The lessons I will be taught by this guys is that which I will never understand but it is safe to say they live in a world where they are unable to make sense of a reality where anybody can perform the activity that gets to their heads so much i.e. set out an entertainment product, make a mess of a public image likely not one that belongs to them and fool around with a sales army. Teaching me lessons is that which people do because I believe it is what they want to spend their time on and therefore it is my view that they got accustomed to it; the insults on the matter will only achieve a process where a condition in which we actually met in person was progressed a little bit further, so I might build my own public image on such gimmicks as well. I don’t know why it is that everything they abandon in their lives to spend time on mine making a mess and issuing the stupid threats is not a reason for them to feel sore all over, perhaps the reason is that I want to live out an existence where I didn’t get to hurt people – that said, once they succeed in kicking it off and happen to allow me get my hands on their community by doing it as well, then we will sit out the processes that determine the fact this will be the beginning of the end as well. I have never gotten an explanation for it as such, I know only that Television personalities have always had an urge to hang around somewhere with boasting concerning money that has gotten to their heads, looking for a Political means by which they only need open their mouth and then I ended up without money or security and when they saw what I did with myself at the Private security Industry it got completely out of hand, now this nonsense has paired up with media fools planning their careers and personal finances in a way that means they wanted to control me for these goons and hope the process will get them and their families linked up with rich people – for the case of the media, not only is this an issue which means that processes for controlling society culture and industry trouble makers are unravelling while they have their fun but they also show up at a Court that is occupied by fame journalists and show up to threats me because they say I am meant to cover their arse while they got rich and this is usually after boasting that they knew there were consequences associated with this kind of involvement corruption but did not think it will apply in my case because I am a nobody. It then feeds into the fact most of this nonsense is facilitated by Liberal USA and if I started talking a case of deriving a sensibility of low lives, Celebrities, insults and sales from those abusive communities that get imagination up peoples bums, wrecking social life to make fame and fortune and talking nonsense about people being disrespectful of those who rule the world, I will be told that I only need do that and people are never going to build up momentum on it, so I have to stick to the business where each time Celebrities had drawn up a sense of how acting a film and showing up to engage with fans during a convention gives rise to the destruction of my Books, I will use their own to sell the Books until I built up a momentum as well – in the end, tackling the others who want to be rich by being silly at other people expense never produce results and we know that, they are simply people who love to show their bums and boobs etc because there are those who had a dream that it should not be seen.

They do say all people require of me is that I be nice but that is not what happens here, what does is that Celebrities have lost access to a glamour associated with getting involved with my concerns and are so entitled they want it back – of course they will never get it back as such but the thrill of this is hat my yardstick is this sense that getting into a relationship with somebody I want to settle down with, I will need to settle down with somebody that can consume all I have done and leave none for the rest of the world, which I don’t see Celebrities doing as such; so it may barge into my concerns each time I have business with people, round me up like sheep and continue to send out the other goons who want to get rich by being stupid to keep up what it has built from claims all I do with my publishers is where their fame is located and bring up the point about lost glamour. As for the story of how they were right when I cannot get along with my mum however, it is an old case where I am separate from those activities they spend their time on and both myself and their activities are separate from their sense of hate for me, what then happens when they don’t get a response for the vandalism they wrought here is that they work that hate they have developed into something that makes sense to human communication, looking for a proper response. They claim my big problem is that I will really not get into a fight for anything and its utter nonsense as this is about them and not me – they started out stupidly enough, claiming I had written a Book which causes nostalgia and should never have been written, then it progressed to claims I had written a Book of problems because I want people to wreck my life which they lived up to and settled up on claims the Books set me out as superior, so if I solved all their problems they might just let it get a look in at the market but if I did then that would set me out as superior again; so I had since gotten off my life where everybody that cared about me was satisfied with what I did concerning security matters to get involved with the life of sad sulky idiots that suck the life out of every atmosphere blowing off its mouth at industry all the time. It needs to keep away from my Books and ensure its insults are available to those who care, as there is really nothing they can do about me. Some people have said that I have a wish to get myself killed and its not linked to reality at all; I mean why do LGBT people get around clinging to my finances to demand respect from me for the kind of sex they have and why do feminists do the same to make a statement about the size of penis they preferred anyway, is the process of pillaging my finances at the markets for it respectful itself? Then there is the media that will never allow me ignore it because they must provide local leadership that facilitates a handful of low lives who pick themselves off the gutter only when they were emulating Celebrities to bang away imagination at my face when I step outside of my door, my head when I am thinking and my bottom all of the time. It started with their Politicians spending tax payer funds to wreck my career while spending it to build their own and they are the people do business at the market with tax payer funds obviously – so I have since acquired history on peanut money that was a process of getting involved with people for jobs and financial matters, so the question they tease out of me is that of who the hell they are think they are? Not a process where they were supposed to be a danger to me all together as such. They believe that they are cocooned in civil rights gimmicks and any who tried to push back will dig the self into a hole, while the society ones can corrupt anything with private security Industry but I have shown enough times that the evil of this nonsense has no sway over me and they have shown time and again that it is about a right to handle me, such that they will petition politicians for tools that help them do so, then hang around complaining about the responses they get as a result.

They say none can make sense of what I am doing, it is confusing and tiresome, while reality is that its mostly a matter of what the public goons do with public matters. They latch onto what people say about the small prices I pay when people get involved with Public and National security to make their own statement but we know those who manage the security services properly are being replaced, we know weapons systems are being sold to National and Public enemies before we know what those were, we know that Crown Facilitated diversity is being shredded which is very difficult to rebuild and we know those who want to get involved with security services before their silly Celebrities did to ensure Celebrities always did from a subordinate position always made statements about the sex Industry because of the way their Industry idiots practice unbridled sexual context and sexual abuses on others for absolutely every single thing they did to make their own statement, especially the ethnic minorities. So each of these results are supposed to secure a response that is appropriate until it got serious.It is the same problem that there has ever been, like the Muslims claim its a matter of me criticising their prophet and religion while their activities are an example of the reasons their religion sets out that those who spend time making a mess of Islamic concerns over religious ideals really deserve death which decision should be made by a very senior Imam, never mind the part where Christ said he was the Son of God which created problems for everybody - the same issue; always its problems are paramount and its stupidities are incredibly evil hence people ought to comply, so it got completely out of hand when I made a mess of the Private security Industry by keeping a job in it some years ago and the scum are still using the job I did to boost their incomes while these life changing insults have taken up a global stage phenomenon.

