I have been told people really want to see me get out of what Celebrities have laden me with and I don’t see that they have laden me with anything even though this was their intention never the less – it’s difficult to locate how it is that because I am able to find my way around society, while Parliaments cannot grab my Career but Celebrities will make it happen through Celebrity culture. In the end it still comes down to the same old case of dealing with nauseating financial issues which are a result of practical jokes they have put out and play up in Public hoping racists will become a part of it while pretending I am oblivious to the fact that is what they are really doing, on account they want to see somebody attack me on their behalf, to make them feel as though they were very important, same matter about which I have warned enough times of the fact they pay little attention to a reality where all other professions are manned by people who spend any spare money they have to enjoy themselves, save Celebrity where spare money is spent convincing me that they were more important than I am and it would be nice if they eliminated the prospects of making it very personal. Some have said that the UK is not what it used to be anymore because of these things we do here – mine specifically started with their need to spice up their sex lives with my personal life and public image, alongside their sugar baby and sugar daddy gimmicks, once I had started telling them off, they began a campaign to completely destroy my financial wellbeing and trained up their children to do the same as well, so I can see their version of the UK clearly does not exist anymore. They claim I used to get along with them and it’s difficult to sell where changed but I never really did; what happens is that some Celebrities are nice people and being a Celebrity does not change who you are, thus it so happens nice people always want to spend their niceness on nice people, just like we find in Diplomacy that it might be good to destroy your enemies but spending too much time with them is pretty much the same as driving away your Allies, besides which these gits have always proven their fame by digging holes around me to perform all sorts of nonsense in Public that adds up to a hope that I will fall into one and become a character people like to pick on every time somebody is trying to get famous, especially if they can excuse it on the basis of religion being a thing of the past, as stupidly as possible, seeing no reason to stop even when they are destroying property and each time they are shown that the only reason there is an absence of trouble for it is because I have not responded to the vandalism, they get worse not better. We even find the same tale told in terms of how I am an example of how the British invent bad things and get out of it just in time for others to do the worst crimes in humanity; while what really happens is that when you have touched something soft and somebody has cried out in pain, there is no alternative way to behave, no excuse whatsoever, you simply stop touching and this is British society, as we know it might be the criminals that handle you to get back into prison for it and it might add up to an absolution for them if they did – these guys have the one behaviour of touch, victim cries out, do it a little; specifically with respect to myself, when Politicians spent tax payer funds on their problems and spend it to wreck my finances, this is actually the point at which they were in need of the self confidence that will make them superior to me and it goes on to a stage where the Cars they buy is something I spend my time thinking about, such that I cannot looking after my own finances as well and they will do what they can to maintain the good feeling that comes from that, which means it’s not in their interest that I did otherwise – hence now that they know that stupid self-confidence will not be the only thing I will extract from the whole thing and beat down seriously, we can see that the situation has improved. It feeds into the story of slavery and slave trade which we know is a matter we must now allow permeate day to day Politics of running the Country, as this tends to prevent people from having meaningful conversation with those who think it is a good thing: we all know racism is more interested in solving the social problems of the inferior people, about which the inferior people wouldn’t dare solve their own too, they are not fundamentally interested in slaves, save the part where this goes on long enough for them to say that since they are masters and others are slaves, they needed to be served, where the process and the relationships will be very one sided and very violent. The lies we tell about such matters is carefully hidden behind the fact we want to be like those who want slavery and slave trade more than anybody else i.e. the Celebrities and their need to be rich while they have a mind that is mired in a pathological fear of work; we know if you worked for £80,000 and gave half of that to a Celebrity, it will lead you into hell because it was a living wage and not the means to be rich and famous, which public image gets damaged by the processes of getting a job – we see it play out in all forms, right down to the ethnic minorities claiming the Royal Family provokes them by getting involved with an inferior simpleton like myself and have not stopped doing so until the events of the last four years meaning they were really superior indeed as it were. It is then suggested that I hate them and have a huge issue with them but I don’t; what happens is that it will squash me if I want to keep it away from pillaging my Books every day, while reality is that