We have seen the Media and Celebrities join in to express their concerns that I have been chasing these matters through which I have lost access to my own life and career all together and its not really the case that I have lost access to anything – we are now at a point where I am very tired and do not wish to pick up this huge task of going right back to the beginning point of where the stupidities of Media and Celebrity fools expressed on my academic work and Bookshop, added up to a case of patent and income margin breach that they love to express their insanity and problems which are greater than everybody else’s concerns by all day long, which is a stupidities that continue while they complain as though I was facing a power or it was the end of the world. We have heard them point out that I am a character who behaves in a way that suggests they should be moved off to boot camp all the time but it would not have applied we had come full circle if I reminded them that for years its been a story about their insults and the way I was set out by my parents to deal with gangs and criminals in order to improve their sense of privilege further, the part where the question of why I wasn’t told or prepared for childhood can be answered by claims that if I were, I would have absconded. The other case of society gits building up my career somewhere so if they tell me my life is over it might be possible was expected, so was the other gits fighting for the interests of Celebrities at the Monarchy and becoming convinced they were about to get everybody toeing the line for it but this nonsense from Celebrities and Media runs off like this all day without reason or purpose, garnished with insults where some told me I cannot solve the problem but continue to cling to it and at the same time deploy my work to boost their incomes and become concerned about the vengeance of the private security industry, the others say I prevent people peddling my faith, personal life and public image but am now desperate for money which makes sense of how inescapable it is to do me favours with an evil culture in order to ensure when they have fantasies about touching my body parts, they may secure a crowd that supports their stupidities at it and I think if we have this conversation further, I am going to get on a high horse and make it easy and accessible. Some people have said I suggested it had no reason or purpose but it does and yes it probably does if people believe that hanging around handling me in case industry trouble makers, fat cats and celebrity fools want to reward them for it, is a way to run a career, if setting me out as a character that should be hung up somewhere making enemies of rich people, so they might suck up to rich people and solve their financial problems, is a purpose. I have not lost anything, it is rather becoming a question of spending all day on this nonsense or looking to the service processes and accounts Books of a Bookshop, irrespective of their needs being greater than everybody else’s and their stupidities having access to secret society powers that get imagination up peoples anus when they don’t get what they want and as I said, if this conversation progresses further, I will end up on a high horse for it. The fact of it is that what these people really miss is that deploying my property Equity to make entertainment produces a lot of glamour and they are so entitled that when I had withdrawn because of the treatment I got, there is trouble coming if it was not restored: we are now dealing with the technicalities of it, as per whether a history of financial and career vandalism, a history of claims criminals are nice people buying show business products while I am robbing shoulders and discriminating will be cleared out them, what we know they have said is that they intend to replace me which has gotten me thinking I want to burn their operations as well.

The story that I am trying to catch up with the white race and working very hard on it, which also plays into the gimmicks of the Media and Celebrities claiming that I find it difficult to tell when they are being racists, develops a lot from this stage all together as well. The story about catching up with white people being one of those cases where I have a history of being regarded as an unsavoury character because I had decided people hang around with societies with vendetta about me and have no wish to talk about it, so I talk on their behalf and leave them with an identity crisis – I mean somebody is competing over the personality based sensibilities associated with religious leadership in terms of race and superiority and we don’t know if they stopped Auschwitz in the 20th century single handed either – so difficult to tell what their problem is. The others blabbing about making sense of their own racism are a story that needs to listen to what I am saying as well, especially concerning a 15 year onslaught of its bread winner insolence in this place while it has never once paid the bill. The Country ownership success does nothing with itself save churn peoples tummy in public tell lies and make excuses over it on Media.