Some people have said that my issues with these gits is all confusing and sets me out as a trouble seeker and its not really based on reality. The reality is that I have seen them all my life, so its considerably easy for me to ignore their stupidities but banging my face to wreck public life, banging my anus to wreck social life, banging my personality to wreck faith and personal life is that which is causing most of the trouble. The rest is the usual process of some stupid low lives having spiritual powers that can make them rich, in which condition their needs are paramount and other people’s resources must be diverted towards sorting it because they are evil, so once I took up a security guarding job some years ago, the whole thing came into public sphere because the idiots had obtained a yardstick for it and have recently started blaming me for the wars they wage on those that are trying to build a safe environment for everybody. Its not even an environment where you faced a considerable amount of challenges and so you gave what you did as good s you got or even one where you had your finances sorted so you were organised or one where you were wealthy, these important scum showing up where I have done the best work for my career to express physical prowess and build a crowd are really the lowest of the low, telling me when they churn my tummy in public, the reality is that I am a decent person but will not take what they have allowed me keep and make something of the rest of my life with that prick and a big mouth attached to it which their stupidities have got. Hence the point at which I dropped out of University because they never stopped following around should have been the stage at which it got serious for these fools and their Celebrities but it never did, now their exit involves a process of asking Politicians and when Politicians are fed up get on media to get me sorting out by weaving it into my career, academic work and finances and hanging around somewhere to obtain an explanation while blabbing insults about which of their fucking mates was homosexual or a puff - so its not so confusing anymore then I suppose at this point.

The primary state of mind should be to say that they are a handful of criminals but then it becomes something I never mention unless I have seen them commit a crime, lest I get into trouble myself. The south American ones always show up with a society that helps them see my insides talking nonsense about being tough and when it starts banging away at those insides it shows I can be beaten up by their stupidities whenever they wanted. The British ones are more of a case of showing up to blow away incredible insults and these insults are bread winner insults and when they pass it at me people buy their products, if I passed some at them people don’t buy my products and the reason is that according to them, they were more important than their victims not the other way round. So I want to make an example of them the way the South American ones did not end very well too, it’s the big mouth blabbing, there is nothing it can do about me in this place, need keep off my Books and keep its mouth shut. I don’t really do this routine of ending up with a habit in my head which says they important, I have to be considerate towards them and when I count the number of people I have to be nice to, I add them to such a number but the degree of intrusion and interference in my concerns alongside their foolish Politicians spending tax payer funds on it has produced something of that nature which they can fool around with on media and so the stage at which I dropped out of University was when it should have gotten serious, that was in 2007, I am writing this in 2020. We see that the Middle Class version of these scum are always claiming that I boasted I could handle the matter and need carry on until it is handled while they helped themselves to everything that will go on to support the sense they always get what they wanted but everything that has been dealt with in this place since 2004 has been their problem, the point at which I ended up with a Court of Female Journalists was the stage where I had done mine and had it completed, every single one of the stupidities they express at me will continue to get a response right up to the Monarchy until this nonsense stops being a practical joke that is worth the whole of middle class idiots in this Country. The Celebrities are an example of the reasons I needed to ensure this matter progresses to a point where it was clear that they and their media are the only problem I face here and then they can be the only things I got to spend my time on. They claim I pick on them looking for big trouble with a big mouth especially when American, while I should be getting into a fight with society idiots that have a go at me which would have made their role of getting rich and famous a lot easier, bearing in mind they are performing a greater public service – what really happens is that the fools take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals all over my Public image which people get to sell as magazines at the corner shops while they work such nonsense and the reasons my Books now have to try and be successful in such a condition is that this was a problem that the Books had already taken care of and they did it because they had enough money to challenge me if I thought about doing anything drastic over the way it affected me and we find these are scum who are completely unaware that human beings are not usually as stupid as they are and therefore there isn’t a person in the world that can tolerate it for an eternity. So this feeds into Germanic nonsense blowing off the big mouth at me all the time – about which their own is soon going to become a matter of practical jokes which ended because the slightest whiff of a threat from those stupid communities brought about a fucking response as well. Its always this one issue with Germanic stupidities; first it will get around making a complete mess of a life that you organised and then hang around somewhere with a lipstick on its face playing the part of a two faced tart that does not have to get organised for anything or it just gets around bashing everything you did to cling to it on media and pass insults at you to get rich quick, which it claims adds up to advertisement - the insults that come after it deploys the leadership to make money claiming the British are untidy and need to be put straight will only continue until I too want a slightest whiff of insults or threats from those stupid communities of theirs as well, to kick off and find out what becomes of a process where those that can beat up will not stop blabbing and those that cannot will not stop hurting themselves.

