I am said to be the cause of most problems happening at the Monarchy recently which is not rooted in reality. The reality being the opinions that people have of HM The Queen - that the Queen lives in Castle full of treasures, not a leader who owns a House that is in control of two Houses, one occupied by people who learned their profession in an Academy and the other by people who must work out how they wish to make their daily concerns safe enough for them everyday. Such that upon picking up a bad neighbourhood to work matters of this Hermitage, I had inevitably encountered interests from ambitious characters who had seen an opportunity to get me stuck with gangs and criminals and so their abusive money madness and market practical jokes ran all the way to Buckingham Palace.

The problem appears to be the difficult public problems resolved, such that each case produces a behaviour which destroys everything in the lives of those who do, in order for them to decide how such persons would be used to meet their needs and interests. It seems the only way to manage the problem is to pick up problems they have solved, through which one may also behave like a terrible mistress towards everything which matters to them, the famous the better. The problems must also be created.

Now it is said that the Government is responsible for the mess that is the response to the COVID -19 epidemic and it is utter nonsense as what is referred to as Government mess is a matter of Government doing what it is meant to do i.e. engaging with the response that is fit for Teachers Unions, Health workers Unions, Transport Unions and other interest groups, as well as the civil service and the private sector, while what these goons are talking about is that they are not able to make more money from the changes they have made to their business because of COVID-19 and that they are working very hard, paying taxes while their stupidities which employs the Government by paying those taxes is not seeing the results it would most like to see. We have already seen their sense of frustration develop into something of a way to improve their profits that involves ripping up the livelihoods of those whose businesses existed in a condition where there were less contact with the customer and general public, as a form of response to COVID-19. Then my favourite part of their story will be the part where they said that my main problem was a need to describe people as stupid and I have no idea how important they believe themselves to be and why they think they should chose words that I use as they continued to leave me with practical jokes they played on my income margins, inflicting nauseating financial complications on me which they had done over the last decade and a half without a single days break.

The measure of their stupidities is that I am a character who exists to become somebody people hated and picked on when they wanted to get connected with rich people and to make profits at the market, while where the Government is concerned is that when Quantitative easing had been performed, we are not able to progress to economic growth because they are providing a public leadership which sets out the fact they are not as interested in improving the wealth and health of the general economy as they are in being counted among those who own the existing wealth – so we find their whole lives are about picking up service processes of my Bookshop to force the general public into getting involved with it for other purposes save buying Books I have written, peppering my Public image with their stupid comments to kill off my income margins, deciding which words I can use to describe their stupidities, building up their public fools all the way to academic systems where they bottom feed all day and jump up peoples bottoms to pick themselves up only when they emulate Celebrities, into something of short videos that are developed to pass life changing insults at me, that they claimed adds up to advertisement – the question becomes that of the problem they have since they have set out their business in a way that hurts people to make profit and are always working on me and I am unable to do a thing about them because I had developed my Bookshop to fit my Hermitage and they don’t teach us at Church to hurt people let alone doing so to make money, therefore I am completely defenceless, leaving them to build up this stupid history to any extent that they want to make a case out of their ideas on whom they are superior to and why it is that if they had set out a business it should always be profitable, what in deed is wrong with taking their customers as they see the customers, coming up with a way to ensure people got involved with their business without being infected with COVID – 19, if their stupidities need to continue making money. It will not pick up any of this, if it is better to keep blabbing about being better off than I am, how I am a low life that thinks he can handle their idiocy and how the sassiness and threats is very likely to control me if I kicked off over a need to stop this nonsense making sure every hour of my day was a wasted one for my part as well.

Their Political leaders always wait for me to finish and then they make statements which suggest that with what I have said and know, I should be better off and then if I responded by saying that these insults and abuses have carried on long enough for there to exist a state of affairs whereby the public was not getting involved with an Arch Prince but getting involved with the fear that other peoples attitude towards him might affect them, then will they come up with a two part idea, to say that I am no Arch Prince and to put up some investment on what I have done and spend time tackling me until it was profitable, to show how much power, freedom and leave to be successful those who had money wielded and how much they would have shared with those who wanted to be nice and not nasty. It usually progresses to a story about competitiveness where I expect to do damage to their businesses by not co-operating with their stupidities and then to keep my Bookshop after on account of the bread winner insults they have gotten accustomed to at my expense – while its never clear whether what I say as a result of the fact my Books are now in their hands and they must decide when I started selling it as well, just as much as the threats and insults of their fame freaks and media fools will not suffice, whether the ability to secure employment through which I make clear it is the minions of the bullies at the work place who should be deploying their own personal life, culture and society to help the boss make profit and the Boss needed to keep their eyes on the shop floor and not my arse, was better off spending time on Government support instead of selling Books at a Royal Bookshop, about which it had become quite clear that if I stopped the stupid comments they pepper my public image with every day, they would have claimed I had adopted a draconian measure.

