I am said to have gotten away with incredible things and its utter nonsense, I have not; its been swirling around I get away with watching pornography and even declare it in Public but the sexual processes of pornography does not arouse me in anyway, never mind the fact it has become endemic enough for Children to watch, like some replacement for the threat of paedophilia and other forms of Child abuse. So the problem is that it is growing into a need for a showdown with the Celebrities, as these are activities that people engage in when they had been taken advantage of, had their lives completely destroyed by Celebrities, its purpose has always been to keep the Celebrities out of personal life while making money at the same time and we all know that I would have no need to do something that declares these facts and all sorts of sexual insults that are meant to put their Celebrity stupidities in charge of me, if there were no trouble makers at the Monarchy, showing up here to shove me all the time, making those foolish statements that they make into some sort of self-fulfilling prophesy in the minds of the Public but having done these routines to set out a warning, I have not achieved the purpose and it is growing into some real response on my part to the activities of Celebrities relying on me for their stupidities which will ensure that I had acted in a way they will never forget too. They do boast about crushing me but we all know that as long as every twat that showed up here since 2003, to make popular culture and Celebrity wealth from my Public image ceases to travel around the world telling young people they were more important than I am, their stupidities does not have to crush anything and find out what happens next as well. They have constantly claimed it’s the way State provided security for me have handled them which is precisely so as well – it never stops showing up here to confiscate a Royal Office and when I put together some routines to confiscate the stupid Celebrity culture as well, some Royalty whose bottom they have been chasing spotted an opportunity and have not looked back since; it needs to stay away from my Books, stop following me around and shut down the stupid abusive advertisement, I have no idea who told them they were famous anyway, they are a handful of Industry manufactured twats whose processes of gathering money to access equipment and venues where they engage with the Public is a constant threat to my family finance base and even my health, will not stop until there was a very good reason for it never to happen again as it were. They do claim my view of what they are is a mystery and it is not; firstly the person who told them they were famous was just as insane as they are, and of course it needs to keep its greed away from this Hermitage and its Equity Empire.

They claim the main problem and the reason people are unable to handle me is that they are a divided society and I can only get on by milking it, which is utter nonsense, what happens is that it destroys my Bookshop and relies on me to do nothing about it, having gotten accustomed to doing that thinks that the years of following me around to make a mess of my career, then want my Books free of charge and build a crowd to do so has adopted a disposition that will bring forth dividend and decides to start off a gimmick about my well being relying on them not being able to band together. I do not think of it a difficult matter either – we all know they have been screwing with me for years because as long as they are likely to buy a product, if I invested an Asset in a Company, they could do whatever they liked with it because none knew who I was, their nepotism and stupidities adopting disposition that will be profitable, we have done the part where they handle products and do not build their own version, where they take money out of a market system simply because they know a thing or two about it and buy a product from it ASAP, even if it meant living in hell because they did, now they are blabbing about banding together and its starting to look like the part where it is not so bad when they are poor. In the end they say the biggest problem I have is the Politicians but then again the only issue here is that I solved some issues and wrote a Book doing so, hence those who need that help need to get the Book and people are not able to do so because of the behaviour others exhibit towards my concerns, people can therefore make their own decisions separate from the Politicians which is not to say a fight with Politicians will not be the answer for everything whereby I am still the victims even when I am wrong due to civil rights. They have said that I need some discipline and like to say so all the time but we are here on grounds that for years my sense of respect for them and processes of listening to what they have to say has brought about a result where they destroy my whole life without reason and rely on me not to do a thing about it, progressing to a constant need to vouch for me to be disciplined; as I mentioned before, starting to look like its not so bad when they are poor and then they can band together and be poor, so it might be possible to observe exactly what it is that their stupidities can do. I do get told most of what I say and do is being given away and I am blaming others for the consequences, much the same as they say the problem with me is that I am a coward who never gets into a fight while people simply will not take the risk of fighting me, unless they knew the incentive was fame if they won and wanted to win at any cost – in terms of the former, this is how I work this Bookshop i.e. despite a decade and a half of complaining about me, it is a still a habit that society ageist exhibit along with their stupid children, that no moment goes by in any 24 hours without my very writers persona getting damaged or made a mess of, which they find amusing and their wealth equality by war idiots at Parliament would think is funny too, while seeing clearly that each time people get kicked in the teeth while they are down on the streets, the most likely character to have done it was a Political idiot with a cunt, finding unseemly things amusing at Government buildings when it is about other peoples career and family finance base – so those who have Media jobs that help these gits claim they have grabbed my career when I stuff their heads with what I know as well, need see that a response is what they will get for it and those who do not realise this is the effect of their gimmicks needed to stop doing it. This explains the latter, an example of the sort of things that mean I am constantly in other people’s hate Books.

