It is then said that I am fundamentally responsible for most of the problems people have these days, since the last time I shut down popularity access to fame because they wanted to become more important than I am using my own public image – would rather like people to spend their energy fighting their own corner not adding to any problems they perceive I might be dealing with, these are meant to be a collection of idiots who joined gangs and criminals when they were younger, because working for money did not appeal to them, now its just about being complicit with racism because they thought it might be profitable, once they had realised that it wasn’t, needed somebody to get killed so they might be able to move to other areas where the Grass was greener – so there is nothing wrong with my Books and I have been putting up with Liberal America led lies and abuses spread all over the world over it for the last 6 years every day, will not anymore and am therefore starting to think about the fact that it does not move on by itself, does not go away amicably. The other part of their story generally being that I have a terrible existence about which I am now looking for somebody to share it with, which is utter rubbish; this is a Hermitage, where money and Celebrities is not the main thing and because the Money and Celebrities are not there, those well off Middle Class villains along with their Royals who get along with the Celebrities will not let it be, hence we have reached a stage where they need to listen to what I am saying especially when it involves the part where they had stopped handling me for their part as it were; in terms of the shutting down fame access for popularity goons however, the plan to become more important than I am using my own Public image was stupid enough, I am only trying to find out whether if I did that, I will get a stupid response from them that will top it – always those foolish abuses on how things will happen to me if I handled their Celebrities while reality is that if I organised my personal life, family life and career in a way which causes Celebrities immense suffering and pain, there was nothing that they could do about it.

I do get told that people still have difficulty settling up on how my Books work and if they did, my misery would be over but I do not recommend 18 to 21 year olds read my Books and the Academia in it is certainly not for very young Children either – its about what happens with Industry and everything else to do with Politics and Society which because it is written by Royalty is all shinny and attractive but the tendency people have towards it is one of wanting to be around it while they should be somewhere else because of that, what is not good for young Adults. Some have pointed out its packaged Equity and they might have money to invest but then, so do I advise they kept in touch if they did, and especially on social Media as there is always a tendency for me to put something on it every day. The secondary problem worth observing is the patronising insults of Liberal America and which is done as abusively as possible over and over my income margins especially in terms of what they can do for me to be more important as well, which I am about to put a stop to, while the goons who keep dragging my Career into this position when I had been thinking about it since I was a teenager, to look like an idiot who is unable to get it sorted in his late 30s are looking for a response they will not forget.

They do love to make out I think none really understands what I am feeling and its utter rubbish; the truth is step outside of my door and female twerps who should have been super stars will be all over your personal space while the Men just want to build a crowd that makes sense of the times they acted like they were getting their elbows up my shoulder, soon they find I have eating issues and tummy issues and they want to make an announcement of it all the time, grab Public image and wreck academic pursuit – I want them to leave me alone, not see if their stupidities can make sense of what I am feeling, besides I already have a problem in the sense that should they let me be, I will end up with a Personality that is so glorious it should have belonged to the Politicians who were important enough to make the decisions that affected the lives of criminals, as stupidly as possible, so I want the problem lessened, I want their stupidities out of my concerns. They do claim the British want to rule the world but cannot handle overseas Interests but what I am doing and saying here is exactly how to handle overseas Interests – it never keeps its mouth shut about small penises and small people who cannot fuck them properly if need be but will soon want to get into Government Office and Punish them for doing something wrong, its criminal and enjoyable in every work of life basically and then it starts to get personal in my case as per they were nearly more important that I am using my Public image before I had the effrontery to get involved with the whole thing again; we know it to be a behaviour they exhibit when their Federated stupidities about which they have societies to match overseas had really gotten to them as it were. Like we hear that they thought they had beaten me down all the way to Buckingham Palace while they had beaten down nothing whatsoever and I am said to be fooling around with the matters while I am not in some areas; what really happens is that in my position I support good International Diplomacy of Politics in the sense that it’s a matter of my personal life and what those who get involved with it think of it, a matter of Culture, Theatre and Mobility – when they show up they always put themselves out as character who are getting along with those who simply want to see the world, conduct their concerns and have a great time, until when they decide they wanted to start and each time they did, it was always a matter of me being this character they think they can take advantage of but tended to have spent a decade and a half of their time on without success, making me more of a target now that they have little time left to take advantage of people and make fame fortunes and I keep putting myself out as somebody they can take advantage of which is not my fault as the finances are wrecked and their insults did it.

