I am said to be completely unfazed by the spying activities happening around me and its utter nonsense, I am as worried about it as everybody else, save the fact my State provided security is based on surveillance itself and the only reason we have a problem is that a group of idiots had infiltrated it to develop a platform for all kinds of abusive stupidities they can perform in a condition where they are not seen performing it, so that when I complained it would never have made sense, while they laid to waste everything around here due to their sense of discrimination, stupidities and narcissism – this however is not a problem beyond my control, the real problem is the idiots who have developed a media presence to hang around abusing me as a tool for controlling me, over my Bookshop, career and finances; I finished the Books that had drawn their attention in 2009, we are living in 2019, talking about the consequences of their need to show up here and make a mess of the surveillance issues, never buy a Book, find it amusing until such a time as they think their blame culture and insults had become the most profitable – all I can say is that they have their own mates to spend time with and there are people out there campaigning against privacy invasion, this was always the best place for their stupidities to go and campaign for it too, not show up here to rub shoulders with me.

The other part of the story is that of their bravery and my cowardice; same old case where what we have found is a group of men that support their stupid cause going off to pick up the bits women do at National security, lay it to waste and make such a massive mess that included a process of getting sexually assaulted, then showed up here to seek security of well off villains at my expense and allow these idiots to wee on me career wise all the time, at the same time which we find their stupid women seeking my career everyday – as I have mentioned before, it may well lead to an outcome where I raced them to homosexuality, such that when they win the race they will be obvious twats and when I win it I will have taken up their lives with an intent never to hand it back as it were, to make sense of the fact they regularly exchange this nonsense and play up their Liberalisms and alternative lifestyle practical jokes and stupidities at my expense all the time.

What I have said then will have been said to be very expensive for them, much as it is expensive for me to entertain their insults and that of their Celebrities everyday around here; what really happens is that since last I got a Book written in 2009, the business of giving away information from my Library when I think it will help people while they campaigned for a civil rights that had a serious problem with me doing so, took a turn for a process of showing up here to make a mess of my Bookshop and get some ageist idiots who hate my Books to run off all sorts of nonsense at my expense, so we are now at a stage where the stupidities of the ageist idiots had begun to permeate public living and industry whereby the idea is that I am the main target while they got their hands fixed on my property, for any problems that may arise with a big mouth; for it my bottom hurts and the twats cannot keep their mouth off my case, especially the American ones while the idiots who show up here to build publicity for practical jokes they want to play with my Bookshop are still hanging around here with a perverted sense of reality complaining about it and trying to get me into a fight that will ensure their foolishness had more security; so we find every public appearance makes those statements all the time – don’t fight me fight him, don’t look at me look at him, even on social Media, while their other fools who are the yardstick whenever they want to blab at me about bravery continue to act as if they want to determine the nature and context of business and economic activity that it happening between Countries, expressed here as a need to handle my Assets for their own personal gain, looking for more of what their stupidities are complaining about the entire time.

They do claim mine is a path to war which is utter rubbish – what happens is their need to get a bunch of idiots who need to keep away from society trouble makers, while demanded love from random crowds to make money that they acquire property which helps them make sense of the lives of those who work for the State, to wee on me literally every day. They do ask this question concerning what I want and it’s never an emotive issue, as every single aspect of my life, from academic work and career, to involvement with journalists, Celebrities and Pop stars has a counter measure from them prepared and thrown into the Public sphere, while none asked them a question about bravery before their stupidities found they could not keep the big mouth shut at my expense, which is what this conversation is all about in the first place – I have had enough of it and can understand the perils associated with making sure they know of and think of what I am thinking all the time, but the answers have been as simple as one of seeing them move on and shut down all their gimmicks around my concerns or they can pick up a gun, put it to their ears and shoot, as it would be less narcissistic amusing and good riddance either way. Personally the matter has never really been a problem for me as we find the young people are out of time to be important because they spend it on me, the Middle aged find themselves struggling with the need to go home every time they attend work because of the insults that get me looking at a Mirror to try and find what brings it on all the time and next stop is the Celebrities I cannot move out of this place because they are doing me favours, I intend to tidy it up such as matches the attention I am getting from their stupidities and if this career does not take a turn for the better thereafter, I shall lunch my own attack on their bank balance as well.

