Now it is said that my main problem is largely that I am disrespectful of people and it’s never clear why indeed this was far more important than the fact the main problem we face here every day is that Celebrities love to claim the relationship I have with my Publishers and distributors to be where their fame is located and for each time they make this claim and take pictures of themselves on it that will make them rich, the main problem is how to ensure nothing I did to stop them was effective until they got rich from it, sometimes it’s a plea, other times it’s a threat but what is common to every time is that it happens without my consent and happens only where they believe they have manipulated me into a condition they can control, it happens all the time and there are bag logs I am not aware of and for each time I stopped them there will be a new and more abusive form of it – the entire time we know their parents are not affected by it, we know the spouses and Children left at home are not affected by it but they continue to claim it is a matter of disrespect on my part and not how difficult they find the business of stopping it whenever I want them to. They make the excuse that the fact they found it difficult was associated with the business of people getting tangled up with me and being confused which was all a matter of the way I talk about their concerns and I could never make sense of this anyway – what I have said above should explain it clearly, besides their stupid insults thrown at me all the time, there is no reason for them to continue getting involved with my concerns in such ways. Then again still on the matter of being confused, the main case continues to be the fact when the lives of local hoodlums and trouble makers brushes past mine, they build publicity for it to play up practical jokes by – implication is something to do with claims it’s a bad thing for the lives of society trouble makers an hoodlums to affect you but reality is more a matter of how you were supposed to cope with returning service personnel, if society and culture trouble makers was such a problematic issue for you – the way they have explained it however is that I am a war monger and they are peaceful people, right down to their LGBTQ Communities and I have allowed this idea to run long enough for the business of trying to get every person that is not their mate into a fight with Islamic extremists to develop into a global phenomenon, so we know at this point that it is no longer sellable.

They point out this matter of the way that my activities affect Industry as well which does not make any sense whatsoever, although to a passing glance on media activities it would seem like the answer to the questions about existence itself – the truth of what happens with Industry is CEOs playing with the Romance that exists between the City and the Universities and then they find characters like myself and cannot stop talking about what they had seen somewhere at the Company, soon the Shareholders and other owners get involved, one thing leads to another and my Property Equity Assets are helping design and build products, another thing results where they build me Publicity Equity of National Media proportions when they do their advertisement, soon after we had a trust where they had to agree with me to design some corner stone products on those Equities and because it will be part of the Company identity, it was a Trust that I shared with them and not long after they were asking me to participate in the Business. This is a matter about which these fools have always claimed my notion of what has transpired between me and the Multinationals especially was deluded but we all know that when they conduct their tribalism raids, they know where the companies they target with it are located, they know where the families they have left behind to do so as located, they know where the City is located, as much as they are aware that they have not once provided explanation as per why every one of their stupid activities to facilitate the tribalism raid to the top end of Industry involves me and or the process of handling my property to tell lies and issue accusations, especially after perverting the story behind the equities in my Books into something that concerns their stupid lives like it currently stands. So it is either what I said is what is happening or indeed what they are suggesting was the case i.e. a collection of Companies have grabbed my Assets and Property and made it Part of their corporate Identity, after 10 years of doing so, they are now sitting back to run their Global Businesses and telling me to vanish and of course the idiots need realise there is a cure for those foolish threat they issue over the smell caused by their need to blackmail me all the time with the idea that when they buy products from the Companies, I must give them some respect for it or they will end their custom, which disposition is the main propelling factor for that incredibly stupid incorrigible activity that involves making a mess of my academic work and career, where they follow me around everywhere I go for it – so say from a Media that seems to be the source of all their abuses and insults, that my main case is a disrespect for them on their part, shows of course how much they enjoy these practical jokes because they do not believe any consequences will come of it – no idea what their problems is with a process of running either a business or a job they have been given properly, instead of relying on me over social issues, while seeking to add my money to their money and own all the money in the world, especially when their stupidities suggest it is what fame means.