people would not normally buy into Show business products involving a process of Industry goons giving them money to buy equipment and venues that allow them engage with the Public to provide good feeling sourced from oppressing others but because it has been profitable or has been shown to be profitable on paper, their banks are lending them money for the show business, it assumes this will not be one of my targets if I feel threatened and this was before it got violent. The issue with the Celebrities goes beyond some ways by which girls are influential enough to get people working for money and abandoning it due to a business of poor people getting poorer and rich people getting richer, while Daddy’s little Girls faces the risk of sexual assault, especially if it is the type that thinks Industry goons do not run the Country and she does not have to do everything they say – it is a habit; it can never stop telling you how to exist, developing pragmatic processes of handling you and your finances to that effect, then when faced with the issues associated with how you think people should exist fail every single challenge while claiming to be superior, which was the social aspect, the financial aspect being that this behaviour will then progress to criticism that is so abusive it destroys your finances, whenever you have agreed with them on anything, it would have been because you had put yourself through hell to recover and they are already the first people to make their own money from it and build a crowd that joins in, giving you ideas about how removing human beings from the world solves problems, while you know nothing of that sort solves any problems – the big matter then being that of a group of goons who play up these practical jokes that racists are starting to pick up, being the same gits that play up the practical jokes that Celebrities had picked up in the first place, they now have a task of justifying the threats they issue in my direction on account I had put them in the same position as well; sometimes I put up their gimmicks for the media ones that suggest I am dead and gone and finished, due to their need for wrecking my finances over a hope I will get involved with gangs and criminals to fight for them, make them feel good and or absolve them because they joined some when they were younger and it does not last 36 Hours before they were working hard on the sense that they needed to move on to the next victim. So the case of me talking and acting less is then starting to make sense in every way, but the fact we are beginning to discuss these matters in a proactive way shows that I am about to perform one of those tasks where if I cannot run a Bookshop, it will be shut down such that none else may have it, leaving me with enough good state of health and mind to do something else with myself, associated with the business of developing something for the Men, doing the same for the Women and then for Industry people as well, to the tune of the destruction of my academic work being the main source of complain still, while the destruction of my Books will be the point at which it blew up, run along the lines of the fact that although we find Celebrities take drugs and complain about the consequences I don’t torture them and find their response exhilarating by telling them to get into the difficult situation again, yet this behaviour channelled at me not because of the fighting I am pushed into as such but the exhilarating way that I stand up for myself which feelings they needed like an excess, is what constitutes the biggest problem for my finances and have been so since 2005; fending off Politicians, Media vandals or even racists was exhilarating, they know where my Books are located and want me to do it again, as stupidly as possible etc. It’s like when I am told I swear and this was the problem which I don’t; I use the words people channel at me and we can see when they swear it means figuring people out and causing people suffering, so I want to sell Books with the amount of that nonsense which is being thrown at me all of the time – they have their own decisions to make and can avoid my Books, apparently not loving the swearing like they thought they did – personally it seems every time I figure them out as well, I am left with remorse because of what is left of it. It should be noted that the reasons for these problems however is that these are really very stupid individuals, like the business of digging social holes around my concerns in a hope I will fall into one and become a character people picked on every time people were trying to get rich, and after years of throwing insults at me for everything I do without getting a response, they had decided it’s what their civil rights looks like; this is the summary of all these issues – they wear suits and claim to have seen bad things, wanting to behave in a way that avoids them for the future but never ever keep the promise, the business of having them become Celebrities to throw weight behind it which suggest they were Public figures is just insufferable. We know they have University qualifications but so are we aware they think their cleverness extends to the business of chasing money around my studies until I dropped out as well; such that we can that if a criminal that began serving for his crime started the same year they got into University and both are out there at the jobs market looking for employment, they would believe that they deserve exceptional treatment for some reason and yet it applies that nice Girls would have dark secrets if the need to rip up people’s lives for fame gimmicks meant that were qualified in a Degree which provided them with jobs in Factories that exclusively employed