I am then told that I do not appear to have been able to make sense of the fact this is how government works while reality is that it is how Government works – Politicians had run their elections and formed a Parliament, they expect security from the Monarchy but the stage at which some spend tax payer funds to help these trouble makers and spend some more of it to wreck my finances is therefore incredibly helpful – I am now said to talk the way I do because I do not have control of the situation too, which is quite true. That said, the problem is the state of my finances and the time I have on my hands; when it was a simple case of chasing the academic work while seeking out processes to help me draw up equities that manage this nonsense, the Politicians were more interested in pushing tribalism raids at Industry that they claim was an affront to social and wealth inequality, now I have Books to write, the academic work to finish and my Royal work as well, so I am very frustrated indeed while my finances never look the work I do in this place all together. It does not mean I am the victim in the matter either, I have had to take wider responsibility and ensure the conditions could not be argued with as such; I have taken vengeance for this of sorts by making sure the culture and society trouble makers once they had gained the financial advantage that Labour Party Politicians had given them, learned how the jobs of Politicians worked but I also had to take steps to curtail the prospects of them starting an altercation with next door neighbour to get about chasing a course of action which eventual result is that MPs were left tied up on the lawn of Parliament because a Military Coup had taken place, the theory displayed at all times being that it would never happen but events we have seen tends to suggest I am the one coping out. They complain that they hated my Books naturally but we know that people have to be girls daddies who wreck the lives of young men to please foolish Celebrities and the academic work and career even the social life has to be completely wrecked in order to make me a character that hangs about in obscurity complaining about how evil the world is while others made money on my public image, hence the Books have their purpose – the other being the Celebrities telling stories of what is really not meant to be a threat, something that Law enforcement Officers refer to as parent bullies whose story most people think they understand but do not know the half of it, picked it up and claimed they were good people buying entertainment products while the rest of us were discriminative and now clearing it out hurts them more than it hurts me – the third is the need for men to wreck my Public image and standing in order to befriend oil companies and hang around on Media talking about big money, while their society and culture fools find it difficult from the whole process, to keep their hands off my private parts, in keeping with the powers they have which can make their stupidities rich; I mean understand people don’t like my Books as such but I don’t write their own either. Sometimes they claim that they wanted to know what my exit would be hence perhaps it might help them too but its very simple that if I said the aforementioned goons may bang away all day if they wanted until it became an issue I wrote as blogs and Books to make it a little more serious than their gimmicks suggest, there would be no way to manage public matters like this if I were friendly with Celebrities. I want the Celebrities keeping off my Books and all statements and comments made on my Public image concerns stopped completely, the alternative is that by the time I had completely destroyed their careers, I will end up still with a Royal Public image that runs on a Global stage, which I can get around to my concerns with. I have been told I think this will ever work but I spend my time chasing what I cannot have; reality naturally is that if a Company picks up my equity, there was always risk a goon will set about claiming I am a low life their boss wants to fool around with and perform all sorts of nonsense with it. We know at this stage the main one is the Germans because of whom nobody’s venture is every safe and it is likely the Americans whose version involves a process where the teenage Children acquire super cars and peoples problems because of their activities more than doubles are likely to be Americans of German origin as well, sometimes talking about advertisement opportunities their good looking Children would have had if I didn’t exist. The process never ever stops and goes round in an endless cycle of stupidity – the hoodlums and their behaviour add up to the privileges that rich people enjoy because the trouble makers are fans of other peoples money and if it trouble me to a stage where I clear out at Public service Office, I am built another public image that says that was my purpose in all of existence to add to that of their stupid children always being seen doing something to decide how I am meant to exist and then complaining about the consequences to seek privileges thereafter. We have now reached that stage where the need to handle my Books and the statements they make on my public image being that they are a form of property destruction, when coupled with statements made to dominate and oppress me financially, if they still believe does not add up to a threat that I needed to respond to.

I am now said to be stuck somewhere wasting my life on the gimmicks of men, after the process of handling the culture and society madness caught the interest of Celebrity and Media who now run my life as pointlessly as possible. I am not stuck anywhere, what they do is gather up a systematic process of information about my concerns and then set about a business of taking 2 steps for each one step I take on my own business, through which they end up picking up my projects while they have a job that runs down a completely different direction to make their foolish lives more important and meaningful, to which I responded by forcing them to fix the issues associated with those projects due to an outcome where I am always chasing my concerns down one direction and then find myself veer off to finish off something else lest it comes back to bite the bum and they are unhappy about it, so they have taken their stupidities towards attrition and when I think they will keep away from my Books and keep their mouth shut the way I want, they like to think I am fooling around. We even see them set about ideas that they were punished for getting involved with my Books and if I had anything to say about the fact they did not pay for a copy, the whole story will move on to the part where any process of annoying their stupidities will see them go off and fight the war on my behalf and then publicity run off along the lines of my Books not being something they recommend that brave young people with their lives ahead of them should be (cracked up out of my league) getting involved with.They say I think mine is going well at the Monarchy whilst it isn’t, that I wouldn’t stop trying to settle matters out of my own authority and that I don’t understand what the issue with Celebrities is and its all wrong on the three fronts. What happens wholly at the Monarchy is that The Queen has made some decision on what should happen with my personal relationships because of the number of times that The Queen has gotten involved with my concerns and told Her advisers she feels angry; so the way it works is that the culture and society trouble makers show up here to make a mess and seek out ways by which they will develop some grand obfuscation of The Queen reign when it had come to an end and I am something that cannot be resisted, so I stuff their heads with what I know and they are constantly seen going to Buckingham Palace to complain and The Queen does not want this to stop, the other part of the story being another group who are told that the way I handle it should not be interfered with as it is indication I have accepted personal responsibility for my position and it will not do for them either hence I get into trouble at the Monarchy everyday. Settling matters according to my own authority is simply an indication they have topped up their ego at my expense, blabbing of how much they will be better off if push came to shove, making a mess of my career to get famous for long enough and I want it moved on. The issue with the Celebrities is that those who have more money than the Royal Family should be more important and most of it appears to be my fault, that they picked out work roles from this place to make money with entertainment and are now more important than Royal Family as a result of it but because the work roles have not been done by their famous idiocy, I am unable to concentrate on anything that I am doing. They do say they think I should be afraid of them but am not and I don’t see why a goon who picks up my public image like it was an asset to play gimmicks involving industrial acquisition and a sales army over entertainment products in order to employ some families and blow off the big mouth about being important all the time, should be a threat as long as he or she is not trying to handle me physically, as for the insults showing up near my Books to improve their incomes as well, its about to produce at outcome where I stopped my cash flow crisis by making an inventory of their business with the freight industry, the Industry trouble makers deciding what my market income levels should be, the community idiots getting imagination up my bum, the corner shops selling the magazines that feature them blowing kisses at criminals on my public image and when each threat from their stupidities is followed on with a clear case of what I think the prognosis was on this basis, I will then find out if I am not in charge of this all together.

