lifestyle at the fringes of civil living, of which we have seen what they do to end up in such a position, a lifetime in decades with no single one decision made about the work Police were doing as a matter of their dream careers, like we have seen their interest in me was to make money with my public image and now they attack me over what they claim to be disrespect on my part because they want to be able to say I criticised criminal activities but needed it, just as much as criminals did not like me but needed me, therefore considering themselves social gods literally. I am said to be one of those characters that never stopped complaining about it as a problem but I am complaining in the context that if my career and finances were wrecked, I will spend enough time with the crime and anti-social behaviour as ensured my social status was forfeit and I had become one of them , well brainwashed for it. Celebrities live in a world of make believe and it can be a problem if they carried out such activities as to say that picking on a person facilitated product sales and a process of befriending the wealthy; it means nothing whatsoever unless an idiot gets off buying whatever is being displayed on it to such an extent that a sub culture was created, so if a government operative thought that Celebrities had gathered too much wealth, they could initiate processes within a career to retrieve some for public benefit. 

In this sense I am said to feel entitled to Celebrity monies which I am not - the picture that does not go away is that it had taken up wealth equity from a public office image and got about getting rich fast by whatever means it could, especially the process of setting me out a character people bullied to sell products or befriend the wealthy, now it spends most of its time setting out the money as a sign of power, the criticising of criminal and antisocial behaviour was not allowed, I cannot make any progress with my career because they will do something to crash it, there is an engagement with vengeance on behalf of criminals that have been offended by me, my academic pursuits trashed, my finances a mess, my career and social life just came a dead stop, so time and again it will on the understanding that I despised seeing their stupidities show up near any of my newer projects, pick up my wealth equity and other assets to make its own money unauthorised and without respect for my person, then build me a new public image that it can use in such ways whenever I get rid of its gimmicks, through my Bookshop which again has come to be seen as the means by which I can be forcibly made to serve people - this physical contact as much as it showed the reasons behind the gangland outcome of their career paths and its bloody consequences, cannot be tolerated and will get me to put a stop to it very badly indeed.

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