Now they say my problem is largely that I know so little about sales business while what I do is property equity and creative equity broker. What really happens with their gimmicks is that if a Company builds Car and a known customer always gets it on Tuesday, once Tuesday had gone by, the means by which that Car improves his income for the rest of the year is gone with it, balanced against their gimmicks making out when paid to fulfil a contract with a sales business, they may pick up my equities and it was the same thing is somebody’s income was going to be improved and they bought a Car – so it will show itself to be the incorrect thing to do regardless of the fact they never listen to what others are saying to them, when I creative equity pillage their sales business for it as well, especially if I needed to stop them blabbing about having taken it anyway and how my further actions are cries over spilled Milk, about which some people will say that I ought to adopt a more proactive process but I am not keen to take their money from them but to stop them ripping up property equity and since they had invested money on the process they are blabbing off with, they may continue with the attitude if they wanted.

Some appear to be completely convinced that their activities can be excused by the suggestion most people do not take seriously the idea that I am a dangerous person. I wouldn’t know anyway, I know when I have said what I have said it means what I have said and they are a handful of characters who deserve everything they get since their biggest accomplishment is to get the silly things women do in the personal lives into areas of peoples careers where their intended victims must have done the best work for it, to such an extent they ended up in a relationship with women that like to do such things and claimed I am supportive of wicked things women did because their stupidities were looking for exit. When they get personal like so, its time to say the idiots must hand me back my space.

They do claim the story about women making a mess of my company will never be settled unless I had addressed extensively but there is nothing to address save a handful of gits thinking that the idea they have had me wrapped around their little fingers generally means I can never break up their relationships if it were a threat to me nor stand in the way of them getting into a relationship so they might become homosexual while I use and squeeze them all the time like a parasite as well. In the end its all brought about by Celebrities and comes down to the same story of the way their media goons run it off endlessly all day improving prospects of a real clash – it needs to get off the Hermitage and get involved with the Bookshop, I don’t care who the hell they are with their society idiots getting imagination up my bum as well.

I have been told that my Books are now part of peoples lives and its utter nonsense, I am only just getting finished with these group of goons that follow me around to wreck academic work and career, then hang around on Media making a case of what The Queen says about me despite being informed it is motivational endlessly – once done with it, I should try to find out why the business gits cannot keep their eyes on their shop floor and off my bum or their minions keep their imagination off it too especially when told to and it would be outright war with Industry too. I mean its like they say I withdraw when I am required to push while I don’t, as I rather prefer the thief routine where I get them to buy lots of things with the money to show they are not trying to steal something off me while that stupid culture and society is still set up as a barrier I face when I step outside of my door and they got to introduce themselves to me by getting imagination up my bum. They do like to boast that they want to smell me a little bit more which I understand but should I decide its time for them to back it up as Americans or as Asians or as Africans or as people from the Middle East or as Europeans, we know that they will end up keeping an eye on the blabbing as well to say the least and perhaps the fact they never listen to what others are saying to them might change too. There is nothing left to do here save find a way to clear out how standing in a premises to protect it by taking out a security guard job built up to a history of years of insults which means the Media has now developed my Hermitage and Celebrities were doing what they liked with it  demanding more every second. There is nothing left to do for the Books save find out when they believe I should start with the writers living in which they never got involved, there was no publicity and it was quiet save the part where I had to engage with those that were listening to me talking about things through my Books. Nothing left to do save run off my own war on every fool making a mess of my Books as well and ensure the scum that are always creating this dangerous situation for me got into one fight after another; I mean I really did think for the first few months when they said I had written a book of problems because I wanted people to wreck my life, that they were some sort of Industry authority but so was I also right to be rid of their case and concentrate on these other goons that are always making statements that I think I have controlled the problem but have not while they spent it all on themselves; it needs to keep off the Hermitage and engage with the Books.