ex-convicts for instance – my point being that they are superior if they show up to chase money around my studies until I dropped out, not a bunch of really stupid people – whereby I would be told this sort of talk is glorification of crime, while I am a Legal Studies Student, hardly have I come across a Case File in which the persons involved had a name that does not sound good when pronounced; made me wonder when I started out, whether they change their names before the Court cases begin, thus the facts which hit me being that somebody who is arrested and remanded and whose details have been recorded for a crime, kept in Police custody or partial custody, does not have time to change their names before Court proceedings, so all that blabbing is good but their names sound better than mine. Point is that the main problem I face here every day is the way that defending myself means Celebrities want to control my finances and have a freakish exclusive right to making me do it again and again in order to satisfy them, so personal invoices are not being paid, my finances do not look like the work I do here and I am all nauseated – this is what I am about to do to them as well; they are always the first to kick it off while the leadership they have provided for culture and society goons means that hell begins about 5.00am every day, they then pick up with this around 11.00am and the Industry trouble makers very soon after that – what they mean by a situation I can never get out of. It’s like they also claim I am some Royalty that they had forced into work or that I like to suffer or that I am a big talker who really has no idea what is going on – where in terms of the first I have never really worked, since I last had a Royal Commission bestowed on me and acted to get confirmation that it was what it was, whereby I had already by then built myself a Work Court system which Members had Media based jobs and constantly updated itself every day and then again it’s not so difficult to see it’s never real work, since I am in a position where I am being attacked by convenience seeking lazy with a big eye for money Industry idiots and their Community fools on grounds that I have noted how thought life is for working people, that they go and go and go and fail to notice what their bodies are telling them most of the time, where it is easy for them to if they don’t have to deal with these matters and some of those twisted and evil people who think the only Royal duty on the planet is an amount of trouble making that gets you stuck with Society and culture goons while they threaten you over civil rights money and save themselves from the abusive processes of getting a job through partying and boogying which mocks and abuse you for every penny they have taken out of your Public image, until you look weak enough for their pubescent twerps to beat up which is the reason we have all those unnecessary threats and insults getting a response from me that Celebrities claim is so exhilarating they needed to stifle my finances and cajole me into doing it again and again, as stupidly as possible until I stifle their own to make them do drugs again and again as well before it stops. In terms of the idea I enjoy suffering, none enjoys suffering, the Government needs a front on Economic matters and we have Political parties whose International development connections is a threat to other people’s health and safety and wellbeing, who can never do their Political thing when the Local population is wealthier or more successful, like we see they can only work in Northern Ireland when people there are poor for instance – they have turned up here to spend a decade and a half of my time achieving something of banding together to decide what happens with my academic work and finances and what they are now complaining about are bad people who get around the backyards of religious sensibility and religious organisations to play up abusive practical jokes which they don’t mind making violent to any extent they wish, specifically the one they are complaining about at present being the one that wants to invent its own religion and not really the one which overtly hates moral people as it were, all shows them to be a bunch of congratulatory wise arses. Where it is a matter of me not knowing what is going on – it’s never really as simple as the fact you bought something at the Markets and then when you returned it was not there, simply because they want to ensure their nepotism stupidities did not get to tell it to you again on account they spied on you and what you did with it can be used to make them connections with rich people and so you can buy it again when they had achieved that; the whole Market place has now been split up between those who think it is terrible behaviour and their stupidities, so it is very soon going to permeate the International Community as well and not long after that the idiots will start to look like people who can only let others breathe when they are poor; the rest of the time they believe they have it covered in terms of ethnic minorities playing bigger European powers I am connected to based insults all over the place, especially the German type, soon to get a lot worse when white people started doing it as well and then whether I knew what was going on would be completely irrelevant from then on, as stupidly as possible. It is now ending with the business of my preferences for entertainment soaking completely other peoples ideas about the loss I will suffer property wise each time they had a great idea about diversity while they pillaged my work and it will become even more amusing when we find them seek the same sort of entertainment that I do, the way it has been before.