- Political vandalism facilitated Society and Culture moguls, ready for another finance run at the Markets.

-Political vandalism facilitated Society and Culture Moguls ready to begin a life and a living without crime.

-Political vandalism inflicted set backs to facilitate Women in Career Crime that facilitate and support the two above. 

They do claim its difficult to see why people should be scared of the ultimatum for these gimmicks to have run out but they did not have to be, just wait and find out; the insults are such that they had no respect for my profession and it goes back to my moral beliefs, links up to anything I did with it to be nice and generous, the insults and abuses that followed and now a process of bullying me for my work and earnings – the effects are that is develops practical jokes for my profession to get on public places mocking me and my work as per an expectation I may develop professional explanations for those practical jokes, when that runs its course it develops a professional explanation for the effects its practical jokes must have had on my career and finances, like something that is desperately in need of intervention from an exorcist, to pass off its stupidities as civil right movement. We are talking about their employees becoming bolder and bolder with the fact the only thing the idiots have got to threaten me with, is the actions of a handful of gits who picked me up when naked and built communities that got imagination up my bum to allow them chase my income margins, which nonsense they have had for long enough, as much as I have run out of patience for everything here being stolen right down to my diet being copied, on account I rented a space with them. I guess the media fools and their ageist friends were being abusive because we had arrived at a stage where their stupidities got to talk about ownership after wrecking my University studies and stifling my finances for a decade. I am as such only being helpful as they tend to suggest that if they knew what threat I posed, they might perhaps be deterred.


They claim I am broke and never had a chance but it is utter nonsense as such stories always inevitably come down to the civil disobedience of the rich people, who leave me with a financial crisis because they had no respect to my right to own and control what belongs to me and my social life is now is crisis because the abuses of their employees were meant to show that they had also reached a stage where they needed to have a conversation about ownership and when they want to talk about ownership they were confident that their position was important to everybody. The abusive bottom chasing gimmicks on the other hand was a matter of Geo-Politics and the financial damage that brings about the abusive confidence was a matter of Politicians putting up taxpayer funds as leverage to help them trade as if I had lost something important until it became real. I intend to devise practical jokes for the stupid business leverage and screw them up properly on the geo-politics abuses to make my point as well. The real point of call here is a handful of gits building communities that get imagination up my bum, who are linked up to real men criminal characters and both are linked up to Celebrities who and the way that this nonsense was progression from their you, me, employers and bottom chasing insults, while I have progressed from a process where I spend time fighting them off my financial margins to prevent the process of assimilating my market into multimillion pound companies rather that get better at doing the job that paid them enough to make them rich, only to be shown that I probably should have spent the time attacking famous idiots instead. The Politicians may continue to ensure when they set out a reputation for being bad people like so, they took mine away from me for setting out my reputation for being a nice person, to show up complaining about the bottom chasing issues – we know that they can actually provide an accurate accounting of what is cost the Government at the treasury, if these idiots were picking up my income margins while being paid for a job that was paying enough to make them rich at Multinational companies. For my part, there is the claim that this might be false hope which it is not at all, in my mind most of the time they are bluffing and it plays into the middle classes frequenting millionaire neighbourhoods, showing up here to make a mess – the stupidities are that I wrote a Book but they were better off betraying my cause to bad people with money and showing up here to handle me instead, the University fiasco never happened as if their stupidities were paying the Bills and I am set to pick up their business leverage for practical jokes and screw them with it properly when my ultimatum runs out without change. The insults have really gone too far this time and for the Celebrities especially, the main problem is still that they were able to handle me, so they could always avoid engaging with my Books and pick up my service processes to build a version of me they would like to see in existence, then show up with short insulting videos they claim added up to advertisement, to enforce it and grab my income margins every day. I hardly respond to it because I want to ensure that it is what they did with their entire lives, especially for those who show up here to rip up my finances over what they claim is their need to see the end of the Monarchy.

They do claim they were happy that they had caused me so much suffering whilst they had caused me no such thing - I mean their distant violence is painful but we also know when I asked most of them about it they tended to tell lies. The issue is that the Politicians raise the point all the time and when they lie about idiots who shoot off the mouth on what they claim is the way the Law allowed weak people to mess with the strong and get away with it, I end up dropping out of University because they lied about the fact that this was a threat. They make the point all the time but do not want to answer the applicable question.


I am told where equity for these two matters of Politics and Security was concerned at the Royal Office, that I never take the warnings asserted to me seriously, but I am still wondering what I am being warned about even as I record it here. The history is that I provided a service and a group of famous idiots decided they wanted the service but I was not important enough to provide it after making access to my Books at my Publishers a tool for practical jokes that made them richer, wrecking my finances completely for gimmicks and this was the main stage for the now existent enmity. Then my party piece, where they invite themselves into my concerns, pick up wealth equity financial matters to make themselves comfortable with and sell me out to criminals that were meant to be kept out through it i.e. if there are any threats and any threats were to be taken seriously, they need bear their own without issuing some at me, bear it with some dignity.


I am told most of these matters were a product of Celebrities feeling irritated by the idea I want to be seen with them but either way that be true or not, the reality is still that if I allowed them have their way they will move off with areas of my career they had since accessed and I will suffer huge career damage, hence I needed to find a way to keep them around and fix the career, then come up with another plan to move them on after. It is a story of disrespect that runs to such an extent that I feel that I had a mill stone around my legs and I could not get back to an academic institution to finish the studies I started years before, the main thing they needed to damage in order to begin all these which was damaged a decade earlier – so I largely do not care what they want to respect which is a disposition that offers them a sense I am gullible but they have had this for long enough, as much as I have run out of patience. I need to ensure that if the need to continue making public comments around my social life and public image or borrow it while I am trying to run a Bookshop, pick up my Bookshop and make a mess of it as a tool to ensure that service processes were deployed instead towards a public process that got me listening to their problems and getting into a fight with people for them, to add to the destruction of my studies, a gimmick where people laughed at my CV before they read it, no matter how bad and no matter how good, I will take up a disposition where the Politicians could not influence what I got up to and only the decisions I make would influence it and we would progress to a sort of bad ending where I did not get support from the Government any longer because I had worked out a way to turn up at their doorstep instead. It is not as difficult as they believe it is, they have had this badly miscalculated, I will find my way around the popularity backyard, get by the Politicians and finish off on the two bit media gimmicks where they trash my career and pick up my income margins with one gimmick being about claims that all I did was something about which they furnished me their abusive grease to my elbows or were to goad me on and urge me to go further, while the other simply enjoyed nothing but a civil rights that trashed my finances and career and even my health, to dream of me existing to get into a fight with people on their stupid behalf, making the most of any access to my work in public places to ensure that my career did not mean anything to anybody if they were unable to use it. The state of affairs is to be found in a mystery where they suggest all ought to note that I am at war with everything: what really happened was something about people saying they heard I liked anal sex and they performed some actions about it whereby they said that to get me some anal sex they had to be very bad but they also knew that being mad for my anal sex resulting in harm would mean no anal sex as such – as usual, they hijacked it like they did everything else, found my wealth equity system and took it up, extracted the money I had attached to it through Popular culture, got the criminals that it was meant to expunge back into it and into my life and explained this behaviour as something they did to get to a position where they could say that although I did not like the criminals, their actions were serving me economically and socially, this is power about which they threaten me and thrash my earnings when their bottom hurts, the point I raised above about famous idiots bearing their own with dignity, not looking for more trouble, especially if their whole lives were about building one huge big stupid responsibility to another for others. They never had me, just a gimmick about seeing some juju master during their various travels, then show up here with idiots that got imagination up my bum to massage the consequences into my social and personal life, while clinging to the benefits of my social and personal life which they added to their own, to top up their famous stupidities, after picking me up taking my clothes off and building communities that got imagination up my bum all day to get about with them: I mean between 10.00pm and Midnight we see these characters allied to the famous gits get all over the place, express their alliance with Public transport twats and the way people might not like them but the Celebrities use them for something important and then it gets repeated between 4.00am and 5.00pm – we know that this is supposed to be the fall out of the crimes that happen during the time between these hours and that Celebrities were therefore directly linked to it – so if there are people ought there building communities to get imagination up my bum, I cannot meet anybody important because I smell, I have no lover because I am cash strapped and I cannot step outside of my door without having to do with their stupid uninvited interest from a Community that gives them leverage and family for it, I have always dithered on it because it helped me make sense of what the ethnic minorities were doing with the fact racist activities were happening. This nonsense move on for my deadline of November 30 2021 or I begin an attack on famous idiots as well and the business of massaging these gimmicks into their social and personal lives as well, will easily be the least of their worries.

They do claim it is never clear why people pandered to what I got up to when I had no money anyway but its a simple matter of assuming that I waged a war on their society idiots abusing me and getting imagination up my private parts to make me a low life and seek fortunes with my Public image while they boost profit margins because they had enough money to avoid working if they needed more, with a big mouth; we know that war would not have been effective if conducted because I had money, compared to how effective it would have been if conducted because I did not have money. It needs to stay away from my personal space and stop handling my income margins, mostly which it is talking rubbish and is not an important person. What they are really saying as such, is that they have my Books in the draft form and if they build themselves a community that was a threat, it will become their property, I know they do for my part because I had misplaced some storage devices – that said, I have a copy of what they have and have made a statement about losing the storage devices on my website, to consign this nonsense to history but it had since come down to extreme abuses and threats of violence, where it now needs to stay away from my Books and keep its mouth shut, if it is wondering what will happen when I had my way whilst I had no money, just as much as I had warned them of what will happen if I had entered into a position where the Politicians could no longer influence or control what I did, with their stupid criminal daddy character ruining everything here to make space for what their idiocy claims was their superior sons. It did begin stupidly enough naturally with claims that I looked after my behaviour at University because I wanted other peoples inheritance to pass to me, which progressed to a public crisis because they wanted to pressure the Queen into appointing another Arch Prince for the Diamond jubilee, now we know they had copies of my work to run off gimmicks for the platinum jubilee as well and I believe I had run out of patience while their stupidities had run out of time as well.


I am working in agreement with the idea that the history I have on Celebrities here have been mired in confusion and a lack of information. That said, an assumption of vandalism and harm caused by a supposed lack of information does not generally excuse the effects of Championing the needs of the destructive and abusive poor, while clinging to my Books without permission, through which processes my finances are wrecked, to make statements that facilitate exit from the destruction of a person’s own civil living or open invitation to Hoodlums and Criminals to take Part in the destruction of my civil living.






