I have been told what I am talking about here is racism and yes it is when I had written a Book and an almighty battle has broken out, full of lies and Celebrities grabbing my Public image while working out what they will get from protecting me when it all goes haywire, like a pandemic, as an ageist git hangs around somewhere talking about their children being helped to opportunities on the back of the social dichotomy that has existed from it; so if there is war, war will be used by these fools to blackmail the rest of us into making them rich, if there is racism then the only society where discrimination does not exist will be the one where white people allowed black people to do racism too and so on. So they have no idea what they are doing but the biggest problem with face is their disrespect for those who do – in my case it makes a face and an insulting gesture over everything I do and say while I am not in any way relating to its stupidities, some years later, I bump into the fact this is what its new civil rights looks like; so if I am dealing with any slight insult from their stupidities none of these matters are racist in anyway whatsoever. The matter on the ground still stands i.e. they will not let my Books be and so I picked up a bad neighbourhood where I can sit down and write it peacefully, what then happened was a need to distract me and get me to forget something important or fail to write down something which if I did would have made me money and so on, when I make it clear to their idiocy what the community croons will be doing with it, their need to find out secrets for self-improvement at their Media access, gives way to claims I deserve it all due to what I have done to their culture society but the need to damage anything that remotely looks like people saying I am a writer continues just as much as their stupidities getting involved with my concerns – ceasing to do these cannot be that difficult for people who are probably grandparents as well, as we can see. I have been informed my main problem was a need to get around my concerns spending white culture on myself and its utter nonsense – what we know is that some of my activities are so important HM has given word it should be set aside for State service and its much the same as the almighty commotion that has been getting round claiming I go to Buckingham Palace to pick up The Queen’s duties, then run around Town making myself look popular – it’s all the gimmicks of those who get around with Celebrities and the fact they cannot stop handling other people with it. The Society ones are the ones complaining of the fact I wrote a Book and put myself out there for it and their involvement with me is one which says that anything that has thought of me as a writer must be shut down, next stop will be the Celebrities and I plan to get the same type of result from their need to steal my work; so it all feeds into the big old case of making sure those who show up around my concerns pay for the Book that they have handled, and I have been told its difficult because I do everything by power while we know that showing up at people’s Bookshop to make use of the Books without paying is power; I have been taking the Bookshop Balance sheet numbers way too seriously for some years now and it tells that their need to damage my property and carry on the hope they will one day grab my career is a fame based Criminal activity, having done so and built up Civil rights movements and Global Publicity for it, they can no longer depart from the reputation they have built themselves, even for the wrong reasons.

It is then said that I am a Royal Rebel which is utter nonsense; rebellion is measured by its Witchcraft content – the same who make such claims are busy making sure that those who can handle Public matters are not respected to such an extent that the problems they cannot deal with themselves becomes a public problem and therefore serves as a tool for blackmailing populations and Governments into making them rich, with a Media presence that offers them confidence to try millions of times regardless of how many times they failed because there is a sense that there will always be a degree of public support for their activities – with an outcome where we get round and round matters that had already been resolved long ago, that they might copy what was done and achieve some form of perverted equality with the Media they have to play with in the process. The boasting is usually that they expect me to lose everything I have naturally but I cannot see that happening either, just as I have become very fed up with those media stupidities trying some on me every moment of their foolish lives – they are the ones getting around the Monarchy to spend time pleasing themselves over there, getting hurt and showing up on their foolish Media to follow up something they do with their society gits on what they believe economic Policy ought to become and have covered their tracks well enough in their opinion by claiming I have accepted liability for what happens to Armed Forces personnel, in order to facilitate the profitability of their insults and any parameters bearing risks they think is acceptable to take for it while their stupidities and a disobedience with no sense of right and wrong wants to make an insulting statement about themselves on my Public image as criminally as possible, all of the time. This is rebellion, what I am doing is not it. In fact I have taken it one step further to curb the activities of their Celebrities and Fashion goons by looking like I am stealing from them all the time; so whilst I protect intellectual property in my care, they got off building private security Industry developed around setting me up as scapegoat for the theft based discrimination and we know they will fail like they have failed on other matters miserably; hopefully I don’t spend my time castigating some silly people at Government Office when they do again as it were, not enough have died yet.

