The idea I felt the Kings leadership did not do the job is not the case either, we have seen little of the leadership itself by year 2023 so far, the problem is that the rest of us have been human beings even though we were men for years and it is not clear why people never listen with regards to gimmicks where provisions were made to provide specific leadership, interests or attention paid, towards male society but worse still, the premise remains the same as ever, that when people who pursue such things see people who run from female society, they wreck careers and social lives to help out, cover the back side etc, now we are in a situation where they want answers on the matter of the number of social disposition from their well-built lives, which have been stepped down from in order to make sense of what the gits were saying and or put what they were saying to words that human beings could understand. The crux of this problem is that it was dangerous making my work available to a Monarch that wants to run the Country like this, whilst leaving people to serve popularity idiots that have endured sexual harassment they invented, to deploy a business of people getting stuck with narcissistic parenting as a tool for ordering peoples steps, to site social problems such as racism as the main reason for it, when we can clearly see that they leave people in poverty and could never have enough. I do not think the matter was a crisis over all, a pattern continues to emerge which shows that this gold digger gimmicks is a profession, especially when practiced at social levels as high as the Monarchy – my position have been clear for some time now, that each time their interest in me created an outcome where their gits could not keep imagination out of my panties and it met up still with American fools running off global stage leadership for people to pick up my assets and income margins and raising funds in a co-operative to tackle me at the entertainment industry, they will feel me again – their Celebrities on the other hand were a bunch of idiots who ensured each time running matters in a cold hard Office kept their imagination away from peoples panties, the famous would ruin it, to which effect I had since received inferred understanding their jobs were so important I was not within my rights to act abruptly, therefore given them until the end of July 2023, to find a personal and social life which did not involve me.

The idea peddled now as an alternative to the endless complaining about an activity that people will not give up either, is that my strong headedness created problems for everybody which is utter nonsense as no part of it had a thing to do with the parties that have escalated it and this includes His Majesty, it is a problem associated with ageist idiots attacking their children so government took the children into care, so they saved up money to tackle morally upstanding people for personal and financial progress, none knows why I am prevented from defending myself once they started targeting me because they were able to product the state of my finances on seeing me pursue a job – we see this again and again, carry on with your concerns and those with Offices of public leadership will get off their own concerns to decide that it could be used as a tool for public power and governance which you then spend the rest of your life giving up to them because they keep everything else, at the Monarchy they have already begun claiming they do it according to the Kings Leadership because poor people had shown that there was strength enough to stand up to the rich, the current need to complain about me whilst handling and abusing my person had not stopped, was built on the premise that the business of setting out the idea that what I own does not belong to me was successful, further complicated not just by years of the ex Prince of Wales setting out intention I should be poor until he was Crowned and now that he is, my finances had become a complicated matter but also the method by which those who fraternised with my work at the security services, were being replaced (worked by an idiot who seeks privileges of injustice at Parliament at my expense everyday but has not stopped getting my possessions involved with a Monarch that wishes to run the Country differently).

Here they say I am a waste of time effort and resources whereas what has happened is that they appear to have developed a sensibility to suggest that as long as they could ensure that what mattered, for members of the public; a good job and a good career, a good social and love life, for Government operatives; travelling the world on government affairs, doing government affairs on home ground or doing heavy lifting for the government – for housewives, the issue of the way the public organises its affairs to ensure that it was better off each time it got caught up with criminals, did not matter half as much as anal sex and doxy society whilst not getting a response from me that was intense enough to ensure they could not concentrate on what matters in their lives as well, therefore able to keep their jobs, this gimmick will never ever take a turn for the better. The assumption then is that once they were done reading those dangerous birth signs they worshipped, their involvement with everything could continue to be so aggressively disobedient, but only if they found a way to multitask as well as a Libra that had ensured 100% of his time was spent on it whilst carrying on with his concerns as well. I am told that there was concern that I am unable to take care of my public image, which is not the case at all – it would be the part where I bought an expensive wardrobe on the basis that their society madness and celebrity vandalism had progressed into a need to decide what each public appearance on my part meant and to build a community that will finger my bum over the results they have built up, eventually ending in picking up my assets and career publicity for gimmicks while city centre gits developed practical jokes for careers which belonged to lesser mortals of which mine was one of those, the purpose of being organised like this being to ensure I was allowed to smell good and could pursue the business of meeting people over my career and work without trouble. The supplementary options would be to find some Aries character person because they are always reading my birth sign and ensure that although I was able to get into the fighting like it was a thing on my own, I also had a driving force behind me as well. I have otherwise warned them about outcomes in which the problem was that Celebrities got involved with wealth equity public life to over time, pick up my income margins, trash my finances, get under my skin and handle me, to which effect I needed to replace them with what was actually doing the wealth equity work i.e. my Books, the choice had to be made and the arrangements had to be decided, I have warned about an inability to make sense of their stupid careers trashing my finances on the basis it was impossible for them to get involved with any of my affairs respectfully or use me the proper way by showing up here for the Books (I can protect my public life, if I had to fight for it, considering the listed facts and a history of not doing anything to them that might have gotten me into trouble with the Police, which sets the stage for a really good fight as it were - the first time they met this part of me, I was at University and they got to find out that being a nasty person does not make people successful as it causes difficulty in providing customer services).