They say its impossible to make sense of how I have recovered from this all together and it is not – that people spend their time as other peoples top employees, building me three minute life changing videos of insults they claim adds up to advertisement is not something that I am unable to deal with when I want to and certainly not so because they had money which is completely insane. Where their money fits into my concerns however goes beyond this nonsense being what they find money to look after the health and spend their time doing at my expense and how my survival depends on those who find money, look after the health and chase interests we share, it grows into a matter of the things that I cannot do because I would have done them if I had money, which has extended to all of my life’s basics and means that when we had gone round the insanity of their stupidities to find out what it is I can do if I had no money and to settle up on what I can do once I had acquired the money, acquiring the money will be impossible and their stupidities will be the only ones with money that is not enough for two and so they are unable to share. We see it hang around industrial parks whipping my anus as a matter of its stupidities being a product of me not being able to get on with the Men and the main problem now goes beyond the fact I am unable to do anything here by my own schedule if I am always picking up my work lest somebody else grabs or wrecks it on account for their foolish need to make statements about how I would have done it but have not because I don’t have any money whereby each time I picked it up to prevent the damage, the money aspects dissipated. The first time these idiots became an issue for me over money, they were chasing money and sales over my academic work until they wrecked it, now they are just doing this due to years of getting involved with my concerns to extract money that will aid them to oppress me in future on account I had developed equity that helped younger people get involved with Industry and its property owners, punishing people with LGBT lifestyle to get their way all the time and issuing those foolish threats alongside. The simple fact its adds up to a matter of their money affecting my career about which I must write an essay, explore the topic and not exceed the word count scenario is not the one they are interested in – so I really do think the problem to be that I do not yet have a history with media, celebrities and city centre goons like I have with society and culture trouble makers and that if I did, this matter would have improved.

I have been asked before, why I believe they loved to target me. I don’t think I can make up the answer for this either – the truth of it is largely a matter of the fact they have always wanted their ultra-modern abuses that make their civil and criminal disobedience so extremely profitable and where it affected me was associated with a process of getting religious people to be nice to customers because they wanted to boost profit margins and did not want to be nice in order to do so bearing in mind the power based disadvantages of it. So some people have said it is a matter of being protected by the Royal Family which simply just provided a common ground for everybody; I am no longer able to go free lance anyway I wanted, they are no longer able to perform those modern stupidities that rip up peoples lives looking for trouble all day, any which way they preferred. What I am talking about is direct damage to my property issuing threats at me for it as well, so I do not yet have a history with city centre idiots, media and Celebrity and I need one that is similar to the way culture and society people complain about me all the time. I think it should be something that developed far enough for their families to be updated on the nonsense that I have to put up with every time they attend the Office which goes on endlessly all day without stoppage at any stage regardless of what the results were. Its an old story about female practical jokes which gets one thinking about when on earth I am hoping to detach my feelings from and make a public statement about people I had given my emotions to but really enjoy a habit of hurting me – they however claims its about losing control when you have public responsibility because they think I am interested in their LGBT Gimmicks – it does not stop showing up in public places to tell me it knows where my Books are located and how to harm me through it if it does not get its needs met and the very process of feeling disturbed by it is something its stupidities find good for the health and satisfactory; so I am starting with little bits where their families will be getting daily updates if the stupidities they run off on media at my expense even when I have told them of the way it affects my public image – it is never toned down or shut down, it never shares the earnings and we hear of a case where somebody would have gotten killed in an otherwise circumstance as such which is obviously the case naturally if it shows up in the lives of people that don’t know what I know to blow off that big mouth about what it has taken and how that had improved its stupid health, how the health wants more and if victims fail to co-operate they will get what is coming to them, there is very high probability that somebody will make a decision to go to prison that evening.

