I am now told that I have not reconciled myself to the idea that increasing number of people who disliked me was a threat I had to face. It is not a threat to me in anyway however, when it really comes to it, the cause of all our problems is that they are always fooling around and it fools around, follows me around behind my back to fool around like that until I dropped out of university and after which it put me through a decade of hell, to say it created and owned me. The most recent have been very difficult to tolerate i.e. that I prevented people showing up at the backyards of Industry to pursue my career, meant that I had beaten back enemies that I was unworthy to defend myself from and the Media is now engaged in a business of beating me for them and being the ones that I could not beat because the Media hopes to share their money. My career no longer means anything to anybody no matter what I did with it because of this and it was the same for the Industry goons who never approach people on any matter directly until they arrive at a stage where it was possible to do damage in terms of the needs of breadwinner clients and then its back and forth until the career does not mean anything to anybody, so they could make money doing wicked things to others, I really never needed a bunch of fools with a Media presence, doing something to show I probably came into this world to hang about somewhere and wait for people to do things to me like so.

They do boast that it is about men and the fact that I ought to consider the odds I had at winning, in terms of the latter which I have stated before that they ought to cease handling my public life or bookshop unprofessionally especially during working hours and as for the odds, it was never clear when their modernist twats ended up with the state of mind they had about me and when they got off building it up the abusive gimmick that it had become while they clung to my earnings to issue threats, so my odds really is a state of affairs where we actually clashed. Currently however, it was clear that lesser threats could be used to ensure that either through fear or respect, the idea that they and their media were entitled to my career vanished and was never seen again but their ego continued to get in the way. The men shooting off their big mouth endlessly, needed to find another source of fun, needed to stop involving itself with my career unprofessionally or I will burn the society that backs up the big mouth and will get away with it too – so far it seems what they wanted to take advantage of had nothing to do with me talking as if I was tough enough to take everybody on, it was more a matter of working intellectual property administration with other companies, having done some work that looked into the problem of their need to wreck peoples businesses and employ the neighbourhood criminals to keep the victims recovering property, they have found something to copy, such that an idiot rents a House to me to shower me with abusive insolence that will show me my place everyday while his ageist stupidities picked up what he saw to get around with the people from the well off neighbourhoods, shooting off the big mouth when it is not yet in critical care or worse while I ended up in prison or worse.

They do claim they nearly ruined me but never came close, its all insults and the insults have such an effect as the antisocial behaviour people, criminals and yobs got involved, at which stage they decided that something had interfered with access they had to my person, social life and public image in such a way as their entitled stupidities could not deal with and so it is the point where their gimmicks got to affect them as well, which has nothing to do with me but I have been dug out of my own personal life and pushed into responding to it by fools that claim they will not tolerate how they ended up in facts that were written in a blog that provided services for a Bookshop, so they could never get out of this nonsense when and if they wanted to. Eventually it comes down to the part where one avoids taking up action when they behaved in a threatening way, considering the tendency to act in a way that suggested they loved their country more than everybody else when others did more damage – this is the part that is exploited by corrupt Royals and Politicians the most, to make a mess of my finances but then again the corrupt Royals and Politicians loved their fun when they were getting involved with Government of their own free will, saw how it worked and decided to do something else and we have not yet arrived at the stage where people wanted them to stay out of it forcibly.

