Here I am told that I am a failure who never wishes to recognise the fact that he is and it is utter nonsense as the main problem here is more a matter of insults on how people got to use my personal space, after 15 years becoming so bad, that the main reason my career, social life and personal finances had stagnated was an incessant involvement of their infantile stupidities with my concerns. The two main part are the ones about the ageists with ideas on Office space insults their children can copy while gets onto the streets and fucks them as well, so they get off chasing me over claims I had a responsibility to cover their backsides, the other is the Celebrities whose need to endear themselves to criminals and sell magazines on my public image doing so is quite insatiable but it is now also being supported by big brother characters who ensure I had nothing that Celebrities are not getting as well. These two stupid activities meant that if a part of my career was facing a make or break situation, it would definitely have broken, like we see them give their own to the frugal and I do want to move them on by my own schedule while they have become rather accustomed to a business of getting all over the Media to push me. I have pointed out before that I had now wish to clash with the fact they loved their Country but this business of their insidious boldness hurting me over gimmicks about being important, seeing I am an Arch Prince who is bred to get involved with Government matters and be successful with it while their business with it only involved politics, a process of being proud of their Country and a gimmick that involved making the most of their insidious boldness. It is the same as the Celebrities who are usually the main public control problem, then we enter the stage where they clash with security services and people must be strong not to sympathise with them when that happens, such that before then there is only progress from endearing self to criminals in order to sell magazines on my Public image, fans that shower me with office space insults which spill onto the streets to create a sense I owed them a duty to cover their backsides and now a need to say that I build a trust system around my Books and even when they picked up products from the trust system they made it a replacement for my Books at the market and wreck my finances. So we enter into the stage where I must point out that this is not the crisis it appears to be, just facts on how these gits wreck my career and finances, call me names and put labels on me, then show up to express such gimmicks as when I am described as a failure – so it is expected that at this stage I will be caught up somewhere expecting another person to provide me an extended lecture on what wickedness looked like, even though I am a Hermit.

They do claim I am this truly evil character that people have been deceived into regarding as a source of hope, it is ridiculous and laughable as the problem mainly was that I needed them all to understand they have had the abusive and career damaging money madness practical jokes at my expense for long enough. Some of them were country owners, others were Celebrities, others still worked on Media, some were House proud, others were people who had enviable social life and needed to live in specific neighbourhoods, I could run the list for an eternity, the problem being that I dropped out of University and the Public cannot make sense of what I am doing with a Bookshop that sells literature that I created. The other gits like to make those stupid statements that there are people that can handle me which is all good shooting off their filthy mouth at me, until I want to make sense of their gimmicks especially when real men Muslim, was built around a community of men that supported their stupidities and they all needed my income to such an extent they felt a need to address me and speak to me or towards me through any opportunity I had to listen to instructions from other people, as though what they were saying was the law of the land and had such a force that meant that I had do comply with it, especially if I wanted to avoid consequences – needs keep shooting off the dirty mouth at me and I will wait for them at the City and attack that stupid community of them for them, to see what the outcome will be. It is not a matter of hate or prejudice, it is an obsession with pretty aspects of my personality, they use it as exit when the consequences of their lifestyle and personal decisions catches up with them, so I am not living in a hatred for everybody and everything, just a simple fact that if they continued to believe that this exit existed, our Public control problems will have had a way out of issues that should take them through to the obscurity they build so passionately, which does not work for everybody else – such as when they meet those instances and had access to pretty parts of my personality, their stupidities had something to take the problems out on and continue moving in the same direction. None understands really why it is that when they are happy and we are happy too, it is never really enough - it had since become a sermon that they needed to keep away from my Books and ensure their career comments were made about their own careers. I have been informed that it never stops but it will never stop - I do what I am doing by making sure culture and society gits knew what I am thinking, so it will never stop and people needed to stop making a mess of my finances while I am at it - I mean the context of building communities that help people resolve financial issues by getting imagination up peoples bottoms is applicable to a bunch of idiots who desire to abuse women sexually, having no women to abuse but we do not talk about it like so lest people took the law into their hands at our expense, it should not be mistaken as a sense that the behaviour is not an evil as it gets. I have been informed when I talk like that industry gits took advantage of me which is not really the case: they might try but it is all narcissism that I have never really given credence to - it plays out as a case of attacking Celebrities, Society gits and ignoring them if they wanted a share of the results and outcomes, when the Public gets an understanding that this is what is happening, the real nature of my social life and public shows, when the public think something else is happening who I really am is generally obscured most of the time and what they get from it was the sense that a corner at Industry existed where my property may go to vanish forever. Indication of it were reality whereby my Literary empire producing equities that entertainment producers wanted to broker is obscured in Celebrity insults and what people thought of my Public image was far from the fact I am a writer - other instances include the sense that my problems never stop and I am always left catching my breath because I enjoy clashing with greedy people who had financial interests in multinational companies - another example is the idea that a bunch of idiots had unfettered access to everything I did, so if they did not take my virginity, they could take the context of either being or making use of the first persons that were affected by it.