They say they have their own Celebrity opinions about me but I doubt it would differ from the fact that since 2007 when a certain bullying involved a process of digging holes around me and hoping I will lose my cool enough to get off complaining about the evils of the world, so they might cling to that and build a crowd on it that tackles me to make them rich, nothing has changed save the fact that dropping out of University was meant to facilitate the daddies grabbing what career I had gone there to build and to this day they have not yet done it, we are living in 2020 and I need to move on. It shows up to issue those threats all the time but there is no link between ripping up my Book sales and making a Celebrity appearance in Public places, it’s just Celebrity ruthlessness that is generic to their show business careers and the question that they must now answer is that of how long they believe I am capable of tolerating it as well – this is about the 4th time that my whole life had come to stop, leaving me to smell of what I ate each time I step outside of my door because of their gimmicks on account that their need to make money is an all-consuming thing and that big mouth is something I have to tolerate all the time, lest I did any harm as it were. It started out with claims I had written a Book which causes nostalgia and should not have been written, soon I had written a book of problems because I wanted people to wreck my life while they clung to my public image, not long after my publishers were racist and then we have started dealing with stories I was supposed to go into the city to see how far my stupidities may stretch because I am building equity that Companies may deploy to create products and broker assets with me at a Royal Bookshop, helping me sell Books in the process and a Hermit works it with the social, personal and public morality associated with his Office and then perhaps when I had suffered enough I may be lucky enough to have somebody pay my bills with a break – now we know they have achieved what they loved most i.e. an ability to have me wrapped round their little finger, gimmicks involving social and public immorality played up where I have done the best work for my career and a need to cling to my income margins and issue threats. They do say they will never stop damaging my Books and I suppose it is also becoming clear that without the relationship Celebrities have with society goons and the low lives that bottom feed and jump up peoples arse all day, none will smell of what I ate all the time, no matter how bad the tummy ulcer they were struggling with actually was, it does indicate I am soon to end up with a problem that needs solving. The other story being that black people are unhappy my whole life has been wasted and Muslims are happy I am stuck with this nonsense but only the black people bits will I pay attention to since the Muslims ones are a blabbing about how watching me on CCTV to sell out to money madness idiots is something I cannot challenge which is an insulting stupidity associated with a hatred for leadership that their idiocy is boosting their incomes with at the same time and we have already got a history on it too; so the black people one is that the prospects of making any money I spent on them does not exist and the money I must now worry about concerns my person and my wife and kids, everything else has gone to Celebrities whom I have dragged up to this place to hang around being rude for years, to such an extent they have spent all acumen associated with the stupid popular culture, so apart from my finances not looking the work that I do in this place, I appear to be the only one winning this fight and their stupidities do need to stop following me around and keep their stupid comments off my concerns. They claim I get close to Celebrities so I might hurt them later and its utter nonsense, people don’t hurt Celebrities by getting close to them, that increases the risk of them screwing with you and setting security guards on you before you realised what happened, they on the other hand love to tackle me because they have a very big ego and love to blow off that big mouth that there is nothing I can do because they are unable to see I am an Arch Prince while that guy who clung to my public image to fool around with entertainment products and a sales army the other time is not really telling the truth if he says that I do not stand a chance. They speak of smell issues all the time but I don’t see how the fact when its eating time and bed time they are the biggest source of anxiety for others, tends to make less smell when they threaten and make people feel agitated, in my case they say I need to be more active while we know their obsession with me concerns my personality and temperament, they are always seen sharing it to feel good, so if I got off being active according to terms, the age of 50 would be a luxury – we all know a process where they kept from me and my concerns is the one that works for everybody, the one that stops the smell. They do claim I don’t actually understand what they are like and its utter rubbish too – I had to make an example of the current Celebrities, allow them cling to my public image to fool around with entertainment products and a sales army, it helped to make sense of the fact anybody could acquire assets and play with a sales army, those who prefer to threaten me with the money are going to move this problem to the next stage and hang around somewhere wondering why they didn’t make an alternative decision. The real problem here has always been the Politicians; the Americans have spent the last 2 decades getting everything I deal with at this Hermitage, an evil that knows me as well as I know them, blabbing nonsense all the time, to show up in public places, devise a statement it can make on my personal finances and get involved with main stream living – like they do nothing to control the Celebrities, do not have an alternative form of leadership and do not buy Books I write in this place either, we find they have closed down US Government twice because of it and I have hung around somewhere picking up pieces concerning the way that the immoral democracy associated with this nonsense will be very difficult for the home of the brave to handle once it started killing people again. The British ones will never stop until I am desperate enough to act dangerously towards Politicians; I don’t think that the neighbourhood I have selected so I might manage my Hermitage has a thing to do with Celebrities and I don’t think that the damage they do by escalating the activities of the trouble makers in it at my expense does as much damage as my response suggests but it is the insults with which they shut down my concerns and the way that they invite themselves into it that causes me to respond in such ways, so when they do want to push it further they were free to do so naturally, make it big probably and find out what the responses are likely to be as well, not hang around somewhere looking like when they start they would be better off if I produced a speech on it. The British Politicians on the other hand have always been the ones who pillage my finances and spent tax payer funds on these gits who wreck peoples career and spend all day tackling women – the problem is that the scum talk too much and there is nothing that encourages them to take their own steps that wreck my finances and career as well, just their big mouth and a need to see what my response will be. Once I believe they have complied with all I want including the fact the media does not make their decisions for them as well, I will turn my attention to Politicians if it had not stopped by then after 18 years of public abuse and everything right down to the times when I try to write some Books while bin collectors became distracting will add up to an evidence the bloody idiots are not doing a good job and I ought to solve all my problems by making this very obvious to the public, even when I am aware that I am the architect of my problems. They have said that it’s my involvement with the Monarchy that causes the problem but it has always been this one story of the way these guys spend their time making sure that other people’s existence interferes with my career and finances, the question now is whether those foolish statements they make about being able to control my finances is not a threat, something that will set to ensure this matter is tackled such that it becomes a process where they let people be the way their victims wanted it – for now I am behaving in an administrative manner and it’s a process where the bangers and the bottom chasers and the game of loss gits will not stop handling me until their stupidities produced blogs and books in this place and I was determined to spend all they had, but first, I must remove the Celebrities as I think I will not do so well if I had to contend with another onslaught of bullying and involvement corruption on their part – never compatible to get along with them while looking after public matters. They speak of wealth and social inequality being their main motivation all the time and it’s one of those incredibly annoying stupidities associated with the idea they can harm me at well being bandied around all the time – what really happens is that when I see matters affecting public and National security at this Hermitage I do look into it and the one specifically applicable so far is that I got involved with some Russian Allies and this pocket of condition to get on with your own life courted the same sort of evil scum that Americans have gotten into a position of talking nonsense all over my finances to stage an almighty battle to claim that space, what these fools then did was set about selling some British sensibility weapons to Russians from this Hermitage because they had too many leaders in their view, like we see the Media ones will not stop getting me tangled up with the social classes and people doing strange things at the Monarchy to boast about controlling my finances like they were unaware it is a threat with a big mouth and we had Polonium poisoning in their City twice and other Chemical forms of fighting twice as well; even as I speak of it, the idiots will claim that they were expecting I would be worse but I am not, looking for the bigger fight.

They say I am uncomfortable about what Parliament does and its utter nonsense as winning elections is hard work but it is hardly what the Labour Party does – so I like to say it shows up here to express something of rallying communities and my parents to make me do its bidding because it can see in my eyes that I do not think its stupidities are in charge, because every single one of them got approval from the Queen to form a Government as far as they were concerned and if I started working the business of practical jokes I can exhibit next to their constituency Offices, I would be the one said to be behaving in a dangerous way. What has happened over the years is that I have ignored this behaviour until a public crisis that prevented them from winning elections resulted from it, what I have learned from this result is that the idiots are always ripping up my career and Bookshop because they plan to ask communities and parents to retrieve it for them that they might win elections and become important, so it does appear a very difficult task but the fools are currently reeling from Brexit at the moment while it appears that my career and everything associated with it all the way to air freights and shopping ports are used as punching bags and they claim they are because their stupidities were important people but seldom get the kind of attention which suggests that they were, we know if I allow this to fly, the mess they will make of the academic system to push their children through will beat the imagination and simply add to the insulting tribalism raids we see all the time worked in order to remove company bosses from the position and assume it as soon as the insulting middle management had completed the academic work it pursues by wrecking other people’s own. The women can never stop showing up in public places to pick up abuses they channel at me to please their bosses who are sales men, the stupidities of public transport operatives and the insults of society gits, to say I smell and a man of my size should be getting into a fight with gangs and criminals and it can never stop kicking people in the teeth when people are down playing the role of bad mistress who spent it all endlessly, talking nonsense about where its mean cunt found a cowards in this place. They do say I really am a coward and I probably am as there is no way I am likely to get into a fight to make their stupidities comfortable when I am more important than they are, I am aware people think if what I said is followed it does not lead to a good ending because I am damaged by it which is not really true – in my own life what I do about security is something people think of as sufficient, these fools will not stop passing life changing insults at me and hang around somewhere being out of my league, so this is me getting involved because I have ended up sharing my Bookshop with them; the insults are profitable because I am more important and they do not pay the bills in this place so need keep the mouth shut. It’s just a handful of scum who pillage the academic work and finances to make sense of their sordid personal decision stupidities, then get people showing up where I had done most recent best work for it to express physical prowess and I have never before heard a reason provided for the behaviour and will never stop getting them complaining to the Politicians until the abuses at Parliament stops as well. They say their prize is to ensure I was not able to carry on with my life and its utter nonsense as their prize really is to handle my Bookshop until they had damaged it permanently over time in order to find out whether I will likely damage them as well; it happens all the time that people set out a livelihood and they come up with all sorts of gimmicks until they got involved and insert great ideas armed with LGBT into it.