They would say I speak of people not taking the risk to get into a fight with me and yes they will not, they hope to carry on the abuses that needlessly make me out to be a character that owns a lot of things I cannot protect including fame and then such a fight will be a fight that they will have to win because of the incentive and if I removed that incentive, I will be in a position to attack them needlessly as well and it will be something I will think about stopping but have little will power to and therefore have to work on myself. It did start out stupidly enough when it attacked my academic pursuits the first time, clinging to my Public, especially the white women and their boys gimmicks, claiming I am a threat to them but do not know it yet and the Politicians needed to have it sorted – these days the amount of daily abuse because they had become so important, as stupidly as possible means they have progressed from being afraid of me to a condition where I am weak and whatever I think of those who keep abusing me is something I will take out on myself, hence the bottom chasing gimmicks and the smell issues. The older ones say I need to move over to the left hand side and its an old story about not wanting to discuss what is happening with their lives being worked out in terms of working a public in a way that gets me to discuss mine, once this builds up to a public situation that affects them as well, then the problem was that they needed to move into my comfort zone and deal with the effects their own stupid decisions have on them and it has always been a Public security issue where women were their main target but it needed to be noted that this was an example when I say Muslims cannot control what criminals activity does with their backyard because what they do with Islam is claim they don’t like to discuss their religion and then it generally means we Christians are infidels until it had to be discussed, then I will be punished for the rest of my life over career and finance achievements they want to share because of the way that doing so had affected them, exactly what these goons mean by the answer for issues to be that I moved over to their left with a big mouth – for my part we Christians believe Christ died and Resurrected and sits at the right hand of God, so this sort of nonsense has all sorts of meanings and not one is good, besides it exists at the very edge of the structures that have emerged since the inception of this Hermitage, by which I work curtesy associated with keeping it tidy for the Monarch when the Head of State needs to draw from it: I did not get away with the first one whereby I wanted to peddle that stupid culture and society for money and got stopped until I dropped out of school by their stupid Politicians that are now pillaging my finances to make me see the importance of gangs and crime that deals with such issues, as stupidly as ever like we see them give their own to the frugal, finding it amusing, I am never going to get away with the next one I do as it were. They do claim it does mean I am in a difficult position and also claim I am caught between a Rock and a Hard case as an existential issue which is utter rubbish on both instances – all practical jokes taken far enough to build crowds around a gimmick which involves confiscating a Royal Office. I am not in any difficult position, I have been clear to the Celebrities about their insults and abuses, the things I have done to show them I have been seeing the pornography that those they had taken advantage of make in order to earn money and keep them out of personal life, so they are either going to stop damaging my Books while relying on me to do nothing about it, on seeing that they are unable to grab my career even when they buy shares with every company I had dealing with in order to handle me, looking for trouble and the damage to those Books are going to stop their way or it will stop when their gimmicks will be the only way Celebrity culture can be done while what I am doing with them now will be the only way I may run a Bookshop. As for being caught between a rock and a hard case, the same applies they rely on me to do nothing about destroying my Books over their civil rights, since last grabbing my career was impossible and I am still wondering if I write their Books around here, if the Books I write belong to them, it is about to get a response that will make sense of their stupidities in a rather established way too; legitimate purchase and legitimate review if they want to express something about another person’s work has never been too much of demand to make of the Public the last time we checked. The rest of the ageist goons are all good, I am sore all over which had developed some gimmicks they can play up to promote Political power in the Country, lost my Job and now live on Universal Credit for it and I am still sore all over because their stupidities had served the politicians and will now follow their heart, clearly not looking for it too as it were; hence in the end I work these matters by making sure when Liberal America builds new society on patents set out for my work to ringfence it and help me run a writing career, their practical jokes will have involved the need to extract money from my Royal Trust the way that I do as well, so I usually fill their stupid heads with what I know lest I get to pay the price for their stupidities every single time they talk about freedom and democracy – those who have Media and Celebrity jobs need spend more time with the one they actually did sign a contract for or it will be a journey that leads straight to the business of launching my own direct attack on that career and income that has gotten to their stupid heads as well – likewise those who fight my battles all the time, it responds to mentally ill community croons and it fundamentally involves shoving me and this is how it fights peoples battles as it were, out of its depth, done so much making a mess of my public work.

Now they do say there is an easier way to handle these matters but I don’t think people like easy around here – so we find that White Mum and Her Boys grabbing my Public image for fame and fortune and a future of being rich and important wrecks the academic work and I am the one who deserves to be punished for doing something wrong – now it has become an endemic behaviour which permeates all of society and their stupidities think I need to join some gangs and crime to alleviate them of the consequences of their personal decisions; same case when we talk about Public security, whereby women were the main targets all of the time, what it fights my battles for are things I have grown up to my present age and size ignoring mostly, now it has fought my battles and need to move into my right hand while I moved left to some place it deemed to be inferior; The Queen’s Job is thus incredibly easy, especially when racism is bad but ethnic minorities are copying discrimination. The other story about me being a war monger and a bad person is pretty much the same i.e. they have not given me a days break from the gimmicks; a kid who got into the Monarchy and rose so fast he became a hate figure and they were about to do that their thing and have now done it, looking for a response; no idea which one is which anyway, since what the Queen likes about me is the way I handle my Religious matters and for it I got a Royal Opportunity.