They love to make those claims so often, that I reject security offered to inflict myself with the gimmicks I am currently spending my time on – we know this claim usually feeds into their ideas about how religion causes all their wars but where I really need protection is that I don’t want to hurt people to make money and always let the ladies go first because they do not wreck or grab public image and career, so in their stupid eyes because they never listen to others and are terribly disrespectful, I already look like the religion effect where I reject an easy life to cause myself suffering and blame others for it, while what happens is that this sort of nonsense carries on everyday by goons who do not read what I have written and there is no instance where there is publicity for who I really am at any point; none about the Books written, none about the academic pursuits and no protection against the prospects of getting into a relationship with women that earn more than I did. The question being whether I am worried about getting into a relationship with somebody that has more money than I do, feeding into what your feminist mum wants you to become and the insults that express their superiority which they cannot substantiate if I had not yet made fame from relationship they had with their parents as well so far. The reality being that if somebody is doing the money I had to do the security otherwise its not really a relationship that will last as such, since one person is carrying too much of a burden. So its nonsense that goes on endlessly and I had written a Book which covers the bum, needed to be educated on how much Celebrities need such things, how much trouble they were willing to make for the entire world if they knew it was there to serve and cover them and they have not read the Books, they have only wrecked the patents with all that stupid money they brag about having.

HH I. Uno I

Of recent The Queen had required these matters to be quietened down as these are largely people who are fighting my corner but the problem has been that they have been busy telling everybody what to do including The Queen that they could not keep it down for half and Hour, after being the one to raise the point about how important The Queen’s orders were. The outcome was the media gimmicks bringing to light the way they spend most of their time abusively getting everybody in line for Americans and so in my case they interfere with my House and Economic interests which puts security operatives working with my Order at risk and also allies and informants – whereby they claim Islam is a Terrorist Religion while terrorists are cultists and I had built myself a reputation for saying otherwise but still do not mention such matters often for instance because of the high risk and the way it kills people, then claim leadership has now been split between Americans and communists because of me, developed ideas on what new global security should be while I was being handled and prevented from getting involved with communists, that my talents were wasted on government and better spent on Celebrities as insultingly as possible, drafted in their German goons who make the work place the hellish environment that it is today and spent their time making sure they always got involved with my concerns and their stupid involvement was always nasty. Some people have said that The Queens decision was unfair but it’s a lack of knowledge concerning the way it really works i.e. if The Queen had asked it to be quiet, I was going to spend more time with the House and those who get involved about which these people raised the issue in a contentious way but did not observe The Queens orders for up to half an Hour, the part where they are fighting my corner is something that happens because The Queen herself had given the order for it and I am on the look out too by the way for those who get involved with my concerns while they had no respect for my boss. Here they will say that since claiming I have a Boss it could affect my State support which it wouldn’t as I have no real income and am still looking for full time forms of employment while the civil service goons whose jobs allow other peoples problems to weigh on them until they decided which one was a parasite, will once done with such claims at the DWP, get off and get back to the practical jokes which facilitate fame idiots showing up on this Bookshop to say it belongs to them and I needed to get into a lifestyle that showed it had been taken and that I had given it up.

The next stage of their story developed has been that their abusive behaviour in terms of the culture and society goons savaging my personal life, Industry trouble makers savaging my career and Celebrities savaging my wellbeing, has been something authorised from the very top. I could never make sense of myself since it has always been profitable for them to set out a sense of what is service living which was quite obvious since service operatives wear a Uniform and everyone of them does, while we are all civilians and since their services are not at our beck and call, we have things we did to ensure that we carried out our concerns in safety, such that their obsession with me is how to pick up my own after years of abusive insults worked by stupid Liberal USA, make a complete mess of it and then the girls can get imagination up my bum and make me a pariah Man, while I got attacked by the lads who needed publicity to be popular and to get famous – so this idea that their stupidities are being approved from the very top means I must now go into the offensive as well, goes without saying they wish to witness what sorts of insults I can get accustomed to at their expense as well. I could never make sense of the way that the bread winner insults have always been the main thing while they have never paid a single bill in this place anyway and I could never understand why they cannot give it up or go away. Their friends at the Monarchy having settled up on a position where Liberal USA was at the pinnacle of every gimmick that involved German gits making the work place into a mess while their fools got imagination up peoples bums to retrieve personal lives, culture and societies that American entrepreneurs can get rich by, where we are required to hang around somewhere thinking American Republicans have a history for being the oppressors but can see clearly that republicans are not involved in anyway whatsoever. For me it is playing out as normal – society gits tackling me while Celebrities rubbished everything that indicated I was good looking and built me reputation to say I am supposed to get into a fight to make them comfortable since last they got involved with something I did at private security industry and I had become victim for being helpful towards the consequence of that stupid live of unnecessary excess at other peoples expense catching up with them in the tummy, is supposed to be the way I run my social life – the part where I will soon be getting employment from people about whom I had decided the employees must give up their culture and society to help the employers make the connections and money by which they are paid and the employers are to keep the eye on the shop and warehouse floor, complain about people who had gotten hurt or killed playing with what I did at Private security and not my bum, will be the way to run the career – this other gimmick involving media abuses, culture idiots fooling around with my personal space and personal life while society gits get accustomed to distant violence, happen to be the way that I look after my writers office. Some have said that with a mind like that I should achieve more and so it does create wonder as per which part of getting involved with a writer for his Books instead of making a mess of service processes associated with his Bookshop on account that being more important than he is on his public image had failed and made him irritating and if he does not co-operate others will co-operate using his property with a big mouth, they found so unappealing; goes without saying it will be their undoing for my part in the matter.

