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They do claim I am now in a difficult situation because I would not comply with the will of those who had obvious power over the crowd. I could never make sense of it anyway, I do know it is a problem which existed 17 years back, something about my Books being so powerful and valuable the public was not allowed to access it until the leaders were done with it, which is what their Politicians are doing, right up to the part where Washington kept it going by soliciting dress well self-exhibitionist sex workers on my public life, telling lies that I am the provocateur, the Celebrities and Media doing their own on what is entirely self-appointed basis. So I do help out with the way their stupidities get them into difficult circumstances when I point out the prospect of them losing their lives having taken 15 years of mine to build their practical jokes into such nonsense over my career, at which stage people would forget all about the years of abuses and remember new labels like Assassin which they thought would sound nice in public, I do help out by setting out they needed to shut it down if they were complaining, unless their gimmicks had anything to do with a restoration of my botched University studies which their Politicians helped out with over claims that I am the one acting dangerously since last they decided they wanted to peddle my personal life instead of secure a job for a living, at the stage that I dropped out which should have been a red flag but was not unless the Politicians themselves were complaining while telling lies, I do help out by pointing out if it is not being restored and my Bookshop is not made to look as they found it, they needed to find a toy and needed to appreciate that I am not interested in their opinions. Their excuse is usually that I possessed something other people did not have naturally, also that I was talking about extreme violence and it has nothing to do with neither, what really happens being that the idiots were so entitled to public security that they got into a degree of trouble that even the Police could not help them out with and had since developed a habit for my career, which meant that when I kept people making a mess of it, they turned out on Media to find out what will happen when I stepped outside of my door thereafter. So, we are close to that stage where I responded with a tit for tart damage, hence it is better to recognise the exit I built, that if it is not restoring my academic pursuits or getting my Bookshop looking as their stupidities found it, need keep its mouth shut especially when an ethnic minority, considering it was now well entitled enough to tell me I cannot describe them as stupid men while these activities continued to show up near my concerns. On a more official basis, it needs to avoid getting on my nerves by picking up jobs with companies that I am affiliated with, without doing those jobs, set about the idea that I had written a Book that could make me do the job because it had the backing of a crowd or a gang and knew that its stupidities could get dangerous – it needs to get involved with my concerns professionally and if it is not trying to restore my academic pursuits and my Bookshop, stop making comments.

They do claim that it is my Morals and position being questioned which is utter rubbish, as it is more now about what has been built up as a process where Media and Celebrity wreck Public work, so Media and Celebrities got about fixing it, started out stupidly enough with a profile for the pleasures of stupid men which suggests I am a bum.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Friday, July 29, 2022,

I am said to be oblivious to the fact that current crises were a product of problems created for me by male society but I am not – these are the warnings I have issued i.e. it needs to stop interfering with my public image and my Bookshop while its famous idiots shoot off the big mouth about confiscating my public image so I could never get into some clothes and speak to members of the public from a proper Royal social life and it will do so without thought for the way that such nonsense wo...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, May 26, 2020,

We have seen the Media and Celebrities join in to express their concerns that I have been chasing these matters through which I have lost access to my own life and career all together and its not really the case that I have lost access to anything – we are now at a point where I am very tired and do not wish to pick up this huge task of going right back to the beginning point of where the stupidities of Media and Celebrity fools expressed on my academic work and Bookshop, added up to a case...

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