It is a very unusual experience, this business of educated gits in suits, especially the Muslims and those who work for the civil service, hanging about the local communities building crowds that get imagination up my anus and anything I did about it was passed off by another group of idiots as a part of other people’s careers on Media because they too were famous and yet we thought that ignorance and its violence was mostly a matter about which we had to be concerned for the uneducated. It does not mean by career had been wasted as such like they suggest that it has been but when I have spent about three years of my time having my day run for me in this way, what I end up with are the problems I resolved to build my career in the first place and this time somebody is in a position to take the career from me but what we have listened to for the publicity is not that these idiots had become skilled at stealing my time because they could not reach my Money and the Celebrities stealing my Public image because they could not reach my social status. I get told that I had a state of mind that suggested I was doing a terrible job while I was not but I don’t, I know I have done rather well driving these goons to a point where they got involved with National service and devised equity processes of working with Multinational companies in a way that pushed for success at National security, I am specifically referring to the stagnation and subsequent destruction of my Bookshop and my finances thereof to fulfil something of the poorer people beating down Royalty on the money matters, having taken a leave of the finances to work certain public matters in a manner that I can handle well to get the best job done, thus my financial wellbeing is now decided by the practical jokes that others wish to exhibit, their dilemma being the question of how they were going to sell this to the Public whilst they were financially better off than I am, which I think adds up to a situation where I am going to harm them again and plan to get away with it too. Eventually we find their City centre gits get off claiming that I was an uncharted territory that has been charted and I suppose this was amusing in their view whilst in the real world I want to say that my involvement with Government produced an outcome where I helped to make laws which made the Country richer, improved peoples lives and if I had a Goddaughter she would be doing well on the mobility front, so apparently it is amusing as we make it up as we go along – so the question being the reasons it works this way, which question they were supposed to ask the criminals and the victims of crime, where if all crime ended up in the Law Court, the Courts will have little or no function for it and if all crimes consummated the processes by which criminal activity is said to have occurred, the Law itself will have little meaning. Generally I need to handle the Celebrities well enough to ensure they had stopped picking up my work as an affiliation with a Royal Office to sell products to the Public, right down to what happens when I get out of bed and the Public were confident that people were handling matters that allowed them get on with their concerns – I mean general assumption is that human beings cannot be this stupid.


I am it seems that what has happened has been that expected to make a case of a handful of gits exposing photographs of me taking my clothes off, to a community that will get imagination up my bum while working criminal activity and were allied to Celebrities, into something that went from a 2% of my experiences getting involved with Government matters, to something of about 70% of what I did when I got involved with Government, which is unheard of but it has been something that people appear to have wanted to do for a long time, about which I have now run out of time to tolerate as well. I think that the business of keeping it up through the handling of my Books, reputation and Public image will see me screw over the real men stupidities again, all the way to Asia, especially as per what they have found out about my involvement with Government is how to feel like the Country belongs to them and Western influence implied the murder of women, which behaviour showed up here endlessly. They do claim I got what came to me because I loved acting tough – this is rather a classic case of the Men and a process where I am a character who is recognised as the solution to a particular problem they cannot solve, so it laughs in their faces that I created a product for the problem which they can buy because they needed to ensure that my person was the thing that solved the problem and are still fighting to ensure that was the case. So we think of it is terms of what the Politicians would end up doing if it turns out that they didn’t know what to do but put themselves in charge, created a problem, somebody found a solution for it and they devised a social habit of creating that problem and getting the person to solve it which grew into a case of handling the victims income margins and making money from it too, then we would have to ask the question of what those who were in a position to begin doing something about it actually did. The ethnic minorities never stopped the gimmick where my views on racism was wrong but they were more obsessed with tendons that loosely hold together parts of peoples bodies, which then runs through to peoples minds and decides how they gravitated their movements when they got about – we know that sort of nonsense was the cause of the first and second world wars with Jews thinking Nazis lived in their own but they bore it with dignity and Nazis thinking Jews lived in their own and had to be exterminated – so if it raises another instance of racism being interpreted in terms of the bad things that will happen when their stupidities did not make or have money, I believe it will get a response for me, especially if it suggests that my views on racism had to be corrected before my bills were paid through this Bookshop and can never stop shooting off its mouth and issuing threats at me in Public, like something in need of help from an exorcist.

They do claim I am a pain in the backside but I am not – what really happens is the incredible stupidities these characters engaged themselves in at other peoples expense, as per something they had to do because they were known for it; in my case it involved my Office as a Hermit and the fact that my authority had grown over the years, alongside their stupid need to tell people that when I suggested I am an Arch Prince, I was lying, which consequences are not my fault all together. The pain in the backside being that they get accustomed to those stupid lies when they had not obtained a response from me for it. I do get asked about their interest in me being so intense as in whether I had something that they wanted, which was a three part story with one involving the process of insulting me to cling to my public image and try to get paid for being popular, an alliance with criminals who bothered me in the neighbourhoods nonstop and were allied to their Celebrities who became famous when somebody bought them equipment and venues to engage with the Public by, running off communities that trashed my academic work and career to get me responding to practical joke accusations while suggesting criminals were doing something that I benefitted from – the other were the gits at the Monarchy who always pick them up to suggest it was a responsibility that they had decided to look into but show up here to explore my civic duties, make sense of the part where I would do something to get into trouble with the Police and tell me to do National service as I walked down the streets, to churn my tummy and sort out their financial matters after spending their youth being tough, eventually resulting in an outcome where their criminals and celebrities mentioned before, tackled me and they got off fighting my battles which they ensured that the Head of State was aware of, then show up somewhere at Parliament talking nonsense at me every day – their own was a question of people having choices such as running, staying indoors or fighting, if they had to deal with a hail of bullets from National level enemy in their neighbourhoods, the fact that those who went off to work in the Ministry of Defence were people who had a talent for Defence and knew they had to talents, the reality of National defence being that if there was such an all out war, you would be taking orders from these professionals and not a handful of novices and their stupidities being a matter of what their problem was, if there was no all out war, my position being that I had done their magic trick for them, where they said I needed to do National service and had done embarrassing things in public, about which I was to be made to forfeit my career, so I performed their magic national service for them as well. It keeps shooting off those stupid threats while it was easier to stop exploring my civic duties, ripping up all finance and physical wellbeing, trashing all courage that could have been developed and trying to force me to do National service, while its stupidities got to do some National service on my Civic duties, to cope with consequences and effects of doing it and it gets me to discuss these matters which are set to get to the part where I discussed one that got me unhinged and then their stupidities will have become my main preoccupation as well, specifically for this matter applicable. The third factor was no factor at all as the reality was that although Politicians supported them, they also supported me, if there were issues, it was likely to be a matter of which support I had no acknowledged or followed up – all together they need show up here when they wanted to read a Book I had written, not shower me with insolence associated with the fact they did not know what to do and clung to my life lie parasites putting themselves in charge over the fact that they didn’t know what to do about what tickled them the most, failure of this nonsense to move on is going to secure them a knowledge of what a proper response looked like, especially when famous and stupid at the same time and I had to pay the price for it everyday. They always suggest I never had a chance because their famous stupidities had more money and I am only waiting for the time ultimatum I had given to run out, so I might be in a disposition to show what a Hermit thinks about money when his whole life is split between duties for Church Interests and State interests, while they trash his finances and handled him everyday because he was broke, some excuse to cure that stupid pretext for money based abuses and its applicable illnesses properly and painfully as it were.



So, they say I am likely to get into trouble with the Media because of the way I have defended myself and led others out of the vandalism that is being caused. I cannot see a prospect of that happening for my part anyway – the reality we live in, is a world where I dropped out of University in 2008 but having been faced with having this clever persons persona while I have no academic qualification to show for it, therefore a character that society and culture idiots want to hurt and ensure reacts to their stupidities because they would find it exhilarating, I have been unable to attend even the Local college because Media and their fans cannot leave people alone and my Tummy therefore will not let me, so I have spent 10 years getting tidied up while they do it everyday with what they claim is a job they would not mind hurting people for. 

They have asked these questions about prejudice before and I have made it clear they need to listen to what others are saying to them over those corruption of involvement they are so proud of, to stop looking like characters others want to shove when seen turning their back on a crowd to walk into Public transportation for instance. Its an insanity that only happens when the Politicians want others to get along with it and the effect is pretty much like it always works i.e. visiting academic institutions to select other peoples children on whom they wish to inflict setbacks and it is never clear what sort of idiots do these kinds of things anyway, I am only wondering if they think I have not had enough of them or do actually believe there is really anything they can do about me as such, especially now their Popular culture is set to pay the Bills around here too. 

The boasting that it is a problem that will never be resolved is nothing unusual, we all know they love to select a life separate from mainstream living so that when they run off tribalism they do not have money to support after choosing a life of poverty and blabbing about change, they will have found it easy to conduct raids on other peoples lives, which is what is happening here – as for the problems being unsolvable, that was an old story whereby once they get rich carrying out their freedom based raids on others, the idiots will then be counted among the rich and their problems will be over, never mind the fact that frustration suggests that after all has been attempted from the economic Books to keep them off Intellectual property so that others can run businesses in peace, it stands to reason that beating them down so badly that the only exit will be to get out of bed everyday to secure jobs and pay the bills in order to solve our problem will be in order, as a means of preventing them continually conducting those raids in a quest for economic separatism.

I do get told that Royalty have always faced the challenge where people want to show up and do what we do instead of get along with the events they were interested in but these Guys are more interested in damage and they know their activities damage my Books but wish to engage a bit more with the part that prevents others who want to access the Books from doing so, soon followed by an endless stage of hope that I would damage their own as well and their money will make them superior to me when it all turns towards a tit for tart that lasts a lifetime. Then we hear them say I am in a lot of suffering and that there is satisfaction to be gained from that which is not really true; what is true is that I do not do much by the way of food, so what they do with that is ensure I can never decide how much energy I expend and leaves me each time I have to deal with them faced with the prospect where I smell like my loo every time I am pricked by their insults and the probability of those insults becoming a deserved activity therefore magnified. 

Its never true the Media gets the better of me, just as it is not up for conversation that I want to control their lives - in terms of the former, their insults are good for them as long as it does not damage Books because I have had enough of that too but in terms of the latter they are always in the business of evil and especially because they are good looking; started off with a need to make me flustered so they might be able to hurt my chest and so on and now they know they can never use that to make me fight for my life in the neighbourhoods, it has turned to the necessary tricks to damage my Books and finances as well.

