Now I am told people want to hear what my views on racism is but it’s an old story about work and money – white people have a historical disposition that says they can avoid the abusive processes associated with work if they played it well while others have a historical disposition which says the abusive processes could get worse if they were not careful – giving rise to the means by which a group of fools have a need to drag my work into a condition where my finances was vulnerable to it and believe there will be no consequences for such familiarity even when I had issued enough warnings requiring them to keep away from it, stop following me around and their Media to shut down the stupid Comments as well; the point is that ethnic minorities are very well aware of this and play it much more than white people do, plans very well laid out to ensure that white people were blamed for their insanity and most of the time the problem with my case isn’t simply that their sociopath stupidities hates my Books as well, it is also that it is taking too long for me to become a victim of their foolishness – so there is a constant need to say I will not spare them and to take steps to improve my game on it every time. They always say I would never speak of it where it mattered but we know that will be what they have groomed their thought process into over the years and the fact I never do a thing about it, as there is nothing to do save small responses that do not bear towards the lies at all and really gets on their silly nerves thereof – something about showing I will not hesitate to handle them like what they really are i.e. a bunch of gits with no good quality to their characters hanging around street corners to blab about people doing their thing, playing with obscurity and when finished spend money on shop managers and show up to issue threats. So it does all feed into the business of people thinking the reasons I am always targeted was a mystery which reality is rather that they are really evil and it usually eventually boils down to me being a 39 year old without sexual experiences and how they will force it on me with a big mouth, while the women cannot seem to have any other form of civil rights save the type where somebody will have me beaten up in order to get me off a disposition that has existed because of my business with the Church and really should be making women comfortable while I got myself a mand job, the result has been so far that I rip up the culture and society and they got help from the Politicians all the time. The business of claiming I am insane however being the one in the works at present, the outcome I think likely to be that when I am finished, being they are looking very screwed up at this point, the idea that I am will become a controversial one. I have been told I should not be afraid of this claim I am insane as it is usually the way they see great minds but it’s an old story – always a matter of veering off from your thought process or veering off from where it has currently linked up with what you are doing at hand and they are very good at making this happen, like we see their men work these stories about racism issues in a threatening way which ensures that while white gits got involved with my Bookshop without reading what I wrote to make a mess, they were taking advantage of any setbacks to fill in their disposition and make themselves relevant for each time I tried to recover it, of which the whole thing is creating problems for them too and having been that they have claimed my personality to be a matter of sleeping with peoples wives, it was rather clear they had a problem with my thought pattern itself while the method of making use of all about my person they came in contact with was abusive enough to ensure the entire world understood their stupid problems: - either way which they never stop complaining to the Politicians as the result is that when I look at them for spending so much time on my space, they make out I want sex and get their imagination up my bum, so I beat them down as a community every day and they need help from Politicians for it all of the time, then the Politicians will tackle me, my personality will take the form that agrees with the lies they tell about it and their stupidities will be off to it again round and round in circles all the time. It is an old story where if I decided to follow up the business of putting a stop to the idea there is a part of their silly activities which is salvageable, it will mean that everything about me showed they were interested in crime and criminal activity which means those neighbourhoods will blow up again as it were – it’s not the racists wrecking the academic work and finances, just a bunch of idiots who believe that the racism which affects them was more important than all the other types of racism, whose destruction of my property has to be stopped, thus the way they complain about me and how the complains become a global stage issue is apt to that effect. It’s the same story about a group of people who think that they have such a privileged upbringing and tended to get what they wanted, turning neighbourhoods on its head to plan a life on other people’s wallets while claiming they were famous for doing so – apparently don’t get what I want, it’s usually what I want versus me and then when I get any it will already have been done, like all that clowning suggests; the issue is usually a matter of the reasons people do it i.e. what these goons are usually more interested in is the glory bits while their annoying behaviour shows they were usually pampered for nothing, they are never clever enough to see that if people are unwilling on something they are victims in it not glorious, it tends to make their stupidities unbearable and I want to ensure that their Celebrity culture no longer gets to pillage my Bookshop in the process; I understand they feel stifled in their lives but I really don’t care if they killed themselves either, I actually don’t, I have to be honest, one cannot be in terms of where victimisation happens as measured with where lives goes on, be a victim on either side and we know their stupidities do not like to see Military operatives getting cleaned up after war but we are still here dealing with the effects of whispering nonsense into the ears of US Presidents before a war in Iraq, that set me out as a character they will deploy to tidy up after the war because their stupidities had a Media job to fool around with, setting the stage for most of the claims that I am insane because it carries on still and I am always on top it each time – so they do eventually say I have spent my energy working on systems of oppression to make it better but the reality about their superiority is that they want to oppress people using the finances of their victims and I am still able to foil their stupidities right through to the international stage at this point, so they are a long way off achieving the processes of being able to oppress me, in order to support their theory they were superior. The Part where their Politicians think I will deploy my intelligence, strength and skills to find out how getting rich works and then stay poor to tell them about it is currently looking like something the Nazis had failed to achieve as we speak.