I am now told that I am simply offensive to some Royals which it is thought will make me uncomfortable but it doesn’t – these Royals they speak of tackle me all the time and yet either in terms of being a scapegoat on account times were difficult or in terms of being taken advantage of, they are not in need of survival, hence it is not actually a behaviour that they require and we can see it show in the sense they spend such little time on their Royal concerns and tend to take out their failures on me. Their new alliance with Celebrity world Sociopathy, the kind of behaviour that mean child stars grow up into destitution because their parents squandered the wealth is the source of this nonsense being blabbed at me all the time and I don’t think I have done anything around here which does not show I have been thinking of this nonsense since Childhood either – fair to point out these Celebrity world sociopaths, especially the blacks like to think I am afraid of them and it will cost me all I have while my main concern is the twerp that continues to drag my career into a position their stupidities may fool around with. In terms of the Celebrity world Sociopaths who can never have enough, Obama told them they could pervert my Bookshop into some Market Royalty has worked for, which will provide money for the poor and it has not yet resulted in an act that means I want to sack everything that matters of Obama as well, hence the endless threats and stupid confidence channelled at me all the time – the destruction of British Chinese relations were done by the same gits and under the same US President, which I have now pulled back and hit them enough to ensure I achieved a deterrence; so it does go without saying it needs to keep its mouth shut or accept if it is keen for a fight, I am a busy man and it will have to come round in the night or very early in the morning, just in case I want to churn its stupid tummy for it as well on my part – the whole thing however does feed into that business where everybody I have ever familiarised with is racist on account they have been telling everything they meet that they own me and yet each time I bump into those stupidities where I am their kid on whom their future relies whereby if I failed to co-operate with their fame and fortune needs, I am to be removed from a civil rights society that they fought for, whereby the outcome is that the academic work and Career is completely destroyed especially when their popularity idiots show up at the institutions to gawk over me for all the wrong reasons until they churn my tummy and achieve what they are after, it is the racists that are the biggest beneficiaries, hence the arms I have supplied their civil rights stupidities whenever I ask them if they are less racist than the people they have accused of it – having been that it has always been a case of their link with an evil culture and society making them money in Africa while in the UK, white people had made it exclusive and they want a share of it; so I made my position clear on the need to sell that stupid culture and society for money, either to prevent them moving into my right hand to claim that bullying me is the reasons I am so talented or to ensure that I was prepared for any threats they were likely to come up with which if they did move into my right hand would be a matter of time; stemming from this was Royal work that the second in line to the Throne engaged in with respect to the Natural environment and  his Successor had more duties on even though he is still a Child, having taken it up with their Royal friends and rolled it back, talking nonsense about provocative child that is me the entire time, the idiots now say that I am disrespectful of other Royals and it needs to stop, as if they were my fucking mates themselves – the theory has again showed up, that if I sold that culture and society for a living, I would face consequences for it with that big mouth that makes a face and an insulting gesture for everything I do, then set about claiming a history of it is what its stupid civil rights have become, looking like they want to find out what I am capable of as well. It does need to stay away from me, does need to stop following me around, needs to stop handling me and realise there is nothing that either its stupidities or that of its Celebrities can do about me and that when they have started blabbing of how their money will never run out should I start a fight, it will be the point at which they had kicked it off around here too.

They are not a threat to me and I do tell them I watch pornography sometimes, as it can be the best point to find out the most up to date information on their latest stupidities, than a Sociology and or Criminology Text Book would have done; the Girls who avoid society people and are very good at doing so with layers of makeup that is enough to start a new research into Human behaviour for example – or the gits that have approval from Royals to take advantage of those who are currently struggling to pay the Bills in order to pay off their increasing number of mortgages and people at the Monarchy who fight other people’s battles to secure them privileges for it. Besides the business of their abusive insults where their Royals whom they say are not my equals needed to know they were not my mates as well, this matter goes way beyond the fact that they appear to require my help in order to see that the Interest of the reigning Monarch is always the Prime concern of any person with a Royal Office – so they love to claim I am an advocate of wealth and social equality which when it gets on my nerves will see me do Royal version of wealth and social equality with it as well; what really happens being that their Royals spend a lot of time helping them to Royal property so that Celebrities who are currently on their forth Mortgage will get to take advantage of people who are still paying off the first, in order to fund it and we know that only the Reigning Monarch will lose something from Royal property when this continues and then they claim my problem to be that I am always right, while reality says I am simply right, nothing like always right as such. Like the old story of me underestimating Celebrities while we know Celebrities spend their time on nothing else save the theory that I am a small Man with a small Penis who wants to get into Government Office and set out punishment for them when they did the wrong thing, when I cannot even satisfy them in Bed and we all know this is usually a threat to the safety and security of the Public but it appears they plan to handle me until they got a response and this is something I must prepare for too – if their corrupt fans follow me around at academic institutions to churn my tummy and get me dropping out for these gimmicks again, I will burn their world and make them watch me do it.