I am recently told that I have lost everything and am completely finished and people have tested me in every way to find this was the case. They have not conducted any test that is based on listening to what others say to them – what really happened is that the time at which I had decided to work more on my Hermitage Bookshop and its trust system for financial reasons came alongside stories of trouble in Russia and that is how I ended up losing out on the financial aspects. Since that matter was put to control however the main problem has been that every involvement with Celebrities in my concerns is always nasty and noisy and it is this nastiness which is actually the worst type of disrespect towards a writer and his venture which has been wrecking the finances since. They love the stories I am finished and done for and to tell it all the time garnished with insults that there is nothing I can do naturally, while all they have is middle management insults and young people into whose minds they have whispered their stupidities and then turned up to see how those will make use of a situation where the bad behaviour could have been stopped but their ego was too big. Same as the society goons who have not yet made sense of the fact their business with me really started when I dropped out of University because they would not stop following me around to make a mess of my concerns and put out practical jokes at my expense, before I dropped out of University which I was not yet a profitable victim of financial corruption but a character whose Dad had set him out for the enjoyment of other men and they could read it from my personality, while no such thing had ever happened, as though I am experiencing an education on the reasons people end up in prison. When ethnic minorities decide I cannot be left alone as it is not my decision to make, it beats the imagination but it is getting serious as well. So they are not making sense of what is happening at this stage being a product of me trying to find out what their business with me really is since I dropped out of University – what we have had since is a systematically abusive process of spying on me to pick up my work and share it with Celebrities, just so when they tell me tackling or handling them will mean that I had given up on the rest of my life, they would have been proven to be correct and it is in my view meant to be a new history about which they will be insultingly petitioning the Politicians about my attitude soon – so I had since built up my own case where everything I did here was fine but the source of anxiety is the sense I had lost something to them every time I step outside of my door, in the most abusive and degrading way imaginable, each time I assess what I may have lost and where it may have ended up, I am lead towards their neighbourhoods where they drink to my health and spend time progressing abuses in my direction which wrecks my career even though they are complaining to Politicians about my attitude and I am going to be handling it pretty soon as well, to ensure that a stage was set to find out how I will have given up on my entire life if they spied on me to grab my work and share with Celebrities if I were doing so. For the Celebrity bits, they are always nasty and the nastiness it seems helps to keep the bad people and criminals off them but when the State is making them a bit nastier, I become a punching bag as though none understands why the State does it – soon it progresses to a case where handling the issue with culture and society trouble makers tended to give way to a process where I had become a financial punching bag as well simply because the business of doing so although was none of their concern, was beneficial to them. It then gets off the 7 years of abusive insults and practical jokes that pillage my Book sales in this place and leaves me distressed over working relationships every day, to issue threats about how I talk because I think there is much I can do, claiming it was bigger in size than I was which fed into those abusive need to get the Lion share from my work that they blab about on Media all day long – the entire time of which it then set about claiming I am unusual because I am not afraid of them while reality is that we hang around somewhere since school with all those things teacher said about our abilities hanging in the head and what their stupidities have done since is spend time with a media presence pillaging my own as a character who is a good person they are selling out of Industry trouble makers to get rich quick, so we can clearly see what will happen if I felt I was facing a physical threat from their stupidities as well. When ethnic minorities decide I cannot be left alone as it is not my decision to make, it beats the imagination but it is getting serious as well. In the end we find these two groups of people are such a problem because the society goons spend all their time making a mess of other people’s jobs and playing practical jokes with it, while the Celebrities spend peoples time talking about he Lion share they deserve from peoples careers – I should have mentioned this matter some time earlier but clearly it has been more beneficial to mention it now as a process of clearing out what they believe will add up to a threat which is made of society goons forging an alliance with Celebrities – their practical jokes are always particularly targeted at anything and anybody who works for the State in any capacity no matter how small. All together which they claim I believe my methods to be the best provided I discounted the part they played in the work that civil service operatives did and its utter nonsense as we know they spend all their time fooling around with and making a mess of the jobs of civil service operatives, going along with their ideas generally meaning a departure from the benefits of a comprehensive way to see the link between the reputation I have ended up with because I want to play with the culture and society goons as well until such a time as I do not see their effects anywhere near my academic and career pursuits and I want to consolidate what I did with the private security Industry to make sense of the existence of Celebrities, since theirs largely involves a process of making a mess of their lives then leaving the fall out with others and moving to another victim. The alternative is that they kept away from my Books and stopped making any silly comments around my concerns, while the society ones needed to stop playing with me. They do claim I think my methods are the best while reality is rather that they work really well, since it was clear that giving people amnesty at Government Office tended to recognise the part these goons play in manufacturing Criminals, such that only the die hard trouble makers will be left to deal with whenever such dispositions are offered and I came up with the best possible amnesty in the business of making organised crime products cost ineffective so people abandoned it before they committed crimes, this means that these goons will have to deal with their own public issues by themselves and they have already started punishing me for equitable processes I had developed to help young people with mobility and involvement with industry property owners, especially with respect to popularity culture, the work being so immense I now have to start assessing how much damage copying popular culture developed from my public work to make their own version as well will be. The effect at Public Office being the treat that when the Queen makes statement on Racism, it adds up to a Global stage leadership and those who continue to disturb community cohesion from the ethnic minorities will soon end up with a reputation for being people who want the Queen to do her thing and we will find out what the professional public services think about it too – hence my big head. 

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They do say I am on course to get into a lot of trouble at Industry which will never happen but it is very annoying that they mention such things anyway, makes me want to come up with plans to oscillate between right tools and proper measures over their case all the time; its not just dropping out of University over their practical jokes, its also a decade of financial difficulty over the same practical jokes that need to be tolerated and it plays up to the bit where it speaks of stress but wants to mess with my finances and strewn the effects on the left to make connections with those who did not commit a crime by being a young person and therefore spent more time in the work force building financial acumen hence others have not got the right to just get on, making me wonder which one is the stress they were talking about and we see the same when I tell them off for the distraction and it sweeps onto a story of the black people that were here first before I was, leaving me wondering which one was the distraction in the first place all together. So it’s the way these things work; whereby we have gone beyond the bit about sugar daddies and their stupid girls that need to cling to my income and public image with the help of media fools blabbing nonsense about convincing me they are famous all the time while they persecute those who do not fancy sugar daddy stuff that allows fools access to things that younger generations will not give to them, whereby I am left wondering what sugar daddies are doing with an Arch Prince anyway, along with their foolish girls echoing their insults on media all day long – it has gone beyond how somehow it affects my finances and academic work that somebody else wants a life where he has fat wife at home who is one the wiser about his antics while he seeks out sugar daughters and chases my bottom around Town – it has become a case where my thought is fixed squarely on the issue of these goons clinging to my finances to ensure they are able to play practical jokes with my feelings, then strewn it on the left to make connections with other goons their age who have saloon cars that are driven around abusing people and set about building a crowd that will work towards making sure my Published Books do not get sold, as though it was their property and then it progresses to the stage where they say its about a statement concerning how my Books provoke them, which is only progress from the point where at present date I have tolerated more than 6 years of financial complications over their practical jokes because they think if they took a stand on anything that belongs to me they could have it because I am afraid of them and therefore progress further to setting me out as target for mentally disturbed people who give us a hard time living in a Country where we do not attack people on account they are stupid and issue threats for the bad smell that happens when they churn my tummy getting involved with me and taking a stand on my personal space if Liberal American wants them to with that big mouth, thinking of themselves to be more Men than I am the whole time; the books provoke them apparently while the same facts born out of these stupid behaviour that only gets stopped by these fools if it gets terribly serious is what I have deployed to secure the equities I have brokered by writing them as it were; so the crowd that will prevent it getting sold keeps getting bigger and bigger while the scum blab about getting into trouble with them for it as well – it did start off well enough years ago by the way; walk by a tramp on the streets and he wants to build a coward that will ensure I do not complete my academic work until I have been dominated spiritually and if I did handle the pressures to do so, whether or not I got a job would depend on my attitude and whether or not they got what they wanted, now my Books provoke them and because I have not reacted to this behaviour towards my property, years after year they find they are building business empires on my public image by building crowds that will prevent it getting sold, talking nonsense at me about trouble I will get into. 

