We now know that people want to talk of nothing else save my difficulties with the Politicians and Americans and I am not facing any such thing as supposed – the reality of it is that they have picked up matters around my Bookshop and knowing that people need a disposition of quiet reflection to read Books, set about making a mess of it and making this place unfathomably noisy, then suggest I do not have the capacity to be successful because they were talking about Celebrity fame – never been a crisis as such as we know these are one of the major ways in which those who work to squander other people’s family finances operate and that in my case I don’t go about spending time where I shouldn’t, so they bring it to me where I live and ensure it affected me in my own home for as long as they liked; it is not really an issue by itself but we are now at the stage where they have damaged the finances and caused a delay to put themselves ahead and it’s now a matter of dominance – thus the process of working this nonsense that involves controlling my personal finances which is personal for a reason, goes beyond their stupidities making a practical joke amusing, into something much more serious and this is where I will be fighting back as well, as we can see that their stupidities has such great need to create difficulties for me and spend time discussing them, that they actually invent the process of causing my financial setbacks, then get on Media to keep it up by making a Bookshop too noisy for people to simply read. At the start of it, mostly it was a matter of trying to see that their activities were not curtailed by reasonable people – no idea who thinks about controlling peoples personal finances or making a mess of it anyway, we all know if you are a religious person, you wouldn’t want it because it’s impossible to expect anything from people when they are hungry and tired and have no homes – having ensured that most reasonable people did not stop them, we are now dealing with a world they have built along the lines of feminist movements that do not think I make trouble for women but simply think of me as a punching Bag, for years having spent time where my Publishers are doing business to make a mess on Media, have finally settled up on a business of making statements on how I think I will carry on with the rest of my career if I do not think they ought to get whatever they want, like I mentioned before, so stupid that it needs this so much it gets about inventing it, needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around to blab my difficulties and an exploration of how bad it gets. I have never thought of it as a problem, we all know it is insanity to spend time working on a business of controlling peoples personal finances or making a mess of it but the reasons it happens have always been that it is the actions of some very evil people – once I have had their activities detached from mainstream living, they will need to spend their own resources to set up for it all together and this brief period always ends up facilitating a livelihood for others, ends up ensuring that not everybody gets to depend on evil people for money. I do get told it’s a dangerous path and I navigate it rather well but there is no real danger in it save the activities of those who want to play practical jokes with other people’s lives while they are not scary enough to get away with it and so we find that those of them with money to throw around rely on this as much as they rely on their victims to do nothing about it; it’s all Economy and we are handling a crisis at this stage, these matters need to be driven down to such an extent that they run only at the background of general economic activities, hence the question of why these people bring it into mainstream living in the first place, a matter of paying attention to facts considering how nice they may be with respect to the claims they make of their own good reputation and fame especially. They speak of what I have done to their culture and society and it’s so annoying because they have not even started thinking that the damage they do to my academic work, following me around to make a mess of my career because they don’t think it matters, they are worried about what I have done to effect deterrence all together – I feel as though the next one I did will be finale as it were, especially considering their reasons to be that I listen to what others are saying and even their Children do not accord them such benefits of being an older person, so they need it as if their lives depended on it, which quickly develops into a case they raise on Media at Government buildings endlessly about my attitude, as abusively as possible.

They have asked what it is I want them to do but it has always been as simple as a business of not making a mess of my public image, shutting down all publicity I have neither sanctioned for paid for, as it is rather clear what they do with it is delay my financial wellbeing and hang around dreaming of difficulties I face which are getting worse because they had power – what happens with it obviously is that people cannot simply say there is a Bookshop over there because the Celebrities and the feminists are using everything associated with pointing to my Bookshop as an existent thing, to make their own fame because their version of feminism was set to exist on the basis of me being a punching bag for it, not necessarily whether or not I was making trouble for women, it has to stop or I will stop it, their cleverness can serve the world in a better way for want of an advice.

The other part of the story naturally is that I have allowed it to get the better of me and then set about acting on it which I have, as the Politicians wouldn’t stop interfering on their behalf, stop me until I smell like my loo and the bullying gets completely out of hand to wreck University studies and get me into debt, thereafter expect whenever they get onto Parliament to speak of me doing it with the most insulting behaviour they can muster, I then get off doing it. I mean it’s difficult to locate which after 19 years of a certain activity happening every day, which part of the fact that an individual who invents an altercation with me and runs off this side of the story on Media and the highest levels of Government, wants to win elections and get to run the Country according to his inventive stupidities, that they fail to understand; I know what I do to keep them off is working in every way and that what ensures this matter is still a problem is the abusive kind of Publicity that I get from Media and the Parliament itself while I am doing it, so it beats the imagination how they expect me to get off the wrecked career and the fact I work so hard on my Bookshop but my finances never look the part because of them and just act in a way that will certainly cover their bottoms. Even now, I know I can set out what I want from my going out and coming in and if they take it too seriously get into a gym to build up some muscles as well, so the reason these matters are such a problem and I am getting caught out by them activities and the boasting is such an incitement for those who want to get opportunistic over it beats the imagination every time.

Now the most precious form of abuse appears to be the claim I am responsible for multitudes of problems and am marked out for punishment but if I said I wasn’t if a bunch of Communist idiots had decided it, then I would have said something very expensive but the reason for their problems is their insults, grabbing penis and smacking over the head in the imagination and so on, if I responded the Law will say it was an unprovoked attack and so on, the complain about damage to the culture and society was due to the damage that was done to my academic work and the world they had built where people want to smell what other people ate as people got around their own business on the streets, such that when their own is smelled, there is a lot of sense made because it was - mostly I am only being distracted from what I spend most of my time on especially when it comes to coming between me and anything I do to put the set backs right, it does not have to develop into something more difficult and it is possible to avoid such an outcome if their stupidities had stopped issuing threats when they are done getting accustomed to the prejudicial insults.