They love those routines of sitting on Media to make gestures that will turn me into a vagabond over my finances naturally, claiming my activities are a function of fear, which I suppose is fear concerning a process of finding out from the fanaticism of ethnic minorities, why racism most of the time becomes a matter of a white genius having some ethnic minority to take his problems out on, so he might concentrate on being clever, what one does with such knowledge if he did not have a selective memory like most people do not, hence the fear. It seems I cannot decide I want nothing to do with these idiots as it distracts me from what I am doing and causes me financial difficulty in the process, at least, so they say. They want to be able to discipline me using government while the Media is complaining about the effects of a Legal studies students life when they cannot get along with their guests while working the business of squatter squander of the work and property of their so called boy from the Hood; that I have an inane obsession for serving the Monarchy is what we hear at the end after I dropped out of University because of them and making fun games out of it everyday has continued uncontrolled for the last decade - never mind the fact that 21 years since I started defending myself from weed smoking goons building popularity culture on my Public image, I have now ended up with abusive Hollywood A list fools working alongside abusive immigrants who claim I want to show people how to make use of what they find and see. 

They love the abusive publicity where they claim I sound like the criminals I do not fancy so much of but what is real is that the abuses and attack and property damage being born out of two main reasons; firstly that they hate me and want to teach me a lesson and there is the bit where I fill their heads with what I am thinking to lessen the burden of their stupidities and they can be free by either keeping off or making themselves deaf to latch onto - the other being that they have as usual given their lose change to celebrities since last they ran out of large companies that want to crush small ones that they can spend it on in order to suck up to the rich, now that done, they show up knowing what they have given to the Celebrities is gone for good, to extract an income from my Books and Public image and completely destroy it for power and domination and of course it becomes thus obvious that it will all crash and burn as they will never have it and I am sure they do not need me telling them that too.

So eventually I am said to be a hindrance to other peoples Media jobs, while the truth is rather that they have made a mess of my Books but the little that has affected them for spending their time to do so is that which everybody must agree they are too important to allow. So there is the sense that it is an activity they engage in because if it came to violence I would not have stood a chance – so I suppose it is in order to mention that it rather matters that Journalists and Celebrities kept off my case and got over me as there is really nothing that they can do about it as it were. As for the gestures to the left and so on, we can see they think that their own looks like that most of the time if I may say, so when I do them as well, they will claim they were all cracked up and could not attend the job that got to their heads by getting out of bed to do so. We can already see the way their mind works; I start defending myself from drug traffickers and local criminals building popular culture on my public image and the eventual outcome is that I drop out of University because of them and they have not really stopped since that happened well over a decade ago – the recent outcome being that their insanity has now found out what I have done is bend them into a corner as well, ensure their lives facilitates the show business and then write Books on it with intent to show there will be more trouble if they follow me around at academic institutions again, the response has been A list Celebrities who take jobs from those who broker with me telling me I believe I might move on with my life when I am doing with that, then complain about civility later, rip up my Books and blame me for the inferior activities of the ethnic minorities. The same plays out when we hear they were the male colleagues of female journalists who are something next to priests as most bad activities are covered by the Husbands and they are getting paid a lot of money to work a job that deals in fact, knowing well that if they continue to fail to grow up people will get beaten up or killed by people that they got married to. Then they say that nobody knows why it is so important to me while the above mentioned facts would rather have disputed such a disposition; I mean it is apt that if they spend most of their time building matrimonial cruelty for women, especially when they make those statements about a Man that thinks he can defend them when he cannot, I should build their own for the women as well, especially making sense of those claims they make, that such behaviour makes them lucky and gets them to go lucky. I personally cannot tell why it is impossible to with their Media jobs allow my Bookshop to be quiet enough for people to simply read Books anyway but I do know it is the incompetence of hearing I broker equities for a living and showing up to build me a whole new Public image that says I have agreed to allow people make money on my personal life and public image, then claim all I have and do has been extracted from the Country, that for instance decide what I get to do as well. They always love to say it happens because my Books provoke them and its an old story we can draw from the things we see at the supermarkets where the idiots preserve the theory they are famous when their relatives disrupt peoples organisations, steal from shops, have community croons that love criminal youth facilitated and so my bottom hurts without reason and all that yapping is set to ensure they gave me a closure for it too. 

Whenever they had claimed nothing I did really makes sense, it is supposed to have in my view been an occasion where they are determined never to listen to what people have said to them while they got involved with other peoples concerns. What happens here is that Celebrities forge relationships with an Arch Prince and people invest their money on the Public conditions which have emerged; so their theories that I am only an Arch Prince when they had said so is costly financially and the insult that I am no one is very expensive as if we have seen them give their own to the frugal – such that if these small interests cannot be protected, then the bottom will hurt and it will make sense to have their guts. Its nothing unusual, we know they are always running around, working insults and homosexuality, blaming it on society, ripping up the academic work and finances to demand more respect for the millionaires who will likely on any sight challenge break up leadership with top staff who in turn break up leadership with customers because they were looking after their bums, in the same way we know that if we went to the Ports and Shipyards, we will be seeing nothing but Millionaire business over there which means that there is enough sense for tolerance for their gimmicks to last a life time here, the last time we checked obviously.

 Now they say that there are people in the Country letting me get out of hand and that it is incredibly sad. I could never understand what it is exactly people think they can do about me thus I am allowed to get out of hand according to them as such anyway. I do know it’s a matter of society goons making sure I am sore all over and cannot sell my Books because of my mood, Popular culture fools making announcements of my tummy problems and pillaging my finances to ensure their point is not disputed, City centre gits seeking and living expensive lifestyle only when it is about what happens when I step outside of my door and whether or not I have a reputation and Public image, these three positions of which I am about to sack as well, if they find it impossible to keep off my Books and allow me attend a Book signing event for my Books without having to deal with their own security matters, ripping up my finances and making sure I cannot step outside of my door without smelling like what I last ate. We find each time whenever they attend Met Gala at Hollywood USA, its all about what I have done to ensure I countered their business of handling me which tends to mean that whenever my Publishers meet distributors and the process of living on benefits is about to end for me, what happens is that the Contractors are put off and its all delayed because what I am doing cannot be definitively ascertained; so it’s incredibly distressing stuff and then in about 14 Hours we find that perhaps they are not achieving as much sales from it as their stupidities would have wanted and it is sad I am allowed to get out of hand with a big mouth. It was the same story about a decade ago when I dropped out of University because they showed up there with their Charity idiots to finger my bum until I abandoned my studies on account that I am trying to destroy the source of huge incomes when my personality is deployed for Celebrity culture instead of being stuck in an Office because they knew best even when they did not know what my name was – it then feeds into this sense that I hate Celebrities but do not wish to say something about it because I found it valuable while it is more a matter of the fact they want to control me and I want to control them to the stage where they veer off a corner they cannot control and drop to obscurity or basically just do the overdose and suicides that they could control in the first place as well.

Then I get told I am only interested in the men leaving out the women all the time but I don’t; what we find is that American women have identified that women who are able to get into a relationship with people that are younger than they are have been taking an interest in me, so their dreams of having an important younger person they may use as House Husband and dominate, to bring global attention to the situation of women all over the world has ensued in full, leaving wonder as per whether it is the fact that their American culture is an expressive one due to democracy that makes it appear the worlds biggest idiots live in the USA. I mean what I know of these matters is that women who get along well with younger partners are usually of the disposition that if you respected the Body it does not tend to make a mess of you while those who get along with men their age or older basically love the public image and the idea everything belongs to them, so whilst those who get along with younger men hate men their age and older they hate younger men but we see I am unable to live my own life because they have suddenly gotten into affection with any relationships that I had engaged myself with, even when they are complaining about the parts they do not like, after which it cannot stop threatening me looking for more of what it is complaining about, as stupidly as possible. We hear I could never do a thing about them while reality is that they are simply goons with jobs wearing suits to play family business guy from 3 decades ago routines, passing around the insults simply because his family is making it big or has made it big and I do not suppose they have taken into account I am an Arch Prince and will tolerate these nonsense no further; if they follow me around the next time they see me attend an academic institution I really am going to take some time to ensure they got the trouble they sought.

The question I have to answer being that if I know all this there isn’t a clear reason I let them get the better of me which is not what reality looks like; reality is that I delude myself time and again when I am trying to sort something out about handling it one at a time – so what happens is that when engaged with daddies at society who rip up everything you have to make you sore all over and unable to sell Books because of your mood on account that playing abusive practical jokes on you helps them get rich, the City centre fools chasing the best lifestyle which has to do with the road that leads out of my home and lets me access the world, meaning their whole lives are about churning my tummy will be up in arms telling me how to exist and when I am handling their case the popularity idiots with a need to make an announcement about my tummy issues will have a turn – nobody knows where they got this sense I am allowed to get out of hand from but it is clearly a very provocative stupidity that works at my expense to help them gain enough controversy for money making purposes, like we know the last time they chased money around me without an adverse response, I dropped out of University for it and that was a decade ago, now they see my Books, understand it does not do them any favours but continue to try handling me on all of the time. It has now come to that stage where I need to make it very obvious that I do not care if they will lose their minds should they stop doing it, as its my opinion that if the job gets to their heads right up to the point we can clearly see that it should not hurt to be organised for it. The sense that my Books are an affront to their freedom is another story that suggests the American ones think they rule the world and I must be made to serve them but we all know that until their stupidities that hang around neighbourhoods ripping up family finance bases and making sure everybody is waiting for Celebrities to share the fame, becomes one of my main concerns which would not have required an explanation, this nonsense never actually likely tends to improve but for now, they appear to be reading parts of my Book and in a condition that was created to serve the purpose of protecting it from patent breach and other forms of abuse and trying hard to build publicity of their own for it on that basis and because I am working Property Equity security it does the job anyway and my Books are an affront to their stupid freedoms, a measure of how much organised crime American Citizens are really party to all over the world.