They claim most of the problems in the world is brought about by the pandering of the weak which does not make any sense whatsoever as what I am talking about is layers upon layers of career and financial vandalism in this place, facilitated by their need to cultivate identity politics in a violent way, then tell others how much of the identity people were allowed to have. We know they do this with white people as much as they do with ethnic minorities and the fact they do it on white people as well does not make their white victims any less racist than they are. Then there is my part where of all the things I have tolerated ranging from stupid men having spent some time in the work force, built up some savings for a House that I have rented and spend every single moment of everyday running off their society based violent lasciviousness to hang around somewhere playing routine of daddy characters that send out hoodlums to get involved with my personal space and run me down, at the end of which I pay him his rent and they built up my career where they can be allowed to tell me my life was over when their stupidities wanted to. The financial situation here as been one brought about by the way I run the Hermitage to ensure the finances were in agreement with its purpose but there would be no way to make some money on an ambient basis because they are hanging around industrial parks with their equally insulting and superior children, developing public conditions that will allow them unpick so much of what I do to carry on my civilian living in relative safety, to such as extent they are able to whip my anus to make sense of how important they had become since last they made some money – the reason for this being that I am an Arch Prince with financial complications and how this solves the financial complications, none has the ability to understand. The others are pretty much the type of nonsense laid upon the other but the reasons this is so important is that in the last 4 years I had decided to put more work into the process of paying the bills properly and these activities have wrecked it, to hang around on media with these stupidities it runs off at my expense disobediently everyday to ensure that every 24 hours of my time was wasted on account of the small thing that came up at the Monarchy during that time. What people are talking about with respect to pandering of the weak refers to a handful of criminals that are also victims of crime themselves – their insults are meant to be the answer for all things and their evil nature was probably well hidden from those who possessed what they coveted, the idea being that they had a talent for survival but have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing – the eventuality being that they show up here to make a mess of mine especially the media, then they forget all about their own because it was so game, when I get my hands on it, we end up with complains of what I have treated country ownership success and which has created problems for the entire planet.

The others claim my words suggest most white people are racist but it doesn’t – the white people are racist story is a familiar case of the first time an ethnic minority had a problem with a white person, it was the kind of person that women get involved with on matters of raising Children, the next time white person will saying Children need to study at school and be clever while ethnic minority will be talking about the importance of being irresponsible to such an extent that the irresponsibility was total and made people rich at Celebrity culture, both of which have nothing whatsoever to do with racism. In the end I suppose what it means is that those who continue to make excuses for the wickedness of ethnic minorities ripping up people’s lives and careers to hang around with popularity inventing ideas about who is seeing them and their bodies, will one day run out of excuses to make and I probably need to say more about what that day will look like too.

They eventually claim what I say does not actually help people feel safe like I think it does but if we took an example like complains people are watching their bums – asked the question of whether it affected them when they were Television journalists or Fashion models as much as it did those who lived in an environment where there were lots of brothels, then we find meaning to what I am saying when I ask them to keep away from my Books and stop peppering my public image with stupid comments on media, when I point out their children do not have to know about the stupidities I put up with every time they attend their Offices. We hear those stories endlessly; that I think I can handle this matter but cannot and I constantly have to find another way to handle the abusive behaviour of goons who don’t own the Companies they work for or my Hermitage but had decided their place in the world will be a matter of abusing me to climb the progression ladder at the Establishments they worked in – this then means that they have handled great social and public concerns I thought I could clear out. The rest claim I think I am entitled to fame which is utter rubbish as the real issue is that they are a threat and not a threat that is a threat for a reason either – I mean there is a reason as such but its mostly a matter of the insults whereby they were journalists and I am a writer and they could spend a decade of my time on bread winner insults without a problem to contend with meeting up with the civil and criminal disobedience by which this nonsense goes on endlessly all day long and the effect is clearly intoxicating. I have been told the reason is that they end up with what I am doing in their minds hated it while it was never meant to be that way, it was meant to be a matter of what I did with female journalists at a Court who covered me on my writing while I covered them with respect to culture and society goons, now should I mention something about people passing abuses at Armed forces operatives which runs all the way to sexual escapades in Asia, it will be an endless discourse mostly traumatic about which parts of my career I had revealed and lost. That said, its impossible to tell which of their insults will kick it off when I have no sense of what I am doing anymore while their insults in the city centre blabbing which public image an Arch Prince does not have as they chased a Royal property they want to look like they can afford all day long, produces a specific need to round up issues with the proper Celebrities and wait for a stage at which they will become the main problem, especially when telling me I need to get into a lifestyle which shows I had lost what I had, in this place.