I am told there is a lot of Royal Family feud in which I am engulfed and it is utter nonsense – there are no feuds and more so any inventive nonsense that actually makes sense for that matter; we have seen the results of such things being built up, so we are wiser about it as a Community of people. Mostly the facts are that the Middle Class never stop shoving people and the lower Classes never stop working servitude or any perversions they are able to get their hands on and if you put it in context as per the Upper Class does exist and HM is running the Country whether or not the Middle Class shoves people for instance is none of your business as HM runs the Country in the first place, so it does not bother me in anyway, save the part where they have damaged my career and academic work which I had decided to tolerate, made it all my fault and then they got after my Books soon after to make American friends alongside, at the tail end of 2016 which we found I got myself a job in the private security Industry sector and ended up with a whole new lifestyle that involved feeling sore and smelly while people grabbed what is left of my whole life, blabbing about the time that The Prince of Wales said that I am a character that will give up his life to facilitate HRH ascendance to the Throne and how they are working their own Royal disposition, right up to the whole thing feeding into some ideas about the kind of power that their Politicians want to have – having been that it originated as a business of threatening me for being a weak character that knows how to work for things that I am unable to protect while they had civil rights to play with, this was when I started to push back for my part as well and have only been doing so for three years. There is the other talk naturally of how black people hate me as well and it’s nothing unusual on that front as well – it’s now impossible for me to convince myself whether what I am doing is right or wrong, it’s also impossible to convince black people whether what I am doing is right or wrong; those who come from the left are friendly about the insults and abuses and really like what I have got, those who come from the right hand side are not, therefore likely to take whatever they wanted and now both get together and forge this business of a life I had given up so their kids might have a future, when being friendly with others for what they have should not necessarily be this damaging and they have not been hearing me blow off my big mouth about what I hate for my part as well so far – so it’s all the same old very disobedient student Union gimmicks and others are afraid of tackling things that are too big.

I believe I have satisfied myself with vengeance in any case and people only need walk outside of their doors to get a sense of it the way they bother me as well – the women especially show up at University to tear up the Academic work, not long after get to Africa to bring in some black people; now they are stuck between black people chasing money viciously and white people chasing fame viciously, think I am a scapegoat but it never really works and it has always been avoidable if they kept from me as we are not mates and their insults do sting a bit as it were – same case of what Middle Class and Lower Class do is not my business and I have not Committed a Crime by being more important than they are. The main problem is still the old matter of some culture and society gits picking up my work to make a mess of me running this Hermitage the way I wanted it over money issues, with respect to a need they have to make me behave like Celebrities while they controlled me, which had already brewed a terrible history between us and informed them of exactly how much their stupidities can do about me – this time it’s about the Media helping them claim I have lost a Royal Commission and they were in league with the Prince of Wales looking to the future. It is in any case still under control, as long as those with Media jobs, stop the practical jokes they want to play up at my expense as well; same story about that rich idiots in a gathering, preferably the gulf course gathering up some people with whom he has a conversation that subverts my Bookshop yet again as it were, while there was absolutely no need for such behaviour for example and then we hear them continually make that statement that I may say what I say but they had the upper hand which upper hand will continue to exist when I got off tackling them by means of raising social issues caused, to one of handling their products and property the way they handle this Hermitage and my Books as well and then do it solely to test what upper hand their rich stupidities have got, especially in terms of the National service I am supposed to do in order to deserve what I have, after 12 years of property abuse i.e. I never tackle their products at the market, and this is the reason I am not selling my Books, even a Child can tell where it is heading as it were. I don’t have a problem with the matter as such, it’s one of the main story behind the constant fear of Public instability in the Country i.e. people at the Monarchy shoving people around to help these Industry goons get a footing on people’s lives and property – so we find them bash HM public engagement all the time, subvert very little things that keep Public services going into something of an Industrial insanity every day and then they soon secured their Americans friends and start to think everybody else exists at their mercy while it is completely detached from reality and I am fed up with an arrangement where my Bookshop pays the Price for it.

I do get told that we stood to get more by co-operating than we stood to gain by fighting and I understand that but it is completely pointless here as a discourse; what really happens is that when people tackle me at points of my career where I have done my best work, to flush my life down the loo and use the prerogative gained as a tool by which to Climb social ladder to oppress those they have prejudices against for instance and then they ended up fearing that I may sell their culture and society for money – Royal Women always pick up on it and they really show no Mercy to those men who look like they have been screwing with me and ended up paying the price for some reason. So what really kicked off all the nonsense we have today which gives impetus to the goons who want us all to think of them as something more than gits who do narcissistic and hurtful things to those who have already told them that it has become intolerable, on account they consider themselves to be very important, is that another goon at the Monarchy thought he needed a Campaign of hatred against women which was complemented with Publicity on the kinds of security that well off villains should be getting and blew over on Crown succession matters with ideas on what I will be doing when The Prince of Wales is King – as I have pointed out before, they think it is a crisis but it isn’t yet, it will be when I follow suit the Male gimmicks that mean the areas of people’s lives where they had done the best work for their careers is where their lives should be flushed down the loo, which has an effect whereby they never stop paying attention to what is irrelevant and never stop attacking those who are doing what should be done, while they seek co-operation when the main problem was a matter of what they were not doing, when I follow it suit that is, by ignoring what should be done, to save my strength for them.