I have been told I spend a lot of my time letting Celebrities get away with handling me but its not really the case – what really happens is that the business with Celebrities began with them deciding the part of my concerns I was going to split with them was my public image and personality and the good old common people rebellion thing has been played out all over it, running off Publicity about becoming more important than I am on it to build a sense that those who had not now have and those who had now have nothing and the USA was behind the rise of normal people. So if I get into a fight with them, the scenario in which I had lost something will continue to be topped up, hence I had decided each time they handled me and ended up with a no loss no gain scenario, thereby moved on like their Industry goons to doing something extra that will cause physical damage, I allowed them to do it and build up the criminal history, now that I can get into a fight with them alongside the way the criminal history affects them, a situation in which they have lost something important has been achieved. The bait for it was everywhere because I spend my time stuffing culture and society goons with what I know, so they carried it around like PR, it is too much for Celebrated scum to resist.

They say I should be getting into a difficult situation at this stage but none wishes to pick up the mantle and I could never make sense of it either – we know I am never going to get into a difficult situation if they have such a mile to travel in order to handle me but so should it also be clear, making sense of their insults, that they probably have a chance if I decided to spend everything that existed between me and them in a bid to travel the distance myself and meet them in order to find out what it is exactly their stupidities can do, to find out if their famous idiocy will not find the trouble it seeks when it travels far enough seeking it. This is an example of an instance where they claim I apparently want to become a Celebrity myself while I have a Royal commission and they are simply getting out of the way but we all know that 80% of the stress and difficult experiences found in completing studies, writing some Books and looking after a Royal commission, seen in what I say and do comes entirely from the gimmicks associated with them getting to their Offices, so I probably do at this stage, I think it is an apt question as I have enough of it. They claim I am in a pitiful state and in no condition to chase them around naturally but we know I am in no such state at all; what happens rather being that none had advised some culture and society gits to build me a reputation for being a profitable victim of financial corruption since 2002, making the smell phenomenon caused into a global stage issue, spent their youth being tough and is now playing dog tricks on me that sets me out as somebody on whom people inflict suffering if they were trying to double and triple the money they have at the markets. None advised the idiots to do it and since last they had, so did I get off to handling their culture and society as well, about which my responses had to be curtailed through a process of picking up my career to build a publicity which facilitates the business of being able to tell me that my life was finished – now the biggest problem is how we make sense of the way Celebrities have gotten involved, to spend money on it, to encourage, to ask them to do more and to take pictures blowing kisses at criminals on my public image which can be displayed at the shops over it. The serious parts that cause the smell issues naturally being that they pick up that violent lasciviousness and run it at a whole new level and the meaning is that if I had a door, criminals should be breaking it down and they are the ones complaining about the smell issues more than I am, while the business of me on the blue corner and their communities on the red is saved up for a rainy day on my part as they believe it would be sacrilege on their part. I mean if the Media have now unravelled everything I did to control these fools by setting their career out to be the means through which I will be controlled on behalf of industry gits, fat cats and Celebrities, by which they seek their connections with rich people and always have to plan their careers in such ways, is it a good enough reason for them to stop doing so, especially considering their stupidities were complaining of the consequences more than I was? So its never quiet enough for people to just read what I write in this place and every day is full of such nonsense, performed by a handful of broadcasting and showbusiness hooligans, whose families do not need to know about it before it got to stop the way I wanted too. The other part of their story being that I am bad news at the Monarchy which is utter rubbish; what happens is that nothing is simple there anymore with their gimmicks running around uncontrollably – its always complicated, has tentacles and extensions that it does not need to have at all times, talking nonsense at me all day. They bring up this particular case where I criticised the actions of the Prince of Wales, which technically would become an old history when he becomes King of the United Kingdom but as long as these gits pick it up as a tool for practical jokes, complaining about my responses, it will never be just a history – so the history is that HRH was departing from normal matters and wanted to build a reign with Celebrities, as more facts of how hideous this was came to light One did put more effort into accomplishing it and we could discern that in the future, if these gits had their way, we would all assume that the King would never have gotten into a position where it was a matter between himself and Celebrities and the case of who ran the Country had to be decided, where he would like it burned than end up in their silly hands – since they can predict what he is like as it were. I and devised alternative ways in which the problem should be worked, where it was mostly a matter of very manly and very privileged setting out a livelihood and when he has not made the amount of income required cashes into a society built to plug products into peoples public image where Royalty is the most profitable and so the part where its bottom hurt was the part where I dropped the ball obviously, next he will be thinking about the Heir to the Throne and his Wife all the time.