They do claim I cannot get out of the business of being taken advantage of which is utter nonsense – what happens is that society gits have found a way to access my Office and this definitely means mostly that everything I do is subject to some form of fun industrial espionage that I will pay their stupidities to stop – so everything I do is put out there at the most opportune time to cause the most amount of damage, for the purpose of suggesting that my career is in the hands of media and celebrities from whom I could never get it back and if I harmed the younger ones it will be said I harm things that are so brave they were fighting battles I was too much of a coward to deal with, should I do the older ones they will say I harm big things that have families, however since this behaviour appears to be something the Nazis had failed to invent, the bloody idiots have not yet offered an explanation for something they cannot do without at my expense every day, issuing those threats with a big mouth alongside it as well. We find the other twerps by the way side making a mess of everything around here to point out that since their involvement wreck academic work and finances and thereby proves they are idiots, I may regard them like that but will want them to buy £300,000 products my Clients have built, none of which detracts from the fact that making a face and pulling gestures whenever I say and do anything is not what their human rights looks like and the important of ripping it away from them is becoming ever more obvious, so that we might likely get into those conversations about identity that their stupidities have lost. Its an old tale we see all the time including the business of ending up running round in circles for 18 years due to the activities of idiots who claim they own me while they own nothing around here, have no rights here, whose prime case is to ensure that white women took something from me and they were entitled to build a community that had a right to take anything they wanted because of it; its wondered all the time from the feedback I get, why they do it when people are rather more interested in seeing what people look like when the damaged academic work gets them spending their time on it and I am obviously but when I am working or studying it’s a really bad time for Politicians and their goons to expect such things from me – it’s the game of making stupid decisions that allow you fool around and then work out a way to make money doing so and preventing people from saying it is a stupid thing to do which adds up to the tricks that will allow you get away with it, so when my important bits are not disrupted by those who wanted me to respond to them having gotten their wish, there is little prospect they will be complaining about it at Government buildings too. It’s the part where it is said I suggest what MPs have done is bad but I have not, I am uncomfortable with the idea of creating our own problems; we know these goons would have done these things irrespective of what we did, we did not need to create our own problems when we know every generation comes with its own version of it. I have issued warnings about it before, warnings about how confiscating my Royal Commission will mean then that the reasons they become homosexuals were gone for good, but we are still at stage one where they must confiscate the Royal Estate first.

The lingering questions on these matters are very simple i.e. Property Equity is developed with me and used to make products, criminals have bought the products and started their own popularity campaigns about contributing to the wealth that those who did business selling the products own, so Hollywood decided the criminals buy more Films than I do and started a Campaign where their main problem was the sheer amount of interest that would generate for my Books, something that ensures my whole life spiralled out of control and ended up in the toilet over a Book they wanted and I have responded by showing I have had enough of tolerating them as asking for support on the matter of how services vanish when criminals consume them while the money they paid can be tracked which gets people into trouble will never have hurt and hence they will never get the service from me or an alternative me ever, since the matter has already led to school shooting and Cinema killings while I had ended up with a 5 years of insults the media can run with to ensure I was serving the Obamas. I need to see to it now that they stopped showing up near my Books and Public image to churn my tummy and to ensure I can look forward to a Book signing event of mine that did not get me dealing with security issues associated with their existence and or their own personal decisions. The Industry ones will be the story of me trying to get along with the Millionaires and then I will be off to see the great Millionaires and find its only goons who have amassed enough money to buy 300 man strong sales Army which they unleash on the rest of us once they crippled up in certain strategic areas, which money will never end up in a local bank where it will never be safe from the tax man and we know they could never have run the big companies if they did not study subjects applicable to the way that business establishments interact with the economy when people want to make money from business at University, which means all respect for them disappears – then there is the part where they handle my Assets and tell me they will go to Communists if I had failed to behave, while we know that if they were running it properly the Communists would not even appeal to their minds, so need to ensure my position is very clear about the fact that I am not interested in whether they will lose their minds if they had stopped showing up all over my concerns, if the job fills their minds with such ego, there should be nothing wrong with the idea of being organised for it.

I do get told that my behaviour is bad for security services operatives but its not the way I work that is the problem, it’s the mess people make of my work that is the problem; the popular culture and Celebrity mess was a given but the one from the Politicians is secretive and stabs viciously when least expected, the fact they get some pleasure out of this being very tiresome as well. I do not think it an issue anyway, I have issued the warning that when it is competition there is usually an onus on people to get on with the day job, this nonsense drags people down all the time because it is villainy and I am imagining we will have security services on one hand and some stupidities that were built up from people getting involved with my concerns on the other, if there is no confidence that when I threaten to crush that Celebrity culture, I really can do it; we are as such progressing towards the outcome where I will set young people on the whole thing, the business of telling people to stay away from gangs and crime will be replaced with the business of giving them all the tools they need to make decisions and run their concerns by and this will answer the question of me sitting in a royal Office to get all happy about others doing the life threatening jobs at the same time.

Like it is said that my view of the USA as I have expressed in Public is confusing but it is not, the USA is a very diverse place and its not apt to have a set out view on a personal basis on what you think of it – if Africans hate your guts, the African Americans will be a bigger problem because they had more money for instance; I simply want my Hermitage concerns to look like they found it when they first got involved with it and that means the gimmicks of the entertainment Industry has run out of time around here; it will make films that help Children grow and then five year later make another one which says time to grow up for the Children when the three year old has only lived on this planet for five years, enjoys screwing with people, will not keep it off my property and loves to invent theories about why its stupidities should work, including what the Children grow up to be, which suggests that I am as incompetent as well; while its hell because my academic work suffers the consequences of their stupidities picking up bits of my work to patent in their names and make entertainment never mind making it the way I have described above to expose me to as much discrimination and public place abuses as possible, as stupidly and corrupted as it can get, we all know what happens in such conditions is that the parties involved in the film making must maintain a certain behaviour as long as those entertainment products are still in circulation – so when it is made the way I have described above we can see the idiots are more interested in any careers we have developed that they can grab including market systems, than they are in making the Film, since it would have been impossible for a competent person to develop those equities they obsess with without considering what Children grow up to become and then we find out its completely detached from the fact maintaining a behaviour because entertainment is circulating around your public life, was a process of working on the Market itself – just to express how twisted and self-righteously Satanism develops in the land of the Free, never mind their business friends with energetic audacity making sure I am sore all the time and that with big mouth that never stops complaining to Politicians about me over money.


I am said to be engaged in some mystery logger heads with Celebrity that seems to brew up controversy virtually every second and it is utter nonsense – what happens is that Celebrities are very destructive twerps but there are people who get along with me in the fame business they are in, easy to tell in terms of the fact my interests do not show up where they live or around their neighbourhoods because of them and these abuses and destruction caused me, are not in any way linked to a behaviour that is necessary for the process of being financially successful even in their line of work, they would not be out of pocket if they stopped it and it was not linked to their job description – the ones I get along with on the other hand are a matter of how I was raised i.e. a case of peoples affection directed at me, doing something to ensure it was not wasted or thrown around if I cared about it and making sure they knew how I felt, which tends to create the idea I spend energy at Royal Office serving others instead of the State but it does not work that way i.e. it’s a Trust thing and it can be a matter of peoples parents suffering for instance from depression and since they were the siblings who were meant to support the parents at hand closest, their involvement with me helped to support their parents, so it becomes important to ensure they understood what I was feeling since I was not raised to waste peoples love whether or not I am actually married to them in the first place.

The Narcissism Celebrities on the other hand simply have a problem with the fact that people read previews of my Book and there is a sheer number of people who want to see what the contents are like, so we find them regularly destroy all that, ensure people have no time to decide by going off to friends who have Publicity that they have been deploying for sometime to build the idea they are nice people into the minds of the public, for the purpose of unnecessarily deploying my Book sale markets to help out with an advertisement contract they got from other Companies, as stupidly as possible. So it has become an impossible amount of work for me to tolerate the financial problems and then also tidy this up while I tolerate their stupidities for it until they had begun to take up my time threatening me as well – since it’s a matter of the fact I have to on account that people will be paying hard earned money for the Books, I am lost as per why it is said that my logger heads with these idiots who also find the effects of this behaviour amusing stirred up controversy.

They do refer to support they have at the Monarchy which is also closely linked with the concern people have that its not exactly clear what my business is with whom; with reference to the latter issue, its an old tale of the facts about people picking up a fight in my name at their convenience, which gives way to the guys getting all over my case on how I think they are not out of my league but they really are – something I am tidying up on social media to ensure it was quite clear if it is not following my profile it has nothing to do with me – especially those that show up here to try out a gut feeling they have that they were superior to me, tugging away every day at my finances and tugging away every day at the consequences of what they do to extract money from my public image, then take out the effects that churn their tummy on me to churn mine as well, as stupidly as possible. The issues from the Monarchy will be the story they omit whenever they complain about me i.e. I am sore all over and cannot sell my Books because of my mood, due to the fact their friends at the Monarchy want so squander everything I own talking nonsense about abstracts such as the life they had planned for themselves when a Man sits on the Throne of England and have got their Celebrity stupidities to help out with it. I have warned them all enough times and shall now take steps to ensure that I reciprocated the harm the channel at me to hurt consistently enough to secure an outcome where those stupid fans of theirs were forced to behave; so far it’s only the society ones that have been grabbing Armed services jobs, next in line will be the Celebrities getting involved with gangs and crime, as we all know that when they realise I had built myself a structure for personal security that keeps me out of such trouble, they want to own it in a condition whereby I do not have it anymore and then tell me to do a Man’s work, as if they were unaware this activity was a death threat except when they were doing the drugs and the overdoses.

They do claim I am not as clean as a whistle at the Monarchy either but I am technically as none of these things have a thing to do with me, about which responding to them is obviously a completely different lifestyle all together, the main problem whenever we hear them claim they do not know what is happening is that society and Politicians are showing up at the Monarchy; apparently after years of being so incredibly incompetent at their work that nothing works in the Country as normal, they show up at the Monarchy looking like they were doing their own version of the job of Head of State, then set off to pick a fight with Russians who will likely tackle any activities associated with spending peoples lives on themselves and having Celebrities that will support the process in the USA showing up on media to blow off their insulting big mouth all the time and then some relatively bad things occurred, I made a statement on social media and was said to have accepted liability for what happens to Armed Forces personnel on the fields so they might chase my Bum – so they ended up there because of the indiscretions of HRH Prince of Wales, Princess Beatrice and Prince Harry and not myself as suggested, never forgetting Princess Beatrice whose first act in Public life was to shake hands with a line of Labour Party Politicians, once she had secured Her boyfriend from the USA that wanted to marry into the Royal Family chasing my Bum and had bailed out, broken Her Heart and caused me to be subject to eternal hate, which only added to the business of how this first act of getting along with Labour Politicians was dumped on me on grounds there was hope that if The Prince of Wales abdicated the Throne on account these indiscretions were not being detached from his Office, Her Father The Duke of York will be King and she will be first in line to the throne but the sheer amount of work involved in it which I expressed is what caused the boyfriend to bail out and become a liaison from the USA that I needed to be afraid of with a big mouth, left her building up a fight for me and deserting me, picking up parts of my life built up to allow the female partner to do the financial bits for the Family to make herself well off at Industry and found herself another Boyfriend that will definitely teach me lessons if I tried anything unusual, not the end of the story naturally as the mess is everywhere, tidying it up is quite the task, while they have started to push me towards my own eternal hatred as well, making it worse by berating me over money problems and blabbing about missing Princess Diana who was a great character that Men like myself would have had a problem with, had a legacy that men like myself still have a problem with should I have said that I was uncomfortable with it all.

