I am now said to likely to walk away from a fight at any cost and it is utter nonsense – these are a handful of very stupid individuals whose stupidities are responsible for the reasons they are always caught up in the overseas wars we hear off all of the time – they have need of other people’s leadership but prefer insulting such persons and then the situation improves once the insults started affecting them and they wanted to manipulate their victims to keep it all going. Nobody knows how indeed the money people have earned during their time at the workforce gets to mean that somebody else was condemned to be the most profitable victim of financial and sexual corruption all together, we know it’s the reason they must wreck my academic work, pass the exams and hang around at the work place with unfathomable insults that they claim appears to facilitate market. The violence therefore does not solve a single problem when we all know that what it does is to serve them as a very vile and abusive behaviour that wrecks everything about my career, through to my personality while lies and abusive communities helped them keep their own, so what I really need to do is try to get my hands on the jobs that get to their heads and not get around responding to all sorts of nonsense associated with a need to get me into a violent situation. They always say it will never happen but we know it’s a three part story of one third wrecking my academic work to pass exams and hang around the work place getting imagination up my bum in order to develop career advancement, the other hangs about at the Monarchy fighting my battles while the ageist Men invest their money at supermarkets once they had set me out as the most profitable victim of financial corruption and I need to get my hands on their family finance bases as well, much the same as it had become very clear that whatever I am about to do concerning the matter was as easily avoidable as seeing them keep off my Books, shutting down the abusive and career destructive media comments and put a stop to everything they do to follow me around with it. They do say I am not necessarily a victim in the matter and I am not, they have lesser and lesser money from this behaviour by screwing with me and I intend to keep up the pressure that is the result of frustration associated with it – rather than stop the abusive vandalism we have found them say the money left over will be used to tackle me and I understand that perfectly so I should do my part to ensure the daddies were making less and less and less of it too.

