I am said to be in the debacle I find myself due to a disrespect for women and I have never been able to make sense of this nonsense; what I do know is that when I was younger, I did think that I could not understand that there will be Women in Heaven as a young Christian but on growing older the real person does take over and cutting out talk to get down to real action ensues instead – so what happens is that when I build myself a Court and Coven system for the women in my life, these idiots will invite themselves into it on Media and make such a grand mess of it that the problems they had created will add up to a global phenomenon. Either way, the reality now is that I am inundated with gangs, criminals and hoodlums and they are inundated with female problems because I know where those are located too – the point being that I think the goons who perform these kinds of behaviour cannot do without the attention and flattery of real industrial and street menaces as such, hence getting incredibly fed up with having to look after a Bookshop in terms of the stupidities that a certain crowd develops on which sexes I had been caught up with and some accusation that distracts me and takes up my time makes centre stage thereof. The Industry menaces themselves like to brag about their psychopath tendencies naturally but what we can see here as a response on my part leading to a breakup of those stupid marriages which are a threat to my health and safety and wellbeing does not tend to show their stupidities I had to tame mine all together. They do always boast that society people have gotten the better of me which is utter rubbish; what I really know about society trouble makers is that they love to fool around with peoples lives and if you had failed to control it will wreck everything and fool around to a point of violence thereafter; so normalcy is when I do not respond to it, eventuality is when I respond to it in a sense that they had spent their own lives on frivolities, so it should make sense they are always getting imagination up my bum which will guarantee them a response from my beautiful personality thing while stopping me from following up my own fame and hence always an incentive to provoke me into handling them, so that they might do it, in the end, when I move them to the left, they will claim it’s a matter of me pretending I am able to beat them up but what I am really saying is that they are likely to complain about the consequences when it was rather clear to their stupidities that the left hand side is what my own looks like even when I am not having a conversation or getting involved with them in anyway, therefore need to get lost – all that nonsense about doing my stuff at Buckingham Palace is much the same as these foolish women talking nonsense about respect from me, when they cannot be seen keeping away from some popularity menaces at whose corner they spend all day churning my tummy say as well – we all know they speak of damage I have done to the culture and society all the time and what they are doing now is a matter of the fact I am not going as far as I did before, so the first one that has now gotten serious is the endless complain about disrespect for women because I think about their need to get me doing Manly things like hard work and fighting as a reason to get them involved with female problems like social and sexual and financial corruption, so it has gotten them thinking like serious minded persons to a point where they must start and end every daily concern by blabbing of a disrespect for women on my part; if I see that stupid culture and society when it has not yet paid off some student loan debts after wrecking my first attempt at academic pursuit in 2008, it will be the last time that they got to see it for my part in the matter as well and I am sure it will get them thinking like serious minded people thereafter too either way.

The question people claim bothers them the most apparently concerns my personal progress, which is so annoying because they don’t read anything I have written but are always seen showing up around my concerns for alternative reason, so spend my Family life on their stupid selves. The reality about my personal progress is clearly that if I did complete my academic work during the 2008 attempt, I would have ran this Hermitage in a way that beats down the goons on the left who get corrupt over money power all the time while the goons on the right who only seem to gain notoriety when young people are about to do some riots will light some TNT up my arse so to speak, what I have now is a rather balanced view of both, hence it tallies with the saying that nothing happens unless it was meant to essentially. The work I have to do simply fed into the old game of how difficult it is to live like a Royal Hermit when people spend so much of their time passing insults at older people to make the older people stupid – so we find that knowledge of Economics allows me to make sense of this fact that they are always making a mess of the lives of the most successful people on the macro side of the economy and the micro side of the economy, both of which are opposites of each other and likely to be broad enough to take over the world especially, once done, they build up those insults and put Celebrities at the help, while living like a Hermit generally means that I become so different, I end up giving people another thing to get accustomed to – this said, it all hinges of what destruction they have achieved here, in terms of being able to decide what happens to the academic work and finances of those who have some religion to pay attention to and are always showing up on Media to breach anything that allows me to make a public case for my identity, while their society goons have started to place the label on bum on me and make out their incredibly stupid Children were cleverer, especially when they are not complaining again. The work is still the business of tackling the goons who always seem to have their own fame only when young people are doing riots and they are always clashing with the stupid women who cannot be seen leaving the side of popularity menaces, churning my tummy all the time, while the others on the left will be the rich idiots with money power to blow off a big mouth for, so rich and stupid generally spends most of its time wrecking my academic pursuits in order to delay my progress and get off buying shares with any companies I have dealings with, so that it might handle me – then we find their stupidities all over the motor way blabbing of distraction from me that will bring about more consequences while we know that we started this conversation for instance on grounds I am disrespectful of women and each process of resolving it leads down to a business of society trouble makers getting the better of me, how it makes me the distracting person therefore beats the imagination but then again, if they are complaining about distraction, those insults are good but private equity intellectual property administration is complicated as well, which is why I am so notorious as I do not like to be distracted especially by their friends from the Monarchy who never give it a rest, bearing in mind I am working on my academic pursuits at the same time – so far the outcome is this claim that my personality is confusing while the only thing confusing about me is the things I do to ensure I am not taken advantage of, such as making sure this anal sex thing gets completely out of hand, which is the only way I can stand up to them on a social basis i.e. their insults all the time which becomes increasingly profitable at my expense while I run off the financial corruption all the time as well. The reality about me has always been that I am a Hermit and do not have to be part of their people on the left doing money based bullying and people on the right doing self-respect based bullying while others left between ran off some incredible busy bodied opportunism that left their victims feeling as if the retirement age was actually a luxury – it’s all insults and I don’t have to be a part of any stupidities that their friends at the Monarchy or Parliament have fostered, to ensure Celebrities got to control our lives, showing up to express stupidities that will be profitable where we have done the best work for our careers basically, all I am saying especially concerning the fact none put them in charge and they should not be telling me what to do, is that it is difficult to live like who I am when my very existence tends to give people another thing to get accustomed to, while people are already accustomed to their insults – besides which if they wanted to keep it that way they would not have wrecked the economy so badly at the financial system, such that we have to reorganise and all these matters need to be cleared up until the economy is healthy enough to withstand their idiocy again.