They say that I like to pick on the bad people because I have no talent of my own but a classic case is when I broker some property equity with companies for instance and they will come up with tribute publicity that sets out their ideas on how cars should be built and run it off on the internet supported by Hollywood, until they had completely decimated my Hermitage and at the end of that, find out how best to finally win that contract designing models for Mercedes after failing to do so for years and we can see how they win their contracts thereof when I am more interested in tackling the bad people because I had no talent. We hear its Russian propaganda naturally but either way its still the question at hand when it produces mid-range millionaires who spend all day wrecking peoples careers and tackling women and I acted because I had no talent of my own and they were a handful of geniuses as such.

They have said that the way I talk will eventually produce an outcome in which all these matters ended very badly for me and its utter nonsense – what will happen is that they will seek help from the USA to deal with somebody who thought otherwise concerning their need to threaten him on being backed up by bigger people who can beat him up, if he does not work for money and success which he handed over to their stupid selves. People have pointed out that the USA does not necessarily support such things but its also what I mean, since it will likely be the land of the free where their civil and criminal disobedience peddling my faith, personal life and public image will want some sort of redress when it goes into the more difficult aspects of responding to their stupidities for my part in the matter as well. I personally have never witnessed such a handful of self-harming fools in my whole life, as this whole business of threatening me can only produce a war with middle management fools associated with them due to their inability to keep their eyes on what they are doing and not my body parts garnished with perversions of alternative lifestyle, their employees will seek connections for their employers from their own lives and communities and stop getting the stupid imagination up my anus and I will wait for the last incredibly stupid Celebrity that will tell me to fight racism one more time in this place as it were from then on, once I am done using the jobs they had provided me to make it happen. Otherwise, I do not write their Books in this place and have not signed a contract with them which facilitates their civil and criminal business just business stupidities peppering my concerns with foolish comments when it believes that having done so everyday over the last 12 years was not enough. So the issue is still the same as ever i.e. making a mess of peoples lives to claim it’s a requirement of their jobs, which we always discover it isn’t when we walk into the studios but the day we do, we would not have walked into it for peaceful reasons. They have however said it’s a matter of making me talk less which is utter rubbish as it’s a matter of their evil and wicked nature which spends all its time devising something bad to do to other people and is perpetually in a state of dreaming up Political leadership which goes into government buildings to pretend it’s a place where there are nothing to stop them, to represent them on it – so what happens is that they pick up one evil after another that a religious person pays attention to, more so if I am a Hermit as such, then they make a case out of it, they build me an obfuscated public image and then they make a case of it in public places for media and Celebrities to play around with abusively, then hang around blabbing that I am not going anywhere until I did something violent as though this was where they lived – hence where I have ended up being a case of society fools picking up my careers to share with celebrities so they might be able to tell me my life was over at will, feeds into stuffing their heads with what I know, so they carried it around as PR for me all day, which abuses and insults is what they mean they are doing to make me talk less. The Politicians have continued to maintain these activities are a product of their business interests which I am supposed to show regard for bearing in mind that they and not the Monarchy runs the Country and I understand what they are saying too but if these scum have not found another way to do business save getting imagination up my anus, it is about to stop the way that I want it to instead as it were.

