I am told that I am one of those characters that make a mess of my personal relationships to set about blaming others for the consequences while it appears those, I blame should be respected by me for trying to help me out on financial matters. I wouldn’t know anyway, what I do know is that the same behaviour we see exhibited on career front where I don’t want them showering me with abuses to build up a picture that is stuck to a product they got a crowd interested in, about which they are simply likely to ignore me on the assumption that there was nothing I could do before they made money from it and after they made money from it there was nothing I could do, is the same exhibited towards my relationships, involving an attitude of interference, getting married, having children and securing a divorce to leave me with the social problems and secure some freedom. At this stage it will have been suggested that talking of such matters is not my social standing or status but I have to because of certain characters picking up a position with the Prince of Wales to hang about my concerns allowing these gits to seize the initiative, now claiming that my response is presumptuous – whereas this has happened for sometime 9 hours earlier they had begun an abusive process of monetising my social life and public image each time they were asked to sell a product by the company that employed them, so I got out of bed 7 hours from that time to face the fact that the whole sordid thing had arrived at the abusive locality and begun my own process of making sure that the society trouble makers who always had means to make trouble spent that means on them, with intent to ensure both met and fell in love to say the least. They always claim that I am an entitled twat which is utter nonsense as well – as indicated above, I went to bed at about 2.00 pm while they went home with their salaries and made a mess of mine to go to bed long before that time, my finances do not look the work that I do because they are always interfering to make a mess of what the Public should think of me and I woke up today to face gimmicks garnished with a process of ignoring me as there was nothing I could do before they made money from it, hard to believe I am the one feeling entitled. I do get told that working this hard is not good for me or my position but I really don’t – what happens is the Prince of Wales and his friends making sure these gits were able to size the initiative and I ended up working in a reactionary manner, outcome being that I had a career that was organised well enough to say that even if I were stressed, my sleeping patterns would have been normal and on the other hand a version of me producing excess stress constantly by running around on media, making a mess of my finances and social life, that said the latter still works harder than the goons who claim I am an entitled twat, even though I want it shut down; so it does tend to express my social station which is better understood if I said that I had organised a career well enough to ensure if I were stressed, my sleeping patterns would still have remained normal, in a situation whereby I am an Arch Prince and not a servant, on the other hand a version of me developed from trouble makers at the Monarchy allowing these goons to take the initiative running around to make a mess endlessly. It does not make me feel stressed like people think it does as such as it is what I am, what causes all the stress is a bunch of goons that cannot even attend school without laying claims of ownership to my public image, guided by European big brother, his ethnic minority gits, most outstanding of which are the real Men Muslims. Whereby they say that I ought to indicate I do not want to be caught up with these people instead of being so antagonistic whereas what happens is that they loved to interfere in what I did with companies, wrecking University studies, building a road between me and the companies for tribalism raids, getting into relationships with women that take an interest in me, to have babies, secure a divorce and gain what they claim added up to freedom, which these other goons suggest indicated that I am an entitled twat.