At this stage they believe me to be disadvantaged while the reality of it is rather that they are aware of the destruction a constant business of telling people who are making money from a fame they have built on my Public image that any business I have with my Publishers and distributors is where their fame was located, much the same as they are aware of what a Publisher and distributor will be doing from my point of view is the Company had changed hands with them – there is no point paying for Publicity on anything when all I do can be explained along the lines of the Publicity that I built up on their activities to ensure I did not have to make time to show up at  Law Court because of them; I mean should anybody in such a position pay for Publicity, they would be doing so, knowing that their Advertisers were powerless to do anything at the Market and will simply take the money and talk to people about the Company or Product. Hence eventually we hear those stories that the world is becoming a sadder place with me in it due to my fight with Celebrities and I couldn’t agree more – they are a bunch of goons who never stop hurting people they claim they were having fun with and nobody knows what their business with me save my income margins that is, something they want to make into their property without a thought for what it would mean if they did and whether their stupid persons big mouth could support it – the outcome being that people at culture and society are more serious minded, while they are the ones who like to play with me abusively, such that for each time we have heard somebody blab in Public on disrespect from me, they will be the ones doing it while the reality is that I cope with society and culture trouble makers because there are bigger issues involves Armed Forces personnel for instance   and every mess that is made on it is made by their corrupt fans; point being that they are complaining more than I am, verbosity or not, need to stop playing with it – their stupidities will shut down a Book writing business somewhere in their stupid civil rights women dreams; its apparently the bits they have gotten accustomed to and the one that I will soon enough as well, due to the fact they will not go away.

I have been told it’s a matter of the way I switch what I am doing with myself at any given time before people got accustomed to the process of gaining from it, which does not make sense to me in anyway – firstly, really difficult to tell what people find complicated about simply paying for the Book a writer whose public image they must make fame from has produced, usually we get a response that suggests that they have time for my Public image and not my Books and so it’s still the same case of how they fool around with what is constant, then set about hijacking people’s lives to make up stories that suggest it was variable. Like the fact the Country is a White Majority Country for instance and this meaning there will always be racism – the only thing a Police Officer can do to a racist to protect a black person being to make a decision that kills one and saves the other, the entire time which we know that the paper work for this sort of thing is unfathomable and then the Government will keep one while the Family of the dead person will keep the second copy of it and yet we find these guys get around wrecking everything around here because they want me to make statements about racism but it continues sustainably for years after I had because my statement was not good enough – once done with that they cannot do the racists as well, such that the only racism that matters is the one which affects them while I don’t have a chance whatsoever. They do claim it’s a matter of getting me to understand their problems which is an old story naturally but so are we aware they were lords and masters of the problems that affect the world of Men and the world of Women and considered themselves to be very good at rounding other people’s up like sheep over it, get into trouble with the Police as a Community and send their children out to decide which problems I ought to solve while they tore up my writing career and ran me down every day with the insults – it suffices to say if I see it, they will see it for the last time as well and it will only add to the destruction I have done to their own concerns as well since the last time that this was worked on me; whether or not the racism that affects them is the only racism that exists or they were making good of being lord and masters of the problems and male and female society, I have been clear I have had enough of it and will rip it up if I get my hands on it as well; I obviously can play my little games with culture and society trouble makers which make them feel as if I can sell the thing for money if they damaged my work or property but cannot apply the same principle to running a Bookshop which is why I am cash strapped and it’s all due to the sheer number of relatives the fucking idiots had created for me.