I am also said to live with an assumption that my actions are sufficient to curtail the Public problems that show up on the streets in the form of Public upheaval all the time and it is utter nonsense as I am rather of the opinion that my history was very clear in terms of the fact that those parts of society that wish to stop complaining about me, need to stop disturbing this place as I am trying to get some Books written in it and those Political parts that will to stop complaining need to stop making a mess of the Public work or disturb this Hermitage, as there is Public Royal work going on in it. The only reason we have ended up in this condition is that I wrote a Book and put myself out for it and they have been picking up bits of those Books to work all sorts of incredibly abusive popularity bullying with – since the issues I resolved in the Books are the main point of their gimmicks, I end up with hurting bottom and smell of what I ate all the time, while for their part in the matter, my need to pick up anything that appears to be a freedom of respite from this nonsense and to make a case from it for the misery they cause me, in the most academically proficient way, has now left them with a need for homosexual permission in order to be famous but we have not seen any of the behaviour recede because they are narcissistic enough to continue. The idea that it meant the existence of some Political instability on account that they get people confused beats the imagination since it does not – as it stands, I have not yet committed myself to a deadline for the purpose of fooling around with their bank balance and careers yet, so it appears as if they have boundless confidence for these stupidities on grounds that I am never likely to respond to it effectively, whereby I have mentioned before that they do complain about pornographers all the time, it should only continue until they got to find out how I will be fooling around with their careers and earnings as well and then they will see that Pornographers are not such a big problem for their profitable stupidities after all. There is absolutely no point to the matters we hear them talk and complain about whatsoever as it were; what really happens is a mess they make of my Books and a mess that their parents and local communities make of my person, leading to outcomes in which they were desperate for their Media salvation. It’s not as much of a problem for me like they believe it is – a spectrum for instance is that it is not the end of the world if you are a psychopath, it’s just a bad thing for those who use their mental disposition to do bad things, likewise for them as well, the business of an emotional idiot who thinks that other people’s feelings are irrelevant, is just as  bad as a psychopath who blabs about the extent of other people’s power when somebody is trying to have a conversation for them – the only thing that gives strength to this nonsense in the sense that it looks like Political instability is the activities of badly behaved Royals who never get tired to suggesting that the reasons The Queen thinks of their activities the way we know the Monarch does think of it was a mystery.

The dream that never goes away is that they were a threat to me and they are not; what really happens is that they leave out the fact getting their imagination up my bum with that stupid tax payer funded success and the confidence that it has allowed them is meant to be sexually abusive and violent – what will likely explain it is when I got them writhing in pain somewhere so their stupid relatives will do mine too and then they would be famous that way. That said, the whole thing does not bother me very much as it’s a matter of being groomed into a position where my mind and thought process is affected well enough for it to get physical once it is done with prejudicial insults that it thinks I do not have a capacity to respond to properly as it were – things like Politicians claiming my personality is what they should be having for the government work that they do and acting to wreck my career over unfathomable insults for it and so on but as for their prejudicial insults carrying on long enough for the imaginary violence to adopt a physical effect, it will one day blow off the big mouth at me on Media, well enough for me to seek out a deadline for a campaign that will work out how their idiocy was planning to stop it as a community. They do always say this sort of disposition on my part will lead to conflict and it will lead to no such thing; what really happens with these fools is that while they engage in such activity their parents hang around the communities making a mess of people’s lives by getting imagination up peoples bottoms as they conduct their tribalism raids at Industry and I have no idea why they always love to build up this idea that I think it is such a bad thing for them to be poor people when I think no such thing anyway; so the conflict bits will be that Germany supports them to end up with a tale of how I count all the Men in their Society, the Russians say everything the British do is insulting, the Americans build them new society on the patents that were set out for my Books and get to Government buildings to get up a Democrat platform and seek a servant master relationship with me but it is still a mystery what the hell is wrong with them.

I do get told that I have never really addressed or spoke of the reasons for this behaviour as a whole and the reasons have always been rather simple; when we British travel overseas we try to understand how people live, when they travel here it’s all Fatherland and all sorts of mystery surrounding the trouble people will get into if they behaved a certain way, soon after a need to target those who can find their way around Public matters such as myself with no regard for the Public Office which needs to be maintained, as insultingly as possible and then it finds another explanation on Media for what is happening when its stupidities gets the imagination up my bum and issues threats for the smell as well. It is supposed to bottom feed and get that imagination up peoples bottoms, to support the trouble makers who consider themselves famous called Celebrities, that are such a bunch of vandals that Industry people give them money without reason because all they can do with the money is engage in economic activity, which means that work will get it back and so on, meaning that they will then be able to blow off that big mouth more often about how what Celebrities do, buy and own, was the meaning of existence, instead of blabbing at me.