The rest speak of uncivilised ways in which I work and I could never make it out anyway; I would do all I can to prevent racial ideology being explored and they will do all they can to preserve tools that help civil rights idiots threaten those who have possessions that are not being shared with others - women would chase me around over equality issues while they would be busy ripping up my public image and finances to churn my tummy and support Liberalist fools who set people out as friends on Media for those that are suffering severe mental illness in order to steal money making public image at narcissist Industry canopies of popular culture, being complete block heads all the time while making out my disposition is amusing and that if they cannot be real women if they do not behave in such ways, blabbing at me which one is more civilised while they have always failed to grasp anything that I am doing around here as equally as my finances continue to remain their main preoccupation, looking for trouble the whole time with those vaginal monologues, each time they realise they possess lose change to spend on Celebrities making other people uncomfortable. Here the story is predictably moved to tales of which I have given away again because I simply will not change; while reality is the Asset Equities that Multinationals broker here to build products that make the right statements after the fall out of the Heart disease war that appears to be raging endlessly over such abusive and insulting and destructive exhibition of civil and criminal disobedience.

I am now said to be one of the most irritating and annoying people in the world which I don’t mind but we have for years now known that this is not the real me; what happens is that the popularity and celebrity goons show up here to pass around the life changing insults and abuses and then my sensibility becomes one of putting it down somewhere, except I am grown up and it’s a vanity that I do not have the ability to grow out of, so I am full and it needs to go somewhere else, of which I prefer playing it back to them – the same way they enjoy causing me distress, is the way I enjoy hearing them complain about their behaviour when it is played back to them. What happens with these guys is that I am caught up with culture and society trouble makers, doing very well and not long after they want to copy it for the purpose of looking after those who were actually important; the result will be that all hell breaks lose for me, they cannot keep their hands off me and I end up with an eating disorder, their women cannot stop getting on the most public of places to pass insults at me about what I am supposed to be doing with myself to make them comfortable and then they realise I am annoying, while I think they needed to know I will no longer tolerate the business of their fans following me at University to rip up the academic work because of what they were convinced my personality should be used for in terms of Popular culture and Celebrity culture, where their own plans for the future and for being financially comfortable were i.e. they showed up at University to rip up my academic work because the best use of my type of personality was Celebrity and Popular culture, more so in an eventuality that made them better off, only to get onto the City while I am blaming myself for not taking them seriously enough and pull off another stunt of a publicity for me that suggests I am one of their most hated characters for showing up in the City to take back careers that had long been taken from me – then their lovers spend even more of my time building one that suggests I have potential to make trouble and their concern is that I am capable of shooting off in any direction, the whole while of while they have answered none of the questions about how angry this sort of nonsense would have made them if they were in my shoes. What I am now certain of is that they like to make out they are able to explain their narcissism towards me and I am going to cause them enough suffering and distress to ensure their fans behaved properly too – I am not going to tolerate dropping out of University over the real value of my personality to their stupid selves again. As for the black people that can control me; its usually pointless and without reason, associated with what I should be doing to co-operate with their needs and I am sore all over, while my bottom hurts because they could not keep their hands to themselves – the women claim they can do with me as they please but we all know they come from places where the economies are mostly developed around Tourism and commodity markets and that idiots who live in glass houses ought to try not to throw stones at others, the Men like to boast about handling me while we all know the Community croons who look like they want to invent their own religion at other peoples expense in the neighbourhoods all the time are things they do everything that can at their stupid industry careers to replace whenever it is cleared out, so the theory it is some societal evil that exists by chance is not really based on fact, it would not thus end as well as they suppose if they showed up here close and personal once done with that big mouth ripping up some Royal Public image they can afford as it were. In the end I am told it appears to be an impossible task to keep me from getting into a fight all the time whether or not people will not be able to harm me and are getting on my nerves but this is what it demands – if its impossible to get on without being stomped by the fact these gits have evil activities happening in their cultures and societies, what they are really asking for is an Office space fight. The Media ones like to make out stories about me getting involved with those who have nothing to do with me while we know I am now prepared to pay the price for the women that will lose careers over the fact they befriended me, so that when I get married men having takeaway for dinner and spending their last penny to fuel the cars so they might be real Men, it will stop – for now it’s been years in the making and they are out of their depth; at the heart of it is this process of finding time and again that my Publishers were that close to finding me a distribution contract but what the Media was doing with my Public image meant the Clients were never fully certain of what I was doing with myself and the practical jokes continue unabated. They have continued to suggest I can have my career as long as I allowed others to have theirs, while making sure I smelled, I was sore all over and their stupid women never stopped getting on public places to tell me what I am supposed to do for their comfort and I do believe when I get hold of that stupid civil rights, I will perform a Royal act of civil rights with it and it will be done for them permanently as it were – the advice has continued to be that the last time they chased money around my concerns, I dropped out of University for it.

They do say I boast all the time and that it will get me into trouble which is utter rubbish, what I am doing rather is selling Books and there are three parts to it; the first part being what I say and do which is my bit, the second being the possibility of dealing with other peoples built up security problems over my Books likely meaning I am going to provide them the trouble they do desperately seek, the final being that Politicians spend tax payer funds helping them with their financial issues and then spend some more wrecking mine because they think my personality would serve the idea of existence better if it was making them money they did not work for at popular culture and Celebrity madness, meaning they are always trying to fulfil the dream of making me afraid of them and if they physically handle me I am really going to try to hurt them mortally for it. The practical jokes continue to the part where they claim they love the way I handle it without violence naturally while we know the part of the Bible that talks about homosexuality extensively points out that God is not mocked, that whatever a Man shows during season is what he will reap during harvest, I suppose enough have not died yet, so the practical jokes continue still – the whole thing about dropping out of school like so, hanging around to respond to the stupidities of culture and society gits who spot my personality thing while they played up their gimmicks and threatened me, churned my tummy to get me into trouble with gangs and criminals, is not sustainable for me as a way that people get to share my property with me, like we see them give their own to the frugal. The theory that these idiots have most of the time is that with media at their disposal they may do whatever they liked and set about deciding what the Public thought to ensure they got away with it, until they meet people who are really determined like myself, who do not want them peddling faith, personal life and public image and gets punished by their stupid selves for it everyday and it stops being so amusing from then on.

