I am said to be allowed to get away with anything I did at the Monarchy and it is utter nonsense – I don’t do anything at the Monarchy; what has happened over the years is Royals sucking up to Celebrities and then leaving me with this business where they regularly made comments about me to such an effect where I paid people to sell my Books and they decided that based on what they have heard at the Monarchy, they will be doing something else with my money v- it has now gotten completely out of hand, they are unable to manage the situation and have begun to revert to a habit of how everything they got should be a matter of privilege, while the Monarch has been giving Her Immediate Family Public responsibility over it. The part I had wriggled out of will be the one where I did not get punished for getting around with Celebrities which I never have – Celebrities always hate my guts because between 2002 and 2019 for instance, I have dropped out of University and found that I had grown a bit fatter, so it was time for them to take the Public image they have always wanted to run popular culture with, the complicated bit for them is the production of babies that will ensure they could have this going into the future, considering that having babies does not actually go hand in hand with Celebrity culture or lifestyle. The Politicians claim I am always seen chasing jobs that are more important than I am, the general idea running around is that my social media indicates me spending time with Celebrities while I expect everybody else to think I do not get along with them – both have no link with reality as I did not write Books that Politicians had written and we can see it’s something about an abusive behaviour they have gotten accustomed to – either way which the business of wrecking their own every time they wreck my finances and career is not the one that appealed to me, letting them build this nonsense to a stage where in 2 hours of arriving at Parliament, thinking about me means they want to go home already, is the one I have desired; we are now living in a Country where they claim it interferes with Government while what does is that need to flush people’s lives down the loo because they want to spend the Government salary investing at Industry to get rich, while members of the Public with talents that can be abused become punching bags and their abuses would have meant the Monarchy was being made to be more representative, at a time that they had not yet worked out their own representative job properly. My social Media does not show me getting along with Celebrities, it shows Celebrities getting involved with me and those who play military connections while I make money from your Public life routine will find me set them a stage that says they are loaded and the UK is poor with need for investment – they are usually manufactured by Industry goons who send them out like a weapon, so I do suppose that unless any Celebrities I have spent time with resulted in an outcome where people were pressured to become new marketing goons working for secrets of riches and get rich quick trend idiots who spend money on the madness that these stupidities brew at Public life, whatever I am seen doing with Celebrities is not worth the attention; so it is always a case of this goons being controlled and others who are being taken advantage of by the Industries that manufacture them getting some support because they come to this Office with their families and other activities that help control conflict. I do not think it is a complicated matter as such, it does eventually come down to those who want to fulfil an ego need by handling me, wrecking my life, employing me and controlling me and I want to get famous on the fact they are lazy and do not want to do the weedy peasant work that their stupidities are meant to make a living from.

I am told I am an example that shows the need for Celebrities to do what they do and yes I am; the Celebrity issues are always contentious because of what Celebrities get up to over it – it has hung around asking for adulation from a random Crowd to a point where it got rich whether or not it did wrecking other people’s public life, if you see the backyard, its huge with a few Horses in it for pleasure, it now knows why State Operatives lives in Stately homes and nobody disturbs its right to enjoy the musings of Country ownership – now, there is link between it and ripping up my Bookshop, solely for ego reasons and now there is a better reason too as a result of inaction on my part. What usually then happens is those cases where they hang around somewhere and the get rich quick twisted Industry goons hang around somewhere, once mixed up with Media insanity and society idiots who have a need for secret gatherings that decide how others should be used, the perception that helps to run off the idea people had lost careers because it was taken by them will go on until it became a self-fulfilling prophesy – so if a Country is governed by a Tyrant there will always be an excuse to produce some bodies. I have been told I speak of it but really don’t know the extent of the destruction which is not really the case; the brazen gits at the sex industry who have meetings on which Public service operative to abuse especially on social media in order to get rich fast, are rather always very clear that everybody wants to be rich and famous and I am too low to be seen as anything else but a target with a big mouth – I have been clear that when I pay marketeers to sell my Books, they should do so according to my websites and what my social Media has said adds up to people that I know, it will ensure we have a good spectate of what the rest of their stupidities will develop around here. The other part being a case of me not being forth coming on these matters therefore leaving the issues hanging, which I don’t; it’s the labour Party and its 10 years of shinny victims we want to lead verbal and sometimes physical abuses, which fed straight into the 8 year Obama White House version that was rather global, it never stops if one does not do their own as well – the conservatives like the corrupt US republicans can always speak of beating us down after what we have been through naturally, they could be more inventive than a process of supporting the abusive body language of the Labour Party in Parliament until it became a sub culture I suppose, they are not doing much now obviously because they want something, we will be dead when they get it blabbing.

It is now said that I need Brexit because it tended to make the Country weaker, same as the nepotism conservative MPs throw at me all the time, every time I appear to get a break from Parliamentary insanity aimed at making out their Children were better human beings than I am and deserved to have a better future planned for them on my wallet, fostering further the need MPs appear to have for secret gatherings that help to ensure the streets and commuter roads are hell on account they and their gits were incredibly important and it’s usually all about how they do not plan to watch a pipsqueak like me get involved with their prestigious Monarchy and culture – I only hope that they tended to keep it down as they were talking about someone’s Family as it were. That I wish for Brexit because it will make them so stupid and so weak is quite incredible, since it becomes more difficult to control my Asset Equity that are in the hands of EU Businesses – I mean it is easy to control it but the factors such as Fashion idiots and their Muslim friends making their own investments with my income margins and the hell I go through to tell them off, only to have them create a new one in 24 hours thereafter, which then begins to make it all very amusing and disputes this foolish idea that Brexit could make their stupidities any weaker. What is clear is that they do like to blow off their big mouth at me, that what I cannot do irrespective of their insults and need to get imagination up my backside, is rip up their culture and society as well and it’s all because of the years of insults channelled at me through Parliament to allow them the means for making this stupid statement without considering the risks, on account they believe their stupidities to have reached a stage where they could do whatever they liked with respect to my person and we all know that if I started to think of it as a main preoccupation of mine, the idea they had such a thing will be heavily disputed to say the least. I don't understand why their white Counterparts like to think they have a right to address me as such all the time anyway - they are Middle Class and have not paid a lot of attention to the problems of their own Class recently the last time we checked, much as I have made it clear, regardless of those stupid statements about being a poor person that will have been responsible for rich important persons getting Punished by the system, when I try to run this Bookshop and they got to make trouble for me questioning a description of myself as an Arch Prince, it will be the beginning of the end for their well off neighbourhoods madness for my part in the matter as well - some have said people do not think I am not an Arch Prince, they just want me to look the part and I understand as much as well that they never listen to anything others say to them and will like to reiterate that if they are not here to read Books I had written, have no reason to be at here at all; for what it is worth, nothing at this Hermitage is Preset for any reasons whatsoever and this is why their gimmicks with it is to pleasurable, the disadvantages of such silliness being the reasons it is set out that way i.e. when duty is required by the Crown, it will be performed whatever the cost, I am certain an Arch Prince would look like that anywhere on the Planet and I want them to keep off my income margins with a badly raid very polite background that leaves them a personality with no good content to it whatsoever and stop telling of me mine, mind their own business and climb social ladder somewhere else (had enough of it).