I do get told those tales that people want to help me but didn’t know how to, however which I didn’t need a lot of help as such, as it is mainly a problem with the stupidest Americans on the planet where I would work with Clients on Intellectual Property, my Publicity will emerge and before anybody engaged with my Books, set me out as a character who fights for market so because they were real Men and were the ones with money, they got to make the investment with my assets – the process is all facilitated by abuses and insults that wreck my health all together, hence I can start tackling it by making sure they kept their comments to their careers especially the part where my Empire only existed in my head. The rest of it is confusions about what I am doing on the Government scene, where it is a matter of teaching their stupid children to shower me with Office space insults, soon enough the gits cannot stop clinging to the grooming products, lips glistening with the money spent from laying waste my social life and public image, talking rubbish about their superiority on the way that they led while I followed when it came to matters concerning socialists. I have now come through every part of the tolerance for the mess they make of my Bookshop and the way they financial well being devised from handling my assets when they seek their fortunes in the city affects my mental stability, they apparently have more and I need to spend it all too.

They do claim I have been a troublemaker that had to be controlled and it is utter nonsense. It has been 25-year process of one thing only i.e., abuses, insults and later on building a crowd that will help them make use of me. I have since checked and found that this is something to do with their need to access real Libera Characters, so I am a Libera – Virgo Cusp and they have assessed my likely intendency towards violence and this was how we ended up with a community where the best work for my career goes to vanish and was untouchable as well, as stupidly as possible. So I have not been able to explain this behaviour save a clear understanding of the scope of its stupidity but we can see that they might not have wanted to keep this nonsense as the way to relate with me, now they have to deal with the fact that was precisely what I wanted, to hell with the global stage complains about abdominal discomfort – the solution for everybody then being that they needed to stop handling me and as soon as possible. As for the Celebrities, people who have picked up other people’s work to pass off as their own and make money in a way that crashes another person’s finances would think they were monsters if they did for a week, famous idiots have been doing mine every day for 6 years, so we find that the prospect of this happening was a risk of sharing an Office space with them but I don’t, we are not even qualified in the same field and do not do the same things for a living; what we then have is those stupidities that get them thinking I am distressed enough to kill myself, being the motivation for the Office space insults that eventually produce this outcome where my person and possessions existed in a legal and social no man’s land which was at the mercy of their civil rights movements that I had no choice but be a part of because of my ethnicity and I think that I am set to bring it to a bad end too. The rest are a bunch of idiots especially the Muslims and their insults concerning those their stupidities thought they were superior to with every access to my work leading down the path of mental illness, if they had jobs need wake up to their stupidities and make those jobs rather than a process of handling me, their main concern.

Either way, if I believe I had exposed myself to them in anyway, I will be seen rounding up the whole process so it might be possible to replace them with people who can make use of what I have created and or work with me as intended. It has proven useful concerning this sense that they were confused about what I am doing, leaving me with this delusion that I needed to explain it to them while what they were really doing was a total trashing of my Royal Order and civil duties to create their fake combat on stage and Media where they made most of their show business money, then force me to sign up to the Armed Services, which rather tended to show that it is the need of famous people to handle my person and possessions, that was the main problem.

They do claim I talk like this when I have had mine all covered and yes I do, its not really as much self preservation as it is a matter of the fact our income margins are usually pushed by wealth equity mistresses who seek an income from the careers and finances of people who trash the University studies and have set out the same parameters for a career and a Bookshop like so – hence when they are in the clear I can talk and when they are not there is no talking, overall it seems when I inform these idiots it will end badly, they did not actually believe me.

