I am said to be unable to grasp the Political condition in the Country and it is utter nonsense – the only Political condition is the obfuscation a group of goons have built from my life as a disparity between what they expect to spend from the life of an Arch Prince they had easy access to is so far detached from the way that I live making it available to them; there is no way that people can make me feel ashamed of who I am I suppose but if they believe themselves to be in pain because I am a Hermit and my lifestyle should reflect everything that matters about the fact my bottom hurts and they have not yet supplied a reason or valid reason why we need live in such a corrupt and evil society, that without reason or purpose, the need to get rich with my personality propels them to build Communities that gets the imagination up my anus all day long, complete with features such as ageists who pick up my career and get off playing with City centre operatives who take their career from them and inflict them with gentrification, since their insanity is always talking about success in terms of Community and Country ownership and others are cleverer than they are, only to show up and wreck what else I had recovered in order to bully me into handling the young people that get imagination up peoples bottoms which society they had built for it in the first place with a big mouth – so if people feel they are in pain because I live in a way that reflects this question, they ought to alleviate their pain by reading what I have written.

A typical example is when we see their Television personality idiots run off documentary after documentary that show they were socialists and my involvement with China and Russia for instance is something that is not genuine, I wonder if the belief is that they were in charge, that they are in control, before we find them tackle me on grounds they think they stupid selves able to handle me and make me deal with problems their lifestyles had created for them, blabbing that I think gentrification to be a good thing in order to expose me to more gangs and criminal activities, while complaining all the time. We see those stupid Media programmes suggest that I have betrayed communists to suck up to Americans, while we know China is a Communist State and the USA has always been proud of its Entrepreneurial History, Culture and Identity, while we have in the UK always been good at handling finances, which has also made us good at handling Terrorism.

Other stories are rather far more important in each turn – stories like the signs that I am completely out of my depth, while reality is the same gimmick that involves insults which leave me looking like a half developed personality so I might either lose Public image or Public standing to their stupidities via Media and we know they are always in a constantly played out gimmick that involved getting involved with every part of my life and selling it, which is something I need to stop and believe some Celebrities will get themselves seriously harmed in the process of doing so for my part as well. I am not in any way completely out of my depth, the usual process of Celebrities wrecking people’s lives and property to tell lies on Media all day is the main case here and it produces the right effects of making people feel like vomiting each time they step outside of their door. The Media boasts about power to control me endlessly while they had no such thing; the first instance was a need to deploy that stupid exposure to Publicity for the purpose of getting me stuck with gangs and criminals because of the manner in which they hurt people to acquire the jobs that got to their heads have affected them, now we know they live off the Public image I had built from a Hermitage which is clearly quite safe, to get in league with society trouble makers and will not stop blowing off the big mouth at me – the society trouble makers we see do all the time, when it comes to the business of informing me that they see the world according to what they smell and what they hear while the assumption is that telling them I am likely to sell their culture and society for a living does not imply that this was the same in my case as well and does not even tend to put out the suggestion that we could all clearly do without the insults. The question with Media becomes one of the reasons for this, of which we will never know; what I know is that it is narcissism and they think of me as a soft touch for it too, so I have warned them all to shut it down, especially the comments, which destruction of my Bookshop to tell lies on media that churn my tummy is done by Celebrities who conduct show business, about once in 3 months on average while their stupid half-baked media fame tends to happen every single hour, looking for all the trouble in the world. The society people fit into the same category in such ways as well – the other gits on the left say they are real Men but when asked to get on with it promise a war, the others on the right never stop the insults and abuses when they are not having to complain that I had no respect for women, whereby in their view I know so much about it because I am not the same as they are and we could all do without the disrespect desperately but for the former, it usually becomes a matter of the racists that get all over it to scream above at heads so we cannot hear what we are saying to each other at Government buildings, while when asked to sort it out, they decided it was the point at which they were going to get rich, shedding more light on the facts behind the reason the entire thing has been built from the fact I put out a Bookshop and they deployed the customer service structures for the purpose of blabbing their culture and society gimmicks at me 24/7 which soon progresses to narcissism and a gimmick on saying I am completely out of my depth on National and International Media with a big mouth.