They do love to say that my cash flow crisis was the one problem I really had and it is utter nonsense as none can detach them from the business of making popularity money from handling other peoples personality. What happens with all the insults being that the criminals, hoodlums and antisocial behaviour people get involved and then their entitled stupidities remembered that they did not like to live in a world where they were denied what they wanted, so they ascertained that upon having the consequences of their abuses interfere with access to me, the problem was to do with the way I was such a coward I did not deserve my earnings and my career. It is said I probably needed to do more to show what I am really like but I already have, they have chosen a different way to engage with my career and the biggest problem had since become that of practical jokes damaging business for employers of any person who engaged with the Bookshop. I have not done much at the Office in the last 5 years, due to the business of some rumour I heard about them sexually assaulting some women from the Monarchy looking after Crown interests at Industry, which was never going to get communists showing up here to poke me for information as well, about which we have seen how many wars they won against those, built a website for it but I had done a lot of work prior for the Office, in terms of primary governance and their need to make so much trouble for others, cause such an amount of trouble that victims end up in the Law Courts but only some of those provocation were ironed out, the rest brushed under the carpet as tools for power. I am a typical example of the way people end up with financial issues because of their ideas on how to use other peoples time – it needs to stop interfering with Arch Prince public image and Client interest at the Royal Trust Bookshop, I will no longer tolerate it. It is never true that the Media gets the best of me, what happens is that people think I continued to set out a sense the need their celebrities had to trash my finances and the practical jokes they perform with my career was something done for a reason while it is simply theft, especially when they have been running your life with the social lives of the criminals up to the top levels of National Media and Government, then picked up further destruction of your finances because they had access and due to a need to do harm to me a withdrew the access and their insults simply gets hoodlums and criminals involved with my social life which limits their access further, with a sense of entitlement, had decided you were too much of a coward to deserve your career and set out the ADHD celebrity insults, deciding how you were to exist. It is a capitalist system not a communist one, if this was a communist system, I would find a way to terrify them out of the expensive cars and homes, and they would have had to arm themselves because of me while there was no real threat on my part that could be substantiated – in the capitalist system, for a talent to be profitable, the owner had to live in a world where others did not have it too. Its like we see their need to show up here reading star signs and telling lies endlessly, it says I am a people pleaser for instance but my history is one in which I allow Celebrities mess with my career but had ensured a world where they did damaged and performed talk to my hand routines when I asked them about it did not exist – so when they say I am a people pleaser, it is supposed to be an indication they did damage and were revelling I.e. a doctor would allow themselves to become so ill that they could no longer treat their patients, I am not denying that I am a people pleaser but it now needs to set a date when its interest in my Bookshop would involve reading Books displayed, a date when it is to begin paying for what its famous stupidities uses in this place. What has happened is simply a process where the filthiest parts of their careers had taken precedent, while mine had stopped i.e. I was meant to pick a neighbourhood, set up shop, write Books and make client comfortable, I have picked a neighbourhood, set up shop and stopped and there was no reason for it; when I say they needed to stop getting involved with my career unprofessionally especially for the famous, they point out it will be too difficult to get away from practical jokes they had become accustomed to, this was their first victory naturally, the second will be finale. As for the rumour that my career is damaged, what really happens is that the damage they cause explains to people what they really think of themselves i.e. equals with their Bosses due to the fact they had the same qualification, so if I had business with their bosses, I am a twerp that had made their stupidities worse off but I wish to ensure they knew they were getting on my nerves and that my career was out of their gimmicks, where it was no longer stopped due to the filthiest aspects of their own - as mentioned before, I have not been able to make sense of the exact stage where the modernist idiots developed such an opinion of me to solve their problems at my expense, creating a version of me that I was very uncomfortable with and getting a crowd to take part in using me that way because of my Books and I cannot tell exactly where the well off House proud neighbourhoods began running off such stupidities to the extent that have on the matter but I am certain I do not write their Books in this place and it needs to stop getting involved with mine unprofessionally and needs to stop threatening me. They claim I was hated by some very powerful people and it is utter nonsense. It seems that they were queer, so their business with another person was to do with the fact others were better off than such a person and they were involved with the persons concerns to tidy up consequences of their own personal decisions. The powerful people they speak of was the Prince of Wales apparently and we are talking about a 50 year old problem were there are groups and groups of women, so it is the type of women that are always helping you with something and always tended to ask you for assistance that was the main problem, so HRH had this need that never ends, to get involved with some utterly useless individuals who needed other peoples public appearances to get paid for being popular and are always showing up to do things with peoples careers as was not intended to push their own fame. Thereafter, there was the society, the culture, the industry and the Politics but what interested them all the most, was the need to run other peoples lives with the social lives of the criminals, even the criminals were pointing out their need to run peoples lives with it while nothing was done about little twat that fingers peoples bottoms and this bum fingering bit had become the main thing that Westminster government contended with everyday as a matter of public profile, which only leaves the fact they had since outdone themselves, asking me the stupid questions. I mean an arrival at a point where they were entitled to handle me and push their financial well being doing so, having since developed the abuses to such an extent that the criminals and hoodlums got involved, which limited their access to me as well, their entitled madness was unable to tell where their own social class was located.