There is a sense now that incredible levels of controversy surround the idea that I am doing the right thing and its utter nonsense – the stupidities we see the Media and the Celebrities exhibit have nothing to do with my Books and we know they have not been explaining it as a product of reading what I have written anyway, they just have a show business, it is a business and about shows and it exists for the sole purpose of allowing them to get busy working on me as stupidly and insultingly as possible, where the lies and the truth are the same thing depending on how you feel lest any idea arises which tends to suggest it’s a bad thing until everything I own became their property irrespective of how much abuse and destruction and vandalism is required for it while they never share their own – I do not think it a problem either, it’s the same business of being afraid of make the decisions that I have seen Church people make in the part because I am worried about hurting people, I might have been groomed into this state of mind by Politicians by the way but in order to get around it I must shake this off without being a tool in a hands of society idiots with big mouth threats and abuses that will hopefully become profitable insults in the future that is and I do not think we have ever had a sense of settlement when their show business was not built on the back of general extreme poverty affecting people they know and people around them at all times.

The question generally points towards the fact I used to get along with them and none now knows when it became such a huge fall out all together but I never did; their world is one of extreme spiritual corruption decadence and pure spiritual evil – they always must have good persons in every generation coaxed out of a closet and their lives spread out as a tool to push the boundaries of their wickedness – the outcome is always that once they were done collecting all the good ideas and talents with their show business contraption, their activities moves immediately to a matter of success in show business being based on Celebrity ruthlessness that relies on its victims to do nothing about their stupidities and its vandalism until they are too old to and become things that Celebrities had oppressed, soon after it will develop into a case of chasing down religious people to put out a message of an inexistent God, thereafter the need to seek out alternative ways of handling the demons that had possessed their spirits that do not involve the intervention of an exorcist, while grinding the stupid show business into peoples lives, the way it got off extracting money from my public image to build me a reputation full of holes I will walk into and become a character that people can attack every time people wanted a piece of the fame, which is incidentally what this is all about i.e. the vengeance of continuing with that mess, wrecking my Bookshop and following me around with it.

We end up listening to the backup stories that have been devised for this nonsense every day, particularly the claim that I think I am different from the Celebrities but am much the same thing, which allows the society idiots show up to play with me abusively all the time, some good looking little man who needs to move off somewhere and get around with Celebrities instead of pretending he has established something at the foundation of the way that we live, urging me to savage more of those stupid money making options that eventually lead to outcomes where I am always grappling with their stupid daughters and wives that can beat me up and claim I a woman in a mans body, if their stupidities were not complaining about the state of their rights because of me the entire time. I am not like them at all and what we have is cracked up out of my league spying me to poke and prod and insult and abuse 24/7 while building up his stupidities on Media and then we hear the idiots make those statements from time to time that they will never stop bugging and buggering me until somebody hurts another person on account of their activities, which was how they made their first success and would therefore like to return to a time that they were able to repeat those successes, it is not yet keeping its imagination and the stupidities it has built for every fool to be a part of at my expense off my anus as it were, blabbing nonsense about what I think being different from what is reality while the whole thing has not get become a main preoccupation of mine as well. In essence the reality is that these fools have always worked to exact revenge on me for what I did to allow some popular culture people I was allied to, to get off running off music tracks after music tracks on the activities of drug dealers, as it was bad enough their idea of business was to get busy with sexual violation but the drug workers operated on a whole new level – the process which allowed other young people to do their academic work which lasted not more than five years and then their idiots took over and decided to make money from the same system while the revenge for the existence of the system using their stupid media jobs ensued; when I want to stop them making popular culture or making money from it as it is not what I built it for, their stupidities claim I mess with their Celebrities because I am lucky with a big mouth. So eventually we hear their foolish Politicians say that the problems would not have existed if I did put my back to it and its an old tale of how blabbing rubbish at me like that leads to revenge as I am completely unable to blab the demagogues we hear them blab to get their head around such nonsense. Its all revenge for the years I spent making drugs business cost ineffective due to the security issues and the chasing me around while making a mess of my temperament, personality and public image with their insolent familiarity civil rights gimmicks that helps them ensure their nepotism was very profitable and the resulting business of dropping out of University for it and still I don’t know the names of the idiots propelling this nonsense at me every day as we speak, much the same as I will never stop punishing them as a Community.

I have been told that none knew it was all about revenge from Celebrities whose costs for their regular class A drugs fix had gone through the roof while the habit of wrecking your property to make money on your Public image continued never the less, all garnished with revenge due to the unbearable number of music tracks that have been put out there because of what I built to help pull the heart strings of those who run drugs business to destroy lives and kill people but it does not have to be such a hooray – the reality is that I don’t want these gits making any Celebrity business or popular culture business on what I built unless they are prepared to comply with what it was built for; they have made out mine was the cowards option naturally just as we know that there are Police Officers and Community support Officers working with people who are caught up with such things, saying you will get off taking on somebody is insanity as a lot of them may be victims in a very ruthless arrangement, when I make it cost ineffective to have such a business however, those who run it will want to deploy the money for a legitimate business and for each time they did, standing up somewhere with it to say I handle their Celebrity fools because I am lucky can only carry on until it blew up in their faces.

It is said that most of what I have written indicated I was in need of fresh air and a means to express myself, whilst I understand people mean well when they say so, the reality is that society goons have not yet stopped making a mess of my person, claiming my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives among other reasons, while I had become so different that my person is always controversial, wholly because of the insults of media and its Celebrities, so going out for some air or expression is what it is in this context and therefore what I do not need at all. Eventually where I do start responding to this nonsense is the part where everything else stops apart from the Media going on and on with its insults, boasting features like issuing threats at people they have never met and blowing off the big mouth because their legs were pulled from a distance, putting pressure on the society goons who then start issuing threats that help them get the imagination up my bum because they have an onus of something being required of me by greater powers to fool around with, making a mess of my very thought process their stupidities had a problem with because I have a character which suggested that I was important while they were the real important people as far as they were concerned – so it usually brews this condition whereby I am required to get out of my own thought processes while I am engaged with academic pursuit, a job or a personal project which can only be devised by arseholes that know they were getting support from Corrupt security system operatives and I simply want them to understand everything they complain of is due to their stupidities disturbing this place while I am trying to write some Books. The Politicians on the other hand usually provide public support for this sort of thing – the business of being a character that appears important while they were really important started out as some of the silliest things their civil rights could offer due to the effects of lies and truths being the same thing depending on what Media says and how you feel and now appears to be making me so different that my person is controversial, the society bits will get support for the insults until I dropped out of University, then the Politicians who supported it will be completely unable to control a need they have to make up the excuses for the bullying as they progressed. The main point of call still being the need Media and Celebrities have to forge an alliance with some characters the Queen does not want to do business with and are always looking like they were being punished at the Monarchy, to run around claiming they want to confiscate a Royal Office from me, while the Politicians got off helping culture and society trouble makers to build communities and get the imagination up peoples bottoms because it embarrassing to talk about it when we are adults, like it was a sort of Government Office competence based achievement, only to complain and blame when they believe they have seen characters they wish to take advantage of – all together, mind has progressed from a personality that should be theirs because their jobs were tough to something of the abusive ways their stupidities will make use of it, once they had worked with their American friends to ensure their feminism protected them from sexual assault and it becomes so difficult then as a matter of law enforcement to Police such matters, if One were to sit down somewhere believing that it was alright to look onto their activities as terrible behaviour with salvageable aspects.