I am said to be oblivious to the fact that current crises were a product of problems created for me by male society but I am not – these are the warnings I have issued i.e. it needs to stop interfering with my public image and my Bookshop while its famous idiots shoot off the big mouth about confiscating my public image so I could never get into some clothes and speak to members of the public from a proper Royal social life and it will do so without thought for the way that such nonsense would be stopped naturally. The facts are that their insults generally build up to a process where they were able to damage the careers of women and get women to grovel and sell sex for daily supplies, while damaging mine, so I became a character that tried to assist women while women tried to share their money for survival, pathetically, it really does need to get out of my way now I suppose – technical details are that its popularity idiots turn up here to finger my bum and when I inflict the health issues on those, some died from heart failure and they showed up with a right to finger my bum, as orchestrated by society fools and public transportation twats that had since built a corrupt private security industry to watch me and ensure their fantasies about my personal space were violent activities that I felt, in a bid to get rich fast, what I did to control both was taken up by media idiots and celebrities punishing me for standing up for myself at industry when I tried to release money from a Royal trust and a bunch of twats turned up to sell my Royal status to the public in order to boost profits for big companies in which they took up Office by means of tribalism raids in other peoples lives. So nothing I did about the abuses that were stopping me from doing so many things and working me to such a level of financial crisis that I was homeless, ever worked due to their alliance with criminals and anti-social behaviour gits.

They do say that I never had a Royal Trust to release any funds naturally which is utter rubbish the same way it has eventually come down to a process where their stupidities helped to determine my diet and they have been copying that diet in a bid to sell it to those who were wealthy, just as much as the Queen wanted to know what I was doing with my diet, the deaths door stupid, shooting off the big mouth. In essence they were a bunch of idiots who spent so much money at the markets that they thought it had given them a right to develop a platform by which they could seek industrial leadership positions, talking rubbish at me from a premise where I did not have to listen to anything that they said because their entire lives was built around getting involved with Industries and with my career unprofessionally, to pervert my assets with publicity and make stupid statements about being able to predict what I am capable of. So the Politicians do tend to say that if I shared how I got about making sure none of these gimmicks stuck to me, it would make the world a better place but I have been sharing for ages and they have been making a mess of it for ages – it is what I am doing and the main crisis if allowed to manage from the cold of an Office is not a crisis for me at all, just idiots with perverted ideas about my personal space getting imagination up my bum, ageist fools trying to use it as a tool to get information from me on how to be wealth and media idiots punishing me for standing up to financially well off people who made a mess of my career to boost profits for big companies, as stupidly as possible, so my career would not have meant anything to anybody no matter what I did with it, which does not really work and had since arrived at a stage where their famous persons insults would not stop interfering with my public image and Bookshop especially during working Hours, blabbing about things I am meant to do to disrupt my Office and stir up these matters, is set to become a very big project by which I will get them weeping and wailing on my account.

We have heard them suggest I am talking that way because Politicians were already tackling the causes of inflation but it is utter nonsense as if I thought about doing it, I would find myself a platform to get around like a really mad government, ripping up all harmful business structures in the Country, as a tool for solving causes of inflation with respect to a widespread project that will provide real world security for public finances. It does make a case of my own issuing those stupid statements about what it had the right to do on account I published my Books free of charge which I am clearly not aware of as far as its stupidities were concerned; I mean the original arrangement was good, I know because I read the small prints and my publishers were the people who wrote it, soon after the business of my history at the work market being something of their need to follow me around and take advantage of me in terms of people I got involved with for business and work purposes, bought shares in the company and hell broke lose – we are not talking about something of the way that there were five companies in the locality who were not part of their practical jokes and that number had since dwindled to 4 and a half due to the fact I had been looking for employment and now their business with my Publishers involved what I would lose for publishing my Books free of charge whilst their stupidities were more worthy to publish my Books – it then picks up publicity that my publishers had created for my work, to say the business had placed patents on the Books and built a certain amount of awareness for it in their world, so I had a job to do writing and selling Books there, to sit about on Media feeling good, talking nonsense that played into the prejudices of its own crowd and the stupidities of its famous idiots showing up on red carpets to build themselves profiles about where my Books were located, killing off my finances to shoot off its big mouth everyday in a hope that I will soon become homeless. So the reality of it is that we have these kinds of establishments set up all over the place to say that when people turned up for work, they got employed and lost their talents if they left so soon but lived in hell if they did not, shooting off the big mouth about the way I had responded because Politicians were about to save me from causes of inflation.