What never gets the attention apparently is the extreme love for the business of getting on Public media to savage my Livelihood making stupid self-serving statements about my very existence offering up an irritating prospect, which then also means that whenever people need my work and my profession or my person and Public life, the result is always inevitable failure and some tummy churning; the truth which is that all the degradation is an invention of theirs and it is used to ensure people are unable to move on due to the Career and Finance damage which is done because others think a better purpose for their existence would be if their personality and mind served Celebrity culture – what it expects being a condition in which I had completely overlooked the damage to career and property as it relies on me not to dish out consequences for it too while it has received Countless warnings of that thing it chases not being its public image or the career and finance it damages not being its own like we have ever seen them share what they have with the frugal. They always claim that they can explain their narcissism towards me and so do I think I am getting to the stage whereby I will hurt them until those stupid fans of theirs behaved around my concerns and person.

Now it is said that I waste my time when I could me achieving much with myself and it is utter nonsense – there has been only one problem around here as far back as it goes, it has become a handy issue because Politicians think it excuses the wickedness they want to practice on me if they said they did so on account they wanted me to respond to it but it has not changed from the stupidities of criminal feminists fingering my Bum especially at academic institutions until I dropped out and then talking nonsense on media everyday to secure attention for their plight, followed by twerps with Media jobs experimenting on me to find out what they need to do in terms of bad publicity and my livelihood to achieve a condition where they can pick up the phone to ring their equally stupid friends and the outcome will be that I am unable to get a job or look after a business. We are approaching a stage where it will end only if I get out of bed everyday and think about the fools who put a name to their faces and make trouble for me and what alternatives I have if I have not ended up in their homes to issue them a warning or talk it over and if I had not gotten about handling their own stupid savings as well.

The other part of the gimmicks they have fallen in love with is that I am afraid of standing up for my Books because of the kind of problems it courts, which is utter nonsense; the problems are all their own, a matter of the fact my whole life spirals downwards and ends in the loo because I wrote a Book they need to have as if their lives depended on it, which is unheard of a behaviour channelled towards that level of success but it is an example of the fact the bloody idiots know how to make the trouble, do not solve their own problems and are confident they may rely on me not to do a thing about it because there were those who became so disillusioned they failed to act which is how their stupidities got to the positions they think makes them so important these insanity was rather legitimate. That said, what I have written in my Books are as clear as a written piece of work can be and those who hate it because they think people whose names they don’t know need drop out of University so they might play practical jokes on a personality they want to make popularity fame and fortune by, think my Books are a problem, they may be forgiven for imagining I am much less of a problem for them in person, as stupidly as they possibly can.

As for this case of whether or not I have lost trust at the Monarchy, I don’t know why these idiots like to presume they can tell what The Queen is thinking; either way, the reality is that their insults are reaching a point where they will certainly get a response from me, it does not apply either in terms of their stupid men who get around making a mess of my life while becoming the ones that complain the most about the mess they make, never mind the need to be able to get around the silly little things women do so they can get behind the backs of those who will not let them be, especially on the professional front, in order to beat people up as well, for their stupidities it were an option once they are done grabbing matrimonial services from women who just stepped outside of the door randomly on the street, talking nonsense at me and making as much a mess of my Public life and career as their media stupidities will allow. The Point being that there are women at the Military in all parts of the services these days and one of these days the needs of these idiots to get their hands up my bum will kick off my own gimmicks where they will sort out their problems with the gits that are running around Celebrity culture and Fashion making hell for me because of their insolent involvement and the gits will devise their own women that can do violent things in return as well, especially for the blacks and the ethnic minorities. So it has always been a matter of very twisted and evil scum with a need to see some Christian fall so far from the grace of God he was doing gangs and crime that made them feel safe and I am sure it will make sense if I issued these warnings along with facts about how it is going to turn out.

What these idiots are talking about in terms of Trust lost is that I will hold the Office of an Arch Prince if they had decided it and more so on account my Books have in certain areas not painted The Prince of Wales in Favourable light, which purpose really was to ensure HRH knew the need to keep these gits off his Office was a desperate one I am set to be replaced. I have warned them they think they can explain their narcissism towards me and I am going to hurt them enough to ensure those stupid fans of theirs built up to ensure their community of fools with ideas about what to do to me allowed them have their way with my concerns, behaved properly with respect to my person as well. It is obviously an enormous task to clear it out and more so the way they build it back up looking for more of what they are complaining about, as stupidly as possible. My plan really is to ensure that these nonsense end and my Book are not damaged items in an outcome where these goons can be talented on Media without bothering me because I am talented at the Monarchy - I am not in any way assuming that this is what they have in mind, so the warning is that their parents bully me at work the popular culture, stock markets and politics gimmicks that ensure I am always incredibly stressed and my food is never enough all day because they were very important, while the reasons their stupidities get the hand up my bum is because they are studying hard at school and their fellow stupid friends like it - my point being that we have seen every aspect of it and I need to ensure they respected my work at this Office, any Occasion that I showed up in Public and any time I showed up at the Academic institutions bearing in mind the history that we already have on the latter, as stupidly as they can get, otherwise we are fast approaching an outcome in which the rest of the world will hear about the fact they had become my main preoccupation just like the reasons I shut down the Popular culture because I dropped out of University the first time, to ensure they were doing violence for these stupid abuses again as it were.

I understand it to be said that my mannerism is terrible but I wouldn’t know anyway since people are rather so incredibly proud of their need to get into the City centre, become homosexual and complain about the activities of culture and society goons, then set about ripping up my academic work and finances to ensure the same culture and society goons gained access to my personal space as a human being, gained access to my bed chamber and gained access to my living quarters as a concept in their minds, once they had realised the culture and society goons were fulfilling dreams with all these access they then couldn’t stop getting involved with what they had created to get more while blaming me for it, the same way it is said I take responsibility for the smell issues while what happens is that I buy my scents because I like the smell as it makes me more relaxed, save they enjoy building up the idea I do because I had taken responsibility for tidying up the whole thing. Now they are saying I have damaged the future that was built for their Children at Fashion and Celebrity but it would naturally still have been intact if they were not seeking a response so fervently for damaging my academic work as well, I am now completely fed up with tolerating the insults and would just like to say that when they see me at the academic institutions, we were never mates and they were not paying my way to be there, worth remembering when they get around churning my tummy, ripping up, telling tales while the whole time its my personality working for them at popular culture they are most interested in; I warned them a long time ago and since then they have built up their popular culture canopies of narcissism at industry which means when they inflict distress on me, it makes them happy which increases the prospect of being successful and important and we know they have built a community on this nonsense but it has not worked. Now what is about to get a response from me again is the fact I am sore all over and cannot sell my Books because of my mood, as they continue to keep up the business of getting culture and society goons to gain access to my personal space, living area and bed chamber, while at it.