The trouble at the Monarchy has always been that Governmental work is Governmental work but these idiots are more interested in whether a mess was made of that and my disposition was being deployed at popular culture and Celebrity culture which another Royal that did not do very well with themselves academically but was more privileged can become privileged on; I have had enough of their threats. Same as the story of how I cannot stand Celebrities throwing around the influence while they are rather completely reliant on me not to act on property damage, while they formulate plans that will ensure they can decide when I got job and money and I will not tolerate the vandalism of my academic pursuits for a second time over the matter, which is gradually building up to a daily fight with the media where they brag the most of how all I can do is talk, a fight that will ensure any small talk about my Books, work and public image is always set to do some damage and that somebody paid for it, allowing me control other bigger damage that involves putting up money leverage at Market places to play practical jokes with market property derivatives their stupidities built for a Bookshop the last time we checked as it were and hate British when they do not have money to perform such nonsense with – always inevitably feeding into the case of their access to charities who will make them look better than me each time I had failed to co-operate, every time I built market for my Books and they wanted to make money with it, on and on as stupidly as possible, showing how they push it on and the prospect of it ending very well. They do love to claim that my bottom hurts and it’s a sign that I have learned never to mess with them but its only a sign I have not been doing enough to show how difficult it is to tolerate their 1980s and 1990s partying and boogying lifestyle thing, more so showing up on my income margins because they have not the time to find ways of paying the bills while engaged with it, the one that usually suggested the problem religious people had with them was completely unfounded as it were. The do boast that the time period was not great for religious people as well and I understand but it was a time when I grew up thinking some of the problems religious people had with them was probably unfounded – now as a grown up I can see the balance that it necessitated as it were, I mean I realised this balance before I was 15 but its always been with me anyway, so it was largely what grew up time looked like; they had since gone off to build popular culture canopies of narcissism at Industry over claims they had found me to be a character they may bully to make people feel good enough to recover from economic crisis and the same year that the economic crisis took hold of the world was the year I dropped out of University because of them – so we now know this nonsense had worked obviously and what will happen when I build a Public image for what I have in mind over it too; the problem we have on both sides is that we are now at a stage where the business of deciding I needed to do more and more work, building me a history of insults has run its course; there is nothing left to do now save getting the Books I have written shipped off to those who need services and what is going to happen if I allowed it is another history of insults built for me and a crowd with ideas about what I am supposed to be doing to make them comfortable erected alongside and then I will have more work to do, unless the outcome is that it either ends with a process whereby they stopped showing up here to plan their stupid lives on my wallet talking nonsense about being important or I got out of bed and looked forward to a fight with media and Celebrities every day. They always boast that I am unable to look after myself but have grand plans on such things but we all know I have warned them before about the road that leads out of my home to allow me access the world becoming their main concern and the result of the fact I cannot remember the last time I stepped outside of my door without smelling like what I ate – it cannot be that difficult for people to stay away from a Book they did not write and stop following the author around with abuses and plans to grab property for somebody else that they liked better can it? I am looking forward to the two things of this place being quiet enough for people to simply read Books and to the business of attending a Book signing event whereby I did not have to contend with security problems associated with their foolish Celebrity lives.

The claim I am afraid of Celebrities is not an emotive one and I do get told its people at the Monarchy who think I am but I am not referring to people at the Monarchy when I am responding to it either, people at the Monarchy have every right to think I am afraid of Celebrities or to think I am not; what matters is that these goons show up here to ensure they never stop the behaviour but instead found another lie to tell that makes it a clever bullying that people cannot tell them off for as it were and it needs to be clear I am not afraid of them, I am just tired from a lot of work that was necessary to show Industry people mine in Crown interest and I am not trying to make money off the way their multinational companies have shaped or affected the world, so I am not in any mood for games about people showing me if I started a fight with them, their money would never run out and then it would take my entire life to win and I would never win the day I had passed away, which most of the time around usually leads to outcomes where Fat Cat has got a Fat Arse and hates my guts, so I am very tired since I returned from this but the insults of these gits will only likely mean I took up their case as it was worth it all together. We see them at it all the time; again and again it will wreck everything, spy on me and pick up my work to make itself look good by for various reasons including self-pity, then there will be those occasions where the work was set out in a sequence and the three year period in which about five pieces of work were created saw them pick out one from year number 2 to play their stupid games with, hence when they say they will lose their minds if they stopped, it makes me so incensed as they can always get organised and buy a Book from this shop if it depended on them – it’s not my problem. 

Its an example not unlike the one I pointed out earlier concerning popular culture, where I set up a structure to ensure some Girls can pick up areas of Public work to make money at the Music studios of Popular culture tycoons I did not necessarily fancy, hence was developed such that they were none the wiser all together but after years of showing up here to take out job roles, they have comfortably settled on being ruthless with show business at my expense while the very people who do not like it when young people study at school especially for the Girls, are making music and money from my Public work at the music studios of popular culture tycoons I do not necessarily fancy, recently of which it has turned into a matter of insults about doing me a favour all the time.


