The stage which is set for these was largely developed from the idea that I spend a lot of my time suggesting I have property that I don’t and it is still the same old case of pulling out a blueprints for this Hermitage Literary Business which was an Empire of Global proportions and breaking it up to broker Equities with Multinational Companies that had brokered their own with me during an economic crisis – what we find was the eventual source of this behaviour is a group of people that are usually always excited about being millionaires and will do anything, hurt anybody to make their dreams of being rich come true; its abusive behaviour is usually perfectly fine until it gets to experience some as well. We observe that this stupid behaviour is more apparent among their younger twerps and that what becomes of me will be determined by which neighbourhoods they have factorised my entire existence by and their riot fathers have always wanted to destroy my Books but we have not yet gotten an apology or stoppage of the abusive behaviour that got me dropping out of University.

I am now told that I have lost everything at the Monarchy and not doing a good job denying it which is utter nonsense; the smell lost everything at the Monarchy, I don’t know who they are but they have built up such degree of familiarity with my concerns that there is confidence they can get whatever they want off my work and person as long as they bully me right after making me smell of what I ate, all of which is manageable when I do not pay attention to it, save not paying attention to it is no longer my decision to make according to Politicians behaving like rabid dogs, stupid Media gits and Industry manufactured twerps who consider themselves to be famous. So these are some of the most twisted and corrupt fans that they get around with, which has nothing to do with me but the ageists and the corrupt Private security Industry gits that are responsible for most of these nonsense have not yet told people that is why they clash with me and set about telling the criminals they have to control in order to serve their masters where I live all the time. These goons are meant to be the spoiled rich Children obviously and I am rather lost as per what it has to do with me; time and again which we find its main point is that what is being done about criminal and racists and gangs is not enough, it shows it’s not enough by going off to get attacked by such persons or trying to grab my Royal Career as insultingly as possible – in terms of the former we have talked about, in terms of the latter the statement made by getting beaten up is largely something to do with a hatred for women, that the effect of racists and gangs and criminals is not being love sick, it’s being beaten up and somebody needs to get off their backside and do something about it while others were rich and important, it is now starting to provoke me in a way which suggests it wants to earn the same history as the other gits who gets us confused about racism when people’s lives are flushed down the loo when people fight for them and people’s lives are flushed down the loo when they go off to Buckingham Palace to do peoples stuff, why the shooting and stabbing does not make any sense and the lives of those they envy gets flushed down the loo each time it happens as well, they want to earn the same history of going into the Military to fight my battles and then either they returned or their families are left chasing my bum and punishing me for it for the rest of my life – they want to deal with the racists and gangs and criminals while I supervised, looks like it is or it is about to choose between keeping its mouth shut or making me whenever it blows off its stupidities for all to hear. They claim I don’t think they are worthy of respect in anyway, while what happens is that unlike my Church concerns does not engage with the Public in a way that tears down their family finances, we are here because I am never overtly disrespectful of them while every engagement with the Public is about buying equipment and venues through which they tell people they have oppressed an important person and thereby sell show business products to extract money from my Public image, blabbing a big mouth with it all the time like it wants a response which it is confident it will be able to wade, besides which most of them are industry manufactured gits, what I described as fucking famous and not Celebrities. Now they know where my Books are located and the answer for all the problems associated with the fact they are afraid; afraid of the abusive processes associated with getting a job, afraid of existence, afraid of life itself, as though others made these personal decisions for them, will be something my finances suffered for in a more sustainable way. Hence what they must be saying when they claim I have lost everything businesswise and at the Monarchy probably has more to do with the stupid publicity I have to contend with all the time, whereby I have built a partnership with people who have involved themselves with my Bookshop, a fraction of which will buy my Books and a fraction of which will want to read everything I have written, and they had gone about claiming that everything they sell in the open market was a process of taking money I should have earned from those people and that it is eventually over time adding up to a successful process of grabbing my career.  Only to hang around at the other end claiming what is being done about gangs and criminals and racists was not enough in my case as well and yet they are the ones putting people through an education that makes sense of the reasons people commit murder i.e. that they are insane and their insanity runs along the lines of pee, pee, pee creep into people’s lives and extract money from market that their victims had built, then there is my party piece where it is done building publicity that it is grabbing money from people I had built trust with, such as will decide how the bad elements of society got involved with us while we were running a livelihood, giving way to a society and public places full of threats issued at those who want to read my Books; the idiots are the ones whose madness is associated with money and could not survive a day the way that the gangs and criminals and racists are made to live out a difficult existence by the rest of us and the scum as the same who will not let people breathe unless something was done about the gangs and criminals and racists, so we find that when it starts to say my disposition is a fostering of War, it needs to stop being so stupid and refrain from giving them money – as for the Politicians, those have never really Parliamentary rabid dogs learned that when these fools play those games about putting up money leverage, destroying peoples family finances to dazzle them with the money leverage that gets people thinking about money instead of revenge for the destruction of their property and then gets people parting with more money they can add to their money and have all the money in the world, gets anywhere near the National treasury, the Country will burn or it will degenerate into poverty and then burn thereafter – they prefer to behave as if I am afraid of them, I am some beast who is now weak and everybody wants to hurt or kill before he recovers, behave like I am a piece of meat and that I will only solve their problem when I kick one off as well somewhere near the neighbourhood where their constituency Office is located. As pointed out before, I have had enough of it and am about to launch an attack on the careers of Celebrities, if I do not see a stop to the business of their madness showing up somewhere between me and my Publishers; It does that all the time – either they are making money for a tenth mortgage