They claim none can tell exactly what I wanted which is utter rubbish, they can tell that they were not handling complications they created into my concerns and that whenever I did, they were making more and at the same time not paying for what they used. We see such nonsense extend to the point where security services were doing their work somewhere and they went off to pick up issues that people in that line of work handled to get more success, as a tool for eliminating their reputation as a bunch of losers and then I hang about my career paying a financial price for it everyday because their stupidities had media to fool around with. It is not basically a three part story of Royals who make a mess for me, Celebrities and insults that will decide how I got to serve them building up to people seeing me without my clothes on to get imagination around my private parts and finger my bum all day and the society gits wrecking the Bookshop and any public image of mine that they saw each time I stepped outside of my door – it is always easier to trash everything than to hang around once committed, thinking about which areas of their stupid men’s world that wrecks women’s career to get women grovelling and selling sex for supplies while people like me dealt with challenge after challenge, getting in the way of women who were trying to survive because we were being pushed into embarrassing disposition. It is going to have to stay out of my way and cease to interfere either with my public image or client interests at my Bookshop, especially during working Hours.

Some people have suggested I complained like so but got involved with them which I don’t and when I do put out the facts there were guilt everywhere as a matter of judgement people passed over the idea that I am the one causing them the tummy issues. Take the fashion models coven for instance which has existed for the best part of 15 years, started when a bunch of women who worked for a designer decided that a model should get to know me and we came into the world like that deciding if the society abuses or industry abuses were the ones we were more willing to tolerate; society abuses being tolerated more by me because Industry idiots claim what I did to keep them out of my concerns was a claim I had won a great battle that even courageous industry gits could not, which set the stage for the destruction of my career and finances, only to pick up my personal life as a tool for building restaurants because the idiots then decided that they needed a safe place from society gits whenever they wanted to eat some food. The women hated the society abuses more because the industry gits would be more willing to offer a job in return for the abusive activities. What has happened has been more a matter of a bunch of idiots building a global stage network, to show up here and push their career on the Coven, setting me out as a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy like a bunch of mean cunts selecting best genes and best resources while they appear to have a real problem with the existence of a broke Arch Prince who clearly is so to make the decision easier for their stupidities, then leave it all for foolish gold diggers to show up here digging with me self exhibitionist narcissism everyday, and if I shot it, I would be told it was simply fashion.

Eventually we had to listen to that big mouth lip flap to such an extent that their need to make a mess of my career, especially the insolent famous stars, in a bid to make me serve them yap its way into a sense that it will soon have to show everybody what it did about me because I wanted to put a stop to the business of feeling sore at the abdomen and the abuses of their fans therefore by providing them a response on those stupidities where they picked up my service activities to make a mess and build new problems that will feed into recently developed public profiles that existed to ensure that their idiocy was famous on account that I got to serve them, then suggest that the way the public control matters affected their abdomen as well, was an indication I did not know what respect is and had to be taught a lesson on it – I mean first instance, one of us needed to develop an ego big enough to complain about disrespect anyway, so we had come full circle but now I think that the insults of the famous will not cease to make a mess of my finances, it will not give me a break by itself and a world where I got to serve them does not really exist. On the ground however it says that I could begin when I am ready and I suppose that a good start will be on the matter of its abusive money gang super market managers, trashing peoples careers and encouraging crime in the neighbourhoods while their popularity stupidities got to do the work that the police was meant to do in order to get paid for self-exhibitionism, talking nonsense at me over an unusual interest in my Books – to which effect I wish to use any interest between them and ageist goons in society as a tool that helped me manage how I exerted myself when I stepped outside of my door, when I responded to a job role and when I pursued my career, if pushed, I will fucked them over with it properly as it were.

So the reality on the ground is that I am haemorrhaging cash literally because they were getting involved with my concerns unprofessionally and the famous especially needed to start setting out a clear date upon which they will begin to pay for what they used in this place. They do claim it is in the end an expression of hated for women but we are not mates, it needs to stop stifling my finances, health, personal happiness and personal relationships, showing up here to make me as fucked up as its stupidity is, selecting best resources and genes in this place.