So I am told that Celebrities are not my enemies as such and they are not either; Celebrities as I know are not people you want to spend a lot of time with, their lives starts out as a bid to prevent bullying, of which some of them do become the bullies all together at some stage, while those who don’t, go on to lead a life of being nice to people all the time because there is always an entertainment product somewhere that was sold to the Public on the basis of fame – not therefore characters you want your children spending too much time with either, as that will mean they are unable to concentrate on anything that actually matters. These goons on the other hand are not Celebrities, they are idiots who have been given money to buy venues and equipment that allow them extract money from the Public lives of Public figures, they have that money because Members of the Public are willing to give it to them for all those stupidities they put up to claim they were oppressing important people with what belong to their own victims, if it gets on my case, then it will become a problem that needs to be solved. At this stage they are really close to that but we are rather somewhere around the area where they say my relationship with Celebrities is broken which it isn’t, I am simply rebuilding everything I do from scratch and will now find out which silly Music producer or Film Producer etc is going to likely get off deploying my property for their gimmicks without express permission and set about wrecking my academic work to years down the line tag me with a label that says criminals buy products and I show up around their very important concerns to rub shoulders, when they believe they wanted to keep the parts of my life they have patented to their names instead of buy Books at this shop. In the end we know racism starts out as a bad ideology but the punishment for the effects of racism are the most severe that there is in the land, so this is not something people say lightly for their part either – at some stage you have to say that a behaviour is a culture about which if gotten rid of will mean certain knots and bolts are loosened from your head, which makes it impossible for you to get anything done or to do it properly and that another is actually the racism all together. This matter is not really a threat to me as such; what happens is that they love to behave in a way that will allow them boast that I have ended up with these complications because I wish to get into a fight with Celebrities whereby I do not stand a chance and we know its utter nonsense, as if there was a fight with Celebrities it would be worse to act like a coward behind them over it for the Celebrities, when I wanted to ensure they understood their need to travel around the world and tell young people they were more important than I am while making a mess of my Books will not be tolerated – that the fact people don’t want to buy Books from this shop because they think it will only help Royalty to become even more Royal should not mean that Celebrities got to tell me my Business Empire only existed in my head again like they did before to extract money from this Trust and run off stupid protest movements of a Global proportion that was aimed at finishing off the rest of my financial wellbeing without consequences. The part where it is a matter of my attitude however will never make sense – we all know it’s a Bookshop and if people have money to invest when they buy my Books, then the Books will not offend them as such and those who buy will be working their Intellectual Property Administration with me, which effectively means that people need to show up and buy products they are selling not pretend they were part of the corporate Identity. They say I too am likely to get into trouble soon and it’s never really going to happen; what happens is that I must make the decisions for the Queen and we then end up with the Royal Politics and they just happen to be the same who are unable to recognise it, soon after it shows up all over my concerns, refuses to accept it’s a Hermitage where the Celebrity and Money issues are not the main concern, with a Campaign to support some Child and by the time it is done, it has built me a Public image that portrays me as a character who does not get paid for work that that I do – on the other hand, has not really gotten a handle on the fact that they are a bunch of people who think of the Monarchy as a place of Wealth, Power and Privilege where they can gorge on excess, as such the assumption was that if I had to watch my shoulder all the time, there was no prospect that they will be using me as scapegoat at some point and that they were expecting me to be so stupid that I did not take necessary measures to prepare for such an occasion. They do say that I like some of their work never the less and yes I do, I never said all their work was bad; I mean the manner in which some ethnic minorities abuse women has provoked them enough to get them travelling overseas to mix up the population and apparently they have mixed it up with the Nigerians as well, so it’s become a bit of a messy business, in that way Women do not get messed up all the time but then again that was wholly because of the actions that I also took because they hated the women in my life and were constantly seen campaigning for security that benefits well off villains, hence this is meant to have been an improvement. I do get told it’s impossible for people to tell who my friends and enemies are when I adopt such positions but this is not about friends or enemies, it’s about the work they do and since they are able to control young people, it is fair to say they should be doing that mostly – the whole thing by itself was meant to be a corruption process where they hated women I got along with and vouched for security that helped financially well off villains and the bad bits are now under control but the good bits still have their purposes, it is now all so incredibly messy that tackling women does not make sense anymore.

We are eventually then faced with a conversation about whether I am really a terrible character that gets away with everything, which is utter nonsense – that I am surrounded by people who make me happy, while another group consistently and abusively invite themselves, stir up Public problems to ensure they got away with the abuses they wanted to perform on account other matters took precedence and get involved to make me sad is a matter that conjures up questions as well i.e. since people are now keen to cure me of my anxiety problems when I have none, is the business of being happy and sad at the same time, done because people like me and what  am doing, meant to constitute a real state of mind? The Celebrities I had pointed out before; it’s not the discovery that you have psychopath tendencies that was a bad thing or that you were excessively emotional that was a bad thing but the bad things people do with their mental and emotional disposition, like the psychopath who thinks that those who say his or her emotions do not matter need to prove it or the excessively emotional who thinks that other people’s emotions do not matter because they considered themselves to be the centre of the world; the Celebrities spend most of their time getting people into a position that they were supposed to get into for being the latter every single moment and for me especially they have found me pick up a terrible neighbourhood to sit back and write Books on Hermitage matters, so they have patented aspects of my life to their names, my Books have solved their problems so well they want to destroy my Bookshop and establish a Master servant relationship with me and are already spying on me to get the trouble makers that bother them into my personal life, while building me Publicity that says I am somebody who fights and should be fighting for them to help them stay safe – meaning that 90% of characters I meet every day are gits who want me to show that if I thought their emotions mattered, I needed to prove it and if I thought their emotions did not matter I needed to prove it never the less and it has already gone from the idea death is not as a bad as I think it is, to something of my whole life having been patented to their names through show business products while they have built me another existence that their stupidities think fits me best.