We do hear them make those conjectures that they have already gotten away with some things I had better allowed them get away with everything all together, which is utter nonsense – the only thing they have gotten away with is Industry trouble makers who use them as tools blabbing about a lack of respect on my part for their privileges because I don’t want people planning their livelihoods in a way that harms this Hermitage and ending up paying them off to ensure they did not make trouble for the public because I am more manipulative than they are i.e. what happens with Government work is that a single Payment pot is Assessed and everybody is paid from it, this is therefore the reasons that people cannot get rich by doing Government work, it is clearly bigger than entrepreneurs no matter how rich as it were. Does it mean that I envy rich people; I don’t – I am not a fan of the fact they exist and am not bowled over if they did, this is a perspective which leaves me dealing with the trouble makers constantly and a certain fortitude to show some affection and admiration for those who have achieved their achievements; it is better than grappling with a git who tells me I have a certain public policy because it or she had spent more time earning money and paying me taxes instead of taking trouble for me – the twats who really do need let me have my personal space as it were. I have been clear about this warning for some Weeks now – if the Media Comments on my concerns and Celebrity need to get involved with my Hermitage to sell whatever they have seen instead of work for their money had not stopped, the fact I will break their careers as well can easily become the least of their worries.

Now I am aware they will never stop targeting me and people at Government buildings have expressed concerns with respect to what I hope to do about it but it’s never been a crisis as such, nor will the business of the Government building Goons that spend Government funds on setting me up for it, making those stupid culture comments be tolerated. The reality of it has always been the matter of the fact that particularly with people who have been seen attending Church which basically adds up to a promise to tolerate all sorts of bad behaviour, there is a need to get me doing violent things, getting into a fight and working for money that I gave up to a bunch of idiots with vaginas between their legs organised by another group of fools who believe in the redeeming powers of Media exposure, so the prevalent sensibility that is running around presently is that when it comes to attacking Celebrities I tend to flinch and the business of putting up with 15 years of financial complications to tolerate them might simply continue for the rest of my life thereof; so it becomes quite clear that I will have to set out Public statements and processes which show that every gimmick they have expressed as associated with me really has nothing to do with me, especially in terms of its money making capability and when I had shut down the entire thing, my Bookshop will no longer be disturbed especially by Celebrities. The truth of it is that there is no business that is registered with the Government and set out in a way which suggests an establishment that exists to get involved with Royalty and sell every aspect of the lives of Royal personages as insultingly as possible and besides which apart from hearing all the time their stupidities think I mess with their foolish Celebrities because I am lucky, the only time we hear that their show biz was actually a business is the times when they are blabbing about changes made to personal life and public image by those who property are being deployed by their stupidities for the gimmicks, to claim that the show business pays a lot of taxes while some people think it is not actually a business that can be taken seriously. The rest cannot stop blabbing of how these things are visited on me because of the way that the Monarchy and Government has wrecked their careers and the idiots really have no careers whatsoever – we have seen these pictures before, since the 1960s with their stupidities hanging around at factories talking nonsense about being provoked by the Government and more recently women who have taken up National security roles, in order to suggest people like me are punching bags because of the difficulty associated with where their personal decisions have taken them – so I ought to be clear here that one more time having to deal with these other gits who have a need to threaten me over their money issues claiming it is their civil rights and wrecking my finances to ensure I was forced to do fighting that made women comfortable, blowing off their big mouthed insults at me, it will go beyond a realisation I am a real threat to them as the USA is no longer able to protect them in my case and they have never been able to do anything about me, save taking advantage of what I did to bear their stupidities because of the sort of difficulties their personal decisions inflicted on them, to something much more serious, with an intention to make a global stage phenomenon out of it for my part as well. I have been asked if I think social Media will help me accomplish this process of raising Publicity to show their stupidities had nothing to do with me and yes I do – depending on how much of every idiocy and proceeds thereof associated with a bunch of fools showing up here to peddle what they find of my Royal personage and Public image I have destroyed in the process, it should work well enough and be sufficient to stem completely any losses I am suffering because of it at the Bookshop.