They say people like me always talk but there is little I can do and its not really the fact as what happens is that they build up a series of acumen as I have listed above – the industry trouble makers and ideas on how to make millions, setting out dot com millionaires that decide my income levels to please Celebrities, the process of making out relationships I create with my Publishers is where their fame is which feeds into the way entertainment products get around the freight system to make them richer, the corner shops selling photographs of their stupidities blowing kisses at criminals on my public image etc and I need to gather all these up and manage them to make sense of the fact the only difficulty I have here involves media and Celebrities and this will then be the only thing I spent my time on. As it stands, it might be possible to say that Mr Trump was racist but we must find out first if Mr Obama’s leadership will not get their people killed – we have run off publicity offensive where people say hey racists here you are and there they are and we just want to witness the processes by which you do it but we all know it will not be enough to save them all. Its always very murky with these idiots – half the time you get tackled because you are being friendly with communists, next because you don’t respect Americans like communists do and soon you are a tool because your mind resolved issues while you were at work and now you need medical help, so I suppose it also can tell the number of people who die from gun crime in the US and what will happen if people whose lives they have wrecked by right with their stupidities all the time hear me pick up their insulting nonsense getting imagination up my bum to say something about usual outcomes of their foolishness showing they had nothing in the world to live for, being the need to wreck the career so Celebrities might be able to get famous on anything I did to recover it. They understand what will happen if I did and somebody decided they were absolved and it was the day they will die, hopefully they were keeping score when they do the sexual abuses over money issues claiming their stupidities to be very important. They always claim I am not getting out of it by any means which is utter rubbish; if we now live in a world where the prospects of being famous does not exist for them, then I already have - its not their last Girlfriend being the reasons they cannot become superstars and do not have any future, its just me and my Books and what will get worse if they have failed to keep away from both.

They continually claim everything I have done is a mistake while the entire time, a handful of culture and society gits who have followed leadership people supply with media jobs had appointed themselves a go between my Bookshop and the Media, despite their hatred being mostly about my Books and the way that I get them to think about what I am thinking lest I have to put up with too much of their depressing stupidities – then the media job goons appoint themselves go between my Bookshop and Celebrities, Industry goon, fat cats. They thereafter regularly make this stupid statement about whether I am entitled to get on mine having spent most of my time with my own mates, about which I have been clear which threats they can live up when their inability to keep off my Books and station their comments else where developed into something more serious. Hence the stage at which it became clear my Books assisted them with their fame idiots bottom chasing problems and they decided that covering their arse was to be the work I will be doing while they completely destroyed it and I thought otherwise, should have been the point at which I was allowed to run a Bookshop quietly but it isn’t. The women are more a matter of showing up somewhere to demand some glamour that does not exist anymore and are prepared to ensure that if the glamour is not reinstated, they will permanently wreck my writing career and of all the challenges I have had to face it is the most debasing, showing up for everything I do everyday to demand the reinstating of lost glamour having been its stupidities were incredibly important; we find as such that there is no way to stop it save I started picking up their own business as well – transportation of entertainment products, media appearances etc, so that when I cannot have my writing career because they want to recover lost glamour as the disrespect for my Office and home reaches a global stage phenomenon, it might become clear what they will lose as well when I cannot have what I want.


I am told these matters are all problems brought to the world by religion but it is also the same narrative we hear when they claim Islam is a version of Christianity which is a version of Judaism while in Christianity, I know there was first the 10 Commandments of which Muslims only pay attention to about what 8 of those in terms of the version which exists in their religion and later it was decided that where there is Law there is exception and an atonement was performed to make it possible for people to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit which gave faith and hope and of them the greatest being love and preserves their adherence to the Law unto the day of redemption – I am pretty sure the other two religions will express such fundamental differences too.

Its like we hear them claim I am American, while the American story has always been that they love their allies but their allies are usually always better off if they paid more attention to their Politics of Local hoodlums confiscating kids launch box on the way to school business that ensure they do nothing with their time save make other people’s existence toxic, like we see them do with my type and kind and body type and then Books. So here they know what is supposed to happen when they finger my bum and the fact it is none of their business if I did anything about it anyway, hence whenever they complain there is a clear reason for it and the story of being a coward will not suffice if I know I can easily spend time ripping up their deviant clubbing and partying lifestyle as well.

As ever in hinges on the fact that although people know it has become an impossible task to claim that neither God nor the devil exists while these things are happening around me, they continue to try anyway and cannot explain why it is that as soon as I wrote my Book and the issue of people living far away from law enforcement generally meaning they must find other ways to look after themselves adds up to Media attacks that will never go away and local hoodlums handling peoples career and finances becomes the main preoccupation of Journalists for 24/7 when we all know a brush with such persons likely happens to a people about twice a year on average, hence I have to deal with it every day. When I mention it like so they tell me their media job now depends on that good thing I did now that they know it was a good thing and I am no longer interested as I have written a Book they can buy and read, hence the part where they do not recognise the writer that I have become and do not have the time to read the Books makes me think it is either they were very stupid individuals or have become rather convinced they can invent any stupid thing they wish to invent and then insert it into my career but as direct management of operations is concerned however, its an old story of the fact that when they show up to make a case of National television about accessing and using and owning my trade secrets, giving me a sense they share a secret with me that none will understand as it is difficult to speak of whether God and the Devil exists and vice versa of denying it, what happens is that their salaries are not affected even though I make them suffer for it and we are making progress every day, hopefully I will go from making their involvement with me very expensive, to being able to subtract from their salaries in some way, any money I have lost Annually, variably or not.

I do  get told that I do not actually believe in what I am saying but such a tale is usually an expression on the intensity of their onslaught compared to anything I have to do which will detach work from personal life - created by the abuses of their community croons and society trouble makers, which is why their civil rights and its evil familiarity is so important to them. These matters are not unusual, I still remember that 90% of altercations around me when I was a child, was directly linked to these busy body opportunists making sure they were able to pass exams in school before everybody else, then got from claims that others are playing with personality that should belong to more successful people, to using media as a tool that helps them keep an eye on employees for clients and employers to seek privileges due to their success; usually what I do is ensure any filth they put into me has been cleaned up with the tidy aspects of those career that get to their heads but I have not done anything about them since 2013 because the Politicians had spend more than 7 years before then, tackling me everyday to ensure that they were able to churn my tummy and make me smell like my loo on account that shopping malls were being built, never mind the media one making a case about me and the existence of gangs and criminals and racists everyday as well, then when I ensure those who make me feel sore all over due to the good aspects of my living ens up with what is going on in my head which makes them feel gay at culture and society, we find the goons use the media jobs to help them claim they have stolen my career.