There is now this story we hear them say of how I am an example of a social experiment aimed at showing Pigs can fly and I could never make sense of what warrants such comments anyway, I am aware however that there is no pigs can fly experiment around here, only a matter of never being able to carry on with my own career or even step outside of my door without smelling of what I ate on account of the very violent lasciviousness peddled by Celebrity and Popular culture goons who are determined to make their money on it – it is an example of how the Pigs can Fly story may be very provocative. What the Politicians have always promised is that they may handle peoples career to make popular culture but in the course of making the money they go their way and let people be, what we have is a new type of Celebrity culture which means people convince the public I am being oppressed by famous people which encourages the Public to buy their show business products and nobody knows exactly why they do it, what we know is that they wrecks the academic work for me which is why they are always complaining about me too and set to continue until that is fixed, due to the fact the outcome is the delusion I can pursue my career without completing what I had already started thereof, leading to a wild goose chase for years and years and then another process where an involvement with an academic institution means they tended to follow around yet again. It should be noted that the biggest problem we face is the fact they have Politicians that go into Government buildings to spend tax payer funds on these gimmicks they enjoy so much and it is the reason I am going to live up to my threats of burning their world as well, once I had started chasing a path that means their Politicians spend tax payer funds on them until their behaviour leads to an outcome that leaves their neighbourhoods burning. It sounds extreme but we all know that Celebrities do not need to leave you with a wrecked career chasing circles in the hope you can get it fixed on the go with this new show business that means they claim they are able to oppress important people in return for selling show business products to the Public, only to show up around every act of recovery to perform the same behaviour, claiming it is the instance that brought them fame and success being repeated which needs to be taken advantage of – when this works together with the fact the Labour Party cannot do without being able to do bad things and then blaming others or claiming others did it, which is the biggest problem we have got as a Nation presently, it becomes a very difficult threat indeed. I have no idea what they mean by an experiment that makes out pigs may fly in my case too, I know most of these nonsense happens because 12 years of Celebrity vandalism here has not yet earned a response, so it continues to get bolder and bolder, continues to behave as if there is no way of putting a stop to it, such as tackling what their Banks and financial services are doing for them in order to ensure they stayed away from my Bookshop, for example. So I do get told I am complicated and one moment I like Celebrities while the next I don’t which is not really the case – Celebrities are good for making populations happy people and that is to be seen in terms of the fact it cannot be said that they will operate well in an environment where everybody needs to be a serious minded person and yes they always claim that I have moved away from a premise of peace and everything I do now is about war which is utter nonsense – the war is created by their need to do perverted things to people in such a way that people cannot grow out of it, like following up careers that they have damaged to do bad things and claim somebody else did it on grounds that having damaged those careers to make money, it happens to have been a condition that created them success which needs to be repeated every time they are in need and we have never actually gotten an explanation for this behaviour. I do get told as well that I hate them then which is never really a matter of hate; I hate the damage that they do here but I don’t hate them, I hate the fact that it has become so difficult to decide the purpose of Celebrity is fun that I can use and discard when I no longer want to have fun, I will never deny this either – the dangers of not having this view of Celebrities when operating at Government business is that a person loses sight of the fact they spend all their time thinking about grabbing peoples money to add to their own money and have all the money in the world if possible and that in that sense they are not very different from criminals. As for the idea that they are not completely detached from Public work; that will be a matter of the fact that when people are engaged in National service a vacuum exists which can only be best filled by Celebrities, the problem being another group of goons who secure money from Industry trouble makers to buy equipment and venues through which they take money from other peoples Public image, every time they get involved with my concerns which is always 100% uninvited, the reality of the situation is a disrespect towards everybody, from Politicians to Celebrities and Public service or National service Operatives and it does need to give me my space; the blabbing is that they have the upper hand, which is utter nonsense, the reality is that they are always bound to set about wrecking peoples lives to use their victims as human shields against other persons they hurt in a bid to get rich quickly and I am becoming very fed up with the insulting and provocative processes that make me look like I am on course to become a character that shows mercy until it is a Habit while they did whatever they wished. They have claimed that I am not necessarily on favour of freedom Naturally but apparently they think freedom means their Politicians like Obama, adding to the Labour Party which spends tax payer funds on their madness by endorsing everything they want to do to savage my earnings because I am not a believer in the leadership or black people who are more worthy than I am; the good old populist leaders who never stop building up images of somebody being on fire while their goons never stop building mental pictures for the reasons people kill people, telling me I am a war monger. In my case personally, my singular problem is one that is contrary to the claims I am losing friends or that I have an attitude problem – for the latter attitude means a behaviour which considers celebrity to be fun I can get rid of when I don’t want t have any more because of their need to grab peoples family finance bases and strewn it around to please a crowds that will buy show business products, the former however is a matter of the friends that get involved with my concerns while they are in control according to them and are not Loyal to me, a behaviour that happens so often and to rampantly that State provided security gets involved and every body’s bottom is sore, then I get attacked some more; the behaviour which was a very small thing they could easily stop doing. The story of me as a social experiment and or how it’s a matter of making Pigs fly, is an example of evidence that they have a real problem and it could be medical. I am never likely to take the path of making them show some regard for my profession as such, the problem is the Labour Party doing very bad things while securing a Media where they can make out somebody else did those things and spending tax payer funds on their acts of lunacy for it – it is the source of the funding, the source of the problem. They do say my work is very dirty but we live in a dirty society where they claim society people are a problem for me and its still the old case of getting help to stop me until my career is botched instead of inventing something stupid to do with it and my public image every second, hoping that they will secure an exhilarating reaction they can trade off with the public to get rich quick and there is no time of day that is taboo for it either, the only time they are not doing is usually when they are getting help from Politicians to tackle me with – the story of damage they do to my career being nothing unusual, it all still all practical jokes and something we should expect from a Public I.e. the Celebrities exist for fun and one should be able to gey rid of them when there is no more fun to be had; I am also rather determined to ensure nothing in the lives of those who pervert peoples living occurs the Natural way; it will always be difficult, always be a graft and of course we are nearing a stage where they had run out of time to be famous and only their children had a prospect of fame, all I need to do is keep up the good work until such a time; so buying a copy of my Books and providing a legitimate review once done for getting involved with my Bookshop is still an ethic at this stage and not following me around especially where I am chasing my career is still a warning – so far these two things have not yet constituted a work ethic, once that happens it apparently will be easier for them as far as they are concerned according to what we can see of their behaviour. The claim I disturb their neighbourhoods is still just as disingenuous; what really happens is that they have seen a separation between the real me and the complicated things I have to do with a  lifestyle to get my concerns overseen and whilst they want the real me because it is privileged and unusual, the abuses are never diminished as a method of getting it, their own stupid ideas about whom they were superior to,  are worried about the difficult aspects which permeate it all, so these abuses and insults are meant to make me cooperate. We see the same behaviour with the Celebrities as well, something of the lifestyle they have chosen, setting the stage for targeting others as scapegoats once the difficult aspects of the lifestyle begin to bite. Eventually the theory that I am in trouble with a society and cannot get out of it while the real problem is that I must deal with an anxiety level every day because it never stops making use of what it sees of my abilities abusively and needs to invent a problem, a crowd and a public place flattery that helps to promote crowd mocking which allows people to control me with a big mouth, irrespective of how much suffering I inflict on them for the previous occasions talking nonsense about a war the entire time, inserting their stupidities into my life and career. The insult is that I fart all the time and am known for it, which is meant to signify sexual dominance, resulting from the stupid crowd they build up to help win some cowards trophy victory around here but then again, the Politicians and Media and Celebrities that prefer their pathological lies to working for money are the ones complaining the most about the consequences of their abusive counterparts inventing various types of power society for handling people instead of working for money and it all comes right after they had accomplished the great achievement of getting the world on their side in terms of their believe that the problem which the world needs to solve was the Church.

The Work Court and Live Journal

I am said to have failed to accept and acknowledge that I am a failure which is utter nonsense naturally as we know that Celebrities, Media, Politicians and every popularity fool out there had taken up the gimmicks civil rights idiots loved to exhibit at my expense, which effect was that they never stopped separating my Book from the Trust, thereby destroying the market and leaving me cash strapped temporarily but if played out back to back can be worked to a point where it was permanent, complaining about civil rights issues. It is the same story as usual – that if last weeks bills were paid for by a Bookshop, there was no reason next weeks bills would be paid for by the Government and the problem has been as simple as a process where they stayed away from it and made their stupid comments about their own careers, especially so if they were keeping a salary that got to their heads thereby had to make a public show of themselves that brought attention to bear on the important of earning an income. The reason for this nonsense and a process of me telling the same group of idiots off for years and years have not really changed – started out as the youth spent being tough, thereafter they joined gangs because working for money did not appeal, after that, they decided they needed access to my personal life to deal with the effects of those gangs in a condition where a job involved putting a name to their faces on National stage everyday and they had to have it because they were men from the West. So what we have ended up with is the stupidest financial decision anybody could make, where my financial well being relied on them changing a behaviour and therefore relied on them, beyond these warnings which I believe it will rely on me and then we will have to listen to the complains associated with the way that the fun ended too. They do claim they will crush me which is hardly credible as all these are happening so disobediently because a handful of idiots needed to bash my Books every time they felt like progressing from their insulting ageism and the stupidities of their women who get imagination finger up my bum to tell me what to do, into something of their talk on freedom and civil rights being credible enough for a crowd – how they will crush me can then be measured by the fact they were a bunch of idiots who thought people could achieve anything in the world without fighting for it and since last there was a fighting that I put them up to for trashing my academic work and social life, it never ceased showing up here to see if it can multiply the money in its bank with a high power behind it and a process where I lost something important. The others at the civil service will then progress to claim that the problem would have been handled with a sense of urgency if the Government was not paying my Bills, whilst we know that we end up in such conditions because they continued to suggest that they were capable of sorting out the bottom chasing gimmicks these fools performed, now we can see it is all my fault because they cannot – the business of handling it personally being largely a matter of what results from the time they will decide to cease flapping the lips about celebrities being important and successful while they made themselves third parties who interfered in what I did with other companies to run off publicity for my service processes as will create a version of me that their famous stupidities were comfortable with, only to hang about somewhere being entitled to me and issuing threats – whatever on earth it means that they were so important I needed to know my place as peddled by a bunch of goons that cannot now assess people for Government help if they were paid to do it. The Politicians, Media and Celebrity who engage in these activities were narcissists and what they craved was attention, speaking of a process of handling it personally, hence opinionated stupid men now know.

So I am told that I never really do as much as I can to support women, which is utter nonsense – what really happens with women is the problem of a handful of gits with ideas about men that are bigger than those who achieve what they believed such persons could not protect from a social condition in which they would not get jobs, would not stop stealing and would not stop seeking Celebrity incomes on other people’s careers. The ideas about the bigger men being that the bigger men will collect whatever it is they desired from the lives of the smaller men, to make their stupidities happy by – the two factors being that it never ceases to set out my Public image as a mean by escape the consequences of its personal decisions by getting imagination fingers up my bum to make me do its bidding and it never stopped telling me what to do even if it knew there was no prospect of achieving it, never mind the support they got from some stupid Politicians for it, so it was a simple matter of what they stayed out of if it made them uncomfortable as issuing threats at me is set to drive this nonsense towards a very poorly ending. They do ask at leadership if I knew why they did it but it is an old story about the way that the Armed Forces was representative of the Population composition in a Country, so the fact that without the majority, the armed forces would not be successful is something they wanted to explore even sell for money as their financial issues always relied on others else there will be war, as though I needed an education on what evil looked like, showing up here all the time – whilst when the ethnic minorities do armed services it was complicated and that they could not cease exploring on media and through Celebrity culture. In my case specifically it is the matter that builds up to wealth equity when a 5 foot racist does not want to clash with a 6 foot black person which shows that racism was not about the idea that one race was superior to the other at all, they want to sell this and will never stop performing sexual violation on me to resolve their financial issues through it, outcome being that I am now set out as somebody with the personal and social life that their stupidities having been sanctioned by Politicians will secure an exit once done making a mess that satisfied their heart desire and my options for it is to build the personal and social life where the stupid Celebrity culture should have been as well, if I wanted to maintain the sanctity of my position as a Hermit. The supporting women issue has never been the thing that people made it out be at all; take journalism for instance, journalists travel the Country to gather information and relay it to the Public in a way that explains what leadership is doing, so whenever people want to make the most of their abusive behaviour, female journalists are usually the best target to begin with, so I may support them and their bosses would decide they needed to chose between the job and a process of getting involved with me, I will take a step back on the career front, which left me the ability to concentrate on my studies and the career work that I am doing and does not cost me anything until they had reached managerial position as well, where they would be the ones making the decisions for themselves; what causes the damage is the idiots who get imagination up my bum and the group of fools who know there is no prospects that telling me what to do would produce results but have set about building a community of lasciviousness over it, which I bumped into each time I stepped out on my door – the male ones could invite themselves into anything I did and get what they wanted abusively as far as their stupidities were concerned, especially the Politicians, journalists and Celebrities, whilst the female ones will not yet programme their mental illness to keep the imagination fingers off my anus, if they did not end up in A and E on my account. It does not take much at all to support the female community as claimed.

I do get told my main problem is that I had not stopped punishing the men but my finances and career have not looked the way they found it either, mentioning it like this will only get me more office space insults, while their mean cunts got imagination up my bum and got my chest hurting to leave me breathless – it cannot be that difficult to stay away from my Books, not least as I did warn them it will be their undoing. I do not believe the matter to be a crisis at all; the point of this is to say that they are not having their salaries interfered with, have built a life that was so destructive, if they had no salaries they would be dead literally, it reminds them everyday that they should not be doing this – from the gits at the Monarchy fighting my battles until they got me into trouble, to the stupid celebrities that claim they were quite convinced there was nothing I could do about it; the case being a matter of ageist idiots with ideas about how long they spent in the work environment, how they had saved money that can allow them get whatever they want from my career and interference from Celebrities who claimed my Books were relevant they could not do without it but I was never important enough for them to pay for it if they wanted to make use of it, showering me with insults on the way I need do business before I talked about it, while they needed to make their comments about their own careers and incomes, their Politicians are clearly out of their depth helping to wreck my career and finances, groom me into the position that allowed their narcissism to be practiced to any extent, which outcome is that I am doing nothing about it for my part and since last I decided this nonsense as going to be the norm and the way we did things at Public life, this I am not giving up as well but for the Celebrities, I think their stupidities are about to stop when I reciprocate this nonsense of consuming their careers to solve my personal problems, shutting down the processes and finances by doing so. It needs show up here to read a Book I had written and stop leading its equally stupid fans in a gimmick of telling me how to sell it.