I mean when they do start like that i.e. I was thinking that on the matter of people screwing up my career to fear that I might sell their culture and society for money gaining support from Women at the Monarchy, I thought I had done it, just before they started without reason or purpose and are now having the time of their lives, passing around insults whereby they claim they want to see me stop behaving like a Child and start to behave like a Man, about which the perversion of a personality I cultivated in a Hermitage meaning I stole Public image from their foolish Politicians and I got it from sleeping with peoples wives which I needed to hand back as far as their stupidities were concerned, it becomes quite obvious why we need to co-operate like some people think we do, when it is clear that for each time I talk about ignoring what matters to spend my energy on them is the each time we find out they have been saving their own energy while making money with market I built for my literary work in the process – it goes without saying when they progress from this insult to handling me, I should do my best to hurt them seriously as well.

Now I am said to allow my people suffer before I took care of Public matters and I don’t, some things are simply so certain that the probability of the Crown disapproving of it at a later date is so terribly low that one can afford to ignore the gimmicks people want to exhibit over it, such as when society goons who wreck my career are afraid I may sell their culture and society for a living, such that whenever they have been screwing with me it is grand opportunity for women, which is what has been happening here – besides which those who stop us from doing it have fixed the problem since they started. The other story of people taking advantage of me is nothing unusual, my social media is an example and over time the abusive and manipulative behaviour have proven to be a process of getting me to set out my Bookshop and then build a Queue for people who want to get rich while their Industry goons helped stupid people get rich at my expense and it’s all a long line now, the work of clearing it out which is immense, so I will have to do it by completely destroying their sense of entitlement and everything that facilitates it, so as to ensure that doing it is not an expensive for me as it would have been. The third part being the question of why they tackle me all the time, which is mainly a story of the fact that they have run out of time – they have run out of time to take advantage of me and get rich or sort out their stupid problems in a world where everything that bothers them depends on other people 100% and they enjoy pillaging the best work I have done for my career in order to manipulate me into getting involved with the business of the problems that trouble the world of men and the problems that trouble with world of women, will not stop issuing the stupid threats before I handled it and its stupid tribalism raids, with no plans to let go until I got what I wanted as well – so the regret now is that they could have spent their time on something their own size and it’s all my fault because they would have done it that way if I did not get in the way and I am wondering still if I am the one getting the way even as we speak. They even claim I disturb neighbourhoods while what actually happens is that they play up a very nasty gimmick whereby I must exist entirely in a certain way because they were using my personal space for their peace and quiet and good night sleep, it therefore makes me restless which meant they got any of the sleep they were blabbing about, the bits about the fact they can never stop lying and how it will get me into trouble being the part where those that can beat up will never stop lapping it and those that cannot will never stop hurting themselves – the Industry goons say I lament a lot and its utter nonsense as what happens here is Intellectual Property Administration, when Companies broker applicable equity with me and they decide to do the same bad things over and over and over until I am finished, an assumption I will not tackle them over and over and over as well; the point is these guys know that I don’t conduct tribalism raids to get me to the top end of Industry, they know where their Media is located, where their City centre is located, where their families and communities are located, where the means through which they do it is located and where the Companies they target with it is located as well but still work this relationship with me that serves a sense of an arrangement in my personal life with the devil and exists in my head on grounds they have civil rights and so on, the entire time which it appears we have a daily working relationship or we are relatives but my finances pays the price always.

Those who claim I pretend to be important when I am not never really want to talk about it, if the fact is rather that they are so stupid they before they run off to the academic institutions to make a mess of other peoples studies while they passed their own, they knew everything about the violent abilities of their victims who didn’t even know that such a capability existed within, then rely on their victims not to make something of their need to perform senseless and incredibly foolish social experiments on other people, which in their stupid view is what they deem being successful and important to mean. It eventually breaks down into social abuses and property vandalism on one hand, while Media salvation supports all their theories about other peoples existence on the other and their Communities send out popularity idiots to run me down all the time but I wish the Gold digging stupidities would stop making such foolish Comments at my expense all of the time, I wish they would give my tummy a break and stop issuing equally stupid threats about the consequences of not doing so.