I do get told that some of the activities are racist especially when it gives way to an accusation that I have no respect for women but I am aware of the racist one having to do with them picking up my work to make money with and then when disappointed we find them show up to go from the idea I can achieve what I like and it will be taken from me by security issues making me smell like my loo which have been created for them by Media and Political insults fostered by stupid ethnic minorities with needs who think they are important, to the case where my kind disappoint people like so and it is how we get to lose everything and then it would have meant he will never get over the process of being disappointed when he tried to take advantage of slave race descendant – about which I have made it clear I will crush that stupid Celebrity culture as long as it continues and they have consistently assumed I am bluffing too.

So we can see that the whole business of a case where it appears those who tried to integrate end up being the racist is usually a matter of the fact somebody who knows that their parents used to be involved with slavery and slave trade are covering their tracks while trying to run what is a legitimate business – so we all know only those who want to get involved with pointless political matters go about chasing around such persons and making a case out of the matter and each time they did show up here to buy a Book instead of insult and make use of my kind, it will get me writing more and talking less as talking tends to cost them very valuable things, such as the facts I have mentioned here. In the end they say my view do not help anybody but they help my conservative position, it is now possible to raise publicity for a problem we solve which they refuse to respect us for especially with respect to the simple women issues of making sure lazy girls do not waste your savings first before you got off tackling tribalism raid industry goons but they have always thought the answer was to assume they were in charge instead – the most prized matter resolved being the part where they love to claim it is their insults that brought about Nazism and that it needs to be respected or get on to adopt that position that allows them to be complicit with extremism everywhere they see it or to become superior to those that are not complicit with it talking and acting fast a filthy crooked stupidities that is really very skilled at servitude.

of course its never true I spend my time chasing people who are out of my league – what happens is that the least of my problems are a bunch of idiots who have built me a Publicity which transoms my Trust Equity Administration venture into something that deals with ethnic minorities while their children chase me around at academic institutions to make a mess of my studies and the whole point of their stupidities is the enjoyment of a good job and residence in Goodlife neighbourhoods but what will kill them obviously is the bread winner insults their stupidities channel at me – it is about to secure them a response, like the part where their children resorted to the sex industry due to the fact screwing me with tends to mean an inability to enjoy their Holidays and Vacation, something the same gits encouraged by making sure they were never seen abroad except in Tourism Economies where they extract money from my public image to put the feet up and pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world. Its all part of the Celebrity pathological fear of work and in insatiable need to destroy the incomes of those they have already taken advantage of and the problem is that these matters are never allowed to settle quietly as far as the Media where another group of idiots who have built me a reputation which suggests they are able to control my actions perform their own practical jokes all day long, is concerned.


Its like when they say that I spend my time messing around with peoples wives and its never stopped being something they cannot prove the entire time, while talking about my daily challenges including a process where my Entire Hermitage and its Business Empire had lost its Market and those who took it had placed it somewhere to be protected by people I will be afraid of, on behalf of Celebrities and themselves – much more interesting than talking about infidelity on my part even more so, when they cannot prove it. I personally do not think that this business of the market you built being taken from you and manned by people you need to be afraid of, on behalf of silly women, criminal feminists and Celebrities is a problem, we all know that there are things I can chase to make the problem go away, such as what the Banks are doing for that stupid show business, when the threat is so dire, making sure that I never stop until it is completely destroyed as well. They are not a threat to me, the other idiots who need my help 24/7 but have chosen not to buy the Books, leaving me to get round and round in circles over the issues like I am insane, while they pick up fights with their enemies on my account to make my life toxic and secure their freedoms alongside an equality with Royalty to match, have always been an issue – it is not their Book to handle that way and their involvement with my writing career is quite an interesting one, don’t ask who is doing most of the complaining – their own is starting to get serious, more a matter of never once again subverting public interest in my Books for something else and it is really going to hurt like what idiots who fancy themselves bullies at the expense of Public service important people actually deserve. That I have been disrespectful is the story of their lives naturally but so are we aware my bottom hurts and I do not have a reason for it to show those who inquire, makes them the most respectful twats in the world. So it will be said that tackling what Banks do for show business must be appealing to me for a reason and yes it is, it is the only thing that provides them equipment and venues that facilitate a process where I have no income and cannot breathe on account they were extracting money from the life of somebody who must not be allowed to make a living when he is not yet looking like he has stacks of cash to spend on it – likewise these other goons blabbing while everybody knows Big brothers and Big sisters get by via making sure the kids are stuck with gangs, criminals, hoodlums and Industry gits and the next time they follow me around with this problem at the University because they have the backing of their silly mothers, I will burn their world for the sake of my embattled Public image too, the industry idiots being the ones who rely on me not to do anything about the damage that causes me the setbacks which makes their stupid practical jokes so profitable at my expense and the lies they tell to ensure the way is open for them to keep at it will not stop until the way I start to tell mine too becomes much more interesting. So they always claim I have not dealt with the small issues that bother me every day, only interested in frying bigger fish and its utter rubbish; the society goons never listen, it never stops disturbing my place on account they think I am vulnerable, the ones that help build up the abusive lasciviousness and bring it in doors when they share a space with me cannot stop complaining about the smell it caused and they are the only ones getting consistent warning around here to stop blabbing about how I smell with their big mouth, it will not stop disturbing the place while I am trying to write some Books because it heard me say something that will help foster its stupid civil rights, which is then a good reason for me to hurt all over on account its stupidities wants some as abusively as possible all the time, that there are human beings this stupid set out as a given thereof but I did not say it for their benefit, I said it because Society makes a mess of my academic work and leaves me £30,000 in debt while I have no qualification and this is an issue that must be resolved, they need to know something which helps to ensure I am not paying the price for their stupidities on account I am on the side of freedom and democracy like that, it needs to stop disturbing this place or shut it and smell its handy work, after all the reality has always been when they provoke they never stand and face the music, so my chest hurts and my body is sore, guess then who took it right down to the bottom, clearly of which the need for respect is responsible for such behaviour; yap, yap, yap, needs to shut it and get a copy. They believe their exit to be something of a claim I would do anything for money which is utter nonsense; what happens is that each time I sit around in the cool of the evening to do the numbers for my Bookshop, there is no money only their problems and concerns, such that it’s the issue of respect for others that causes them to do such things, when mixed up with claim I am sleeping with peoples wives, it clearly does mean the fools must be having the time of their lives and lasts as long as it has not yet come down crashing. Its not doing the need to convince me by ripping up my whole life and following me around everywhere I go, to steal from the Shops whenever I attend it and get the imagination up my bum, to show how desperate its stupidities are to make riches and fame from my personality and public image, its moved on from that to a prospect that I might get attacked, overseen by Media fools who never give it a rest in any 24 hours, because it is running out of time to be rich and famous – yap yapping needs shut it and buy a Book, as it has become overwhelmingly obvious that I do not appreciate its attitude towards my Bookshop.