I do get told it would be better if my progression was clearer and it is clearer as it can be – what they have developed about me is utter nonsense; the business of getting involved with the work force to set out a stage for the way my person fits into a career, alongside looking after my Bookshop and chasing my academic work once more is the correct one and it does not need the degree of publicity that I have been getting either. They have however said it’s not clear how I fell out so badly with Celebrities for instance or that I will suffer as a result of a Conservative Government or clear that my Books do have a market. The Celebrities story is an old one where we the same behaviour exhibited by these idiots when they wreck the academic work to pass exams, get jobs and spend time tackling my personality, is the same we see Celebrities exhibit when they have spent every acumen associated with their culture and returned to seek ownership of my work in order to foster their sense of superiority but then which it is all based on destruction of my property to facilitate the setbacks here that they need and total reliance on me not to do a thing about it and I am rather fed up with their stupidities getting it too or more so looking like they are – it’s the same tale of the fact it is either the activities culture and society trouble makers engage in is a very vile set of behaviour or it is a pitfall of general living and the idea it is a pitfall of general living never really works, so the reality must be one about Men thinking they were real Men, so their attitude towards my livelihood was one of women coming up with the ideas and Men completing it to get rich, right down to the business of building communities where they spend time teaching their children all sorts of nonsense that is then expressed in public places about me, churning my tummy and issuing those foolish threats for it – so I am still waiting for them to complete this one and get rich, looking like an education on the reasons people take the law into their hands, the stupidities that facilitate the fact they are always ending up in some form of deadly interterritorial conflict. The story of me suffering because of a Conservative Government is actually not determinate as well all together;  we all know this matter is largely a case of the difficult decisions that older people used to make about socialists and how the Liberals and Conservatives that are complicit with socialist vandalism end up suffering the most when they are unable to make those decisions, while as a younger person sometimes I used to think they did too much and now I am old enough to make the decisions and am scared of it too – I may have been a bit late in reaching my resolve but I am a writer and that means what I do will likely have far reaching effects and continue to come back round in a cycle. Besides, if the conservatives facilitated socialist vandalism, they will deal with the blow out when I push back like they have done before the rather extremist looking Boris helped them win back the Party and the Parliament like it currently is, so I really have nothing to worry about as such. As for the idea a  market does not exist for my Books; the market for my Books is rather what this is all about – the very auspice for most of what people say is bad about me could have been completely avoided, either because they had gotten involved with my Bookshop according to purposes intended and used it according to the causes that help build it public setting, they stopped making a mess of the academic work and following me around with abuses that their communities support them by to run me down all day long or I did not face any further follow on difficulty when companies get involved, set me some tasks and make it clear I ought to get into partnership with some women they had enlisted to handle criminality issues, instead of doing it myself while I handled a lot of Equity. What we find from the latter is that the Celebrities hang around and draw up a clear link between culture and society trouble makers getting imagination up my bum and a process where they got famous on my public image, while another group of goons are always seen engaging in one form of industrial crime after another saying I am not Royalty every time they had failed to make profit on my Public image while at the Industry it’s more a sense they hang around doing very bad things at Companies once they had completed processes associated with their tribalism raids, then when I got round to that areas they hurt my bottom and push me down the path to handling criminality while I had a lot of Equity to deal with – this is the setting on which they claim mine is all talk and there is nothing I can do about them, where people say I needed not discount what I had done on social Media in terms of seeking a public place profile for my person, career and Books which I have not but cannot be free from finding them claim what I do on social media is not real when I know it is not but am trying to get in touch with people I already know and they do not fit the bill for that – we see this feed into the business of hanging around criminal mobility at British National backyard, beating me down on the radio waves to get rich as popular culture moguls all the time and they say I would walk away from a fight at any cost while they have supported such nonsense by hanging around their communities building up all sorts of nonsense that suggest they were here before me while I am older than most of them are, to churn my tummy with through raising children that are incredibly insulting and we are very well aware it is a fall out of socialist Policy where the Government comes up with a plan to ensure these badly raised kids were other people’s problem unlike a Conservative Government where they will say people who live on benefit as scroungers, meaning I will have to ensure every nonsense of theirs which damages my career is something their families were well informed about and children that did not want to see their parents had a government protected right not to. In the end the confusion on my business with Celebrities being cleared up, I would point out what happens is that every group has a specific place and the Celebrities specifically have this role where their position helps my Bookshop at the Hermitage to assume an actual form, in return of which I must support them on matters of identity and family, so I am aware of the Celebrities that I started off with decades ago, whom I have defended from Industry abuses where they are made to pay for their earnings when whole populations are made to copy their private and public lives while Film Companies made money selling the movies and I do not recognise these other gits that invited themselves into my life in order to sign themselves off the customer base.

Some have said they would want to talk about my successes at the Monarchy and yes it is the old story where each time there is trouble at the Monarchy, it is a matter of somebody fooling around on a discriminative behaviour all over it – so what has happened is that I have been given this privileged position where I get to criticise some things at the Monarchy and they had become accustomed to telling me I will get into trouble for it, which just makes me increasingly keen to set out exactly the way I want it to blow up in their backyards all of the time, hence putting it on a public place that is rather permanent such as a website. They do say that I would never dare say it where they were in their elements but I wouldn’t since it is rather always clear that HM does not want to do business with them and each attempt to explore the reasons is always met with a brick wall built out of instances where there had been issues because of their behaviour with respect to anal sex and the fact those who get around having anal sex at the Monarchy are simply teasing up a response from them. That said, should it be within my domain to respond, they will find that when Britain is Britain and Germany is Germany and Germany is not running Britain with them as the centre piece, even Popular culture people in either country fall in love with such administrative work.

They say my Books have ended up in the current condition because I probably don’t know what I am doing and it is utter nonsense as well; it has because I would be the guy who got off selling Books about what he knew when people were getting hurt and killed, so it’s always the case to give away the information and sell the Books later on, it is the way it is supposed to be, if my intellectual property administration services were to be measured and tested to produce the right results but it is clearly vulnerable to Media and Celebrities and I want them to shut it down as soon as possible or I will the way that I see fit. None is preventing them from accessing their social and sexual corruption, so it’s never clear why it is so appealing to deny other people a career built personally. We have seen how safe this business model is when the same person who owns an e-book version of a title will buy a hard copy because they are two different experiences, much the same as it is safe to work the way I do with Celebrities, Industrial Criminals and society goons because it seems that my methods have such an effect where those who show up around my Bookshop for vandalism and practical jokes suffer more than either myself or the latter three, then set about claiming nothing is being done about public matters, like we see that extremists are not necessarily incorrect about the public issues they speak of but their main priority is that they had taken the law into their hands and want the rest of us to understand when there is nothing to understand and some of them are dangerous enough to delegate this to people whose lives are more worthless.