It appears the main crisis behind this was the sheer amount of useful and Hermitage information contained in a storage device I misplaced on public transport but we know I have informed them it meant nothing – I had that information and they had it but it seemed they were far more interested in the fact that my well being was the only thing standing between riches that could be made stealing that information which will never work but gutting my public life to make out it had been stolen will, so we now faced society gits fingering my bum, celebrities causing me organ failures and another group of fools at American government buildings where these idiots had decided to give their power to those who interested them the most, ran off all sorts of stupidities that facilitated a gimmick they showed up to perform and push up my stress levels with their immoral society around here. For me, the cause of all my problems was the fact I assumed that there were people in their neighbourhoods who were not involved in the sordid business of attacking me, whilst it seems the only issue here was the fact I had failed to make a clear decision on how I hated the way that their neighbourhoods were comfortable for them.

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I am working in agreement with the idea that the history I have on Celebrities here have been mired in confusion and a lack of information. That said, an assumption of vandalism and harm caused by a supposed lack of information does not generally excuse the effects of Championing the needs of the destructive and abusive poor, while clinging to my Books without permission, through which processes my finances are wrecked, to make statements that facilitate exit from the destruction of a person’s own civil living or open invitation to Hoodlums and Criminals to take Part in the destruction of my civil living.






They do claim I suggest I can handle these people but am really afraid of them but we know that fear achieved nothing and this nonsense was clearly beyond the part where the bully character whose presence makes people feel like vomiting has not changed since school, now he needed to make money and his brain had gone on Holiday as well, as a matter of what people practiced. None knows why I am always labelled a coward whilst there was a need to get so many people practicing so many ways by which I could be attacked; knows nothing about me and a part of me that might serve the purpose of an enemy, will not spend most of its attention on the enemy its stupidities had actually created – the situation was one in which I worked private security industry and got served a business of middle management idiots like they did to wreck my University studies, build crowds to get imagination to my panties, which I ignored but it appears the purpose of the insult was to set a stage by which they secured assets for a narcissistic male population from other peoples livelihoods and Celebrities were given an opportunity to pick up peoples assets and career publicity to make money because they were fans of temporary wealth, who always needed the Politicians to put up leverage for them to handle other peoples assets and make money by avoiding the work market. What we now have is that the government initiative appears to have worked, since they generally caused more trouble when they had less money but their personal finances was not linked up to mine in such an evasive social manner than I am drowning in their insults, my finances and bookshop stuck, then its gold digger instinct gets it putting up ideas about how much of it was actually my fault, so I go every 24 hours that it is not telling Politicians to listen to its feelings about me, without paying my Bills properly and it gets accustomed to the financially beneficial aspects of its abuses. It seems that the choice is now becoming clearer and clearer, as to whether we will do the part where its interest in my concerns always drew a crowd because it was convenient, so I needed to make a statement that got the crowd thinking about consequences and whether those consequences were worth it or it is about to drive the matter into a situation where it annoyed itself well enough to issue threats at me and device something that had to be settled. We are not yet talking about the others with their expensive work clothes and their girlfriends with ideas that the fact they were taller entitled them to a career I had built, looking like there was no end to picking up my income margins to make money and take up holidays where they put the feet up, pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world and try for more – it is a boudoir and it needs to be quiet, comfortable enough for clients who have been waiting for me to get past their stupidities, to engage with the Books or a history of a time I had no responded to their gimmicks will toss the nonsense where these abusive activities can be explained away by societies that finger their bums and I will start my own campaign of making war on their personal finances which was clearly the biggest problem that I faced here. It does complain that this appears to be an example of the ways that the wealth and social inequality is created but I will not be allowed to pay my bills properly when the top situation for them was that they own business ventures and had goons as fans, whilst top situation for me was that I kept overseas interests and made deals with the public