I am now told that my life is so messy, it’s not exactly clear if my position is tenable anymore and I don’t think it’s the facts that people are paying attention to when they think of it in that way either – my life is not messy or to be more accurate, it’s not my life that is messy; what really happens is that most of the activities we see at Parliament and the Media adds up to a daily business of building publicity and campaign which sets other people out as the most viable target for criminals, hoodlums and gangs, I have no way of responding to this nonsense and its business of targeting me every day, save waiting until they had built it up so big that their careers would be affected regardless of how much publicity it got and then I will ensure they got it all back in a single day. I have done this before but each time I do, I fail to achieve deterrence, what happens instead is that they lose their temper of idiots and get worse – especially in terms of the other American gits who lead when it comes to the business of telling lies which add up to accusations that I am the aggressor, because they want to handle my Books for their purposes and have been making such a mess of it that people now think their tummy churning stupidities on Media is what my Books are.

My main concern at this stage is that matters have become so fuzzy that it is quite clear if people find out who I really am, they will never get into a relationship with me for the correct reasons and then will they realise they can take advantage of me on Media as well, this said, I cannot say that I am the victim when it comes to such things anyway, we now look in this Country like each challenge in my direction tends to send me a message that we are done with the previous mess and need new ones. It’s the same tale, all we have at this stage is that whilst I have dropped out of University and they are still not convinced it’s enough evidence they are a handful of very stupid individuals who need allow me my space, the Politicians have realised without argument that spending tax payer funds on them is the worst thing in the world because if they had decided to play up their practical jokes until somebody got killed, there was nothing that Politics could have done about it. They are gamblers you see – the aforementioned will be the ones at the society level while the other Celebrity ones have taken up a business I had built to broker equities from a Bookshop Trust and built me a Public image that says I am that character they gamble when they want to push their market boundaries and increase their takings, so we can see what the popular culture ones are offering for a career is the trading of music like the effing twats they are; we are seeing the need to handle me give way to a condition where I waste and gamble their own as well. They do have friends at the Monarchy naturally and those have never listened to anything others say to them – even when addressing the Queen, statements like I can show up and do my thing again if I wanted is common place, does not know me well enough naturally; the utter social mess we have had to clear up at this stage because they got their foolish lives hurt over something that is my responsibility and only has an effect around here that adds up to a matter that buzzes behind me while I carry on with my usual business and this is what their fuss is all about; in terms of all these matters being racist however, it was rather clear they have spent the last 15 years of my time, seeing that one sense of talent after another is aligned with an academic pursuit of some sort which I am not allowed to complete, so their stupidities might go on later and become finishers, all of which will leave me in a condition where nepotism and discrimination will be most effective, none has yet been given a full facts and information on it, hence I am guessing when I start mine as well, their stupidities will likely burn the Country for it.

It’s never a major concern, we can see that they are sick, their minds are not with us, they are not listening to anything around them, their eyes and thought process is set to the business of getting what they want, the air around them is faint but somebody will get off on Media and Government to ensure where I had done the best work for my career is what they had the most fun access for their gimmicks, so it only needs to grow big enough for their own careers that they believe is untouchable and then I will heap it on them too. I do get told I am unable to tell who my friends and enemies are which is not necessarily the case – what happens is that I am usually worried that if they are investors, I will not be able to keep up with what they want to do with me, especially as I may have the Asset Equities but am still on benefits at this stage but then again it is never really a matter of concern or worry, as we know they would never have taken interest if they were not certain I had property that they wanted or needed. They do insist that I interfere with their concerns and I know what they mean but what really happens is that I will write Books managers and CEOs will want to read and the result will be a five year campaign to rip up my career, get rid of the managers and CEOs, take over the jobs, round me up like sheep and build me a Public image that suggests I am a character that comes up with ideas to boost profit margins instead, it’s really difficult to see how this adds up to the business of leaving Family to conduct tribalism raids in the City about which there exists a sensibility gap between the two, breaches only when they get to work and when they return and yet all of it is spent making hell for me all together – it needs to keep away from the Books and stop following me around, rather than blab me interfering with its stupid life.