On the matter of being recruited to join Ranks at the Highest level of British Government, which is supposed to be free of Competition, Pressure and is meant to be easy work according to them, it is now said that I succeeded too quickly at the Monarchy and got hated for it, which is largely a matter of something they do when they want to do it as such – what happens instead is that we have been dealing with some 15 years’ time taken to subvert The Queens decisions in my case, while they get around ripping up my academic work and finances in the hope that somebody else will become more worthy – recent progress being that I picked a neighbourhood where I could write my Books and be certain I will not be thinking of oversights and this is the stage that has helped them get local hoodlums as close to my personal space, living area and bed chamber as they possibly can but the entire time relying on me not to do a thing about the damage done to the academic work and finances in order to keep up some stupid hope, like we see them give their own to others, hence starting to appear in terms of the Celebrities they have got to help them out with the squander they plan around here and how I am about to start responding to it. I do get told I talk that way but make use of some of them anyway which I understand; its largely a matter of what public control issues look like in the UK and the fact its not actually the case that I do not like to live in the UK but when they pick up security services jobs, they are working for the Queen not me and yes they say that the Queen charges them with my State Provided security which is precisely my point – they don’t work for me, they work for The Queen and their duty is to protect me, besides which the talk of why I must settle some relationship with those who are in charge of my security is already done as I had set out I could have married them and those who do not operate around such parameters are chasing shadows while claiming they protect me or work in my interest, besides which when people set about detaching themselves from humanity by artificial appearances, build it up to a stage and on realising the effect it has when they get involved with other people’s concerns uninvited and incessantly, turn it into a tool for dominance, it does appear they ask questions about whether or not there is a way the British one looks when it chases peoples bums as well as it were, so whenever they show up like we are at war the way we see them do so frequently, they do not need to look too far away to find results too. The Celebrities on the other hand I have now warned enough times are heading towards an outcome whereby I hurt them enough to ensure their fans behaved properly. I mean I have a Court in which I look out for interests I had built up for popularity people who show up at my Public image for friendship and business and before long they could take out any jobs from it that they wanted and blame me for all their lives problems, none of the work then gets done especially the bits about supporting other young people at school and giving me space to do my academic work and Book writing if they have some fans, and each time I look it up, find the very people who are in love with individuals that will not allow other study at school are the ones deploying the system that was developed for them to deploy at other peoples music studios to money and support some aspects of my public work, which now has t be redone and they are now lost as per when I think they can take out job roles from this place again if they wanted as it were – same as the business of having a Court of Female Journalists and there were stories about my sexual habits over it, which was all something we developed as a trust issue to allow me cover for them and allow them cover for me, it soon got taken over by idiots who problems are more of a priority for everybody but was never really a relationship that they liked and is now getting violent with the big mouth they have on their stupid media, talking nonsense about push comes to shove situations and incomes they will make away with all the time – feeding into the other ones at the Monarchy whose Children at most prolific for the insults associated with passing the exams in school before everybody else, showing up here to conduct squander that they have Celebrities out in force to aid them with and insulting me with stories of me thinking I am important when I am not. They have continued to complain that I make out their Celebrity jobs should involve risks, while reality is that when they are talented on media, the fact I am talented at Royal Office must be interpreted daily as a sign that I need to be dealing with gangs and criminals, knowing perfectly well due to the fact the issues affect them to a point where they can never stop complaining, that the culture and society trouble makers dream of nothing more than getting themselves into my personal space to make me look tired all the time and then attacked violently thereafter. So what happens technically is that I have developed processes for writing my Books which ought to set out that I think Books should be free to access but if it took up my time such that the services I provided through it meant I had no time to sort out financial issues, then it became something I had to sell to the Customers and that I am not a trade writer like their self-seeking fame stupidities, hence looking forward to a time when this place will simply be quiet enough for people to just read Books – as for the idea I am not important but make out that I am, there is no need to go on like that talking stupid abstracts as the Office of an Arch Prince is a Governmental Commission, thus completely pointless but if they wanted me to help, then I should say that if they were out of their depth on these issues, they need to stay away from my Books and stop following me around, try to live with the fact this is what I want as well. We see them at these stupidities all the time – when you know somebody is bigger than you it would have been pointless to try and attack them or take them on violently, when you know somebody is smaller than you are, it would have been pointless to try and attack them or take them on violently but time and again you see these fools rely on others for their own personal responsibility while they made a mess and pick up knives that will help them deal with a process whereby somebody else was bigger than they were; causes wonder as per whether they are really that stupid but when you think about the fact the Streets of all places is where these goons are dying violently, you do not need to think about such a question too much. They do claim the Police rather reserve the right to beat people up which is utter nonsense; the Police wear Uniform and there is comradery to their jobs which is enviable, I don’t think about it too much because I like who I am, they think about it all the time but chose to degrade Police with the idea Police beat people up, so when I say the Police don’t beat people up and that they are losers for example, it is perfect. They do boast all the time, that they intend to teach me a lesson and it will never go away since they have means at the Monarchy to do so; I could never understand it anyway, since all they can do is carry on with those gimmicks about relying on me not to do anything about the damage they do to my property, for the express purpose of seeking out a condition in which they knew I was unable to protect my life and career from a violent situation but that was the only means by which I was going to proceed with it, something they have done before in terms of wanting to be in a position where I did the talking and they did not have to talk because they had the muscle to avoid talking and we are all aware of the social conditions that emerged from that too – all it will achieve is a business of making sure I rode their own careers into a condition where I had the advantage and they didn’t as well and then it will all go on a tit for tart through a timeline that seems like an eternity. I could never make out what their problem is; time and again I wake up to this nonsense the same way they never paid the fees at the University when they wrecked the academic work for me and are not paying the Bills now but have built a community goons with ideas about what to do to me on claims I am disrespectful; something about what I did concerning certain public issues by writing my Book and how Liberal American decided I had solved a problem that generally meant they always got what they wanted and if their fantasies about me working for them solving that problem was not fulfilled, all hell will break lose – while on the other hand they spent my time wrecking my finances and Book sales to ensure I had to defend myself from violent means when I was ill prepared to do it and its all  because they believe that they were so relevant to existence itself that they needed to own all the money in the world which builds up to this question about whether what they handle around here was their property bearing in mind that stupid confidence that expects me to be wary of them while they got away with it. The other part of the story being that I am very noisy and ungentlemanly which does not make any sense to me since they were the ones who claimed they understood the scale and Scope of The Queen’s role as head of State, since which their bottom hurts, considering they know anything about it becoming Nationally concerned about my noisy bits all the time and they continue the abuses and provocation by suggesting the shit is on me which is all theory.





It is not true that I am struggling with the matter of Liberalist, its only an issue of very sick minded people who appear to be happy exclusively when other people are suffering. I am therefore held up around the scenario where they are happy because I am suffering and it has added up to a process of making money, which further makes worse this need to make out that being an Equity Broker means I have said something that permits the Public to deploy my person whenever they want to sell goods and services or get rich, especially that of their Wives who appear on the advertisement since their methods are a bit more personal and resolving them is time consuming. 

It has always been that which is easily resolved by processes of securing a sustainable income that funds all one wants to do and where it applies to me, that was all possible through the chosen academic point of study which they ruined for me in 2008, since then of which I have had less tools for working this Estate and they have had to suffer as well because I have been busy deploying their lives and involvement with it to make things work. I intend to pick up a Part time study to have the matter concluded naturally but so have they also made it clear they will never let me study, in the same way I am of the opinion that being a CEO does not mean putting loosely dressed women on expensive property. I do not have a demeaning view of them, they just have a disproportionate view of their own importance or relevance, while they are only just Men with a dream and an eye for lifestyle at the Market place but we can all see therefore what they have done to me and continue to do and we can all see that they have no explanation for this behaviour as well, just as they believe they shall now decide what becomes of an Arch Prince by means of working for Public Transportation Companies.


The main confusion about my person I gather, is that my work and Office really has no shape. This is something that Individuals who have jobs on Media believe they are at Liberty to create every time I have some business with another Royal. For some strange reason it is the State Provided security that vanishes from the way things work every time that they are onto it, swallowed up by the security of other Royalty and the general effect is that I have no stability whatsoever and cannot get into a relationship because I am broke. I have no idea when they suppose they wish to stop doing it, I have no idea when they suppose would be the right time for me to have some definitive reality around the way the Public views what I do.

 What they have become more interested in is that I voice my opinion over what people who are out of my league do on media while I am not the one complaining about the fall out of always being seen making references to another persons Royal Estate i.e. they go from the idea that Celebrity is a state of mind and they can be one in the neighbourhoods depending on whom they can bully, to doing so, therefore becomes a question of whether they are talking from their backyard – so if their bottom hurts they want to hurt mine as well, as insultingly as possible, likely to lead to an outcome where I get my hands on those Media careers and practice all the nonsense I have learned from them the past few years on it too. 