They do eventually claim that I am a people pleaser, even pointing to the fact I am a Libra but they were an example of the fact that I did not really care that much about what other people were thinking about me. I mean it is the same as they suggest that we Libras liked to behave as if we were beeline and then we did magic to stand up for ourselves which made others feel inadequate but it is not how it works at all, the problem being that they claim we are love and care but we are really fate i.e. it is two personalities that always never fail to work as one when it was time to be decisive, we are always indecisive because being decisive does not play into the ethos of trying to create peace and harmony by reaching decisions that mattered, more so considering others did not have the luxury of seeing two sides of a story the way we did. They do claim when I talked like that I was playing into the hands of Russians which does not make any sense whatsoever, whilst we know that the fact they were famous was the reason that a major ingredient of my personality had to be forfeit and I could not step outside of my door or get into some clothes of address the public with dignity, so it is not yet 100% enmity with the famous, it is about 70% so far because I had to prevent their obsession with me that had become toxic from destroying my life, my removing all means through which they picked up my assets to make their money but they are still making the most of the remaining 30%. They do claim it was the civil rights issue but the civil rights issue was the easier one – it is the one through which I did so well, the one through which the Government said I was very good at it and the Americans were always testing me abusively; the part where their interest in public investment funds added up to bait that got them fighting my wars because they were always trashing my Public image and finances for it, having since arrived at a point where enough had not yet died so far and they continued to boast about causing me more trouble which is entirely normal as there is no such thing as freedom from them right back to school days, particularly when people had ended up in Government Offices. Also they say that it was difficult to tell what my view of the world was as a Libra which is utter nonsense as they are always talking about money and there was no other way to make money save the jobs market where structures and processes were set out such that you made it and you paid everybody that was involved including the Government that built the roads for you and you had a receipt to show that you had made those contributions, towards the time that you will retire and take up a position as somebody that can make decisions for communities during progress gatherings and at the electoral polls, unless of course they had a different definition of money. Current definition of money was displayed in a gimmick where I was a character that famous idiots bullied to befriend the wealthy, which has since produced an outcome where people hung about giving money to idiots that were getting into a fight because of their obsession with spending public investment funds on themselves and the famous insults that get people fingering my bum on the streets is about to become a big project that will cause them a lot of trouble – where it is again said that it is not clear why I do not take as seriously as most people would when it is as simple as a fight that is soon to break out because I cannot have a certain aspect of my personality on account they were famous, coupled with a process where I engaged in charitable activities that will help retrieve money from them which they cannot account for. This is what the view was – it is always these fringe activities that do it for them, the real fringe on the other hand was the Carnival and people with special talents to entertain others during public functions, their own involved the need to say they were arbiters between the public and criminals, to say they were some sort of Gods who decided the public did not like criminals but liked the power criminals wielded, that the criminals did not like the public but liked public decency, this is usually supposed to be the red flag on the fact that the famous never have once made a good decision about the work police were doing with reference to their career, as a direct need to take advantage of others in these ways, it will run off the fringes and threaten to teach me lessons on account I clearly did not know what respect was, as to serve its famous stupidities whenever its friends had hurt its bum as well.

The main problem has been the way that Washington continues to spend money on them while they used it to trade as if I had lost something important until they made it real, even when there is information that their obsession with Government funds at the market place is meant to produce an outcome where they got into a fight, so if we faced the public to say that the right way to sort out finances was the jobs market, people will always have evidence to show that their gimmicks were more profitable, so I suppose it is time to stop sharing and concentrate more on picking up the pieces. I mean it makes sense in the US as the idea went beyond idiots wrecking my career and keeping it damaged to put up gambling at the markets and make some profit at the other end as long as my career stayed wrecked, whereby if it continued to channel its narcissism at me, I will certainly show its mean stupidities how to channel some narcissism as well – it arrives at the point where what I do to keep culture and society gits off my career was a claim I had won great battles even their stupidities could not, built up into a trashing of my social life and gimmicks that will force me to do their bidding and finished off with a need to pick up my personal life for the purpose of building restaurants because their stupidities had to eat when done, so if they were able to cover their backside thus, working at the New York stock exchange would make Americans wealthy. I have had enough of it for my part and if it ceases to interfere with my public image and the client interests in my Bookshop, there will be no response for it on my part as well. I mean it’s a simple matter of this place being quiet enough for me to write Books and for people to read it, what my Books do for people not being interfered with, to which effect mine had clearly stopped and their insanity had taken precedence while we do not know why mine had stopped at all.

Another part of the story here is that it was difficult to tell when I was serious and when I was not. The reality on the other hand being that I am always serious as it is impossible to achieve what I am doing without being serious but with the occasional fun. I am different from others, I mean going out to exert myself with friends is something I would do but not something I would like to do often, I do not find pleasure in sporting activities or any activities they found pleasure in – my version of fun involved activities associated with the way I organise myself to have a Christmas party with my employer in a bid to boost my career, especially the part where the wife does most of the organisation, spends the money, decides what I spent and what I saved for the future which guaranteed my career. Outside fun for me really is the way that women wreck the society for the society troublemakers; starting out with some immorality that somebody must have warned them about and ending with due date madness and then they would say they were unaware of it. Such that at the stage extremists had ideas, I found it very exhilarating i.e. for instance Jewish Communities had so many religious ceremonies their lives were practically a huge big party, white Communities were always incredibly Political, so it is never clear where the extremists were coming from, I mean some people found incidents stimulating, when extremists have views the stimulation does go through the roof – it is a typical instance of Libra getting into a fight where winding up the adversary to a point is usually an achievement in its own right, so at that stage the assumption was that he had realised something important but I was obeying orders as well, so we had to find a way to do something we should have done before the war broke out in the first place. At this stage it is said they have been winding me up as well but that would be the wise arse media, celebrity and politicians all together, it is again another instance of typical libra getting into a fight, where they say we behaved like the whirlwind, I mean now I believe it because I am responding like that – the fighting will kick off and there was nothing they could do about it, build up a momentum that matched the situation and then they had to wait for it to run its course, those who stopped it would find that if it stopped it was coming towards them. I do get told I am hugely underestimated but I am not, they simply want to sharpen their fighting abilities by making a mess of my Royal armed forces order and I have had enough it, especially the stupid lies about star signs on the internet and the prostitutes helping people make the most of a career I had not completed by addressing me with narcissism that will show me I am supposed to serve Americans by fighting Russians, will soon have to channel it else where or I will channel it for them. In the end the Celebrity insults was the more frequent issue which ensures that my public work at the Office was being disrupted, finished off with threats to teach me meaning of respect because their stupidities were affected – if I flipped my media equipment one part will be about journalistic fools shooting off their big mouth to make more of a mess and the other would be a movie, seemingly when I hurt them bad enough, the abuses and all that came with it would go away.