They claim I have no wish to stop my people tackling them and I have no wish to stop anything for my part either – we all know they have no wish to earn money any other way, save putting up products they can tell people to buy on the basis of enjoying sensations of equality with me – now their main problem has shifted to a case of wanting me to do away with State provided security. The other part about making a mess for me at College continues still and I have issued enough of the warnings that I intend to build them a powder keg and make them watch me light it over it too. I have been told I had overdone this issue which I have not – they are always telling lies and it’s the lies that allows them make a mess of peoples whole lives; your family appears to need rehabilitation while they are complaining and their Families are blissfully unaware of the nonsense that you and your family have to put up with each time they got to work; so I decided Celebrities needed to be caught up doing Public Place Family and Municipal living work, they can boast of the trouble I will get into at this stage because of it naturally but so are we aware there is nothing they can do about me, besides which if there was, they have run out of time to do it. I did not think this matter of suddenly dealing with violent crowds who threaten me existentially because Celebrities want my work and property to be taken from me and used to make them comfortable will add up to a crisis for me again, since the complains about the first instance that it happened is still a global phenomenon at this point – the next time I tackled it properly as it were, I should ensure that it was the finale.

They have continued to suggest that what I say represents what I am thinking and that on knowing what I am thinking, it is possible for them to plan ahead on the matter but it is not what I am thinking at all, the full extent of this matter goes beyond the gimmicks of Media gits, it started in 2012, when they had begun to target my Bookshop with a sense that they will only allow me go free with it once they had become rich people from what I am doing and since then all hell had broken lose, their gimmicks at the stock markets gotten out of control, the need for surveillance and control intensified. So I do get told that it affects me as well even though I like to exclude myself and I don’t exclude myself in anyway – the main problem here is a matter of ageist trouble makers who don’t like my Books being allowed due to a campaign of financial abuse and vandalism levied at me by these tall idiots who were getting dangerous with money, alongside their American friends, therefore being able to drag my Books into a condition they had built up as reputation on Media which means people can take advantage of my income margins as a matter of freedom and it is not an unusual behaviour towards moral and religious young people, the activities that have allowed them gain this sort of effect on my concerns right down to the world of Celebrities and Global Industry since I got my Books published in 2009 is. In essence, I have an online Bookshop and if Google is full of idiots like these, its naturally the same principle will apply, so what happens is that they end up telling me that money can be made by spending money and getting a response from me thereof, that unless they returned the ambient market they have blocked here, there will be no money for their advertisement; should they shut me out of online operations, it will help to wreck their Companies and give me a sense of certainty as to what I am certainly able to do to run a Bookshop properly – for the time being, I am the victim sometimes but I am not the victim all of the time. So what I am really thinking is that the business of starting to believe that most of my energy should be directed at the tall goons getting dangerous with money, who tell me I am not going anywhere if they are not rich and comfortable with my work first of all, making sure I smell of what I ate each time I step outside of my door among other abusive nonsense they work with corrupt Political, Celebrity and Media opportunism to make it appear I deserved all that pressure in a work environment and retirement age was a luxury, is going to likely become one of my main preoccupations or they are going to likely let me have my break, stop handling my Books, stop following me around and stop leaving out this fact each time we find them complain. It is not that I don’t have feelings about working on their weaknesses do I might thumb them all the time over my needs as well as such but it is beginning to look as if this was the only option that I had when it came to getting them off my case. We find when they have tax payer funds spent on them by their stupid Politicians, the money and goods they buy with it does not produce an effect that puts a distance between me and them, it just makes the bullying activities worse and they complain all the time because a realisation that the proceeds of the tax payer funds they get will not be the only thing I will take out of them and beat down seriously for my part in the matter as well but the activities continue never the less. I am working with and attracting investors that have a relatively limited income as compared to investors that most people would prefer – it is in the spirit of what I do and the Books I write, the question they now have to answer concerns what happens when the stakes are so high that any little gimmick with the finances or property of my investors would wreck it and what the problem they have with the respect bits really is; the one where its impossible to see a Book and read it by paying for their own copy. I have been told that most of what I describe as abusive is not abusive at all, it’s a matter of property I own and the vested interests that want to nudge me into deploying it so they might make money as well and its deluded, as much as the main problem with Media and Celebrities around here is the sense they can work against me and get on my side because they had money and being able to do so was set to make them more, a matter of access they have to my work before the rest of the world do, like a question of how stupid human beings can be. Its never really a cause for concern as these vested Interests are usually carried out as an activity by professionals who know what they are doing – my worry may be that I will be unable to keep up with them if I allowed them control my work or property but the reality is that they are never interested in people who don’t have property that they want or need.