It’s like they say I am a Bum that spends a lot of time tackling Celebrities and important people – it’s usually so sweet when I look like one while I have a lot to offer and gives them an opportunity to tell me how to exist because of what their stupidities would do if they had what I have, as abusively as possible – this nonsense is usually mirrored by their Celebrities and Industry get rich quick idiots especially on social Media, making my whole life toxic; what happens is that they hang around in Public, demanding affecting from a random Crown and trying to run into other people’s lives as a shelter for the social issues their stupidities insist on creating, soon enough, I find them building holes around me and soon I look like I character that will be provoked into reacting a certain way and then they will build a Media that ensured people can pick on me each time their stupidities wanted to get famous and it’s usually well that this is what they want to do, until it wrecks the academic work which I could do without and the consequences which their stupidities could do without, which result is that they say I grew a beard and tackled important people. It’s pretty much the same as the idea I spend my time trying to get into a relationship with them when they start flirting with me very hard and do not have the courage to carry it through, which distraction I could do without if only they showed up here to read the Books at the Shop – entirely normal how they wreck people’s lives and spend family finance bases on themselves but in their view, they are the ones being picked on. The crux of this matter is still that every new forms of abusive behaviour are to be followed up and their need to invent new ones such that I am no longer able to catch on is measured only by the amount of personal turmoil that is the result of clinging to me and running out of time without achieving any of their sill aims – it cannot be allowed to stop while a good part of my writing career depends on it.

Most recent development is one of these idiots putting up their best Muslim fools who do best when it comes to the interests of the world of Men, to stand up on Media and tell me my bottom hurts because they were doing a revolution and what their stupidities were trying to achieve is a recovery of identity and the value attached to it. It issues those stupid threats all the time while what it is complaining about is that clinging to me has already led to a loss of time and an inability to get famous on other people’s public image or grab other people’s career, such that when it blabs I cannot do anything about its stupidities and I pointed out the powerful people who want an Arch Prince’s Office at me, they want to find out which property I am going to do it by with a big mouth – it has always been the same old case of gits with a need to provide the Monarchy a service while making up stories of my entire existence being an interference building themselves a reputation for serving their own skin while working for the Queen, talking nonsense about their money and power around here, while the low lives that hear them blab get up to the sort of nonsense I have already described and it does not mean that I have no feelings to respond to the need for their stupidities to fool around with me, get me to avoid the question of how much their stupidities got to pay for the fact involvement with my concerns to take over, run it at my disadvantage and sign their stupid selves off the customer base, claiming they do not like my products, because I much preferred to sit around talking about the social issues associated with their stupidities enjoying what they have gained from it, since their foolishness appears to suggest in their view, that they were other people’s personal gods, of coming up with a way to create weaknesses for them or exploit the ones they already have so I might thumb them as well all the time but we see all the time, that I do not live it out. Fair to say they like to think of their stupid selves as a threat but the reality is that republicans are corrupt and think they have a right to make money from other people’s property, as long as they came up with enough lies and excuses, the democrats are however a bigger problem who wreck people’s lives to get people stuck with such things on grounds they think of themselves and stupid media as the best placed disposition to take advantage of those who work for it but cannot protect it and it should be very clear that I am not a fan of the existence of democrats nor do I feel emotionally attached to the fact their stupidities exist – ever since they began, this Hermitage Literary Estate has gotten smaller and they do that by the abusive nonsense that ends up showing up on my account bottom lines each time I do my numbers for the shop, as though I have written their Books around here or that when the dream their stupidities have is to write my Books, I am likely to get accustomed to it because I have frequently suffered the experience of seeing human beings as stupid as they are. So for the rich idiots, finding those foolish interests and sacking them would be the one that made the most sense, not the business of letting them build own variations of my Office, for the poorer idiots who cannot keep their mouths shut, I do like to be helpful by setting out clearly here more so, that although they have performed this nonsense for years, there is no part of my concerns I handle with a sensibility which says that I am sharing it with them, so the prospects of burning their world before they shared anything I owned is very much alive – it needs to stop threatening me, as I have had enough of them, not buying a product is simple enough a solution for a product you don’t like, tolerating their stupidities getting involved to take over, run it against my interests and sign themselves off a customer base is my choice. We actually should not be doing this at all save there is no way to reason with them on the business of picking up a stage at which my finances were at its worst and setting out to create me a reputation from it that will last for eternity with alongside a bunch of fools who like to tell us the Media jobs were their dream jobs and I have had enough of the insults thereof.

