I have been told that I criticise the Prince of Wales but play his games which creates uncertainty; I rather don’t – what really happens is that his people pick up bits of my work for their purposes but their ideas on how to implement it gets rid of the good things as well in the process and its then so difficult to make sense of the fact each time they realised this, they set out like in the case of chasing away investors, they set about making up ideas that suggest investment in the Country is the same as making friends with them all together and then I am going to get pushed until I expressed the fact I thought it was really stupid and they will say I will pay for it and I will express the fact there was no open invitation for people to pick up my work. The worst part of it being their friendship with Celebrities – where we find that the fact I had selected a poorly neighbourhood to sit about working on matters concerning a Hermitage had made me the target for Celebrity abuses, which I responded to by getting the culture and society people who sell the magazines they produce by blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image, to seek resolution on theirs and this then turned me from somebody they wanted to hurt all the time because they could into a character that was bullied to such an extent it was quite clear they would have preferred a world without him in it right up to the Monarchy and yet this was all me seeking a common ground as such – so I will not be seeking anymore common ground beyond 2019, it will offer up ample opportunity to find out what it is exactly they can do about me, bearing in mind this nonsense did show up at University to wreck the studies and leave me in student loan debt, and on the back of that the business of Celebrities and their fans picking on me to make their lifestyles look like it should took off to unprecedented levels, feeding some of their need to engage with organised crime markets, claiming I want to rub shoulders with them while criminals are the ones buying the show business products they pervert my income margins to make, into work that I do to help young people engage with academic work and Industry property owners, making it quite clear that they will never give me a breathing space if I did not take one of my own accord, hence the reasons I needed to stop finding common ground, to ensure they got to keep themselves off my concerns their way or mine. I do get told the Celebrities are only being nice to me which is utter rubbish; everything they have done which I find hurtful is done on the basis that nobody ever got famous without abusing and taking advantage of moral and religious people, a really stupid obsession that teaches people how to take the law into their hands, practiced by talentless famous idiots and which adds to the fact that no matter what I do and what I offer them, the one thing they desire the most is to sell my Royal personage in order to create show business products lots of poor people can pay a small amount for which makes them rich and allows them to gain equality and the lifestyle. So I am also told that I push away my own support from the Monarchy while I don’t; unlike stupid talentless Celebrities who have decided that when they want to make decisions on how to deploy the inferior members of the population for their own ends, they seek to handle, own and control the talents of an Arch Prince and cannot stop blowing off their big moth where they cannot back it up thereafter, the people at the Monarchy are rather very talented but I would rather the talent listened to what I said and paid some attention to what I did, as if their talents were deployed to ensure the investments we did not want were sent packing and those we wanted stayed, it would have cut their workload by at least 40% bearing in mind the Monarchy does not require people to lift weights in order to exist so to speak and they appear to be doing just that, besides their cynicism allowing these barely criminal goons and those that have matured into proper criminals to get the imagination up our bums all the time – so whereby it is said that cutting workload is not necessarily a route to the best results but in these sorts of circumstances where those who support me in the course of looking out for National currency liabilities are pushing beyond their own breath and the investors feel a lot less confident because of it, while criminals were gaining statements and mobility, it does.

They say the problem is that I talk alright but when I see their Celebrity money I want it which is utter nonsense; two sets of eventualities create this idea I want their money and one of those is the tough process of making attention to how they make it alongside their insulting and abusive last chance hero characters who never get real jobs in their whole lives but their insults know no limits and it’s never clear what their business with me actually is all together, the other being the things I must do to ensure I am paying my way in the world unlike what we see Criminals get up to, so as long as they are abusive enough, there will always be a sense that I could really do with some of the Celebrity money. The reality is that I can account for their money better than they can as it is a product of setting out an ability to abuse and take advantage of certain characters industry trouble makers have assured them they will get rewarded for abusing in order to make people feel good and thereby create new and bigger markets – I can do the same things they do like setting out music CD that makes crowds feel included, sold at very cheap prices from a warehouse where they are piled up to the roof and we know these add up to a lot of people paying about a pound to stream the music and so on thereby making them rich but I am never likely to do it by abusing Royal Princes, taking advantage of Priests and tackling religiously moral people as such, hence completely ridiculous that I needed their money. The reality about their money is that it is part of a whole in the economy and they must now spend it to enjoy the lifestyle they would not allow others some sense of normalcy for, rather than spend their time messing with an Arch Prince that will likely try to handle them viciously and then come up with a plan to get away with it – we know they think there is little or nothing I can do about them because I am not like the culture and society people that would already have invented some sort of revolution, then set about confiscating the Celebrity money they were said to be in need of to a point where doing so constituted an impediment. It does not mean I am bothered about their money, their money makes me think harder about the way I run my concerns i.e. it was supposed to be money given to them for convincing industry goons they had results from a process of taking advantage of people that Industry trouble makers believe should be abused and attacked to create bigger markets than they have already got and if this means that I built business structures and found bits of it were missing and ended up in their Celebrity hands, then I must now think very carefully about my processes and strategies. It’s like when I am told that I am slow to respond when bad things happen and I suppose I am when the people in suits who ensure that Public services are in order and utility companies have not shut down our daily lives, spend most of their time swooning the very means by which I pay my bills and days ran into weeks, weeks into months and months into years, it is not a condition whereby I sit about thinking about responding when bad things happen, I am clearly on my own. The Celebrity bits however being that it is said my Bookshop has stagnated but it hasn’t, it’s a matter of what I must now do to get it into people’s lives and people’s concerns and ensure they saw what it did for them, run a trust system that sees to matters being resolved as per buying and reading the Books makes them financially better off and it is also possible to deploy equities in order to defer some expensive general economic issues on their behalf, such as allowing them deploy asset equities without buying Books because they will buy later etc until we recover the economy as a whole; it is then considered that this is the stage at which I am most vulnerable to Celebrities but I am not, especially if I am likely to build another wealth equity system on social media, that specifically deal with them and any new businesses or markets they have established, and particularly with respect to doing our own thing as well each time we think that Publicly announced actions by their ventures are likely to affect us in adverse ways and of course it should be noted they are still working very hard at selling my life to get rich quick, never mind the need to earn my own income instead of work for their own, for prestige reasons - it means they share my Public image and people cannot make sense of what they are reading here and will soon get them to decide as I had mentioned before, if they want to let me be on their terms or mine.