They have said that I am meant to get into a fight when people chase my bottom not become a Coward that wants to be important but what will happen here will be an outcome in which the only way on this Planet which people will have Celebrity culture and lifestyle will involve chasing my bum and the only way I run a Book shop will involve the question of why exactly we need Celebrities in this world at all to begin with and this I believe is when their stupidities will make them serious minded persons for a change – their stupidities should ensure I had access to and shut down all the other processes of doing Celebrity in order to ensure this was the case, as we can see.

I have been told I never discuss these matters in terms of the reality of what is happening and its utter rubbish; the reality of realities is that the Politicians have become quite obsessed with seeing what they can do with Individuals that The Queen does not want to do Business with – I cannot believe that they have reached a point where they expect me to behave a certain way because persons who got involved with National security and paid a price for it, now want to decide what economic and financial policy was, it is ridiculous when we look at it in terms of the reality that they have beckoned. For my part they say I smell and it’s a real issue but the smell is usually caused by their need to interfere with my person and make a mess of it being very filthy; it has now taken so many forms of abuse and ended finally in the business of their community croons claiming that the personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives and I used to think I had seen the worst but the topping these days is that I live like I woman and need to hand over a women’s life and get a Man’s own, so it clearly wants a response the way it has been told to keep its mouth shut about the smell, concerning which I have no idea why it is believable that I go around farting in Public places anyway – it needs to give me my space if it is worries about the smell, it only ever gets worse every time they don’t; the stupid threats are clearly what they are, as if the gits are not aware the smell is the way that their parents abuse peoples children in the neighbourhood to give them an edge when it comes to the process of conducting their tribalism raids to the top end of Industry and if it handles me because of it I am going to try making my own changes that involves hurting them seriously too. In the end they cause it in terms of such nonsense as the place I buy my Food being where the loss of my Public image was decided and with it they build a whole community that wants to discuss my anus and tummy and run it off until they are unable to get around their concerns without an imagination that does it, while they started claiming that I prevent them from peddling my faith and personal life and public image because I am trying to run their lives; it is such an opportunity to make my case for the way International Communities work, especially as seeing their businesses at City underbelly will suffer for it i.e. the various Parties held at International Communities and the privileges the various Countries that contributed to those parties expected or deserved; it needs to abandon the threats and will now have to choose either to keep its mouth shut about the smell or perform the only thing that can stop it I.e. never being seen showing up around my concerns, spreading gossips about it as stupidly as possible and never seen running off its social corruption on my Public image – the big mouth that the threats have expressed is by the way however an indication of how we have progressed to the point where it is starting to look like it’s not such a bad thing when the fucking idiots are poor. So these will be the facts of facts and if the Celebrities want their own, the one about the Celebrities goes beyond whether or not American nepotism has come to my Hermitage – goes beyond whether or not George Bush started a war in Iraq and spent his Military ware caring less for the good people there who would have helped to build the peace, if only we gave them time to, the problem with dead people being that they never come back to life, so it appears the problem has slipped through our hands forever and then of course whether I had written something about it which caused Obama to get off saddling me with some need to show respect for those that are putting themselves at risk to keep me safe and therefore want my Public image in return, the part about Liberal America and its Celebrities befriending Terrorists an ex-terrorists to handle little brother cowards, which is now brewing an outcome that completely overshadows the facts its all about their corruption and need to ensure the Industry favours them and their children for the future financially at all times, and grows rather into something of War and pornography with Celebrities ripping up the Books they wrote in their opinion at this Hermitage, while I got to decide that it will be the way they ran their Celebrity culture into the future, as I too got to invent the manner in which I thought I would most proficiently get to run a Bookshop at their Hermitage as well. In the end meaning it’s a matter of the way that big brothers and big sisters spend their time wrecking everything around here to ensure I channelled my while life to respond to their problems, thereby creating an outcome where they felt about the world around them the way that I did; same process applies, as it will soon be the way they earn a living, while what they are complaining about it will be the way I earn mine. It has always been simple; the authorities or the producers or employers, themselves and me – when people have deployed my Equities to get things done, there is a reason that they have done it that way, others need to cease all actions which encroach on my interests, seeing they had since wrecked the academic work and left me in debt, then gone about building me a decade history of insults which shows that they fundamentally believed it is how it should be, very unnecessarily. The ferocity of these activities on the contrary to being a cause for alarm is a reason to be optimistic i.e. 12 years now has meant the need to cling to me for my Public image instead of showing some respect for my writing Career, has now meant they have become too old to get rich and famous but all is not Green and Rosy as we can see that the goons at Industry who spend money on them while they do these things cannot stop using threats that leave them inadequate and deflated when I respond by showing them all they really can do around here is pay off some trouble makers, to avoid suffering that is due to the fact that people hurt their bottoms too, and of course it is getting serious enough to have my fun exploring how cultural the sex can get.