I have been told its my history of doings security work that brings about the problem but the reality is that I only got employment in the industry by people who thought what I did helped to protect them – that said I would spend between 9 and 12 hours in a public place to look after a premises being violated by scum who were using CCTV to ensure that I was prepared for their Politicians to handle when chasing their stupid business interests. So I had to handle the security guard job in a way which ensured the eventual outcome was that I left it for them and they lost jobs and contracts too in the process – now what happens is that it is being picked up and if I get a job in a warehouse or appear on the floor of public transportation, they don’t keep their eyes on the premises anymore, they keep it on my bum and issue threats for the smell. I have refused to talk about it because of another group of idiots who continue to raise the issue with respect to how much of a danger I faced while claiming that I fart in public places. Right now I believe these fools have issued their distracting and career vandalism threats where they show up on places I had done the best work for my career to express physical prowess for a time at which I would want to place a limit on their stupid insulting German influence shit for my part too; it needs to stop threatening me and their insulting treacherous women are not my mistresses – they have said that people have died chasing my case and I suppose this must mean that they can prove it 100% and should this activity continue more will not. We know that whilst this nonsense kicked off, people I protected at the security industry are still showing up in public places to build their lives on what I did and it’s a history I must look after, something I cannot get rid of, so this practical joke and the abuses which had since become a social and national phenomenon really is meant to cause the most harm with that big mouth they have got.

They bring up this case of what I had done with the security guard job naturally but I only thought a premises should be protected according to the people who make use of it, so if they were going to start any trouble, it would have been started from those stupid insulting neighbourhoods, where my career ends up so they may drink to my health and build abusive societies. I had left it for them and relinquished every responsibility for those premises apparently but we are going round in circles in the matter because the fools prefer to tackle me than seek medical help – so I might have spent 5 years working on my Bookshop, on looking back at what I have done, the fools had spent their own five years working on me, supported by the stupid Politicians, telling me to let go and move to the left with a big mouth, because they cannot stop handling others. It may show up here and get up close and personal, when it thinks that its sense of entitlement extended to that nonsense we see them peddle all the time about trouble I will get into if its stupidities did not gain access to state of affairs which made them famous, we are already blabbing about people that will handle me for them since the last time that being left alone was not up to me as a decision to make with a big mouth and its always getting involved with my concerns, every involvement is nasty. They claim all my trouble are a product of my activities producing problems at the Monarchy while what happens is that of a crisis with a handful of goons who always tell everybody what to do, including The Queen – so this nonsense about somebody more worthy being selected instead of me has gone on for years and now settled on the business where they are about to get The Queen doing something to protect somebody and it was me; it knows the entire time that its American business friends are always seen somewhere with violent lasciviousness, wrecking peoples lives and getting imagination up peoples bottoms, will torch everything your family built but only fights its corner when it is fighting your battles and in my case video games have already jeopardised the activities of armed forces operatives by being something they did, hence claimed my Royal Order for themselves, the entire time, their foolish Politicians unpick everything I do to chase my concerns in relative safety and made a total mess of it, so they might get around the concerns of a Hermit, pick up social and culture evils, build me a profile and make a case out of it, to look like government office was a place where there were no limits to the extent their stupid wickedness may be practiced, while I must have ended up with a history of letting LGBT and feminists go far enough to hand me a license on their case as well; it does not spend its time with its American friends and we know these are the reasons Americans don’t get along with Canadians, as it will completely destroy everything ones family built, then fight only when its fighting my battles and never ever fights its own corner.