Its a matter of how I serve the Monarch you see; something to do with the fall out of each time that I do and the Celebrities that get along with me well are aware of, something I also deploy as a tool for protecting my property – what we find these goons do is a process of trying to handle my life and all in it thereof while making sure it does not affect them or that they possess similar security and I have therefore ended up with the sense that my Office and engagements has no shape while they get worse.


The Americans have claimed I have showed up to dream out my own version of the Royal family which has no link to reality and gotten about superimposing it on people’s minds, which is utter nonsense as well; the main problem here is that their problems and poverty is worth the sacrifice of at least one Royal especially one that is not real like myself, as stupidly as possible, so their practical jokes have since gotten serious with a Book attached. Its been a 6 year campaign now of constantly getting involved with me over business just business, that whispers in peoples ears how I should be used to build market, the more invasive types being Politicians who have listened and responded to stupidities they have invented about the reasons they hated the British when they had problems and nobody thought others ought to suffer for it instead of them, which meant that they knew where my Books were and it was a little price to pay for the fact that there were poor people in the world – no such thing as my fantasies about the Royal family not reflecting how evil they are, which I would want to discuss but here speaks for itself in the first place. It has always been a matter of a group of gits with plans to make money and fame without working for it and since they had decided never to work for money while a living wage was not good enough and I had resolved their matter and prepared to move on with other concerns, the main issue around here has been the constant interference of the Heir to the Throne, having a need to be friends with Celebrities who use the friendship for the purpose of beating people down while people are at work all day to help these idiots recover and carry on, the same problem that there has always been. The Celebrity types have become very accustomed to getting their imagination up my bum naturally as such but we all know they had opinions of that sort earlier, on how HM behaves in a way which means that they had lost part of their career, since then the idiots have found out how their mates who go into the Military to fight their corner and preserve the systems that allow them enjoy the show business do it, so apparently it churns their tummy and leaves them unable to get famous, so their idiocy now wants to own my public image for it – same story on their part as well, where if their insults get them close enough to the Monarchy to see how people are fighting for them, they build a community and send out idiots that are constantly educating others on how to take the law into the hands to run me down all the time, if I am not giving those whatever is required of me when they fight the corner and earn exclusive rights to hug mama and so on, they spend their stupid time on nothing else but getting imagination up my bum because the USA is very powerful, so it should go without saying that if either has not come to a stop, this piece of writing would likely serve as the last warning for the most famous idiots out there. It goes beyond the matter of just saying that if the Heir to the throne wants to build a Government with Celebrities we would all follow it, since it means friendship with him facilitates idiots on Media beating people down while people are at work all day long, then get up somewhere at Industry trying to make prerogatives from it. They do say I never talk about the people who hate me at the Monarchy but there is no such thing; it’s the same goons that there have always been – so the women who supported me at International Relations had since joined the Army and provoked them further by taking up jobs men should be doing and the others who supported me on the fall out of my activities concerning culture and society trouble makers had gotten sexually attacked, so I am now no longer protected, so their stupidities may move in and we find such things as the corruption of my state provided security since its all based on surveillance being their main thing while I have responded to that by getting around resolving any matters that may exist with other statesmen around the world, to ensure their Services were never needed here but it has not actually stopped, so we have progressed to the other part where their idiots teaching me lessons would mean hanging around with Celebrities to wreck peoples lives and boast in public that its all puppy love, while they got around running off their campaign of hate for women in order to seek security for stupid well off villains at my expense.

The story that I will never get out of this cycle being the insults and abusive handling of my property not yet getting a response that expressed fully that it is about writing a Book, opening a shop for it and then ending up stuck with their stupid ideas on leadership. They claim I will never get out of this business of people pillaging my Bookshop and squandering everything I have which is utter nonsense too; we all know there is no such business as writing a Book and setting out a Bookshop for it, to get stuck with ideas idiots have about being in charge like we see at those stupid Fashion, Media and Celebrity culture targeting me all the time – the older gits say they are addicted to handling my person and property and I am meant to respect this addiction because their stupidities were actually very important. Its an example of how I get to say people are stupid and how they get to say I am not communicating at all while there is nothing to communicate if I had warned them from the first day on that foolish idea I think I will successfully run an Intellectual Property Administration business on the internet while they were the worlds best troll, on the fact I know where their own is located in the real world as well and will damage it just as much and just as well for my part too – nobody sets out a business and then brings his own life to stop dealing with their stupidities concerning every fantasy they had invented on how they should be in charge, which those who have Media and Celebrity jobs follow on with the business of getting friendly with the Heir to the Throne in order to set about beating me down every time I am at work, so I am now in a fight to look after causes linked to the Bookshop while their need to handle it for other purposes save its products is brewing up more serious results than they can handle and I would never have been trying to find out if they had ears, should they have made use of the Bookshop according to the purposes it was intended either, building up to this sense I deserve these abusive behaviour because I am always trying to secure affirmation from others who will make me feel good about myself by giving me a positive one. They have always done this, hang around somewhere and boast about being able to play with obscurity to any extent they wanted and show up at the other end making good of some fame at the expense of the victims whose person and lives they made a mess of, it is the reasons they love to boast even when teenagers, that I talk but they know me well and know there is nothing I can do about it; meanwhile I want to see them do it as well, looking like an education on ways I should take the law into my hands and it’s the complain on this that has made the issue between me and them into a global stage phenomenon; it’s the same story all round – peoples corporate identity is their sales tool, peoples corporate public image is their job and then eventually you settle up on the fact they don’t actually want a product, when it does appear every person they could have taken advantage of to get rich and buy the product had found a way to keep them off and so you consign them to history and end up with a battle on your hands because their lives are over. Its just another new one that the Prince of Wales feels predisposed to throw Royal support at apparently, an issue that never stops.

They claim I spend my time exercising fantasies on playing God and its never clear what they mean either - we see it everyday, that I spend my time building creative equity and whilst a company has invested millions on finding out how it works and I had a Book to sell, these Celebrity idiots are far more interested in playing with my feelings in order to show up in public places, paying somebody to build them clothing that helps them recover from the fact they got hurt, displaying fully that they were so important and convinced they can fool around with people that way while expecting no consequences for it. Besides which is the question of whether history has been kinder to me than it has been to them all together, if I am playing God. Its never really a crisis for most of its purposes - the reality is one where I had set up a Bookshop and they felt like fooling around with it to such an extent that I am stuck with society gits or Media goons and either had ideas on how to whisper into peoples ears concerning the way that I should be used to create new market frontiers - so since a Bookshop had a purpose in the first place, people will either get involved to read what I have written or the outcome will be that when I had spent time creating populations alternative channels for dealing with them, separate from the supporting of tyranny routes, I will be famous, important and rich with lots of followers and popularity attached as well and this will really get to test the extent of that nonsense where their disobedience continued and this was a typical example of the stage where they got to say that I will lose a Royal Commission should they come to harm. 