They do claim it’s a matter of the racism I doubt hurting me which does not make any sense whatsoever when white, black, blue, green, brown, any skin colour showing up here to blab about prospects of me being attacked on grounds they are running out of time to get rich and famous on my Public image, instead of reading my Books, will get the same response – so in terms of the things that have fought my battles showing up to claim their Prize, I am happy for them to corrupt my Public work to a point where they got involved with Security services and helped relieve the load by getting some of the work there done but the business of seeing a Royal Order that come through when people are facing threats to their lives that push them back to a subconscious, suggests they have seen people from the services at work or they are themselves the enemies and so I cannot understand why they are still here blabbing instead of getting involved. It does need to stop corrupting my Public work for obvious reasons though; it has been done to a stage where what happens when Celebrities get on the side of gangs and criminals have been expressed around National service in this Country, happened to a stage where the bad people are using bits of my work to attack service operatives and it is getting to a point where I will need to recover these things obviously, like I have said in several instances, not enough have died yet as it were.

They do claim the problem to be that I appear to be everywhere and to be involved with everything and yes I am and will be until this place is quiet enough for people to read Books; I mean it can be this very instance if it wanted to but I don’t actually matter and if it were, the problem would be that it relied on them for me to appear important when in their stupid minds I am not really an important person; a small thing like not disturbing this Hermitage as I am writing some Books, turning into this nonsense is what beats my imagination and time is running out for their stupidities being expressed around this place to move on of its own accord too.

They do claim I am ill informed about what is happening around me and its utter nonsense – we have the extremists that are a product of a certain series of events, either by their fault or what others have inflicted on them and then we have these goons who want my lives work and every structure I have built to help people recover when they show up at this Hermitage on account they are little Daddies with Penises, to make themselves into Terrorists and facilitate idiots who show up here to wreck my academic work following me around to claim I have a body that should be doing gang business, since last they got themselves tied up with big brother’s gangs, criminals and hoodlums thing and are now blabbing of a real prospect of me getting attacked on grounds they were running out of time to be rich and famous on my Public image – couldn’t be clearer they needed to keep away from my Books and stop following me around thereof, the extremism that bothers them having become more important than the one that bothers everybody else; warning time is up.


I am aware that people think if they band together, I will be much less of a threat to them, playing them against each other and getting away with violating personal principles of famous idiots. I don’t think this lives in reality either – the reality is that we have always known their idiocy to be something that destroys everything it touches, so the very process of involvement and inclusion is a huge risk, in my case, they know this no longer affects me and that their Politicians have now realised the Government Office stupidities that allows them show up where people have done the best Career work to count pennies until they ended up with Millions they cannot account for how they earned at Celebrity culture, is now defunct and the biggest issue at hand is how their stupidities will reinvent the self for the future, I don’t therefore understand why these idiots believe it is okay to get about testing me like that all the time either.

People always say it’s a matter of when it started and yes it is; I am aware of how it started being a case of how I look like the thing that fights racism and dies over everything that causes them to do badly in life as  community and it was something they fundamentally attached to the way that I looked at my religious believes, then it progressed to the one about women marrying husbands and having babies over me since it is what I get into Church to do i.e. come up with ideas that help people with the moral aspects of their stupid lives once they were done with the immoral aspects that made money and since my financial success was to stand in the way of that, earned their foolishness a license to show up here and handle to damage anything that their stupidities fancies but before then it took many other forms such as me being sweeter when stolen from, such as me being really big when it comes to the things that people can take advantage of in terms of what religion does with itself and all sorts of abusive nonsense that has gotten completely out of hand at this stage; would like to reiterate that unless they want Books I have written, need keep off my concerns and keep their big mouth shut over it too as it were. The threats are not actually things their stupidities can live up to, we all know these nonsense happen because I am suddenly barricade behind my door and can only get to any of my concerns should I accept some form of homosexual permission to do so, having they set up their own concerns somewhere and built a crowd that will force me to work myself into making it better off than what I have got, as stupidly as possible and we never see the bloody idiots get on that stupid Media salvation that facilitates the idiocy that loves to threaten me, to set out something of that nature for their own stupid children or their own silly careers, so bearing in mind they complain about me all the time, I am lost as per what the appeal of doing it every day really is. The Politicians are however the ones that will blow off their big mouth and eventually answer the question of how long people really need to count their stupid pennies on the parts of my career where I have done my best work until they made millions, bearing in mind this nonsense has been running for 15 years every day and their stupidities are complaining about the consequences than I am.

I do get asked why it is that they want to do this all the time and it’s an old story of a bunch of fools inventing all kinds of nonsense they build a crowd to enforce like it was the law of the land, on such things as the fact I listen to others while their children don’t, so I had better become the inferior version of their stupid Children because their foolish future depends on it for instance and it’s always something of the insults they get accustomed to, then progresses into labels put on me that suggest I am a bum to be abused whenever they think their stupidities are not as important as they might have been and we know it’s not the Law of the land, which we tend to find out when they had gotten seriously hurt, thus the State had pressed charges. Until then it continues the same problem with a Media salvation and there is a sense now among female Celebrities of a tiny pollock getting on the nerves of those who deserve his property than he does and he plays them against each other all the time because the Men do not want to take him out – apparently works better when the bloody idiots band together and I would fancy they shut it too, as the process is very distracting, would like their twats to get a label on the face that says they were Lesbians chasing female lovers, so I might know if I supported anything female that needed some, I would get into trouble from a specific direction; when their stupidities band together as it were.

