They claim the overwhelming sensibility around my person is that I spend most of my time with other peoples significant half and its utter nonsense too, as they are aware such claims produces results where they had crowds and societies backing them up to do whatever they liked with my career and property but the other abusive and violating aspects are the bits which show what the real motives of such gimmicks and practical jokes really are. The outcome so far is that I have been engaging with a fun process of breaking up Marital relationships which are a threat to me but we are now progressing towards a result where the process of doing so will not be developed on fun anymore, so it might no longer be possible for them to make gimmicks out of it when people claim I am a bum; this is the sort of divorce that produces more serious consequences as far as history goes as it were.

I have been told that I continue to deny the effects these activities are having on me but I don’t deny anything – the women do show up here to pick up Hermitage work roles about which they leave things to be desired when they do not get the work done, hence the laziness, the mess, the abuses that come in through the sexual sensibility which comes from it but their behaviour is unlikely to become as bad when a handful of idiots are not getting accustomed to insults blabbing about which man they want to handle since last their stupidities got involved with a trophy wife.

They have said that I would get more respect from them if I was more up and doing with my financial matters which is utter nonsense too; what happened is that HM Aides looking into an issue at Industry that involved Private security Industry was a risk they took with respect to an understanding that it played into the gimmicks people could perform to damage the way National economic interests go around at the Monarchy and it all blew back to me due to the nonsense I had to put up with on the streets every day, since last the men placed labels on me that said if I hung around somewhere complaining about how evil the world was, it would play into a public image I had with my church concerns, which I could not actually control and they could deploy to make riches and fame. The matter has already been handled well, to the tune of results like stupid ageist men building up my concerns in public, so they might be able to tell me my life is over but it has just hit complications involving famous idiots spending money on it and urging them to do more – during this time I had thought I would be better off ignoring them to work on the Hermitage so that the Public engaged with them on the basis of their activities and with me on the basis of my Books but famous idiots just damaged my Books for more profitable practical jokes, leaving me to wonder if it is an activity they performed because the famous usually lived on foodbanks and were desperate for food and money. The stage has been set for an appropriate response which has in turn revealed that they had been building up my Hermitage on Media so that they might control it and any who wanted access could get some – so the story of me messing around with peoples significant half has always come to this i.e. they need get off the Hermitage and engage with the Books, the more famous the stupidity the better, after all, they are stupid enough to know if they engage with a Bookshop in that way, they will damage it and make the owner cross – getting on my nerves since they have done nothing else with their time since, save wreck the one I built up from school as well as their own which clearly gets to their stupid heads. In the end, I am a Hermit and a writer and both do not require the amount of publicity I am getting if at all the publicity was positive.