What people want to discuss the most these days apparently being that I am being punished and that it happens because I interfere with careers which are more important than myself but it is utter nonsense – what really happens comes in many forms; for instance community croons who are probably running illegal brothels will pick up on what disobedient Public transport idiots want to do with my Public image in terms of my bedroom window and how the needs of their low lives who want to run popular culture and dress like Celebrities to feel as if they had any value whatsoever made of it and my tummy never ever gets a break from their insanity thereof and still many other forms including what certain character who think they are in control of society and can do whatever they liked with my person, including the use of my public image and personality to chase money, in terms of violent abuses that can be used to stop me whenever I have feelings about not co-operating while I never have co-operated with their stupidities, making a mess of my writing career, of which my response usually gets them complaining to Politicians seeking a response. So this gimmick about me being punished because I fool around with careers that are too much for me is an example of the things people say and act upon which wrecks my Bookshop, it did the day before and the week before and we talked about it extensively but they want to do it every day – while at it, we know when they leave their families at home to conduct the tribalism raids in the City centre, there is a gap between them and the families that only they have the right to fill by travelling to and from work, that I am not part of that gap, I am not part of the work place and I am not part of the family and their stupidities had no evidence of me interfering with their important career while those insults are things we continue to talk about over heated feelings because their foolishness has not yet thought it worthwhile to retract their position away from me. It’s a problem that comes through over and over again because I never really think that responding to their insults is worth time spent – we know that the abuses are issued at me because the insults have caught up with them while they are people who depend on Public image for money and need to stop showing up on mine to chase it wrecking my Bookshop in the process, as much as we know I have issued warnings at them enough times, with respect to the fact that they have never paid a penny of the bills in this place and ought to stop addressing or relating with my concerns in such ways, otherwise they will have to stop relating with it all – I mean we know that at this point, they have forged relations with American friends who have also developed relations with the best people when it comes to chasing the interests of daddies i.e. Muslims but nothing changes the fact their idiocy means that we are detached from the world of grownups and now exist in a condition where their get rich quick stupidities are my daddies and I am a kid being disrespectful.

They do boast that it’s a matter I cannot handle but we know they all have a history with me; younger ones are complaining about running out of time to build a life and a career over the disobedience of chasing money on a Hermits public image, solely because I too had decided what they were going to do with their time as long as they were living breathing human beings and not memories – the Middle aged ones will be the gits blabbing of disrespect on my part all the time and a case of me chasing careers that are too important for me, the insults are usually such that I stand at a Mirror for considerable periods of time, looking for the cause behind their behaviour, fairness comes through thereafter as an idea, that I ought to decide how their time should be spent too – what I have done little about being the Celebrities; those have a very problematic way of running their show business and its profits at my expense, then hang around somewhere issuing threats and we can see that the business of talk concerning disrespect on my part is largely a matter of perception their stupidities have built up on Media over time, which is none of their business and deserves to see them keep out of it and keep their mouth shut over it. I am going to tidy up this place to match the attention that Celebrity shower on this Royal Office, should the Bookshop, the career and public image fail to improve thereafter, will be the point at which I begin to sack their own show business for my part in this matter as well. I do get told I am wasteful of the tools by which the State controls the public which I am not these facts prove that I am not – I might extend them a curtesy associated with a process of responding to a need that means spending tax payer funds to wreck my career and spending it to improve themselves, followed quickly by talk of disrespect on my part but as I mentioned, I will tidy up this place to match interest shown around my concerns and if matters do not improve I will begin my own attack on their lives, businesses and careers.

