- Crime fanaticism of Political vandalism facilitated Society and Culture moguls, second rounds in life at finance and market.

-Political vandalism facilitated Society and Culture Moguls ready to begin a life and a living without crime.

-Political vandalism inflicted setbacks to facilitate Women in Career Crime that facilitate and support the two above.


What is being displayed as a complicated situation to contend with is not complicated at all, just a bunch of people with a degree of fooling so intense that if it affected peoples careers and finances it would be difficult for the victims to recover without doing something important about it. I have not yet gone off tracking and responding to the part exhibited by American Politicians and their friends who will let me have my Bookshop and academic pursuits back once done fooling around with it, considering their popularity insidiously bold twats will not find an alternative job as long as there were prospects of making money off my public image. So until them we were living in a world where we all talked the way they did because we preferred the economic laziness, the complaining therefore was music to my ears. When I do track it and separate it from my career then, we will have arrived at a stage where only those that can take me on will talk like that and it will all become so incredibly easy for the American Government to manage whilst letting me have my Bookshop and career once they were done fooling around with it. The German one was nothing unusual, I have made it clear on several occasions, the problems associated with the fact that stepping out of my door was a reason to be berated by German influence idiots who had tough communities behind them like a reason to decide whose children will be attacked in the neighbourhoods, until I was flustered, as though it does not end up a win some and lose some case with them as well, where they got to gamble other peoples civil rights to ensure the mess got every where, talking nonsense endlessly, I have mentioned that none was asking their stupidities to supply information about my existence, needs keep its mouth shut whether or not I am so weak it could do anything with me, the big mouth it had on it. Overall what happens is that they decide they were a law unto themselves but when they too had to end up somewhere doing something urgent on a schedule that was a threat to their lives because of my Office, the Politicians will try to get rich fast picking up my earning margins and gutting my crime control publicity in the process, so we all get to talk like that until we decided it was up to me to get rid of it and I decided to track it and ensure it kept off my career, so that it became easier for the Politicians who had to deal with the stupidities they exhibited on the streets in order to win elections. They so claim some people suggested I did too much which I don’t as it is a matter of the ageist fools that show up here to get me caught up with ideologies I should not explore when I am trying to write some Books and there was always a sense that stuffing them with the information which by the way meant I had to deal with less of their insults as well worked, so we got to do it – the British got off the back of this and it had decided that it was a famous fool, so its new Celebrity reinvention involved trashing career and crime control publicity, all the way to work done on ideological differences and the diplomatic no mans land that existed because of those difference, especially with respect to communism and democracy, tears it down to make me out a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, a low life who was below criminals that were more willing to take a chance for show business, on account they saw the Monarchy handle my concerns in terms of the Office of the Head of State where there were directives that I could not possibly expect my concerns to become more important than the needs of those who were doing National service because it thought its stupidities were equals to Royalty, shows up here with a self reinvention for its famous gimmicks alongside its American twats, that involved what happens between me and the German influence gits whilst it could pick up earnings from either side, when I had not killed it yet. So eventually it was suggested that everything I did was good but there was little as envisaged, that I could do about Celebrities, just as much as there was a question of whether I thought that the power was a bad thing – so in terms of the power, it needed to stop making comments about my career, the German influence people needed to stop berating me and in terms of the Celebrities, we are starting to get to the part where they do it and when I am unhappy about it, they got to stop doing it, considering they did not fancy the freedom in its current form, to find out if when I ran it that way, I would not run the Bookshop successfully and therefore get off social security doing so. I do not think that the matter was a crisis as such either: it is a question of looking as if I am not protected whilst I am, I am rather aware that it is such a risk to expose myself like this but the Celebrities needed a response which they clearly had to obtain as it were – normally, I get people playing around with popularity at the state office publicity and its crime control processes, which means they were able to use the popularity as a means of controlling the German influence gits before the Celebrities decided I was a low life and the German influence gits were not, since then, I got more control for the processes and it is no longer an off hand method of saying people just got to fool around at the crime control publicity, whereby the abusive popular culture big wigs could not resist and will take them to a studio to help them make some money, now I have more control and they had decided they will invent their own process of getting people to fool around on my public image in order to take those people to a studio to make money, so it is difficult to make sense of what it is talking about whilst it is complaining about me on a global level, as this is not its property.