This then plays into the suggestion they make that the world was a bad place because people like me were leading whilst we were the stupidest of what humanity had to offer. It does beat the imagination if it turns out that they were the people who have found a way to get rich by being stupid, such that what interests them the most were ideologies that should not be explored, which were then being used as a tool to help hem depend on other people’s finances while saddling victims with what is not needed – for my part the outcome being that they had since decided they were the people who wanted to be famous but had no plans to deal with the tough social issues that they create through their fame, so we have all those rich people who spend money on them to make trouble for others helping them to become successful enough to challenge me to a matter of cleverness and worthiness of leadership, the situation being that any progression from this nonsense where they make money at my expense by using the fact people hated my guts is going to head downwards, while they had an opportunity to maintain a distance between their concerns and their own the entire time. The structure where people made money by selling products to characters who hated my guts and loved to spend money making trouble was built for wealth equity mistresses not for them – it was devised to ensure the women developed products and because we had a lifestyle more so that such characters wanted to own and the desire for it was uncontrollable, the women can be rest assured that if they had money to relieve themselves with, the money will always get spent. So the measure of their cleverness obviously is that they have turned the whole thing on me, as the only way to ensure the women shamed me in the sense that they became more successful than I am was to spend much money on the products created while spending some more to wreck my finances, therefore being able to say that women had done better than me in life, which is all good but the other thing which had such an effect on them was the allure of criminals and we know which of the two clever people would chose, we also are aware of which one they have chosen. They suggest that the claim I am stupid is developed from a process where I loved to act in a way that was harmful to me and my interests; it is utter rubbish as what happens is that the Government splits the population into three parts, one being the elderly and retired, the other being the working population and the third being the dependants – the working population must be able to acquire money whenever it is needed and so it was important if they were able to suspend their careers and pick it up when they saw fit, therefore I have got all those career processes I had developed without going through with for such a purpose, concerning which their cleverness needs to trade if they are traders and stop getting involved with matters of Public interest if they were chasing private concerns, lest I was forced to develop a process for it that allowed people to see it as a form of theft. This nonsense as a whole started in 2012 when they realised that they could not wreck my finances and control me, so they resorted to the destruction we see; the comments and abuses that pervert what the Public thinks of me as a writer to such an extent my Bookshop stalls and stops, the building communities to get imagination up my bum, the building civil rights activities that drew up interest in me to such an extent they could get involved without my permission where I did the best work for my career to make a mess for the purpose of chasing their own financial wellbeing, I could never have imagination right back to first grade a criminal stupidities staling my career and social life, that it would at some stage in future, added up to a notion that they were the cleverest among us. I want to be able to deploy my own applicable resources to secure the finances that allows me the footing to run my career like they trash my social life and public image to keep their concerns light and nimble enough for them to run rings around market and do for themselves or I will end the spate of this nonsense very badly for my part too. It was common sense the last time I checked; that if the population had access to money and that money could be account for, a Trust system I owned created products for them, necessary to help them acquire, build and manage that money, the government will go from talking about our careers as if we all had the same careers due to the recession which facilitated their stupid sense of entitlement in this place, to making the right decisions about bail out money, instead of handing it to banking to buy new expensive cars with once they were finished getting us all into financial difficulty, while the stupid feminists that chase them around for spousal relationships wrecked my University studies to support their stupidities – through which process I too could control inflation and they could remind me some other time that they were the cleverest among us.

I understand the whole thing had developed into stories that supported the idea I had played myself into a difficult situation and it is utter rubbish too – there is no difficult situation, just a very annoying version of me running around on media to make a mess of my finances and those who created it had no wish to shut it down because they could sell their disposition for power and influence to dominate me and handle my property to avoid work when they needed money: what is happening at the Monarchy for it is haste, which is the correct result of dropping out of University due to the applicable practical jokes being run off at Government buildings, haste not transition. The claim I have been through hell however is pretty much the same as I have not been through anything as such, just the distant violence that cause me to drop out of University in the first place since it happened by means of getting fingers up my bum – it is nothing but a group of scum who hang about somewhere dreaming of transforming this distant violence into a means by which they can act as if what they wanted others to do with self and property as to make their society and culture stupidities comfortable was the law of the land, garnished with idiots at parliament issuing threats on things they have never achieved while I was living on benefits the entire time that their stupidities had kicked off over the last 15 years. I have shown that I have had enough of this nonsense, I have made it simple for them by pointing out its all about distracting me until I cannot concentrate on my career, which affects my finances, they had since in turn set out their social idiots as Celebrities who wanted to get paid for being popular on my social life and were therefore placed in a similar position to say that I distract their stupidities as well – it is the part that is going to ensure this nonsense ends very badly, since it had now progressed to the effects of the distant violence causing me to hurry up with my financial well-being while their stupidities were meant to damage the financial well being on account that they wanted to get paid for being popular by setting me out as an industrial punching bag so badly, that they got characters that paid them for being popular over my social life for it, to give them money, which characters now make demands the fucking idiots do not wish to fulfil, hence the need to show up here and push me further with a big mouth while the entire process was created by means of handling a system that they were not invited to in the first place, looking the part of something that will continue for the rest of my life if I allowed it, like their foolish men, stupid Politicians and Industry twats – it is nothing but the part of this nonsense that is set to ensure they stopped sacking my finances by exhibiting their involvement stupidities all over it on National Media, the part that is set to ensure this nonsense ends very badly.