It is then immediately said that my biggest problem is the disrespect I show towards the Politicians and it’s so difficult to locate the stage at which it is disrespectful to not respond to a matter of a bunch of idiots in Parliament offering me to their fellow American fools at Government buildings as a character they can fool around with to take their minds of the difficulty of Office and then find it profitable at the other end, which drags me to a point that leaves me dropping out of school over and over again, while they came up with plans to make education system more exclusive for younger people. It’s the same old stage time and again, be it a matter of leadership that is a factor of association with other people or a matter of leadership that is linked to Government, the bloody idiots will get involved and make a mess of it to build their own public image, as insultingly as possible – in my case specifically they say they don’t want me near the Monarchy which was clearly their own decision to make in the first place, irrespective of which they are the ones who most want to control how my property serves the Monarchy because they want it to at the Monarchy with a big mouth and then my Party piece will be the part where we should not be doing this at all save the fact the idiots have picked up the mess that my finances are in at present and built a new public image for me, feeding into the activities of Media fools who spend the day helping local trouble makers turn neighbourhoods on its head and plan a life on other peoples Wallet, like Politicians we elected for the Media, grabbing peoples career and Public image, more than their foolish attention is spent on the work they are meant to do at Parliament and hence the question ultimately of how disrespectful it is not to provide it with a response even when their stupidities think they are your personal gods while reality says they are narcissistic twats who really will not stop hurting you because they desperately need a fucking response. I do get told when I talk like that I could take up myself and it’s a typical example of how an occasion where my publishers introduced my Books to some students who then decided to start a global stage campaign on how powerful their Country is and how I will do what they want for the rest of my life, is more important than being offered up to fellow idiots in US Government buildings as a play thing – I mean this feed into the business of the same goons travelling to the UK, about which we are always seeing them learn something of what life is all about at somebody else’s expense, then it begins to become a very threatening issue associated with what you can say, do or achieve, progresses into direct physical threats associated with their ego, while the undercurrent is that you are now poised to help push matters on gun ownership back in the USA, concerning which I have no idea, don’t know and cannot help with that. Same as the gimmick on the claim we face a lot of trouble from South America, while its all a matter of queer idiots who love their mums very much, always have ideas on how others ought to exist and their hands are firmly fixed on handling my Books while they had lost their stupid minds with eyes rolled back into their heads, being very gay but then again it would have been a big problem for a bunch of gits that have offered up an Arch Prince as a tool for American idiots to fool around with for purpose of excesses and vice , I do like to say that the Media bits where this matter then spread uncontrollably will end very well as we can see; they always say I cannot control them but we know that the only time we are free of their insults and a means to exist without exploring feelings on how we want to thumb them as well but do not live out such fantasies, are the points where their Celebrity culture is built on the back of global stage complains concerning poverty and repression, it is as such looking like a very good idea at this stage.

Now I am said to be opportunistic about my position at the Monarchy, never here or there, so I can be anywhere I want and its utter nonsense – what really happens is that there are more instances of Royals showing affection towards me than instances of me showing affection towards Royals and this builds up to controversy which I must make time to respond to – the rest is the Political bits that mean people want to get rid of the Monarchy which is all good, except the Monarchy is 80% into work concerning every facet of Public need while their stupidities with a republic that exists in their heads will begin once we got rid of it and then they will say they never had an opportunity which is utter nonsense as we know if they did have an idea on how the Country should be run, that was good enough, they would have been given one at Parliament especially, what they rather do instead is pick up matters concerning the fact we lived in a society where we made life so difficult for criminals that they always end up thinking that taking it out on some random person makes them feel better about themselves, then set about telling the rest of us what to do with it; the best way to look at it has always been either in terms of Law makers or Law interpreters – the Politicians at Parliament or Legal Operatives at the Law Courts; they are all engaged with the Law, caught up with it like the criminals are but it does not apply to them.

Now I am told that my problem with Celebrities is still unfounded and it is utter nonsense, there is really no problem save the destruction of my career because I have too much on my plate due to the involvement of Celebrities – what happens is that they turn up here and then they fail to do the work that they picked up and I have to find them and ensure those who said they did films and those who said they did music were doing their jobs, what they prefer instead is the business of pillaging my Public image and earning margins looking for a reputation where people bought show business products on grounds that they mattered and I didn’t. So we find they leave me to the other idiots whose loutish and brash stupidities once coupled with the sense they can touch and take anything that tickles their fancy can be destructive without limits, these cannot be told not to get involved with me as I clearly do not have a choice about it in their view, besides which for challenging them I get bottom whipped – so it is becoming more of a matter of telling them to keep away especially when black like me, lest I shove them as well and they found themselves in one of those situations that gets them blabbing I cause deaths and keep secrets, throw their lives at a problem but it was never enough. The details are that I build wealth equity structures that help us make statements and follow up occasions when people deploy our work and public life to make money as insultingly as possible and then do so without paying for it as well, especially for those who built it out of an academic engagement and the way I do it is associated with my Public life, hence this is something their Entertainment Industry gurus simply cannot resist and it’s not so bad if some girls can go into the studios to make money and build a public image that helps support other Girls in school, especially when the boys get completely out of hand – these goons picked it up some years ago, laid waste to it with a sense that never want to see it again, extracted the money to build their ego and insolence that also involves their freedom in the USA employing me while they clung to my Book sale margins to make it happen and have never really stopped showing up to beat me down with money they extracted from my Public image through it on the pretext that their stupidities were important people. I have now done the best thing any human being could do in the circumstances i.e. got the Politicians involved in the system, so that each time I build it the Politicians will be able to get the general Public involved, instead of a process where I relied on people to be nice – blowing off their Celebrity-stupid big mouth at me from this point is trouble in-store for the future.