Now it is said that the only other people that face as much career challenges and difficulty as I do are ex-convicts and serving criminals but then again it is the job of the goons who spend more of their time on this sort of nonsense than they do on what really concerns them, to sign me unto the Welfare State and sign me off it whenever they think I am not eligible – since they started caring about me, I have been moving back and forth from job centre to job market the entire time, instead of getting into the job market and staying there. I have continued to think of it as something that they will get tired of before I am, while they have continued to make it out as something that indicates they will bash me with the welfare system before it is over. They do like to blab about their success and how it makes me a Bum and I could never make sense of it anyway; it is important for them to know that my Dad was a Lecturer of a Higher Institution when I was a Child and in my Teens he was a Head of Department and in my 20s was a Polytechnic Rector, so there is really very little about what I do to make myself a productive person in a work environment to a stage where what I think of how the Country should be handled is something the Politicians were aware of it and the way that the feed back is given to me when my Tax statement comes through the post or any other means by which I get it but we can see that as long as these idiots wear some suits, it means that they want to handle me at all time; we hear that boasting that never keeps its big mouth shut on how there isn’t a thing I can do about it but what we know is now a National and International Phenomenon is that I cannot step outside of my door without people chasing me around and getting imagination up my bum because they want to grab my work and deploy it to beat down these famous idiots, so as to make a statement that the real difference between them and Celebrities is that Celebrities wear nice Clothes and that their stupidities have since never been able to do a thing about it, so we can guess what will happen when I start to make their important stupidities passing those insults at me all the time as if they bread win for me the way they do for their Children more so, important in terms of the ex - convicts and ex - racists that have left the old ways and gotten into the work environment to make a life for themselves, especially when they spend time shipping off some crass Celebrity products in the process. The other gits who dream of their distant violence all the time are clearly now completely screwed in the mind, as a matter of what I say but there are options to avoid it, such as blowing up their ear drums or get an ear plug whenever I say anything but the easiest option of all still is that they kept away from my Books and do not disturb this place. I do get asked why it is that they love to target me all the time and also that much is heard of others and nothing about me in terms of the fact if people were able to think like I did, most of the issues would be easily averted – in terms of the former, its never a matter of people thinking like I do, these guys are always disingenuous and so we find that whenever they face work place bullies who want to make statements about the money bits, they will have to tell a lie about it, much the same as when they face society bullies who want to be important, where I fit into the picture just as much as a story of the power of the USA was concerned, is that I had cultivated a personality form  hermitage that they plan to deploy as a shortcut out of the consequences of any insanity that comes their way. The American power bits will be the part where the next generation of students are studying and building careers along the lines of which academic work and career of mine have been delayed at a Royal Office to make my Public Office and Public image into an opportunity for them and its nothing unusual considering the way that they get into trouble with the Police as a Community, then think the problem was with the Police all together but the problem is the industrial stalking that involves wrecking the academic work and career, to spend the American money which is what the power blabbed here was all about, on a process of buying venues and equipment that allow them extract money from my Public image by handling the worlds public, then deploy the money to buy shares with all companies I had gotten myself involved with, in order to fulfil a dream of handling me abusively, such that when British Politicians speak of lingering Public instability, we find the only instability is the fact they have sanctioned the activities of ageists and other society goons talking about which causes this sense I am generally disrespectful of society as whole, the goons whom I can only best describe as the Characters we see showing up to express an awareness that they are hell raisers, whenever young people had decided to riot, which is usually the only point where they had achieved some form of notoriety – these are the people whom just like the Americans have built society trouble makers a new freedom based society on the patents set out for my Books, as insultingly as possible, the Politicians had decided could pull people out of University through society bullying and abuses whenever they think they had found a character they wanted to take advantage of because they were not as financially successful as their mates; so each time I have to contend with this, the fact it is already a Public instability will not matter to me when it comes to making sure that the Politicians got it as well, as it is rather impossible to say one thing to the same group of people just like these, every day for a decade and a half without consequences, as that would have made me less than human. The main problem at this stage is that they believe that I may want to stop them from making the abusive and insulting Media comments but there has to be a part of my life where it is allowed, otherwise they will ensure that I am no longer able to protect any part of it that they have need of and this is what I want to put to the test as well, as there is no part of my life so irrelevant that Celebrities and Media fools may do whatever they like with it while co-operated i.e. they need to keep away from my Bookshop and stop making public appearances that suggest it is linked to their stupid fame in anyway, and stop following me around. As for the business of the incentives they get for these activities, that was always an old tale of the fact that whilst they are more important than I am, handling me and getting involved with my person is rather addictive for them but while that was the case, the big problem they have is not just a condition whereby my Bookshop was trading without the general interference of their