They say I never really pay attention to the role Americans play in the matter but its like highlighted before – these people always have ideas but they know nothing of how republicans and conservatives operate while I am now stuck with them and every day is a day wasted. There seems to be a link with American entrepreneurs, the need to get imagination up peoples bums, wreck the social life and public image, accuse people of stopping Celebrity culture and get people caught up in problem tennis is their main thing; its always because they claim to be in charge of the world and that such activities are used to control organised criminals – at the same time, I have a job with Amazon warehouse and every time I attend, a Police Car will drive by and I am left wondering why that is the case since it appears to be relatively peaceful as such but it is an Industrial Park, the frequency of Police Car there indicates what is happening is bad and incredibly organised – such that we see the one its Global Police stupidities were working on but its an old story about the reasons Canadians don’t get along with them, as they only tend to fight other peoples battles, once done torching what other peoples families had built and never ever fight their own. The part about stopping Celebrity culture being something I had started doing recently, since last my involvement with the private security Industry got to mean I had fell into a trap that will ensure they took my Hermitage and spent all of it on themselves, finding me something else they though I should be doing like a hoe – so they have grabbed Hermitage and I have grabbed Celebrity culture and when they spend it I torch the one in my possession. The position we are in really is one where culture and society goons are having their revenge – it started me out putting labels on me that say I am a profitable victim of financial corruption, even its Celebrities and children learned to get imagination up my bum and dig holes around me so I might end up saying something bad about rich people, so I become the character they bullied to make connections from it, I ended up dropping out of University because of my tummy issues and the fact I did with nothing to explain my personality became their greatest achievement; this I responded to by finishing Book of Equities where I used their lives history in this place as it had affected me to timeline the Equities, so although it was the story, it was not what my readers were reading, what I must now do to sell the Books has become the subject for social battles but the big problem is that the Celebrities had since gotten involved, given them money, urged them to do more, Liberal America Politicians asking them to explain the problems in their lives with respect to the concept of my very existence; this has in turn fed into the life of a Hermit being about awareness of social evils such as the applicable one here being that people gather and invent societies of evil that are secret and it is never mentioned in public, it is used to tackle people randomly on the streets in order to create market success and none mentions it because it is insanity to mention something that cannot be substantiated, while the Celebrities blow kisses at criminals on my Public image to make magazines that are sold through businesses that people who do this own and those businesses are not big enough for two but just enough to allow them keep an eye on people in the neighbourhoods. We have since ended up in a situation where the Celebrities must now substantiate their role in this matter as such since last these society goons had started collecting my work to make publicity that will allow them tell me that my life was over – so we can see that they cannot, they got involved because that was something they just did. This state of affairs has now produced a response from me which means that I am considering the activities of Celebrities as per what it really is i.e. maximum of 10 people in a studio to produce a show business product and their insult and abuse in my direction is so phenomenal that it takes up a global stage, which can be responded to by assessing what I can do as well with the way their products are distributed, to challenge their market position everyday and to question their right to distribute those products. The civil rights people say they will handle me but theirs is a curious case; I mean when they buy shares with companies that broker equities with me in order to handle me while complaining about civil rights, it really brews up the question of where they got the money and this feeds into the way the neighbourhood gits get into my concerns where every involvement is nasty, the middle management fools along with public transportation gits with security industry to play with will not keep their eyes on the premises and property instead of my bum and the Celebrities will not stop getting on media to pepper my public image with comments talking nonsense about a show business glamour they got from my Hermitage; when I think about the way I will secure employment from them in order to get around sorting this nonsense, it does make me question why human beings are so stupid and why these ones are always self-harming. So, we can see that if they are sacking me without reason their next problem will be with DWP, if they are not giving me employment, I don’t write their Books in this place. It then comes down to the abusive processes of all that ageism where they spent their younger days being tough and these gimmicks are dogs tricks – they make out I will turn out like they did but will not be picking on their children, their children will show I never had a chance while I know if I handled them, they will end up with less civil rights than the parents had which of course is usually a cycle of very murky nonsense and at the top of it is American businesses, so it still comes down to a process where they stave off my public image and Books or it will be a reckoning with middle management goons, Celebrities and society gits for them to run the world with. So speaking of the way that republicans operate; I had a Hermitage and they were more interested in it than they were in the other permissive things people do and there is a way the permissive things people do feeds into the Nation state publicity where Politicians operate – I am not stopping Celebrity culture but I think I will torch it the longer they continue to handle my Hermitage and Bookshop due to what they claim is the benefits of seeing me show up at the Private security Industry, like something they had already dreamed of. Their excuse is that I believe I can geta way with exposing my valuables but so are we aware that they also claim that most of my problems are due to the fact I am low on cash while it is really due to a lack of security that I may sit around and just write Books in an Office by which was originally started by black people who now hate my guts because of my responses over the years – so far, they have taken up my time between 2002 and 2015 in order for me to build myself one and have started another gimmick which is actually criminal with my patent margins, so we are about to see how that will proceed and what I think will bring about its end.

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