The story about my views on racism never go away naturally and it comes up like that talking rubbish all the time. Firstly they say I never speak real language but real language would involve getting through the subject, object and predicate routine which is too much to give them when I had to ensure they took back their present continuous and part participle shit that shows up here to help their stupidities cling to my income margins and trash my career showering me with Office space insults as if we worked in the same profession or office as such to get more. Racism has always rather been about white people getting ethnic minorities to do work and hand money to them whenever they needed it, nothing else and when people have systems like that it is prone to activities of some very insipid characters, like the type that turns up on that stupid media to grab my income margins and claim that religion was the source of all their problems because they were not just evil but were cowards as well, like the ones that will take from a person and keep taking until they took the persons life, like their ethnic minority friends with ideas on whom they too were superior to talking nonsense about the way it is better for all when one or two persons suffered so that everybody might live well, showing up all over my Book sales to talk rubbish at me all the time. Then there is the follow on which meant they posed stupid statements about something I said or did to motivate their actions, so its not like getting me to say something bad about rich people so they might set me out as a punching bag for improving their prospects of making money, this time its about the same process being used to create a condition that allowed them to get whatever they wanted in any situation that they found themselves in. I do not think it is that much of a problem either, I mean the insipid insanity goes all the way to those activities that added up to an involvement with religious organisations to shut it down from the inside types of racism and discriminative activities, which I too can perform with their Media and Celebrity gimmick, the big mouth constantly suggesting it is capable of posing a threat to me which is not workable in the real world. The part that is about to set it off is that stupid need to extract an income from my earning margins and issue threats at me within the business of laying claims of ownership to my social life and public image – the blabbing about the things I may have done or said being the main way they complain about previous consequences I had dished out for it; I think it is heading towards an outcome where I am set to get their stupidities and that need to handle me for more secrets on what to do with their niggles, how to ensure my career was a scratch back career while they kept their own, into a very difficult situation (again). So it really always all comes down to this issue where people do not do what they were meant to at the time that they were meant to, when delayed deliberately the attacks are usually worse because the assumption is that the answer to a problem was to crack the victims but generally the racism is the part where each time white people failed to do what they were meant to, it was all the fault of the ethnic minorities when the problems set in and they wanted it different existence. I do not really think it a crisis either, it needs to stop bugging me and get a real job, the idiots that bug me the most these days being the Muslim twats especially; the job is the way that people make money in the real world, this is why we do not pay too much attention to the stupid discrimination i.e. unless they plan to steal money from people who made a partnership with them at the Jobs market, there was no other way to make money the way that we see them push at me, talking rubbish about me views on racism all the time – the point of money being that the value is written on the item of value, the most prominent figures in the Financial system have set their signatures to approve that value to the person who has earned it and owned it, which really makes sense of their need to steal peoples money, makes sense more so of those other characters that steal from the work place- as for the practical jokes on my Bookshop, talking nonsense about my business being stifled until I fought the racists, the fucking idiots are now out of time, just like we see they were out of ideas so when parents had preferred to be friends with their children to a process where their children had friends at school, especially when it is about career and drive for success, it had since become our new white privilege. The Academic system had since become too toxic for me, thus when I study at home I didn’t see it was any of their business, while their interest in my Books is the part that is set to ensure the matter ended very badly.


It is becoming a programable pattern; stop people making good their hungry persons male society supported debasing insults on my social life and public image and cease all processes of responding to it - limit damage done by Celebrities to a Literary Empire by removing them from all its concerns especially with respect to shares bought with people I brokered or worked with - Pick up the Popularity gits, War idiots and any sex workers that took advantage of all I did about the gimmicks that wreck my Bookshop and when I had stopped some British idiots making me into a gladiator over their sense of involvement ad entitlement, I think that the threat of USA will be well and truly finished.

They do claim their main problem to be that I interfered with peoples concerns which I don’t; It is impossible to get from a character with a personality that had no problems, so people might dump their problems into it and build up to a stage on the left where they could get paid for being popular, to a character that interferes with peoples concerns because he was bigger or thinks that he is. What really happens is that these fools are set to beat up and for each insult I make myself the thing that their stupidities remembered for a long time. It’s the same with the Celebrities, such that if I had not taken the steps to ensure it was understood that be it private, social or public, I will not tolerate Celebrity involvement or interference with my engagements in the UK or overseas, my Bookshop will never be successful.