The story that I like to think I can handle it but cannot annoys me so much but it is fast becoming something that will lead to outcomes where I adopt for myself a deadline on which their abusive nonsense at my expense is to be stopped. These goons like to think they are a threat to me most of them but are not a threat to me in anyway whatsoever, I a lost as per what it is exactly that Liberal USA which is the most powerful they have, can do about me when I had decided I will no longer tolerate the business of being threatened by them on account they have money issues and civil rights movements to play with, where there are men that will beat me up to ensure women were allowed to feel comfortable at my expense. So the business of being weak flesh man that predisposes me to this nonsense all the time was always a matter of their culture and society being such an evil thing, it will want Politicians to wreck the career and finances of good looking people because they do go for weeks, months and even years without seeing or handling any while the Celebrities are completely out of reach – this is what the idiots are learning at this stage, the reasons I never look after the health in a gym because it will be an add on, but I am sure the fact complaining about me is a global phenomenon has shown that guys who beat up people to make people give up property in order for civil rights women to be comfortable really have no power here as it were and they know that the USA cannot help them in my case either; what has happened is 16 years of total misery and property destruction on account I am weak but have worked for something that stronger people should on account I will not be able to protect it, whereby I show the big companies I am not running a Royal Hermitage by taking advantage of the shadow that their Companies have cast around the world, to end up stuck with their fat cats telling me they can do whatever they like with me since I would be finished before their money ran out if I started a fight, once done with those I ended up caught in a series of stupidities associated with another group of fools who want to get out of bed every day and plan their business in a way that damages my market and puts me into suffering and pain and now I am finished with those, I am caught up with their stupidities pulling up a crowd of common people to split my Hermitage Empire between me and the populations, as stupidly as possible and this has always been the fundamental stage for this nonsense and the threats associated with the idea that I will not be able to cope with an attack and therefore must allow their stupidities get whatever they wanted which they want every day with a big mouth, meaning that for the last decade my finances have suffered on account each time I did my Book sales numbers their stupidities and need showed up around the bottom line of the accounting system instead of my earnings. Some people will say that on mentioning this I have solved the biggest barrier to the economy at this stage but for me it’s another one of the constants we sometimes think is a variable; all that nonsense about ageist idiots grabbing people’s property to get off to tourism economies where they may put the feet up and pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world is based on this nonsense – that none ought to start something or the more viral word is pioneer something and for their disposition the USA is very powerful; the bloody idiots obviously want to acquire useful academic qualifications that allow them secure good jobs and want to be able to run businesses profitably but those stupidities that need to ensure somebody else was suffering the bottom hurting issues associated with getting a job or career generally means that they expect others to bear their risks for them – so if I got to the Council, I will see professionals, civil servants, businesses, and workers and somewhere around people who fell out of the system, I will find these ageist idiots and their incredibly foolish women who think they have some sort of God given right to put me up to errands, talking nonsense of what I am meant to do with civil rights to make their foolish lives better, after years of abusive insults producing such a result as I have trouble with being myself in Public because my personality either should have belonged to another fool they were familiar with or I got it from sleeping with peoples wives, while I feel tired all the time because whilst although write Books with most of my time when I do not have a day job, they prefer insulting me for the benefits of what me know, to their stupidities reading a Book I wrote, therefore it all relies on me. It has come to me a couple of times now to take  action as to ensure that their foolishness and its needs does not rely on me because they prefer to gain from me through insults instead of reading my Books but it involves taking into account the fact that their problems are entirely a matter of their own personal decisions, their abusive behaviour are a matter of punishing me for doing nothing wrong in a way that creates problems instead of solves them, their stupid children are always chasing my public image while abusively insulting me into dealing with social issues and their middle aged gits are always getting after my personal life and to sort out the process of making sure they gave me my space right down to the stage where the Public transport operatives understood exactly what I expected of their own stupidities in the matter as well – so technically, it will keep blabbing until I made time for it. For now, no part of this Hermitage or its empire will be shared with any group of people or persons, not by means of market and not my means of public image either – those who look after their interests at the Monarchy are said to be the source of all my problems, which largely began when I made statements on social Media and they claimed it meant I have accepted liability for what happened to Military operatives in order to begin their stupidities, it only begins to secure itself a proper explanation apparently, when it wants me to take part in the insults as well, indicating the idiots are out of their depth.

It is what we see every time, it will target me like so because it is purely evil and has a completely flawed sense of what is right and what is wrong, with great ideas about what others should do to make itself stupidities comfortable putting people in misery and pain all the time – then it begins to tell tales of how money is the answer for everything that is bad in terms of the effects being the problems that the bad things create, while we will find the idiocy stuck somewhere worrying about the money so much it does not have the energy left to either work for or go out and earn it, then it finds out where my Books are located and gets Liberal America idiots on its side for it. they do claim they want to get on me with me but I make it very difficult, the big idea stands naturally, what we know on the ground is that at this stage, I am a 39 Year old single Royal in a Country where it is National obligation to have Children to produce a workforce going into the future, great example because their directionless stupidities getting involved with every aspect of my concerns mean those I want to get into relationship with are unable to get through to me just as much as I am unable to get through to them, the goons have now reached a stage where they need to give me my space or I will take it of my own accord. This has gone beyond those idiocy that is tolerated when at the backdrop of their tribalism raids we find either their foolish selves or children hanging around with no good aspect to their characters save the money they spend at the shops issuing those stupid accusations, the destruction done here is going to get a response from me as well pretty soon and it would be nice to walk out of my door without being bothered for any given time as it were – it is becoming increasingly important to ensure it no longer relies on me, the Children stopped insulting me to chase my Public image, the older ones stopped abusing me in sexual context to chase my personal life and the Public transport gits knew all about it.

They do claim I appear not to have need of what I am doing with Celebrities and its utter nonsense, what really happens is that there are successful people and those who give it a very good try, while they are the gits who do so much corruption the retirement age feels like a luxury, just before you start to see the pornographers and the convicts. We are here because of the idiots that like to make them rich at other people’s expense, knowing they are very stupid people, especially when done on social media – so I have cost them jobs and careers and money by my actions since last they wrecked my academic work and are still playing very abusive practical jokes at me, especially the ones that are of sexual context but so are we aware several CEOs that started the Equity and Holdings business for me had lost the role and even some Media operatives as well, my property have not been handed back to me, while variations of my Assets are being built by the fucking idiots who simply cannot keep their hands off other people.