self-confessed important stupidities, the big problem is how beneficial passing insults at me really are, so I want all business of Celebrities getting involved with me and my concerns to stop completely because it is wrecking my Bookshop and those of them that love to blow off a big mouth at me need see that unless I am launching an attack on those stupid careers of theirs too, it is the agreeable and sensible thing for them to do; they are not clever people at all, they are really just unfathomably stupid and the main problem we have with it at this stage is that the money Industry goons spend on them to make the mess they make have now run out, so the main threat as we can see that the disrespect for me is incredible while getting involved with me is addictive, is the titanic battle to move them on, move out and keep them out while the main one concerning the Industry goons who spend money on them to make this mess and sit around in a studio observing some charts for how popular they were, which will have reflected what the Public was doing with my Public work in terms of their bank accounts, have as I said, run out of money, so they need to grab my money and add it to their money while running off the stupid media salvation to build up a sense that it is what happened at Market. It’s like the other case where they say I am disrespectful of society while I am not – the reality is that if these goons had not made such a mess of the economy, these matters  would not have had to be checked so vigorously: it’s all insults – insult, insult, insults; that somebody who earns a lot of money lifting 500kg everyday lives with the consequences of people chasing the bottom all the time and yet according to the Economy, there are consequences for bashing the heavy lifting side of things, we then find them say that I need to be a part of the world that they have built, while I am a Royal Hermit and do not need to play any part whatsoever whether or not they bully people over money, society trouble makers who stir young people to riot and are supported by stupid Politicians who say it is okay for me to drop out of University whenever they want to catch up with their age mates in terms of financial success, bully people for self-respect and notoriety but whenever they had started, we hope that they had also built up publicity to suggest their stupidities had done so; so this pursues the question about my personality being such a mystery – it is not, the main problem is still that they cannot stop the bashing and the telling me how to exist, even while they are complaining about the way I do their own too, as a matter of National and Global phenomenon, then find that they want to see the real me whenever they are trying to communicate with me, whereas I am content with a process where they talked, I listened and they had stopped churning my tummy while at it – we can see from it that they are out of their depth and there is no route out of the consequences their activities had placed on them, we have seen such realities as those abuses and insults reaching a degree whereby the little things that people say whenever they think it is interfering with their career has been turned into insults that prevent me stopping them from handling my Public work and suggesting thereof that I am the ne distracting them from an important career, and that I have responded in the sense that not even the personality I cultivated at a Hermitage or Entertainment Industry Godlessness will jeopardise my position, whereby they claim I used to be friendly with them but am not anymore, while we know it really kicked off when the stories of me spending time to rub shoulders with Celebrities as criminals were the ones that were actually buying the show business products and hence had to be taken advantage of by those who knew what to do, simply would not go away. I have always been aware of the holes they dig around me, hoping that I will walk into one and make myself a character people got to pick on every time people wanted to be famous and decadent and I have no idea why the assumption was that I would never have noticed it anyway, what has made it serious however is the destruction of my academic work because they grew desperate for me to fall into their trap and how it has been the greatest achievement for them and their Muslim friends on grounds that I could never recover my Public image from their stupidities, or indeed the financial value of my person and this Hermitage as such. In the end, it seems getting involved with me is addictive but either way, people still prefer getting involved with a writer for various other purposes save his Books and it needs to be shut down, especially considering they have also claimed that my Books are not easy reads, which is the only thing closely as ridiculous as their need to follow me around as though we were mates – the only time that sense is made of these stupidities are such as we see people ask them what they want at Fashion or Celebrity industry, the wordings are usually very ‘funk’ – like “like what the fuck do you want, following me around” especially when people are going off to fuck in a Hotel or something and I am thinking of ways that I can create a similar effect, to show where the successful people are, where those who give it a good try are located, where they are and which is usually just away from the pornographers and the criminals.

In the end I am told the problem lingers as per the way I handle it but its not up me to handle it as such – I cannot write them off as a potential customer base because I want them to keep off my Public image and show respect for the fact I am running a life on my Bookshop, but the Government can write them off as a threat to the moral fabric of society which the Government does not want to do. I have been thinking about it for sometime now, about inventing a plan to do so and passing it off as part of a process associated with looking after an Intellectual Property Administration service, seeing that it will help me a great deal, if their abuses and insults are set out to ensure a provisional condition existed where Industry trouble makers could spend money on them while they got to extract their market from my Public appearances and public engagements, having been they have already banded together to completely destroy my academic work in order to make a statement on what they believe should become of the finances and career of those who have a religion to believe in. They are not a threat to me in anyway - my view is that all we have seen is something they did to somebody else to move into the social sensibility of being on the right hand side, so they are doing it to me because they believe what they have made into a trend is a process of doing it to me in order to get to the left hand side of social sensibilities.