So, I understand I am terribly hated. My view of this naturally is that it is progress from a condition where people find out I broker equities to make an income and so they are incompetent enough to avoid reading the Books I have written to do that by and got off on Media building me a whole new public image whereby I have agreed to allow people deploy my Public image and personal life to make money – same as the entertainment Industry where I work Public Office and have certain left over equities to broker with Film makers which educate people about personal security matters and family upbringing according to recent changes in the world we live in and somebody has to run everything down, then get those guys he claims are the ones buying the films that low lives like me are to lazy to make money for and then showed up on my case later to encumber my Book sales and tell me how to exist because his bottom hurts and that thing I do was a contribution. So especially with respect to entertainment obviously anybody with a Camera can make films and anybody with a sound recording instrument can make Music as well and I intend to rip it up for them while I ensure any who deploy any effects of mine had obtained what adds up to Legal permission and in order to make it really difficult, I intend to do it on social Media. It shows in terms of all the nonsense we have heard come forth from Hollywood and the Media in the last five years at least; the sexual harassment and sexual assault designed to set women up as examples on a pedestal which is used as a tool to escape from certain abuses that comes with the Territory of being an entertainer but the last time we checked, it was the risk of these abuses that made the show business itself, it was the actual show business job all together as it were – nobody knows why these idiots are in the Entertainment Industry while they have no wish to make entertainment i.e. hate for me is progress and has not ended in tears just yet, which permission they have obtained to deploy my public image and personal life and literary work, make comments on it and extract good feelings for their foolish existence and damage whatever they like around here especially the blacks, like they can actually afford the Royal Public image, looking for trouble until they find it.

Even now, it seems what I have said here has had an effect where Hollywood Business people get to protect the society and culture abusers, make a Mess of my Assets and my Public image all Murky, do as I have said about which one was the actual show business Job itself, display it all on social Media and the effect is that they are making use of me rather than Buy Books while they deploy my equities to make millions they build up in savings they are not extracting equities they need from. So it throws back to the need to continue to take up their civil rights and do it for them for the purpose of confiscating it as well, while they rely on their money for some new found democratic peoples oppression which allows them seek to do what I can do instead of buy Books I have spent more of the time and resources they waste to write, no matter how famous and 'loaded.' I mean the effect is that people can move into my right hand and violate me in their minds with intent to make a a vagabond if they wanted but anything I have done to ensure they are having a fill of the worst of Show business which appears to get to their heads for the corruption and corruptibility has been supposedly taken down - beggars questions but I find it hard to sit down somewhere and ask when the bloody idiots did turn all together.

I do get told I am absolutely canning myself while I should preserve my health for State duties but I am not, its very well calculated all together – what happens is that the culture and society bullies and abusers are learning that nobody fancies that much Show Business ripping up the finances because others want to build up popular culture on my Public image and get rich quick but what happens every time this message is clear is that Celebrity A listers then show up to set out a statement about the fact they were free people whose purpose was to find a good place to make an investment in and that the good place they have found is my personal life and Public image, so for me, the good place I have found as well is their attitude. It was as simple a matter as the fact I am trying to look after a Business Empire and that they were supposed to show up here if they wanted a Book; it has gone from the destruction of my academic work and finances in order to tell me that my Business empire only exists in my head, clipping my finances while I work on it and other channels of income are closed off because I am distracted by the empire being more important, then make a duty of themselves showing up around my concerns to try and do what I can do rather than buy the Books that should have interested them. We have now reached a point thereof where they intervene each time the culture and society trouble makers complain about hurting bottoms on my account as well and I intend to set out a war between myself and A List Celebrities especially at Hollywood, boys and girls on the fence blabbing nonsense about which Books I will never sell. It progresses in bits obviously but the big one is still the part where it takes itself seriously enough to follow me around when I attend an academic institution again, then mock me whenever I express the fact they are really stupid and create problems for themselves that they blame others for and we can see it has become more important than looking after an Empire and getting the Books sold, creating problems for myself when people damage the finances and academics, so they might show up on my livelihood years later, to do what I can do instead of pay for the products on account they are wealthy and always get what they want; every time it is explained to these fools the effects of their activities, they get worse and violent with that big mouth.

They do love to claim I brought it all upon myself which is utter nonsense – it’s the great old story of feeling how much they need it once again in my life whenever they have things they believe will bring them fame and fortune if handled by them – so we find that on social media for instance, one moment I may be followed by tens of people and the next they have all gone away because an idiot somewhere is cooking my broth rather than buy some Books. Somebody therefore who deserves everything they get; so I have begun my own processes as well which involve making their bottoms hurt to teach them that nobody really needs that much Show Business in their lives, what then happens being the corrupt A list celebrities take jobs from allies and take the criticism on-board, especially the part to do with risk of abuse being the actual show business job, then set about making sure my Books do not get sold as though it appears there isn’t a stage at which such a behaviour towards another person can add up to damage which could be responded to and hence will remain a costly gimmick for eternity – my response then have been to drive them hard at the show business, to such an extent that I am writing Books about what is happening when they are driven at show business to pay the Bills and return to the academic work they would never allow me concentrate on, hence this story of bringing it on myself by turning the show business I hate so much to my advantage not based on fact. We see they think that their ability to chase my bottom and hurt my abdomen has added up to a means that lets me understand what will happen if they do not get what they want and cannot stop blowing off their big mouth about that too, while the back stage media goons claim I will get into trouble with them virtually every day. So, it does apply that these are either very stupid people or that they have become quite convinced that whenever a behaviour is a stupid one, it should be exhibited all over my career just to see how I would react, then set off claiming it is an outcome of what my fans and people do and that they really love me as well, therefore make themselves into these characters that deserve everything they get.

 Then we hear them say I am in a lot of suffering and that there is satisfaction to be gained from that which is not really true; what is true is that I do not do much by the way of food, so what they do with that is ensure I can never decide how much energy I expend and leaves me each time I have to deal with them faced with the prospect where I smell like my loo every time I am pricked by their insults and the probability of those insults becoming a deserved activity therefore magnified. Its like when they say I am losing friends and allies which is utter nonsense; the friends and allies are the main reason for their complaining most of the time i.e. my Mum works on TV and gets involved with an Arch Prince but I do not have a life and cannot concentrate on my studies, so it becomes a question of what will happen when it applies that everything they believe to be incredibly stupid has to be exhibited on my life and career claiming it is an existence that costs them jobs and show business and its not the only one - there is the other where she thinks my Court is free for all and its concerned with some Man that will do violence for her, so I go from somebody that can defend my own case by making sure I am able to dish some heart disease for Racists and Civil rights goons to being vulnerable to some lucky madness based heart disease myself and these are just a handful of examples they are fighting for their lives as well.

I am by this referring to the way in which we are made to think that those who engage in organised crime, deserved their activities to be thought of as something done to help them carry on with their concerns in relative safety, the way the Books I have written which is always being shredded by Celebrities is considered.

The popular claim these days is that I had set myself out as a tough guy as far as Americans were concerned but it really has nothing to do with tough, more a matter of the fact that if a solution were going to be found for a process of being set out as a character from which Americans got to own what most people dream of having, I was going to be the one to find it. This nonsense did start out stupid enough, whenever people are paid enough money to make them rich by people who asked them to sell products and they decided civil rights, wealth and social equality will be achieved by a process of selling it on my public image, not as a matter of product benefit but as a matter of the good feelings people got from buying the products and the feelings of equality with Royalty that they were providing by selling it, garnished by idiots with civil rights threatening me over their own money problems that came about because of their personal decisions and we know they can never stop telling lies to ensure one cannot turn in any direction while their stupidities are at it.

It can always hang around somewhere blowing off the big mouth about me being a tough guy character or it may want to keep off Books and a Bookshop about which I have never signed a contract with them that permits them to handle as such – I know which is the easier of the two, looking like it has not got a thing in this world to live for and does not want to go down by itself. The same behaviour has been applied to my Books for the last 9 years, facilitated by Celebrities – it picks up my Books and builds me a reputation for writing a Book that has set me out as a superior person while I am completely unaware of what other people are going through and needed the experience; no idea why any human being would spend time on media and the work place to handle another persons property in such ways anyway but we know the nauseating financial complications caused me over a 7 year period of tolerating it – the entire time of which their stupidities have improved their incomes doing so but decided to eliminate the respect aspects, is likely to be the source of this gimmick about being tough guy if the idiots have ever taken anything seriously in their stupid lives. We know this nonsense feeds into the way that support is provided for people at Government Office only for people to be driven to a stage where out of consent they handed it over to tall idiots in the City centre getting dangerous with money by being paid for sex.

Their society gits are always so fond of suggesting that there is a space on their right hand side that I would give anything to find myself in and its utter nonsense as I don’t want to be aware of the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side and so their need to handle matters in this place that facilitates a process of me being aware of it, now needs to stop as this is not their lives, not where they live.  I am sure they have seen the patent statement on my Books and how it has set out that any who learns from it at a distance is committing a crime. People have said such statements are extraordinary but they are not to me – these goons are convinced if I said I will torch the society and get away with it, the possibility is that I was bluffing. The question of my problem with the society goes beyond this as well, as we know it’s a story about the idea western people are weak because of the way they can be manipulated into using aspects of other peoples lives to make a living which causes an outcome whereby the accountability of Government and justice they preach cannot be achieved because it always requires their health and well being and we know they were there when our various parents were bread winners, so we don’t think of it as a matter that we consider as if our lives depended on doing so but in my case it is getting serious enough.

Some have said that if I mentioned this years ago, people would not have died but it is pointless to do so, as what really happens is that these gits exist at a very low stage of social evils, so Law enforcement does not want to talk about it – they refer to it as the bully parents syndrome of which some people like to think they know what it is but have not got a slightest clue whatsoever. We have seen the problem is mostly the sort of Country ownership leadership that Politicians have supplied to help them become financial successful with business because they spent most of their time pleasing the Crowd, the one that has brought these scum into prominence.