I have been asked why I did nothing about it years ago which I don’t because it was pointless – it got some no asset and no liability money from Industry fools who put it up to those abusive behaviour, so all it could do with the money was to engage in economic activity obviously, now we have entered a phase where the Politicians have wrecked the academic work and finances for them to put the abusive behaviour towards grabbing my own money to add to their own and thereby own all the money the world, which is how I should be used by the poor who have the power of the people and therefore power over Royalty with a big mouth, so it has become something I must respond to especially in terms of their stupidities keeping their Political and Celebrity insults where people appreciated it. It is then said that the problem with me was more to do with the fact I claim to be Royalty while most people do not believe me, which is completely irrelevant, as it is never actually important what people think about the expected consequences of their great ideas on how other should exist while they forged alliances with Media to keep their eyes fixed on the possessions and public image of their victims, versus what reality really is. It does not matter, no part of it does; that there are people half my age who are financially better off than I am and all that nonsense they have built from the business of showing up here with a corruption of involvement that makes their stupidities so destructive at my expense and then the almighty battle associated with Royalty that is not rich encumbering their Celebrity culture, as stupidly as possible, and I will not tolerate any more of it than I already have. The other goons blabbing all the time about waiting for me to show up at the Monarchy to get attacked for claiming to be something I am not are all good, we know what they are complaining about now is the fact I got some security guarding job sometime ago and the whole time was a mess of my whole life because of the abusive and insulting history they were building for me on it, quickly followed by gimmicks on how they hated women and spent my time building security for well off villains as a result of it, making a total mess of 10 years of Public work and getting relentless at the consequences of their stupidities bending me to their will since then, having settled up on doing work to control young people rather well, will not stay on what it actually knows: Since then the goons had gotten themselves into a fight that was too much for them in Russia, returned to spend our time working out how what happened to them should decide what economic Policy was, so their stupid Celebrities can continue to take their heart of instability nonsense blabbing rubbish at me to the next level like so every day; the probability I will get into trouble at the Monarchy is another example of how they are set to start another one as it were. Of course there is no such thing as being unappreciative of Service people, what really happened here is a complete destruction of structures I had built for my supporters and State provided security which was mainly manned by Women, right down to the business of being sexually assaulted in the Course of secrete services duties and showing up to make a Case of it in every sphere of Public life – it believes it has got me and its society idiots will not stop getting the imagination up my private parts as if they would happily live with me under the same roof while at it.

I am now said to be a character who pretends to be important when I am not and I do wonder if this was the fact or rather that very important people want me to assist them on something significant often and that because of some stupid stories that have been getting completely out of hand, that I spend my time complaining about Royal duties, the business of the Queen making sure people are doing the one that was allotted to them had intensified in my case, followed soon by a business of me picking up some bad neighbourhood to spend time there writing my Books becoming the access the stupidities involved with these activities needed to fulfil their dreams of getting those bad behaviour their parents could no longer keep up with into my personal life and finances, knowing perfectly that people have before followed it up with a Counter campaign that sets out right from the facts engrained in the Holy Bible itself, how destructive LGBTQ Communities are and that if I were doing the same instead of waiting for Politicians to decide it is okay for them to marry at Church and then reverse the decision later on, I would not have given them the time to perform such nonsense at my expense on Media thereof. So this is never really a crisis as such in my view – the party piece is that my Bookshop is damaged and it gets damaged everyday, that I have run off a campaign for it and ended up with interest but the wrong interest, while the entire time their stupidities have been at it, right down to the business of wrecking my finances while Celebrities prepared something that allowed them to deploy media salvation as a tool for making my work the source of their own fame and blabbing of how everything in my head belongs to their stupid selves to build communities that get the imagination up my private parts all the time, have not spared the warnings – thus yapping about an unimportant person pretending to be otherwise clearly sounds ambitious, as far as their stupidities go. What the idiots do, is show up around my Bookshop to build Publicity that follows on some stupidities that began about a decade and a half ago, that I look like a character that wants to fight gangs and racists and once people pointed it out I will get out of the responsibilities that I was born into and we know it never ever stops, it soon thinks it has a license to do whatever it likes with my person from then on and cannot keep its mouth shut about being an important person that is not recognised for it as well, the insults suggesting its stupidities bread win for me the entire time - the outcome of this nonsense is that all I had done to set up my writing career and the career itself has only the one purpose of provoking gangs and criminals who then show up to sexually assault people while I did nothing about it and all their dreams will be fulfilled at my expense thereof - so that blabbing of me pretending to be important when I am not is just what they get accustomed to, looking for a response.

I have been told that the way I talk will likely get me into trouble and probably will if they had a big enough gawb for it; what really happens being their strange relationship with money meaning they hang around local communities with public transport operative insults and nightmare landlord gimmicks, building me a reputation for being a coward, unpicking everything in civilian life that allows me get on with my concerns in relative safety and security and getting hoodlums involved with my personal space while their wives and kids get imagination up my bum, drinking to my health all the time with friends in the neighbourhood over the creation of secret societies that afford them power to link up processes of abusing me with a business of being successful at the markets, the insults looking as though I owe those of them I do business with a penny as such, now blabbing that it is the way I talk will get me into trouble. It has already done the part about spying me to grab my work for Celebrities so it might be possible to tell me my life is over if I mess with its stupid needs, now it thinks its the way I talk that will get me into trouble.

I have been told this is all about Brexit and I suppose when I speak of a process where people did not have money being linked to other peoples right to some form of normalcy, it is not Brexit I am talking about – it would make sense when they have to deal with declining German interests being pointed out as well, as a matter of the fact they may continue to get their imagination up my bum and issue threats for the smell since there is unlikely to be any consequences for it. It all feeds into a tale of how the Political system hates me and yes they do, have every reason to – their lives were clearly not about support for goons sorting out secret societies that help them abuse people which they have established a connection between doing so and being successful at the Markets – mine is more a matter of people wanting to have anal sex with me or hedonistic sex with me and considering that there is no prospect of that happening if I am a Hermit, so these are the abuses, insults, bullying and grooming processes which facilitate an outcome in future where they got such pleasures from me and I was made to agree to statements on how it was all a business of living in a consenting adult society. What we know has happened with this nonsense is that when it does affect the big brother characters in a major way, the prison population had gone up and since the abuses have not stopped, we cannot tell what the outcome will be into the future, so I am saying that I am already aware of the reasons Politicians and the Political system hates me and they may hate away.

