Now I am said to be responsible for making a mess of female frontiers, thereby exposing women to cowardice and its utter nonsense, I have done no such thing, what has happened instead is the people who say these things getting rather accustomed to the lies that they tell. They have spent the best part of the last half a decade at least, running of a campaign of hate for women while building up public place security for well off villains, so it stands to reason they have brought up this matter on the back of the fact they have torn up female frontiers and now want to get me doing something to install the women they believe should be running female frontiers instead; they do this because what drives them which is Crown Succession, is greater than what drives me, which is looking after my Office and anything that adds up to the betterment of the Nation. Then we find them boast it is such a big problem for me naturally while the truth on the ground is that The Prince of Wales will inherit the Crown from the Queen, not make his own Crown and they have pointed out HRH may do as he pleases but that is also a matter of The Prince’s personal decisions, which really has nothing to do with the way that Government works. They have also said I think my ideas are set in stone while I have offered none, what is laughable being the ideas that they have offered all together I.e. the prospect of how people who have jobs in the Military suddenly become Economists, such that the injuries they sustained will have added up to a right they had gained to help decide how National Economic Policy operates and there is a vein of this that is linked to the reality that we all live in.

I have been told enough times, that I am completely unaware of the way that this matter works and adds up to a threat that I face and it is utter nonsense too; the only threat I face is gangster behaviour from rich stupid people who are only just done complaining about the consequences of the fact that chasing me around to wreck my whole life and then wanting my Books free of charge because I am sharing their Country with them and they therefore deserved it, generally meant I wanted to control everything that poses a threat to me, so that I might do my Bookshop numbers without being bothered too much, now they think they are a threat and the business of taking property and equity from his Hermitage without paying for it is ensuing along with a Crowd they have built for the purpose as well – naturally, everything that people who are rich by being stupid would do as it were; they are no Arch Princes and they did not write my Books, I am not facing danger from them which goes beyond their insults and their big mouth and their need to handle my Bookshop without paying for product items in return for practical jokes on how I recover property they have taken from my Public work, is now very close to a point of explosion. The other part of this threat they speak of should be a case of Private security Industry goons getting up to all sorts and so I did get myself a job in that part to Industry which exposed me to all those inventive stupidities and they had decided they will follow me around with it for the rest of my life because of the damage I did to their culture and society over the damage they did to my career and academic pursuits but it is certainly not set to become a far more difficult matter, as long as they are not issuing further threats at me – I want them keeping away from my Books and all business of following me around to handle the public image space stopped. I do get told these matters are still loosely handled but they are not, I have done the job very thoroughly for my part, all of it is meant to be my responsibility solely and I have been taking good care of it too – the singular problem is people shoving me all the time over it, especially the Royals who engage in such activity; the particularly destructive ones being those who love to make a mess and stand up somewhere building a crowds which they will have preferably built at Industry, to berate me all the time over money issues, they have now done that to such an extent a Public matter has arisen from it, so now that I clearly have money problems and they have got an issue they are always bringing up, they have now got a problem that they need to solve, at which stage it actually has nothing whatsoever to do with me – I am not in any way suggesting that it is not hurtful, it is hurtful, such as my social media having been something I set out to ensure people got to know about me and what I spent my time on but instead all my work gets wasted over young people from privileged neighbourhoods making my life toxic and questions asked about my position, hence each time these questions are answered, people go away and my Bookshop dies, so it does hurt but they now have a problem to solve over the fact I have financial problems, while I have also actually got really financial problems like they wanted it, at which stage it is not my concern and this matter have always been handled properly, all the way to the private security industry itself. In the end if I do not wish to keep paying the price for stupidities they invent because they have some civil rights and some movements concerned with it to fool around with, I will stop paying the price for it.

It’s all something of the world of men making plans for whatever it is they are chasing but as I mentioned, no part of it is in anyway linked to the reality we all live in, which is the reason that it should always be ignored but the only reason they are making a mess everywhere is the public disobedience of the Politicians that we have had in government Office for the last decade and a half – such that I may say that these matters are not yet a crisis until I begin to ignore what really matters and spend time paying attention to the fact that it is said I am all good but very stubborn, since people refuse to pay attention to what really should have been their main concern and set about attacking me over what does not have a value whatsoever, even as they sometimes pay attention to what has no value and set about attacking me over what should actually be their main concern – and will have done so for the purpose of saving up time and energy to resist them but the case is still that old matter of making up a story that democracy does not necessarily have to be a moral thing, when told that these characters are likely to rip up everything they see and expect every abuse and vandalism to be forgiven and forgotten, as we stand at the other end of the tunnel, looking like characters concerning whom the idiots can draw a link between our body fluids and a processes of getting rich, it is always a matter of kids who burden themselves with religion as far as Politicians are concerned, while their goons are building public place security from the young people who do not think religion was a matter of personal decision at the same time and then we hear them say democracy does not have to be a moral thing until such a time as they were complaining without a respite in sight at Parliament. It has always been a matter that I get to handle at all times, so ensure that I maintained my authority, such that if I told people the business of having these goons move into our right hand and dwell there permanently, then probably attack us to ensure we gave up that aspect of our minds and lives as well, was not something that they should stand for, they will have been able to respect such a decision. It is true that my tummy never gets a break from them and that they have built whole communities on such a stupid sensibility, so is it also true that they have been told to lay off issuing threats for the effects that this behaviour produces. This matter has never really been the crisis that unprecedented interference and abusive behaviour have made them into; it’s the way that people who engage in it organise crowds and communities around their behaviour mostly, a matter most frequently involving some character that hangs around somewhere to send out little pointless women on tasks that involve getting their imagination up my private parts and also claims that I am mentally ill thereof – they always say that I frown on it and yet such behaviour helps me to exist by controlling activities of racists and other extremists while those who conduct tribalism raid wait for such public place abuses as an excuse to get involved with my concerns and do what they like with it, claiming their problem was created by my culture and will not accept each time they complain about me over their culture as well, it is due to the insults and the career or academic work destruction associated with what their stupidities consider themselves to be superior to - all the while we know their stupidities are not what the Laws of the Land is and that we always find out what it is when somebody has gotten seriously hurt.