They claim there is this bad habit where we fart but then again I didn’t in public and of course it’s a constant barrage of abuses, where I wrote my Public control Book of Equities as a function of intellectual property administration I worked with companies, so the Celebrities decided it was a Book that covered their arse, set about trashing the Bookshop and sending out their fans to get imagination up my anus, only to finish off by setting me out as a character people bullied to reach agreement during big business deals. I do not think the matter to be a crisis either, I simply believe that they have something that can clear out the mess and should the famous idiots fail to hand it in the smell issues will look good on them when I find it too. That said, I dither on the issue because this process of Celebrities buying businesses or parts of businesses that employ people who want to see them shame themselves to make money from show business, is an activity performed by characters who think they had a God given right to access other peoples incomes, always in a state of mind that communicates blackmail that takes away your breath, always in a frame of mind that wants to see you seek a second chance without getting any, that said, with respect to me, the Celebrities have for no reason had that defence mechanism worked in this Royal Office since 2012 and we are discussing it now in 2021, such that the main cause of tension is their sense of entitlement to other peoples lives.

It is said that I never acted like somebody who was mentally stable and this is because there is nothing useful in the Politics, Media, Celebrity and Society, thus when people show up near my concerns, need read what I had written not make work for me - I can always blame myself and work on the business of showing that there is nothing in it and it was all reliant entirely on passing insults at me, making a mess of my social life and Public image, Office and duties to ensure it equated itself and got about peddling the results while the abuses that involved getting imagination up my bum caused me enough discomfort to allow Office space insults decide my social station but there is nothing in it besides, perhaps apart from the part where they want to handle me and make money, to they issued threats of war when stopped. They do claim I know what is going on but did not tell anybody, whilst what happens is that if I were in a make or break disposition with my career it will definitely have broken because of the insults and opportunism, which the world have seen make a mess of my social media to become dot com millionaires; so when I see somebody conduct National service to get into a process of building publicity that got the public deciding if they were more important than the Royal Family, I did nothing about it until these fools got burned first.

I am working in agreement with the idea that the history I have on Celebrities here have been mired in confusion and a lack of information. That said, an assumption of vandalism and harm caused by a supposed lack of information does not generally excuse the effects of Championing the needs of the destructive and abusive poor, while clinging to my Books without permission, through which processes my finances are wrecked, to make statements that facilitate exit from the destruction of a person’s own civil living or open invitation to Hoodlums and Criminals to take Part in the destruction of my civil living.







The story of small men like me seeking bigger things is not an emotive one, but the unpredictability is that I am simply not interested in looking for trouble even though I am happy to defend myself if faced with one, I come through as my actual size and not the one they make up, each time they gamble away. The real problem is still the Politicians, complaining about those stupid abuses on a global stage but prepared to be complicit with it while clinging to my career, which I guess will only get serious when I lose body parts walking down the streets because people thought handling me was the answer to their financial problems.

They do go on to say that I ought to admit that I have lost everything but I have not lost anything, people are just prepared to buy products a handful of idiots who were clear about how I should describe them, put out at the Markets as a Matter of seeking a higher authority that will give their stupidities access to my income and a need to handle my livelihood for a different reason but the real problem is the Politicians who pave a way for them to do it every single day – they spend tax payer funds to ensure the Public wants to be popular instead of engage in the jobs market, stifle my studies and personal relationships, then come up with ideas that I am the Queens concubine or something and that the criminal effects were the fault of the Monarchy – so I think that their need to trash my finances is now punishment for the first consequence which meant that they could never win elections properly in this Country and therefore we are set to enter into a phase where they think it is finished but it really isn’t and then ends very badly.

The idea being that if I knew all these I should be financially better off but I am to be financially better off when it is best for me to be and not when it is most convenient for black people that I was – the blabbing we always had to put up with is that the scumbags would stab and shoot but the one we do not hear is that if I had them seriously beaten up each time I tried to attend to my career, I would have set a stage for some new unusual activity that racist could engage themselves in, in the meantime, the popularity insults are never stopped for a 24 hour at any point in time yet so far. Eventually it has always been under control until the Prince of Wales decided the famous idiots ought to gain the upper hand which upper hand is that if I stopped them from peddling my social life and public image to get rich on a global stage what happens next will be a matter of their own discretion, now he has it alongside the Duke of Sussex, but the problem is still bugging me instead.