Now they say when people listen to what I do and respond to my activities it really creates more public and global stage instability while it achieved nothing and I don’t know that this supposition was derived from reality either; there has to be a reason we always tend to find stupid swoon Liberal America idiots and their socialist gits all over my personal finances, expressing practical jokes and vandalism. I mean the only time that work and career has ever been important to them is when they are likely to succeed because somebody else had failed, when they are replacing somebody else in a money making structure, when they are competing with people from a work of life that has nothing to do with their own and when somebody is about to become a victim of very abusive and violent lasciviousness. So in my case, the need to fool around with my personality and public image gives way to insults and abuses from a distance that indicates intention to carry out violence, which then gives way to imagination getting up my bum which then gives way to communities that are built to send out idiots who spend time running me down endlessly and develops into a more life threatening form of violence that feeds into the relentlessness of the imagination getting up my bum because their stupidities were convinced I could not do a thing about it, while all I needed to do was to stop everything associated with a process where they can fool around with me and then there will be a cure for the smell they cause through which they threaten to attack me in public places as well; so the question still stands in this respect as per the exact times when Liberal American swoon idiots and their socialist friends have ever considered work and career to be important as listed above and when it begins to get a more serious response, we will find out what it is exactly that I am unable to do about it as well. For the time being, the response is more a matter of the children following me around with abusive behaviour while their Politicians wreck the academic work and finances because they want to play with my personality and get rich at Popular culture and therefore view me as an item which can be consumed – the outcome being that they are now past it and the business of targeting me over claims they had lost their future has intensified, the parents on the other hand are losing money all the time and I intend to make it less and less profit for them depending on the insults and abuses that come my way each time I stepped outside of my door, talking nonsense about people doing their stuff while clinging to my public image and spying on me and teaching the stupid children to do the same as well, naturally of which the outcome of such an action when it gets more serious as it were is easily avoidable as we can see I have waited for their idiocy to be civilised enough to move on, to no avail and they must now understand what I think of seeing their stupidities follow me around, especially when they steal things from shops each time I go out to buy my supplies as well, making those stupid comments all over my public image and Books because they are still engaged in those foolish industrial crimes associated with making use of my personality and public image and have not yet kept their distance from my Books with that foolish criminal disobedience of theirs – so we see that when I hold out until they are past it like so, it is a result where everybody wins and the high level crimes are not committed.

Then we find these stories come through as a matter of mockery – that the insults and abuses I have to deal with is something their stupidities do to ensure they were safe and secure from criminals, while there isn’t yet explained the exact reasons their stupidities believe years of insults channelled at me has now made me a criminal that they want to target anyway, what we know as a matter of certainty is that the idiots did not pay the fees at the University when they followed me around until they wrecked it and have not paid the bills for the years of fun they have had at my expense either, what we know about the criminals being that such characters can spend 20 years at any given time, keeping away from the jobs and the careers and academic pursuits, living in their own House, so that the environment in which they dwell is always dank, gloomy and the bad things are likely to happen whenever it must happen, hence the Police know where those are located most of the time; nobody knows why these fools have to do their own as well either. They say I talk but nothing I say has a real effect on them and yes it hasn’t since I am not yet fully engaged but I will not be moving them on like this beyond the end of 2019 either; from the start of 2020, I will likely teach the daddies a lesson they will never forget when that doing my stuff doing your stuff insults that nag, nag, nag, churn my tummy, spy on me and grab public image and earning margins around here is thrown at me one more time. They are rather convinced at this stage, that I will get into a lot of trouble with the Conservative Government and I only think that the Conservative Government must give me about 6 months and their families will be well informed about these nonsense instead of the benefit system, what the Daddies want from me, they will get all of it too as it were.