The claim that I presume communists were unaware of what I got up to and my response to threats from communists smacked of pledging allegiance to peace and love instead of the American Government, detracts from the point that unless the Americans were off somewhere blowing other peoples economic gaskets so to speak, you were aware of people from communist countries operating in areas where you had economic control and they were aware it does not make sense to attack those areas – just as we know that America has not prevented the annexation of Crimea, the invasion of Ukraine and none knows what it is doing with Taiwan. It speaks of the way I got to sign up to the security services and needs to stop insulting me, lest it becomes a matter of getting rid of bad employer Biden and his friends, so I could concentrate on what I knew best, the gimmicks that rob people of work that was done to protect them from Communist threats and Terrorism, eliminated that way. The popularity idiots they had given jobs at at American secret services, over claims I am a coward, were merely done fighting law enforcement on my behalf to ensure that communities were inundated with crime, before blaming others for their civil rights problems, when they were not exhibiting a disobedient need to avoid employment and make money off peoples public life instead, shooting off that big mouth about which was too much of a coward to confront them all over the place, does need keep the mouth shut and show up here to read a Book. The Politicians claim they had little power and control at Government naturally of which they were unlikely to get any if the entire country at the behest of their corruption, was smothered in narcissism that formed the basis of happiness that these idiots exhibited, which happiness spoke to people at the markets. When I do mine to keep them out of my personal life as well, their stupidities will show up from Parliament to stop it and now it seems had no idea what to do with the loss of public control, except to lip flap insults of what tended to happen when they had to fight their own wars instead of instances where I got to do it, the same nonsense that got me dropping out of University. I do not think that it is a crisis either, I do have all the control I want for my part and we are now set to begin from a process where telling Celebrities to desist from a clearly harmful activity will earn some compliance or I get to try and stop it painfully. Up to this point which it is been a vicious corruption of involvement like we have never seen before, no doubt needs to keep away from my personal life if complaining.

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I am working in agreement with the idea that the history I have on Celebrities here have been mired in confusion and a lack of information. That said, an assumption of vandalism and harm caused by a supposed lack of information does not generally excuse the effects of Championing the needs of the destructive and abusive poor, while clinging to my Books without permission, through which processes my finances are wrecked, to make statements that facilitate exit from the destruction of a person’s own civil living or open invitation to Hoodlums and Criminals to take Part in the destruction of my civil living.






I am told that I was allowed to get away with wrong doing by the system which is utter nonsense as the history is that they have been making a mess for me over 20 years but the most important points were the parts where I attended University and they followed me there to pursue me at the education finance system and the education system itself clinging to my career publicity and working on me to ensure I failed, which succeeded by 2008. By 2014 I had worked to clear out the mess and arrived at a point where I took up a security guard job, of which what happened with it should have signified the end of this nonsense but rather meant that they had seen me in my worst of tempers and I was a man they could do as they pleased with, so the Celebrities took up it from 2016 when the security guard job had ended. They do claim I suggest they are completely harmless where I am concerned which they really are, as nothing a fame whore says should distract you from your career save the fact they were financially well off at your expense and were backed by a stress levels pushing crowd, I have informed them about the poor career performance associated with it and the reasons I am done tolerating it and they had decided they could rely on me to be completely harmless instead, drafting in some German and Italian idiots who worked narcissism that ensured their career was always so closely linked to prison service work 24/7, claiming I am a disgrace but the damage to my finances have been so bad that I lived on social security where I could do most of the work about which I made a decision to run it on a low key until the issues were resolved in the first place – now I want to get off social security and I am pretty sure the Books have been written in such a way that I never once did think that being afraid of them should be a major feature as it is not their Book and I had developed it in such a way that it did the work I was assigned at the Office, when it came to the business of convincing the public that the work market was the best place to get financial matter sorted. They do claim the problem is that I am incredibly rude which is utter rubbish, as mentioned before, a matter of their insults and the way they blamed others because they paid for it in such a manner that the real form of their social lives and public standing was displayed to go along with their insatiable need to abuse others – it is one of those matters about which I cannot be see tagging along with people whose careers were so closely linked to what the prison services did, if I were to maintain governmental influence, same as with the abuses of the Celebrities; I am simply meant to avoid it but their interest in my finances meant that there was need for physical response; in essence to get me into a fight with a bunch of idiots who hurt themselves from the fact that another group of fools ran security services and found people half my size to put up on CCTV, so those people can decide that I should be a poof once I rented a space from them and they could spy on me 24/7, so something happened with my personal life and another group of idiots got involved to lay waste to my finances, claiming I am a coward they can do with as they pleased, hence it tended to underestimate the threat that if it touched me I would try killing it for my part too. It was the only mode of operation they were seen to work with every time that they were seen i.e. reading birth signs and doing a thousand and one stupid things with other peoples lives because they were making their own money but then again although asking them to make comments about their own career was not likely to receive a positive response because I was not significant enough for it, it was clear enough for them to understand.