The rest of the time is usually a matter of some need that people have to move into my concerns, which avails them access to the role of the Head of State to screw around with and we know it is always amusing when I am done as well because I have not been getting away with it – they are all the same kind of people, the rich idiots with a need to wreck careers and buy shares in companies that their victims have had dealings with, to establish what seems to be a relationship with the devil basically, the goons who are only famous and important when young people have or are ready to do some riots and the stupid women hanging by the side of a popularity menace to churn my tummy because of their nature, what we know happens to ensure they came to the very fore front of Office concerns is that of Liberal America building them a new society over the patents that were set out for my Books, which makes it impossible to just get into an Office and work and we know that they have been complain about me the entire time they were at it as well, yet I have only been pushing back for 3 years now, counting since 2016, when it became was quite obvious they were having too much criminal fun with my career to think about giving me some space – it is an old story whereby hurting the older ones sets out the idea that you have hurt something that is bigger than you while getting the younger writhing in pain for some reason will be said to have been a matter of hurting those who were so courageous they were fighting battles you were too much of a coward to deal with. So, it does complain, and it needs to know the reason is that I don’t like to be disturbed, what it complains about is a fraction of the consequences whenever I am detached from what I am doing here.

Eventually which we arrive at the story of how I have now been stopped from suckling Celebrities while attacking them, which is utter nonsense – feeds into the other story about me being a lazy Royal when those who like to play with important people while hurting their objects of admiration get up to all sorts of nonsense at my expense to such an extent they made these kinds of statements. The reality is that they had taken over the business I had with Celebrities I was able to get along with and their whole lives are now about ambition and money madness to make sense of those threats they issue at me whenever they have money problems over the fact they have civil rights – nothing around here is safe anymore since last a certain idiot enjoyed building them public media notoriety that involved dragging my career to that stage where I will need to fend off the fact Celebrities had a tendency to grab my Public image, then hang around at the Monarchy expressing hatred for women while building security for well off stupid villains at my expense, such that there is always a fool somewhere that is in a good enough position to decide how my property should make them comfortable; all of which I suppose they understood that I am likely to tackle by making sure that I got myself tangled up with the business of their most corrupt fans and set about beating them down with the consequences that comes forth from it until they had stopped. They do claim the main problem with me is that I believe that I have an ability to get information from anything and make a career out of anything but its an old case of the fact the idiots get involved with every aspect of what I am doing but never ever read anything I wrote before they made their stupid reviews as insultingly as possible and I have seen it foster their own career development as well and will not start behaving like serious minded persons until I decided they could the way I wanted it too - in the end its just the fact they are worried about an ability to pick up criminal and extremist sensibilities to set about making a career out of it for my part in the matter; an example is when it blabs the doing your thing insults at people who are older when people use those statements to protect their esteemed careers from Celebrity distraction, does that mean it can handle the issues when it find out that the older people were right, bearing in mind it was able to make sense of where the older people were coming from when they said the doing your stuff thing?