and I have had their problems exchanged with mine or they are and I have had my ideas exchanged with their own, like a disease and they can never stop lying about who has done a bad thing and therefore deserves a bad experience, it started out stupidly enough when they said I got Published online because I did not want to get through the processes that meant I became a public vagabond and had to get past the various hurdles that those who want to be famous faced, such as would have made them better off, of which the point here is that they will get it from me either way, looking for more of what they are complaining about, now it has simply developed into making use of the career ringfencing that my patents Offer me at this Office to make their own money, justified by these corrupt idiots they think exhibit abuses that are my responsibility on grounds their stupidities were the ones with money that can be invested. They always claim I have lost the Industrial aspect of my work in the same manner naturally but its utter nonsense, if they stand in the way of what happens between me and those I have built a Trust system to trade my Books and work with, they will find out how much of that system and those equities their idiocy fools around with actually belongs to me. So eventually we hear these questions of what I think needs be done about it, where the old case is that they are here to play with my family finance base and have not noticed anything I have said was about the fact there was nothing to do without – but like I said, its need to ensure I am responding to the corrupt fans Celebrities get around with, whom I am not related to and have no relationship with of any kind whatsoever, then set about threatening me for the effect it has on my tummy, to get rich quick the ageist way, will soon earn it a response it will remember in order to keep off my Books and stop following me around for a very long time; so we know it feeds into this tale they tell of how I never really pay attention to the fact it’s all the influence of Russia, which is utter nonsense – we know people wouldn’t do these things in Russia, we know this because Russia does not have a positive outlook towards the West and that it’s all about being Comfortable at home over there, so we can see how much of a positive influence on the world this nonsense is but then again it does tend to suggest Friends of Trouble maker Muslims Liberal America will tell me what I must think and feel about Russians, which they have not got it – we know that they think they are at lease to extract an income from my work and public image every time they want because Obama told them they could and that until it becomes a case of what I can do with the corrupt, evil, sad and blame culture public to sack everything Obama hold dear, it will never stop. As I said, I smell like what I ate all the time because of the corrupt fans Celebrities get around with, while I had no relationship of any kind with those and if they follow me around again the next time they see me attend an academic institution, I will burn their world and make them watch me looking like wants to deal with gangs, criminals and racists because of me, so it might get to punish me for the rest of my life as it were – so far we know Liberal American has built a cleaner more dignified society for their stupidities on the Patents set out for my Books to secure Political future and Public Media advertisement has never been so abusive on my account; I have shut down the profitable aspects of these abusive nonsense that makes sense of products when it helps them set out their stupidities as happiness, in a personal way but it still has the perception bits to play with, that it cannot handle unless it got to handle my Books and Public image in the process as well and I am about to get rid of that too – it should add up to the consequences of the destruction of my academic work the first time round being that they are now too old for fame, hence the intensity of the attacks and the way they tackle me, to make sense of it all. Those who wish to fight my battles right up to the stage of organising themselves into Landlords that specialise in taking Deposits from the Tenants and come up with tricks through the tenancy Period to do so are free to apparently, it does get serious beyond blabbing that I am always in a state of war sensibility which is never put out alongside an explanation of the reasons they always require people around them to be disillusioned, quickly followed by if push came to shove they would be better off stupidities and then take it out on me while I had nothing to do with the way bullying crowds of people a push came to shove they will be better off had affected their stupid minds as well all together – it goes without saying what it does here is Daddy is saying to kiddo that he must do what Daddy wants or else the need to mess around with private security Industry and send out the criminals and hoodlums to chase my address will eventually lead to pennilessness and homelessness, so the rest of the twats need to refrain from disturbing this place as I am trying to get some Books written – feeds into the idea my language is terrible while I am simply just trying to sell some Books with their great ideas on relations with other people. The first instance is the one they complain of endlessly like the true sociopaths they are, seeking relationships with lovely things they will destroy later on, it was about how I had not beaten them down before I got to chase the academic pursuits, which result was that I dropped out of University and wanted to show I could do it on the go, hence they are now living with the threat of somebody selling their culture and society for a living – now it’s just kiddo will be homeless when he does not do what Daddy wants and what we are dealing with now is my person and property existing in a condition where rules do not apply because of it and I want to see what their faces will look like and their body will feel like the way my mood prevents people from buying the Books as if it is their property, when I want to sell Books with their language and the way they relate with people regardless of how hideous it may be, it will then go on to show that even at their age, they have not had it worked out – the women who claim I am now serving the cause of women on the other hand are all good but you do not get stickers on people’s faces irrespective of how insolent they are which ought to have been a warning, that they are Lesbians, you het hoodlums communicating it to you while they got themselves a position on Media and claimed that they owned you with a big mouth, so have all  heard me warn that I will launch an attack on their career as well, as that appears to be the only way to stop it. They do claim that they had all these matters sorted out and that I am doing this on account of the effects of my disrespect for others, I wouldn’t know anyway, these goons have been threatening me for years over money issues, claiming it is what their silly civil rights looks like; most of the idiots who make these claims either live in the USA or operate on Media and other careers that were vulnerable to it and its such comments and abuses which drag my earning margins into a condition that allows these goons to fool around with everything I do and wreck it every day like so – much the same as the society Men leave out tales of kiddo doing what they want or being homeless and mad idiot being forced to serve the needs of Women, they leave out the fact that a 15 year history of insults and abuse has brought about an outcome where I am 30 but look like I have not had it figured out, the same way they have not been paying attention to what I have to do about it if I have no time to drag them into the Law Courts.