I do get told my big problem is that none knows what I actually want and I simply want to be left alone; the problem with being left alone is that I end up being myself and the real me is a personality that should have been owned by Politicians who made decisions that affected the lives of criminals, otherwise it’s a matter of the Boys wanting to show I am Character they can lean on and put their elbows on when things get heavy around them and the Girls should have been famous from the day they were born and are in constant need of my personal space each time I step outside of my door – if they handle me over the resulting smell of it, I will ensure they had enough of a hard time that will kill them too and that will be the changes I got to make on my part as well. This is a Hermitage, the Money issues and the Celebrity issues are not the main thing, the bills and invoices must be paid too – their Royals are not my mates and they are not mine and its either the insults will stop on their part or nothing that happens here as a result of it will. Already they are accomplishing something of an increase in behaviour of racist tendency towards me because of the Publicity they build for me around this nonsense and the fact they get bolder when they have not gotten a response for it – the black people here in the UK think I am now neck deep in it with a big mouth and it goes beyond that story of what they need to do to show me they needed to get rich with my Public image or I will get into trouble meaning shop keepers started to draw up a link between when I show up on the High Streets and when they go out on their career theft – now that they have not explained why people used to attack black people to claim black people loved to steal or why there was a Police Stop and search Policy when the Government had not yet taken a position on racism, I suggest if it has not heard me voice my hate for communities of black idiots like these, needs to keep its own mouth firmly shut. The theory that I have fantasies about handling the Celebrities is an old story – I am waiting for those stupid goons that are the beneficiaries of a process where the Producers claim I spend more time rubbing shoulders with them while criminals buy films and need to be taken advantage of once they were done keeping up the hands of getting rich on my Public image, to show up here and get all over it to show what happens with racists and gangs and criminals is not the business of being loved up but the business of getting beaten up or killed and the subsequent processes of building a Community on it again as it were and then there will be another history over it.

They say I am at War with everything and its utter rubbish; what happens is that it shows up here to become more important than I am with my Public image which will fulfil a heart’s desire, I took steps to ensure it does not get to damage absolutely anything it wants to damage, it hangs around for a decade making a mess and finally realises it had spent its time on me and there is none left to get famous with, starts to get abusive and violent and there are Royals offering it an opportunity to run from the abusive processes associated with getting a job by using Royal duties to take advantage of the Public over fame and fortune popularity, which means it shows up here regularly to tell me I am not the mate of the Royals it gets involved with, its ageists can never stop lying at my expense to ensure they benefitted from either side of the argument, as though they were my fucking mates too. We find them that my activities which are aimed to stem the tide of racism helped to protect its Parents too but bearing in mind it loves to show that it hates its parents when its not getting what it wants by running off behaviour that stirs racism, having been it targeted me at University and paid for that, needs to do it specifically to harm me – so I understand they think there will be a showdown between me and them when I start trading my Books while I introduce myself to people as an Arch Prince and I think it will be a fine opportunity to start getting rid of that stupid well off neighbourhood hoodlum nonsense they believe implies that I am unable to handle their Celebrities.

So I do get asked these questions on what I think causes Royal rebellion and its an old story about these goons who work the civil disobedience and always want to run from the abusive processes of getting a job, having older supporters that fill in the gaps for everything you have not done right i.e. the gaps associated with all the corrections you want to make – hence the Monarch is always safer doing it in such a way that people are given responsibilities that match what they have been spending their time on. When you have made your mistakes, most cases, you bear it in mind, it is unfathomable that Royal would support them – so it all tends to feed into the Media gimmicks of which HM said that the trouble with the Media is that either for the right or wrong reasons, it shows up and goes on and on about it until the bad things happened to you again; for my part which I love to take measures that ensure they cannot damage everything they got their hands on, so what they did not damage tends to count, such that it was pointless to take action and didn’t matter. Like they say I am destructive as well which is not as true as the fact the goons who keeps dragging my career into a condition where civil rights trouble makers wanting to get rich quick can take advantage of it until the process of people being able to grab my career became a self-fulfilling prophesy, needs to stop doing it, if they wish to avoid a response – needs to stop doing the exploitation of Prince feeling slightest pea under many matrasses gimmick and let me have my space.