They do claim the case made here is that I am a character that they can beat up and wish to get the most out of it. It is utter nonsense naturally as the only issue remains a case of Celebrities thinking that if they put in an effort they will be able to grab my career and public image and have therefore dispatched their community minions to get the imagination up my bum and issue threats at me as though my home is a prison every day. In the end the reality is that this nonsense persists because the Politicians had gone off giving them this sense that if I got stabbed and shot on the streets they would be able to grab my public image and it is the prospects of people not having a remedy for this incentive which usually leaves them to become a handful of characters who never stop abusing others to claim they can beat up their targets all day long – in the end of which the Politicians do not make their personal decisions for them, nor does the media and if I took this incentive away from them, the Politicians would claim I had become the threat. It does need to keep off my Books as I don’t write their Books in this place and stop peppering the public image that emerges from my daily concerns which I am trying to engage with people by making stupid comments in public image all day. I don’t know why the Politicians do it for my part in the matter, even when they know it will set off this sort of behaviour to do so and that the behaviour will run for an eternity as well.

Eventually they claim I can get round this problem but rather prefer an outcome in which people got hurt and for the abusive practical jokes, I wonder if that is how they plan to clear out the mess that they make in this place all the time – all I know for the time being is that its incredibly complicated to handle the rich persons trouble makers and industry goons tackling me all the time alongside their Celebrity insanity and one of these days they will blab like that in a condition whereby I had found a way around it and we will likely see there is nothing they can do about me when I had built a public image on the matter too. However if I should get around resolving the issue, we can see it will not keep off my Books and does not understand what people mean when people say they have had enough of the insults since it has got some civil and criminal disobedience business just business gimmicks to please itself with i.e. we all know what will happen if Celebrities walked into the neighbourhoods to tell corner shop owners the top shelves should be deployed to push their interests, so we know that the kisses Celebrities blow at criminals on my public image are possible because of the activities of stupid middle men who love to go the distance to look for trouble and cannot keep the mouth shut and we are talking about distance such as building publicity to rally neighbourhoods and run me down all day because if it does not get rich with my Books, my whole life will stagnate and then there is the smell bits wrecking everything else too – their own question was about considering the business of travelling the mile to look for trouble in terms of what they have already earned at my expense, compared to the cost of buying one of my Books, same as the Celebrities who are not living on foodbanks or anything of that sort but wrecking my academic work to chase sales and not being able to keep off my concerns because they had a big ego is just part of a process where they had gotten involved in the business world and want to leave people wondering what Celebrities want when it turns out business is usually profitable with their big mouth. The rest are currently the gits that work it everyday looking like Politicians and media make their own personal decisions for them and they will likely be the trigger for the process where I begun to plan my life on their wallets so whenever these issues kick off it will show up on their door step as well.  This is what they beat up all the time apparently with a big mouth.

I do get told I will never make progress on this matter unless I tackled it from the Political stage and perhaps I will not but the Political stage was the one where the Politicians think each of them got authority from the Queen to form a Government as such. So it will set off this nonsense where people think that shooting and stabbing will allow them grab public image but if I wanted to play my own practical jokes where it had to live with the small businesses paying taxes every month where its local constituency is located, it would claim I am the one acting dangerously. I do get told its how parliament works and yes it is but it is also the duty of MPs to balance this way that parliament works with a process where they are in control of an administrative Office – I don’t think about that part of society because it is full of risk that somebody might invent an altercation with me and show up years later at parliament to tie up elected representatives and take over the Country through a coup, so I have no idea what the fun is – they are raising this matter at 9.00 pm but around 5.00 pm the same day, they were talking about me achieving something that would be better used to help them win elections about which I had not gotten into a fight in order to deserve ownership. The goons in question on the other hand are rather convinced the rest of us are unaware they are a bunch of criminals because we think they are spending our time trying to sort out which were the male and which were the female populations – then they will say it is dangerous to label people with crime when I have not seen them commit a crime but I am certain that I am also allowed to say that they have an adage. I have tried to deter them with facts to show they are not a threat to me and should respect my Office and the precincts of my concerns by staging an eventuality which expresses the fact that the Middle men of their business just business civil and criminal disobedience along with show business insanity are the reasons I am losing money at this Bookshop, while those who wreck people lives to help Celebrities along with their boys and community goons never really improve a behaviour and tend to rebut every administrative process aimed at changing them for the better until the gangs and crime happens, we all know then too that the Politicians will say that allowing the gangs and crime happen first is like sticking a plaster on an open wound but I am sure people understand where I am coming from here.

They claim endlessly the problem to be that I do not know when to stop and its utter nonsense as I do not have to stop for anything when I know they are a handful of twisted evil fools who do the devils work with their own hands - I however for my part do not wish to keep making sense of this nonsense and when I clear it off my career and personal life like so, they are free to continue the society practical jokes where they grabbed the public image for themselves if they wanted, we are never likely to end up having to sort out an outcome for it as well. This story of how I do not know when to stop is really supposed to be an indication they had decided which slice of my concerns they wanted to make into their own property and so it becomes quite clear that the only problem I have is the money they have, the fact they have it and their Celebrities have it is the reason my Bookshop has been losing money everyday for the last decade in an extreme manner and now I must start to think about prospective futures whereby they did not have it. They do say I contributed to the Money Celebrities have now got naturally and yes I did; I am sure a process emerges which explains that I do not have around somewhere scribbling something and then tackling others because I put it together as reading material - we can see a link between their Industrial insults eventually producing an outcome where I got them paying off the Celebrities for the anti-social behaviour and now that I am beginning to run off a campaign on how everybody would have a normal life if Celebrities did not have the money, they can see a clearly set out work process by which an author produces his products and that he does not just scribble things and tackle those who handle it disrespectfully. Their other point naturally is that if they did decide to follow on with this idea of retrieving their money from Celebrities, they would still have been playing my game and yes they would, as equally as we can see that claim my selfishness is quite the problem and it probably is their idea of which slice of my concerns they had decided to keep for themselves like a handful of business clowns and now we can see I actually work for what I have and they should not be hanging around to decide they have got a business, looking like they did not have to work for it because business was always profitable. The Politicians do say they are not aware we handle such things at the Monarchy but we all know there has been an epidermic of sexual assault because of the fact everything in skirts had become increasingly convinced that they do not run the Country, like we can see they spend their youth being tough, then decide my selfishness was a problem when they needed an exit and their Children are to grow into the same thing i.e. the normalcy we would have if they did not have money. They do say its this lack of respect that causes most of my problems and yes it is like a reputation which says I did a security guard job in a sexual way leaving me with another three years of wrecked Bookshop, looking like I do not get paid when I work - what happens is that I stop them chasing me around to build popular culture on my Public image, wrecking the academic work in the process and what they do is build communities that exist to get imagination up my bum, what then happens is that when I establish a relationship with a Company, they buy shares there because they want to continue handling me, hence there are two questions, one being where they get the money from and the other being the fact my Bookshop will stop losing cash at the market due to the fact they have established a link between harming me and selling things successfully, if they did not have it. 

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