It is said that I now live in a very sorry state, a nippy the squirrel character who has bitten off more than he can chew and its utter nonsense, just another very convenient stupidity by a bunch of fools, whose insanity at my expense is meant to extend for a long period of time naturally. They are supposed to be a handful of really foolish characters whose main point of call around my concerns is a pact they make with women as per who will fuck the other persons arse when a certain thing was the result of an action or activity, then when they end up getting me stuck in it, I am pushed to a stage where I voice my opinions on how I think they should not be handling the women and then it will all kick off from there. It’s not a nippy the squirrel character at all, there is the making of what can easily become their worst nightmare.

The Politicians are the fools at the heart of this matter, they are the ones who spend tax payer funds on this nonsense to ensure that people have to get round what was done during school days again and again and again, in order to put them back under control, the same idiots at Parliament at the ones who begin the real processes of damage to my Books every day and are the same fools who tell me I am out of my depth every time I try to set it straight again. Otherwise it was largely a matter of Celebrities who hang around looking for an Arch Prince they want to employ as insultingly as possible, building on the insults that they have all together thrown at me to a point where it is part of their daily concerns and then claimed that any who tried to stop them will have been taking away their stupid jobs with a big mouth – the Celebrities whom I am older than and was there when their need to make the fame by securing equipment and venues funded by get rich quick goons who conduct tribalism raids all over the City started, since which a bunch of fools who have always wanted my personality and public image got off giving them money to help them build a perception of success over it. They love to claim that it is the same way I get around making up ideas on employing them that they put me through the same feeling and it is utter nonsense too – what happened were the Celebrities I got along with me getting Film Contracts which producers made on Equities I brokered and since the Producers told them so, I found myself being studied by them because they wanted to know what they had to know to put themselves into the film roles, since these idiots then got involved and felt their insolence to make films at my expense whenever they wanted, all had gone to hell, garnished with nonsense like this and stupid accusations that buy time while they cling to my work and property – we then find that from here, they spend most of their foolish time, trying to convince me that they were famous while I seem to have an inability to buy the idea all together; exactly the same thing on the business of digging holes around me over a hope I will walk into one and become a character that people bully every time that people had a need to be famous, without which I would never have dropped out of University since there would have been no probability of spending so much time with their stupidities, which is what this is all about; so it goes without saying I will rip up the Celebrity culture too, as it appears to be the main problem that I face. The rest were under control just as the Celebrity one about which I built certain structures they hated to ensure they could not damage anything they wanted around here, before Liberal American ran my life, as stupidly as possible: always a tale of me paying somebody to help sell my Books and ending up with publicity that says I am not important and need to start from scratch, not long after which I find myself dealing with the fools that they work for, who are the main engine behind the money that fame idiots possess, telling me that these were marketing gits who likes to get the imagination up peoples bum and they have built me a reputation for getting into a fight with those who bother them and are expecting me to be the next marketing git, irrespective of rich idiots being told what I am doing here is running a Bookshop.

We are where we are solely because Politicians spend tax payer funds on their stupidities to ensure the problems they created for others got completely out of hand and it’s the same socialist idiots as usual; the one where if I had decided they had a need to get criminals, hoodlums and gangs, paying too much attention to my daily concerns and wanted them to experience the same, the outcome will be somebody who is an extremist deciding there are no ethnic minorities showing up to wreck their lives and careers and get them to commit genocide but a bunch of socialist idiots who want to use their violent capability are – like when somebody killed over 300 persons all by myself in Norway about a decade ago. It has over my case created one here in the UK, as foolishly as it possibly can, and has already started bullying me because its stupidities are unable to figure it out – regardless which it sets about wrecking my Bookshop like a duty it needs to perform every single day, to tell me that I am out of my depth with a big mouth. So I have been told that I am a gambler which is utter rubbish; what really happens is that I broke up this Company to broker the equities with other Companies during an economic crisis, building a Trust system to maintain my Assets in the process, the time frame I had set out for more serious trading has now coincided with the time frame when I had grown sideways after a decade and a half of this nonsense, such that if they raise their stupid children to build communities that gets imagination up my bum, claiming I am a bum to ensure they were able to grab my public image and personality for popular culture, it would have made sense, added to the fact that 11 years ago marks the year I dropped out of University because of their stupid plans and I could really do without it.

So it is usually said they are foolish and need help but it’s an old story like these where it did wreck this Bookshop last week, the same way it did yesterday and then today when it had decided to tell me I am out of my depth because it had naturally; when it needs help it cannot buy products, history we have is that it followed me around and wrecked everything here until I wrote a Book and all hell broke loose on account it should have gotten my Book free of charge for the fact that I live in its Country – when it gets the help without buying the products the idiots will want my leadership – should it make use of my Books without paying for it, it will then set about making sure that even those who want to pay do not have the access to do so and then there is my party piece where the fools make use of my property, mostly without permission, to boost their incomes and then set about building an abusive society in order to control me and get it all the time. It will spend its time on this and stand up somewhere to tell me my problem is that I still get along with society while what happens is the things society people do to help them get on with their own lives being something they cannot link up with the destruction that their stupidities wrought here – their foolishness were supposed to pick up their own concerns and get on, not show up here to rip up my whole life, taking over my concerns and running it at my expense and against my interests and exclude themselves from the customer base, like we find their fellow black idiots do with civil rights except with the blacks it gradually becomes a matter of my finances paying for their stupidities like we were relatives until I had none left while the abuses and insults get worse and worse following me around to affect everybody like a disease, the people it affects becoming more and more important the more I achieved, like their stupid Celebrities tell lies all the time but I can say rather fairly that it is about to get a response from me as well.