Now they claim I am hateful but I am not – we are talking about years of nausea due to financial complications associated with business just business civil and criminal disobedience with respect to the way people got to handle my income margins and hung around somewhere blowing off the big mouth at me about what I had done to offend them and how they will fight back with new found wealth, alongside stories of which successes I had acquired which are not my size and range, garnished with an endless stream of lies and media presence which never stops – we know it is orchestrated by Liberal USA who ensure LGBT can keep up a series of scandalous insults at my expense, which eventually allow them to grab my sex life for the preserve of the rich and come up with stories that encourage people to think about an impending doom associated with the consumption of products they would love to be the preserve of rich people only, my sex life itself being protected from me by the sex industry so the wealthy may have it – in this most of their time is spent trying to get famous with my public image alongside the abuses of their Celebrities and stupid men who want to move into my right hand and enjoy sensations of established civilisation and Country ownership, churning my tummy and looking like doing things around my person and concerns that I don’t fancy, as stupidly as possible all the time and blabbing about my tone being disrespectful while the macro side of the economy is a world where I cannot talk with people without coming across bottom issues and their stupidities blabbing disrespect at me cannot even go home without taking advantage of me. It needs to stay away from my Books and keep its dirty mouth off my concerns and there is no such thing as Vegetarianism being the saviour of the world if people domesticate the meat they consume rather than get around the wild sharing meat with wild predators and wanting to have a share of such meat every day. It keeps blabbing respect issues at the way I vent my feelings while its insane parents moving into my right hand to churn my tummy once they spy on me and build public obfuscation from the way I use the loo alongside my diet to make their stupidities feel important continues and its stupidities have not yet stopped the original respect problem by ceasing all business of showing up on my public image to try and become an important person, preferably more important than I am - I appear to have robbed their respectful stupidities of the means to take equity from people a business just business gimmicks and beat up their victims after they had taken what they wanted obviously. 

I mean they claim endlessly the problem to be that I pick up problems I cannot solve but we can all clearly see that if I cannot control one racist for the General public to feel safe and secure by, while their actions are creating more racists, then they have to be some of the most insulting and entitled twats in the whole world, hence I am right to end up with this opinion that they get their imagination up my anus endlessly after years of insultingly grooming me for it, because they need to know things that they must know in order to stop being so stupid as to do it as it were. They are starting to become my main preoccupation in this place too.

I used to think their problem with law enforcement was associated with a need to get around the jobs and make a proper mess seeking out some escapade to improve their popularity and the outcome will be one where they get Police to divert resources for their safety and security or the Police risk own lives on their behalf or feel that their work is being stopped somewhere but it is much worse; what we have is a handful of idiots serving Law enforcement because they feel served by Law enforcement using sexual services i.e. they continue to get imagination up my bum and issue threats for the smell because they are stupid and really want to know something that will change this too. They claim that I never face full facts with respect to the consequences of my activities and that their point was associated with the way behaviour lacking in cleverness and full of blunt instruments affect their lives and its utter nonsense as first they cannot stop trying to be more important than I am using my own public image, which means what I say made sense to them but is stupid at the same time with a big mouth – then there is the full facts about my activities being something of the fact they don’t have a licence or a law permitting them to make a mess of my Bookshop and inflict me with a decades worth of financial complications that causes a nausea that I have to wake up to at a Royal Hermitage every day, what they have achieved from it is not just that the nausea indicated lost social status but also that I had now developed into a character who speaks and acts in a way which affects the wealth of the wealthy people and need to stop or be made to stop doing so. Hence it wants to get to the bottom of respect issues with its stupid media presence and foolish insulting Celebrities that are also starting to become my main preoccupation in this place just as much and I thought I had to get to the bottom of the respect issues myself too – if they relieve me of this nausea associated with their involvement with my concerns making a mess of the career and finances, I don’t believe they would have anything to complain of.

They claim I talk about everything and anything and this is what gets on their nerves; it is utter nonsense as I am a Hermit who is meant to be detached from the world in the service of the interests of the Church and speaking of which this baddy characters bringing peoples lives to a stop is not the worst social evil we have out there – there are cases of people murdering people and eating the bodies, people murdering people and grinding up bodies into things that can be fed to animals, there is evil out there and there are abilities that God had blessed me with to help counter them – I would like to be allowed to enjoy my peace and quiet through which I do the best work but its impossible as long as homosexuals know gay sex is painful but will want to cool off with the peace and quiet and the question became how much sex they had in any 24 Hours while they did that as such, whereby the way to proceed was to stop the sex but that too will have added up to a draconian measure invented by the Church according to the Media. So its not clear what this leadership of people with media presence that brings to prominence social evils that Law enforcement categorise as the parent bully phenomenon is meant to accomplish.



























The story most often peddled by the troublemakers at the Monarchy is that I snuck into it because better people had become uninterested which needed to change. The question I have is whether better people who became uninterested were wealthy people that lived in a world of insults, Celebrities and sales men, such that they traded all over the world, so when they meet things that don’t like British tend to take responsibility for it and some of them do get recognition from the Monarchy for it too. It is a question that they will have to find a response for because this nonsense never stops and the last time it showed up at University to make me drop out is still making me a very happy person to this day. This nonsense is likely to create an outcome where I am off selling some Books and a clown in the City centre will show up to make trouble claiming I am no Arch Prince and they are very well aware of it too, hence it prompts a response where it needed to be clear that I have never come across an administrative process that works if its minions were not caught up in crime so their criminal history made sense of the bottom chasing activities – this nonsense never stops; it tells everybody what to do, it tell The Queen what to do. Some people have pointed out that I continue to hide my response to it while it is creating public crisis which I really don’t – it has become quite clear at this stage, that I am responding to them by shredding their Celebrity culture and this is not nearly the half of it as I have now set out a stage involving the middle management insults that play into the criminal activities of their minions and a process of theirs alongside their Celebrities beating me down while I chase my daily concerns, implying we tend to enjoy a semblance of normalcy when they have no money. They however have said that it appears to be okay to tackle people with independent minds and spirits at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense as the other people they are pointing to are a characters at the Monarchy who are always playing games, the purpose of their games is that if you lost, you lost power to them, hence this nonsense, the interference and their Celebrity gimmicks generally means the smell issues will be everywhere and we know they are the only people attacking others for it.

I am said to be completely unaware people are creating plans for activities that will harm the interests of the British Monarchy and want me to co-operate with it or keep what I know to myself but we can see how their insolence and nepotism produces this sort of behaviour, no idea why people think they need to tell me if they are planning to harm the Monarchy anyway. They always like to think of their position as one which adds up to a crisis but it doesn’t – what happens is that they want to oppress others but have no money so they want their victims to hand over money that will facilitate it, they are in a state of constantly ambushing people career wise and in terms of social life, looking to be treated as though they were more important by those who hold a state of relevance in the eyes of the Public and then when they are organised as a community that can run people down all the time, they are convinced there is nothing those they inflict with such nonsense can do about it and it basically implies I think they are not a handful of criminals but well meaning culture and society people making decisions on which is the male and female personality, implying that they are rather convinced of their ability to handle me in every way imaginable which is the reasons they are always having a go. The truth of it being that they do not exist where people give it as good as they got because the finances are a mess, which is below the state where people are organised because their finances are stable or a state where people are wealthy and are constrained by very few things but their desire to show up where others have done the best work for the career and start an obfuscation to show which one is brave over matters of physical violence is insatiable, producing an outcome where those who have tolerated it over longer periods of time think they are being educated about high crime, while those who still keep the head feel as if joining in with the parents to beat them up all the time was a good idea. They are not half the crisis they think I must face, and I would fancy particularly that the insultingly entitled black people kept the distance from my concerns.

In the end the consequences of these activities are showing up in terms of their evolution – the first time they complained about me on a global stage, it was due to a need to hang around in Asia or South America and whack me over the head in the imagination, this time its Germans and their goons banging me all the time – their interests now declining because of the way I respond to their imagination getting up my bum to indicate something they can do because they are stupid and want to know something that will stop them from doing it. The British ones which are my main concerns running off the usual case of following me around to deploy my personality for poplar culture about which they have not allowed me a days peace since 2002, wrecking the academic work eventually in 2007 and setting the record of doing so out as indications concerning reasons I should co-operate with their stupid needs, eventually now making more obvious activities that involved giving service operative reciprocate services at the sex industry which ran all the way to Asia, picking up the insults of the Germans claiming I had done security guard job in a sexual way, while maintaining a very perverted arrangement with Liberal USA. Here they claim I know about all these and how it affects the world but keep the information because I believe I will lose something for sharing it while reality is that they are clever and an Arch Prince is thinking on his feet which was ridiculous; the reality being that I am just clearing out the issues as they come along. Like they say that I refuse to accept the Queen is leading more in tyranny than I give it credit for while reality is that we go through hell at Leadership and people put themselves bin danger to protect Celebrities from the culture and society trouble makers, only for them to invent excuses and pull up stunts that involved spending money to support society and culture trouble makers, abate their behaviour and encourage them to do more. In my case it’s the classic outcome of hanging around somewhere making light of their need to claim they are more important, seek out ways that I will engage with the world in one direction while they picked up my work to engage with crowds in another until it became a crisis and some will say it has not really had an effect on me and yes it has not, I am just pointing out the part where I have acted in a very silly way which has caused them to lose jobs and social influences that other people would kill for. So I am currently working on an exit that will ensure I no longer had to respond to them by making sense of the insanity that passes on their left and right hand side; they appear to come in three parts – when I think about middle management goons being the reasons there is no work left to do about the books but I am still not selling any and hence cash strapped, they come in three parts – now I have just gone on to explore the German Federation which operated in terms of tiers and Units and grass roots where Governors make their own decisions on economic matters, leading to an outcome where they are always banging me and getting imagination up my bum and the whole business of we can do what we like with you and there is nothing you can do has come through in three sections – so now I am waiting for the Celebrity bits where the way I have told people not to engage with or handle service processes of my Bookshop is precisely the way they will handle it later on after I had gone through hell to stop them doing so and I bet it will come through in three parts as well; such that when I had settled up on an administrative process for all three, I will have begun the process of developing into a character that they will hate with a passion. Some people have said that most of what I do is fraught with problems and they are not – I developed my operations around a Court of Female Journalists and now we can see since last culture and society gits started spying on people to pick up peoples contracts and hand it to Celebrities so they might be able to tell people to give up on life, how important the Court system is and what the damage those who invite themselves into my concerns do, including the purpose of those damages. In the end it is what I was concerned about when the call to serve at the Monarchy first came to prominence – the fear that the black guy will have invented a new way of life, the word which causes the hair to stand on end, being that the black guy had pioneered a new way of life; its not such a problem in any case, my role has now developed into something which shows why the position of the Head of State should be relied on with respect to how people get around feeling safe and secure, it has long been known to express reputation for being the means through which Celebrities will swarm the Monarchy but has now produced the opposite effect. 

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