The other story they tell is that I appear to be a character that is deserving of punishment and am irritating to people in way which is utter nonsense; what really happens is that they spend all their time passing insults and abuses at me, the insults are such that it is messy and derogatory and meant to ensure that when it was used to make sense of my public image, then my social life was damaged. The whole business of what I feel about their privileged stupidities that want to make sense of a chosen lifestyle with other peoples money and property as a matter of right, is swept under the carpet, so is the full on mental illness that comes from their popularity stupidities wanting to be somebody else as though they had a natural entitlement to be bearing in mind how their personal decisions affect who they really are, then there is the insanity that is a product of hanging around the neighbourhoods acting like little Kings and Queens who always get what they want. Same as we see on the streets where public transport operatives had the right to get imagination up my bum because other young people dressed a certain way and acted like modern people and there is yet no sense that it can become a problem where I am on one side, the modern people are on the other and imagination getting up my bum has been detached from them and placed in the middle where I can fill in an activity that may deter their need to get near it, what they think they have achieved is a process where their insults are always profitable at my expense so they are always coming back for it. It then expresses itself around my Books whereby they cannot keep off it and never stop peppering my public image with abusive comments and this is set to show that they believed they had a natural right to be producers while everybody else was consumer making them rich and this is why they follow me around for what I know and when I write a Book a mini war breaks out – picked up by their industry goons that have taken up the service produces of my Bookshop to hang around claiming I had written a Book which makes me look superior and it may get some market attention if at some stage I had by some means dealt with the difficult aspects of everybody else’s life’s complications; this has been going on for the last 9 years, leaving them the means to make people feel like the retirement age was a luxury because the heart rate really does suffer when you need to get on with what is your own life while their stupidities are determined to set the rules according to the way they were raised.

We have seen the Celebrities express it in a larger sense as well; they say I think that I don’t have to be afraid of them but in reality I don’t as well; we know that 20 persons at the very most is what they have in a studio whenever they are producing a show business product but add up the way that the abuses channelled at my public image and career had become a global stage phenomenon and then it will be clear that I can only sort out their problem by kicking their middle men and paparazzi, chasing up how they distribute their show business products and making sure I got their attention when I needed to. They have even suggested their behaviour is linked to my Books and yes it is, since the Books are about work I have been doing by getting involved with Intellectual property administration, so it is obviously a threat to Celebrities as it were but they don’t bring it up like so, they are dreaming of a triumphal process of wrecking my whole life first and are therefore still picking up service equities associated with my Bookshop to work this nonsense. It’s the sae business just business civil and criminal disobedience doing what it does best and we know that there has been a lot of provocation on my part robbing them of means to move into the right hand of their victims and beat up those victims after getting what they wanted – so I will continue to push up the bar every time that I had considered aspects of my work which I gave away, as a measure of those aspects which people will pay for on a later date, leaving me to make a business from Clients that pay and use on the spot having every nice thing about it gleaned away by these gits, once I think they had damaged enough to earn a real response, I will begin a campaign to show people an Arch Prince did not give in and we are beautiful, which purpose will be to ensure their lifestyles came to an end, instead of a process where I ended up getting support from Government which I sold to them by offering them sex.

In the end the reality is still that when people had informed them that their lifestyles being obsessed with others is doing damage, the ball was in their Court. I have no idea why it is so difficult for them to make sense of the fact that they are on one side with their tribalism raids, the large companies getting involved with my small bookshop is on another and this does not affect their career arrangement or indeed produce a condition that meant they always had to blackmail industry leadership over involvement with me, as disrespectfully as possible until they got into this position that allows them make a mess of my Bookshop and cannot make sense of a business where I informed them I had experienced and tolerated enough of it too. We have however experienced an expression which suggested that each time they had stopped bugging me, they plummeted right down to obscurity as a result of it, something to do with handling me being a full time job, about which its impossible to work on the career and money which gets to their heads while doing so - like we hear the main problem with me is that I pick up my career where I left off and we know that none gets up on their 18 birthday to ask parents how bills are paid, so somebody who has not been paying it for 15 years must have been making a plan to do so i.e. if they pick up peoples plans to make themselves comfortable, the owners are not entitled to take it back. They do claim that I believe what I say will likely stop them but it will not, however, they are not a major form of evil that we concern ourselves with as such; maybe we hear of Child neglect or Child abuse and the Police and Social services speak of Parental bullying which some people like to think they know a lot about but have not got a clue what it does and how it works, then we hear all about it and they must have come to prominence - what has been happening being the sort of alternative perversions that the Politicians and Media have exhibited over a period of time to ensure that they had come to prominance never the less and are now saying if I hang around at a Hermitage being concerns about various forms of social and culture evil, it concerns me that what I say will not stop them.

The story most often peddled by the troublemakers at the Monarchy is that I snuck into it because better people had become uninterested which needed to change. The question I have is whether better people who became uninterested were wealthy people that lived in a world of insults, Celebrities and sales men, such that they traded all over the world, so when they meet things that don’t like British tend to take responsibility for it and some of them do get recognition from the Monarchy for it too. It is a question that they will have to find a response for because this nonsense never stops and the last time it showed up at University to make me drop out is still making me a very happy person to this day. This nonsense is likely to create an outcome where I am off selling some Books and a clown in the City centre will show up to make trouble claiming I am no Arch Prince and they are very well aware of it too, hence it prompts a response where it needed to be clear that I have never come across an administrative process that works if its minions were not caught up in crime so their criminal history made sense of the bottom chasing activities – this nonsense never stops; it tells everybody what to do, it tell The Queen what to do. Some people have pointed out that I continue to hide my response to it while it is creating public crisis which I really don’t – it has become quite clear at this stage, that I am responding to them by shredding their Celebrity culture and this is not nearly the half of it as I have now set out a stage involving the middle management insults that play into the criminal activities of their minions and a process of theirs alongside their Celebrities beating me down while I chase my daily concerns, implying we tend to enjoy a semblance of normalcy when they have no money. They however have said that it appears to be okay to tackle people with independent minds and spirits at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense as the other people they are pointing to are a characters at the Monarchy who are always playing games, the purpose of their games is that if you lost, you lost power to them, hence this nonsense, the interference and their Celebrity gimmicks generally means the smell issues will be everywhere and we know they are the only people attacking others for it.

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