The idea is that I had ended up in a difficult circumstances that I should not, which is utter nonsense – the history is that the society gits follow me around to wreck University pursuits, once done the Celebrities claimed I spent time rubbing shoulders with them and criminals were better people, once done, a group of gits at the Monarchy trashed my assets in communist territories to get me doing the bidding of the famous after fighting my wars. So I now have to clear out all the nonsense that came with it, my career and social life has simply stopped because when I respond to the bullying of their fringe society gits that help them built their verbose profitable insults on my income margins and make announcements on Media about young millionaires they created from people who did what they wanted, especially as the problem now is more a matter of me having withdrawn access to myself and my concerns and they being so entitled had resorted to media abuses which criminals and hoodlums joined in on, restricting the access further, propelling them to run my life with the social activities of criminals rather than move on. Eventually there are some pressure points that are simply out of step with text book media and celebrity nature and it is the one where I am distracted by bullies who are products of their abusive interest in my personal space while they distract me from defending myself from the bullies all together, have since converted my public image into a profile for somebody that people bullied to befriend the wealthy and claimed it was done because I was a character whose wars people they knew had fought and I cannot therefore for instance, have enough of their stupidities fighting my wars everyday – they condemn this but we have seen my social media and the way they pick up my earnings to hang about dreaming of me serving them to improve their profile as important persons, make announcement of wealthy people they created from twats that did their bidding, which tended to explain everything.

The difficult circumstances in question specifically was that I had responsibility for public enforcement officers, they were responsible for their queer communities – but I am now the one who lived in an environment where I was designated a bum and bullied so people can befriend the wealthy while another group of idiots were given a profile on media to suggest they were famous and got to make money from the process, main point of call being that it picked up the way I stuffed society gits full of information on what I am doing considering our history of them following me around to trash University studies and create a characters they can abuse with insults that I had homosexual tendencies, which continues as we speak, despite consequences associated with the results of them fighting my wars and communists showing up to dig people for information because their queer lifestyle was everywhere, the insults intended to create an environment where they could manufacture characters that started careers which were not finished, so they got to run down such persons everyday and handle the personal space to make money at market – so the Media has picked up the fact I stuffed them full of what I knew so I did not have to deal with the worst of their insults all the time and displayed it as indications if people trusted them, they could steal my career for others, speaks of the way that it took up the duty to take revenge on me un-behalf of all the wealthy people I disrespected and will not organise its criminal fringe community idiots issuing threats, self-seeking, self-exhibitionist narcissism media career another way unless I stopped it badly.

I am now starting to nurse the technical processes at this stage, hence the spurious warnings about the fact the main problem was their need to show up here and involve themselves with my concerns unprofessionally, after the criminals they claimed were nice people got to handle my personal space so often that they had developed from using it everyday to getting violent towards me from a distance because they could and this place still is not quiet enough yet for people to read Books at the shop because of them, while their salaries had also made them bullies because they kept it, the stupid insults on the way I had homosexual tendencies while its big mouth complained about me everyday as well. I am now thinking that unless I made the distance between home and work hell, if need be, take the matter of their imagination getting up my bum into their offices, it will not improve – if I did not build them a profile and build one for their distributors as well for building me communities that fingered my bum, so it would appear none had ever made a contribution to wealth and social inequality, because my standing in society was a moral one and this was not where they lived, it will not stop etc. We have never seen their insidious idiots yet declare that they were famed for bullying next door neighbours, it has not declared it to me yet, so the fear that I have succumbed to the claims I am a coward practical jokes is largely unfounded, I do not believe I have.

I mean as a whole it investigates me everyday for cowardice, will not cease to pick up my earnings and make stupid announcements about millionaires it created from idiots who did its bidding thereafter and the business of building me the cowards profile was a product of engaging with all sides on public government matters – one part being idiots who build people communities that finger the bum, the other being rogue characters that get involved with the social businesses of politicians and had ideas about exactly what to do with the grime of society and the third being the popularity fools who always had an interest in how another person’s personal and social life can be used to make money. It all builds up to the way that they make terrorism out of it if none had yet explained where the activities of terrorists fit into the story as per it loves its insults being channelled at important people, if I pushed back like I have with my social media, where its dream for making a living is to handle my earnings and make me smell, so some activities ended up where there was a gap between Monarchy and Parliament which I built publicity for etc, thereby it got to believe that if it was homosexual it could sort out the problem but found that it was never in a position to or willing enough to be as gay as those who survived such things were, at which stage its ethnicity stupidities would resort to threats it thought that it could conveniently executive with a big mouth when it is not dead yet. The idiots who investigate me everyday have now been fighting my wars, some have been getting hurt, some have been dying and to make sense of their lives which was so stupid it was entitled to public security to such an extent it created problems that even the Police could not get it out of, it had to pick up my earnings and make stupid announcements on media, then issue threats. We have seen the conversion of my public image into a profile for somebody people bullied to get around with the wealthy for the purpose of this gimmick, when people claim that they were entitled to something because their stupidities fought my wars, which I cannot have enough of by the way.

In retrospect it is said that I had created a sense that I can fight my own battles but I never remember doing such a thing – we know that before it gets to the point where it can do some real damage, such as I build a business and it got to decide which days I traded, so that it might trade during some of the days I had worked for, it shows up where with German influence gimmicks, when not following me around to make a mess of University pursuits, would be looking for friendship and cooperation. That said, I cannot have enough of the idiots fighting my wars, so perhaps when it had done enough, it will arrive at a point where such claims would be credible but enough will have died to satisfy me then I suppose, hence we are made for each other to say the least. For what it is worth, I am not aware of anybody being paid to wreck my University pursuits, to hang about fame industry claiming the criminals I did not get along with had done better in life than I had, to build a habit of abusive insults that were channelled at me because they were trying to be real men, to set a stage for a use of my personal life which made it a dumpy for abusive public problems about which their stupidities could rely on me and issue threats over my unsatisfactory views on racism - it needs to get involved with my concerns professionally, so I too could get my Bills paid, unless I write their Books in this place.