over it, about which the security services got involved. I could never tell how we ended up with this state of mind in which the security services were perceived as people who had bottom chasing problems by which others lost assets in order to get rich fast, of which the real problem arises when they ended up picking up weapons – whilst security services were people with the training, tools and equipment to say they were able to keep an eye on some grand picture which added up to a national warehouse that supplied people daily and the likelihood of people going there to make trouble. I am not responsible for keeping an eye on them but saying so would only create a result where it boasts about doing these things because it was bigger than I am – could never understand which part annoys them well enough to issue threats at me, if it is not yet a choice between the existence of celebrity careers and my book on one hand or the existence of my social life and narcissistic communities of male idiots pursuing assets by abusing others on the other, I mean I am aware that my actions wreck their businesses because the businesses exist to pick up my career publicity for a gimmick that will channel it towards something concerned with what they wanted but it is not clear how much of the nonsense that the group of people I have tried to list here performed which they believed I was able to tolerate. First time around it was the Scorpio abusive gimmick considering it loved to explore my birth date and that led to some grand need to complain to politicians about their feelings on my account, now its just vagabond Virgo who cannot keep their mouth shut and are always building up street conspiracies and stealing things working with the Celebrities – needs to stop picking up hospitality that was set out for Politicians, needs to stop picking up ways that a libra stands up for himself, needs to stop issuing threats at me, there are now so few option left, save the part where I got to decide which people got involved with methods of setting out their concerns to abuse me, which past comment it will make about my concerns that distracts people from Trust activities and trashes my finances, which last involvement with my affairs without buying my Books I would wish to tolerate. It is all a matter of gimmicks where it gets to make temporary wealth and the ways that handling me was the method to access my assets which has over time become so abusive that it attacks me on a provisional basis, in case a crowd got involved with its insanity as they do due to the extensively advertised conveniences - needs to get a real job and cease provoking me (the wealth and social inequality was never the part where I got to take the manner their celebrities abused my career publicity, along with their society abuses, so seriously that the method of protecting clients was social and public).

They do claim I am a character who believed everything was to be achieved through work but we know there is always a link between lifestyle improvement or income boost and a process where businesses got paid by clients, the only way to do it was work naturally but it was also the duty of the business person to look after ones health and well being or wait for the government to make a decision about minimum wage – it is always so noisy around here I had no income left whilst the idiots performed their abusive nonsense on National media to express as much of their careless, immoral society loutish gimmick that will invite people who want to spend money on manly or female lifestyles their way at my expense, as they possibly could. They do suggest people were interested in me because of the illusion that I could stand up for myself – so far their famous fools especially have now pushed the matter into a state of affairs where the source of stress was an assumption there were people in their comfortable neighbourhoods who were not engaged in the abusive behaviour which is wrecking my Bookshop – it has so far with all that lip flapping, not yet developed into results where the fighting was a thing naturally. I do not for the time being think it a crisis either, their famous gits need to find a personal and social life which does not involve me by the end of July 2023 or I will not be holding myself responsible for what I did with their careers as well – I mean I do get told I should not be giving them those choices but it is because the problem is not a crisis, it is all home wrecker gimmicks, abusive and destructive nonsense such as picking up my career publicity to create their own version of what I had done with clients which meant profitable stupidities that left me with nothing because they could, then they claim it was the fault of Russians, the fault of something that fingered the bum and a laundry list of stupid excuses until we arrive at a point where it was my fault all together. The Muslims were attacking me over claims I disrespected the Prophet, which whatever claim is being made was after not before it never stopped labelling me infidel until I dropped out of University and over the years of the stupid behaviour perpetuating itself, failed to concentrate on anything I am doing - like it was not a Saracen at work, not a lying heathen that cannot keep its stupid hands off other people to such an extent its imagination allowed its stupidities to develop successfully from a safe distance.



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