I do not think that the matter was a crisis – it is never a question of whether I am a reputable source of information but more a matter of getting the Public to listen to me at all and this never happens because of them; it has finally arrived where it needed to be i.e. the wickedness and evil of the civil rights people, eventually its perdition gets to that stage where it wants to punish anything that is light and builds a community that will decide which career I deserved on the basis of which fighting on the streets I must have done. I need it to keep its mouth shut or make its comments and gestures about the career that is nearest to its stupidities, the very one that provides it with a salary. Mostly the bottom chasing gimmicks was a matter of stripping away everything done to organise myself with respect to what is prohibited by law and the good jobs I want to get, so every little thing I postponed allowed them to get imagination fingers up my bum, talking nonsense in public as though I cannot strip their own well, the last time we checked it was done remotely, there was an explosion of AIDS epidemic and pornography, the part where the best candidate for pornography in their moral sewers were House wife characters and so on, since it really does look good on their cracked up out of my league stupidities as such. I mean the people from the 80s only did the religion bits, I don't think they had the capacity to strip them as well as I could, so now it had stripped my own and I had not stripped their own, we do not know where a perverted interest in my finances is meant to stop so far as it were.

They do claim the reasons that I am single is that I am weak and I suppose we could explore the reasons, as per it is an expected outcome of gimmicks associated with them endearing their stupid selves to criminals on my public image which effects were meant to be their own personal decisions but because they know where my Books are located and have always wanted my income, it wasn’t, although it had been done to help them sell magazines at the corner shops – so the society gits have been working hard building a community that spent time running me down and abusing me as such, the effect it supposed to be that I am weak. The problem however is that I am only likely to get into a relationship with somebody that knows me better, not a handful of famous idiots who think I am unlikely to get into a fight for my wife i.e. if I am especially more so likely to get married to them and live with somebody that wants to do the bidding of industry twats, the point being that I am not weak, they are just too stupid for my liking. Normally it would not have been annoying but we consider I am not a servant for instance and everything I did brought to bear the Queens authority, I can therefore only keep a relationship with somebody that can cope with that complication, never mind the fact I am looking for a partner that will have taken the lead on financial matters before we started the relationship in the first place, such that all I had built up to ensure the family was successful regardless of when I started working on financial matters is the reason every part of my life is being handled by famous idiots to make their own money and look like something I want to kill over a stupid civil disobedience. I do not think that the matter is a crisis unlike they claim that there is little I can do about it as such, the issue is that Celebrities have always been our main public control problem – apart from their business with society goons being something that will cause them problems and facilitate a process where they tackled children at school, if these society trouble makers were rounded up and gotten rid of, placed on concentration camps or something or maybe just imprisoned, we would find these famous idiots begin to show their true selves more publicly, the true selves that armed forces operatives see all too often, resulting in claims that Royalty antagonises good looking people. I have offered them an exit on the issue as such, I like to blame myself partly as there is nothing done to show that entertainment industry companies and producers broker equities with me and they were supposed to get involved for a job, with those industry fools they pander to but do not wish to keep their own side of the bargain, alongside stupid children who get sex workers following me around each time they open their filthy mouths talking rubbish having turned my Empire into a sales funnel, where they sold products in place of my Books and went off to the back end that was the Royal Hermitage trust to get rich, like something about which I needed to be educated on the fact that they were evil. So it does need to make its comments about its own career, stay away from my Books and cease issuing the stupid threats that it can scarcely backup as such or it will be the beginning of the stupid clash they dream of where the entire Country is meant to get involved with a process of solving their stupid personal problems through my Office while the stupidities were only meant to get a Books when they turned up near the Trust and its Bookshop in the first place as it were. The other part of this story is that stupid blabbing about the way my Books were meant to be used for US Public interests but I am headstrong and never do as I am told – it is an old story about shooting off the dirty mouth on things their stupidities have never achieved; where we really are is the business of how insulting the British is usually financially profitable, of which the insults had since died down but an obsession with my Books and finances had replaced it – suffices to say that none is ever a happy person if they lived in their Country as if where they lived was a proxy of the USA, it is the cause of all these problems, especially the stupid perdition and the insulting processes of getting imagination around my private parts to hang about on Media with prepeubecent stupidities that have been taught Office space insults by foolish parents who found a better alternative to a business of working for their own money, looking for trouble. If the idiots were fighting my wars, I believe they would be out there eliminating statesmen that disliked me but they are not, so such blabbing generally means I am inclined to show them where more wars were located.

They claim I am struggling with people’s rich persons mentality, and it is utter rubbish – I have a rich person’s mentality, these are idiots who have since failed to tell the difference between privilege and stealing because they were quite certain that other people’s world did revolve around them. just a handful of fools behaving as if it would make sense for others to assess the relationship they had with their employers and decide upon which part to beat them up on the streets for, as per the result will be that they turned to homosexuality and got on psychology pills – then we hear them claim I am the one pushing for such things while they were rather convinced the digital age had eliminated the ways that people traditionally responded to their silly obsession with the 7 deadly sins. Whilst reality is one in which women who had become determined to harm them seriously could not do it because they figured it out and surrounded themselves with the civil rights gits, so the same women will devise a way to get them doing the killing and they will end up offering business opportunities and money, whereby when the women become successful, some take their lives because the goons had come up with a plan to retrieve the money they gave. In my case it is mostly finding that after 14 years, everything including my academic pursuits and social life is a wreck and I am back in a place where I am vulnerable to prospects of working for others and then being told the reward were coming perhaps, either in terms of expecting business returns or doing an actual job, the difference from when I was younger is that the ageist gits now have a form of ageism that will stick to me, which they can work on, whereby I need the fucking idiots to understand that they have had this nonsense for long enough and they would rather that their you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues stupidities had taught me lessons.