They do claim the cause of this and the fact that most of the work had already been done via my public Office, only for Celebrities to make such a mess of it that I may have ended up with a degree of problem that law enforcement cannot get me out of, is due to the actions of people at the Monarchy but it is not, as people at the Monarchy had no power here i.e. I chose a poor neighbourhood to live in and tailored my lifestyle for it, they are now suggestion that their need to tackle me for popularity having developed into a process of running my life with the social activities of criminals, was something they either could not have done from their well off neighbourhoods or once finished, took the administrative consequences there, instead of finding ways to get help from media fools by whom they saddled me with the problem. It is an old story where it loved to suggest it had been fighting my battles but I have never once created a degree of security based problems that was of national level consequence for it to fight my wars, however for the amusement it clearly had been fighting my wars and loves the publicity for it in my opinion. The Celebrities want to play a part in this matter, do or die and I want to see how it ends too; used to be an Arch Prince or a Royal hermit as far as my personality was concerned, now there is a third lifestyle where people harmed them, so they harmed me and I did something about it, as substitute for public interest in my Books.

They do claim that the famous thought my fight with them was unfounded but there is no fight – their wealth and social standing is all fantasy i.e. by the time money which is spent in such a manner, completed its economic cycle, a famous person would have been given the opportunity to see what it was like to be wealthy and important, hence since society saw this as the only means to control the activities of another group of gits who wrecked every resource people getting since school to get by, I found myself in a position where I allowed the famous play with my public image for a while considering they were never able to stand up for themselves unless they had enough money to buy security. This has now been converted into a gimmick where criminals were better than I am and more willing to take a chance and make money and the involvement with me was an issue that will be solved on the mentality that brought about such gimmicks as well – eventually leading to some need to track my career and pick up any areas where I could work with people to raise funds and pay my way in the world, hence the real question was the purpose of these idiots who behaved as if they were important and the fact whatever I did on the problem was not available to any fool who had publicity to play with either, since Celebrities I operated with were handpicked, helping raise awareness of the fact each time the threats to the public were curtailed, more so in such an environment, somebody who jeopardised themselves to work for the security services did it. I do not think that it is a crisis but before their business communities, their support crowd and their financial well being was seen as the source of all my problems, it needs to keep away from my finances, and keep its insults restricted to its career, lip flapping the question of whether I thought they were completely harmless, which with respect to me, they are. It seems that people were never happy when the abuses were restricted to street activity: claiming I was this character who loved to pursue things that were too big for me and will now find a way to achieve something so big I did not possess the energy to protect it of which when taken from me by stronger people, would create problems for others, hence the problem had to be nipped in the bud, somebody had to make something of it ruining academic pursuits and jobs market prospects, to show up complaining on media as per the problem society faced is that I am a coward, which is rather amusing, then there is my party piece where its stupidities never had a view of culture that was abusive, it now believed that abusiveness was power and wants to work for police, claims my public image was the motivation, like something that deserves 100% of any violent activity I had in mind.


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