The claim is that I cannot win but I already had; they are now getting jobs instead of seek to work on me for money, getting employment instead of peddling my public image and social life, the Public is now informed about how show business works and the reasons people who employ stupid Celebrities need keep it to the number that makes them the most profit, not employ to any extent they wanted and chase other people’s incomes. What we are dealing with now is their stupid disobedience showing up on my Bookshop every day and I believe that I will get through a milestone for every time they damage my Bookshop every 24 hours until I had completely wrecked the show business as well.

As for the trouble I will get into, I wonder if the black idiots issuing threats were as fortunate as the white ones I had to worry about all the time; the white ones who show up here to get imagination up my bum and make sense of my social life in a bid to find themselves situated in important industry Offices when the effects had not showed up where they lived and where they worked, which effect is that society idiots can then settle up on people they want to abuse to share the money – never follows procedure on anything and had furnished its stupid children with Office space insults to shower at me endlessly, does not like what I plan to do with it but had not explained why I ended up with the history. The black simply need to stop engaging people with my public image and stay the hell away from my Books. I suppose then mostly that the idea of what will save the day for them is the actions of the Prince of Wales, leaving an opportunity to blab their stupidities all over my income margins about actions on my part that encourage them which effect is likely to be that it all ended where their careers were located.

Apparently they didn’t know why I thought I could handle the matter as most people rather believe that I cannot – the truth of it being that a handful of civil disobedience gits who always have great ideas about being somebody else because they did not like who they were which was a product of their own personal decisions always come up with this nonsense and it can only produce an outcome where I looked to something that caused me to be obliged to them, destroy it and let the war they blow off their big mouth about so often kick off in earnest. The violence will never look good on them if we are at a stage where they needed to stop bashing the producers and were so disobedient somebody was likely to get into a government building and enforce the process.

I am now told that they were expecting me to falter at some stage which is utter rubbish, it is difficult to tell if they were expecting me to falter because they were unable to display for the world to see, that they were a handful of geniuses. I cannot tell exactly what stage the need to pick up my public image and run me down with abuses, right up to the stage where I had to push back and then face up to threats and promises of reprisals began. I have no idea the exact stage at which the assault on my career and finances began to reach this point where they are fighting back against the fact that an end for the access, they had to me would mean that they plummeted to obscurity. I have no idea when it began running off the abuses and attacks to reach this point where I must have responded at some stage, leaving them to plan something at my expense and make this statement that they were waiting for me to falter. We know however that any person could have done without the beginning and the end of all these circumstances, we know that they run off violent lasciviousness at my expense, only it was my tummy that was not important enough to be respected when we met in person, we know that there isn’t a single problem the idiots complained about which they had not created for themselves, we know they spend tax payer funds helping people get paid for being popular because it could easily be suggested that the Monarchy was a Tyranny and we know the result is that they are not winning elections because the popularity idiots were unable to come through for them on the Public front and popularity front but that they were still spending tax payer funds in such ways. We know they claim that I had been false having indicated I was unlikely to give myself to conflict initially, as well we as know that the conflict issues was mostly a matter of blaming me for what their society idiots got up to because they believed that they could take me on – we know the theory they could take me on as our first class public control problem is born out of a need to handle my civil duties which their stupidities have added to their own and become stronger than ever and we know I may only show my hand in leadership if I eliminated all that allowed me to be obliged to them, to take very seriously the matter of their need to wreck peoples career and hang about being violent because they were afraid of being treated in the same way, so that the fighting might really kick off in earnest. In the light of which the Government Office scumbags have not explained why they love to bash my Bookshop and finances every day. They have instead preferred to talk about my involvement with Celebrities which at the time that it began, I was at University and it was therefore completely harmless and mostly made the most of work that I did to prevent people following peoples around, especially criminals following around victims after doing prison time – since then I had dropped out of University and my Bookshop is a mess because of what their self-seeking insultingly ambitious stupidities that does not buy Books at this shop when it works at Government buildings, never mind the Media and Celebrities as well, got up to at my expense every day, hence are we heading towards a sense of where their own stops as well.



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