On the talk stage, we can see that the idea I am disrespectful is a matter of perception and this perception does not pertain to their lives, therefore very easily kept away from as it were – the story of me losing a Hermitage is another case of those matters where they never stopped claiming they have been fighting my battles while we know it is something they do once they had wrecked my career, then set about picking up my financial condition to build me a whole new Public image and as soon as they saw they were starting to look like their friends overseas who always live in a war zone for some reason, get off fighting my battles for me – but we know as far as Church matters were concerned, the very business of thinking about the things you could have done if you were a bigger person with bigger muscles is usually the beginning of something very bad, so when we do our fasting which makes us thin and hungry, should be get threatened while we are at it, one simply tends to walk away, hence we can see that this fighting my battles story is very much a matter of their spiritual wickedness, linked to the reasons my bottom hurts and I am always feeling windy without reason on account they believe when their stupidities says it, what they have said is likely to be the way matters will play out especially in terms of conflicts that will happen very quickly before the worst of it had happened, that I should lose a Hermitage to them. The prevalent sensibility on the global stage is that there is nothing I can do about them but we know the pornography is running wild at my expense while those who know better on matters of public image decency are responsible for making it so, the young people are still wrecking peoples academic pursuits so that their Celebrities may be able to get women to wee on others on the career front, it will pick up Public security matters to set about fighting my battles that then ensures nothing is out of bounds around here, spend its idiotic saga time especially when American, making sure everything gets completely out of hand on Media all the way to Asia, while it knows it is the wrong thing to do, I suppose then that listing it like so will have shown exactly where I will begin and how much indeed their big mouths can do about me. As pointed out earlier, the concerns about a lack of respect on my part is without foundation, much the same as I try to be helpful by setting it clearly that they need to keep off making comments on perceptions surrounding me and mine concerns as well if they wish to stop complaining about the results. I have never had an explanation from their Celebrities as per the reasons they pick up the consequences of wealth equity here to churn out show business trading products that make them rich, then set off beating me down with my own wealth equity systems once they were done getting me inundated with gangs, criminals and hoodlums over it either, so all the blabbing is good, much as they feel like that all the time and although I also feel like exploring the reasons they are cracked up out of my league so I may thumb them all the time and get a Court to make a case of the sexual effects in Public places but do not get to live out such thoughts.

They do say I give too much information about my concerns but I don’t – what happens is people making a mess of my feeding habits and what I eat etc, soon enough they built it up on Media and facilitated a proper obfuscation with Celebrities and yet in the end the reason they begin at all is that HM wants to know what I am doing, what I am eating, due to the fact it is unusual food. The effect is that there is probability of buying something that is linked to a criminal enterprise depending on where I shop for the ingredients I prepared my food with and these are the sort of matters that get to the top end of Government, so it’s all very important although these goons who never get involved with anything I do to read what I have written and never listen to anything others are saying or doing never end up seeing it that way, making an unbearable mess of it all the entire time thereof. It’s not just the business of buying products from criminals enterprises either, there is the part where I got a feel of things with respect to exotic produces and commodities coming in from overseas in my own way and I have a website that helps to track my movements but not even the blogs I write on it is read by these goons that want to tell me how to exist all the time. As I have pointed out earlier, what happens every time I try to move the Celebrities on is that the Celebrities have been doing me favours – so I am going to make this place tidy enough for the attention they shower on me over something to do with getting involved with Royalty to reset their compass on cultural matters especially, if my career does not take a turn for the better and my Bookshop thereof as a result, I will begin my own attack on their fame careers as well, with intent to sack it. They always say what I think of myself is not what HM thinks of me while reality is that I have had difficulty passing the test of looking upon this Hermitage as something that is solely my responsibility whereby I did not answer to others except the Crown and those who worked directly on its behalf but I have passed that test now and updated my disposition since, not a lot left for me to push towards whenever The Queen says something about me that is meant to be motivational but they take it completely out of context and make a case of themselves on the Media. It does feed into the idea I am sabotaging my State provided security while I am not – what happens is that I have a need to attack them each time state provided security behaves like they did, the road from Boy Scouts to Boot camps and then outright National Security jobs and then to such a state shows that there are too much gimmicks getting up to all sorts at my expense; people need to get involved when they are interested in reading. It does not mean Celebrities will stop getting involved, it just means that any involved by Celebrities will neither affect my career nor theirs for the future, once I am rid of these Industry manufactured git that have adopted the label of Celebrities to get me regarding them like that all the time. I have done this business of rounding up their gimmicks to make sense of it in an academic Fashion, producing a race against time over homosexuality, they have now suggested that they will do the same, producing the same insults that their young people throw about at academic institutions while they began to look like characters that could never stop living in War zones, hence got off fighting my battles but continued the abusive behaviour since - so when I do it again, I should try to ensure it was the finale.