They claim that my response to the issues facing black people is unacceptable and I cannot understand what is then acceptable about a group of superior people forming up in a society where they point to the reasons their financial needs must be prioritised over other people’s welfare, set out individuals who have what they don’t as characters who misbehave towards something that wants to marry them and point fingers at characters they want to set out as inferior to them, such that not only does it build up to a point where there is a standoff between them and the Police constantly but a simple statement by the Police which happens to us all when we pry into Police business, that if you want Police business, there is fighting going on over there and you need to get cracking, they say it as something which makes sense in that those who are not prepared for that work should not be getting involved but the way somebody to whom it was said had responded has now led to murder and riots. So from the Police point of view, we find that if they found somebody getting shot at by gangs, there was little they could do, if they intervened they got shot and their families lost, so the way murder investigations work, the way people don’t want to talk about it in the Communities, the bodies in the Mortuary, the issues around the matter going on and on and on, then the fact there can be 2 to 3 of those in a week for a Police force in an area, adds up to the fact when you tell somebody he should only be involved with what he is nosing around for if he is prepared for it, ended up in him running around doing things that put you and family at risk, probably made a mess of a sting operation and you were lucky it did not kill you, so while this caught up with him and he was out of his depth, he still did not stop, so when you arrested him, he was tired and co-operative and you felt like he needed to end up somewhere at the inch of his life which went overboard. For my part, they have already claimed this unfortunate event served me as one of the inferior people they had been talking about.

The next time we speak of it, we find them raise an issue to suggest that I do not understand them. the reality being that telling them to stop pointing to me as an inferior person whom they dominate to make sense of the reasons their financial needs should be prioritised and to create market interferes while I am getting round to my daily concerns and that stupid culture and society which serves a trap barrier will not do either, only gets them claiming what is really happening is that they are beautiful people and I am playing with fire – it comes through with this nonsense all the time and then somebody will grab it along with my concerns and make celebrity culture out of it, then I will become the main target for the kind of things that impoverish their communities thereafter as well. Its not really a problem for me as such, we know I have a history with them that serves a sort of arrangement with the devil where they get to explore the contents of my mind to make market nd get rich all day but it also serves as a means which makes it obvious they have been spending years of their time being me instead of themselves and that the fact I am unable to link up how this is also served by a process of issuing threats and life changing abuses at me, is set to develop into a response and this is where I will begin my response too. They do like to boast that I think that by talking people down I can do much which I don’t mind, since it’s a story of that guy with his body builder brother, showing up to handle me at school scenario as it were.

The Politicians have said that the facts I have set out shows the problem to be more deeply rooted than we give it credit for and yes it is – I mean how do we get off work, Family and a process of just having a single social life where we had some fun with friends, to spend time teaching a handful of people who believe working for money does not appeal and have great ideas on whom they were superior to, what they needed to know and do in order to be part of the population, with financial incentives attached – so here lies the question of why the Government would want to embark on a grand integration project but does not. For my part, it is quite clear if we allowed it to develop as something that gets solved through bashing, the bashing will never end – we were quite comfortable with them building communities that run us down as we chased daily concerns all the time and the work place where the bosses kept the eyes on our bodies while they get their imagination on our anus but it is growing into something far more serious according to current events. We are all aware of those times the government preaches integration producing an outcome in which they embark on a military operation to ensure the government did not force them into a position where they had to live with small people being able to rub shoulders but step out of your door and chase the daily concerns after that bearing in mind that had that stupid culture and society thereafter. The whole thing always cuts through all the races, the whites are in an endless game of tummy churning practical jokes, the ethnic minorities in an endless game of making sure what the white people do serves as the main process by which we became a community bound together by fear, racism and civil right movements – I have been clear about not being able to link up the threats and abuses with a process of tolerating a business of them feeling comfortable about life by being me and it is where I will begin to push back as well. I have never ever seen an occasion in which their behaviour had improved save a process where somebody had taken a certain position on the work place leadership keeping their eyes on peoples bodies while they kept their imagination on peoples anus, where a need to tackle their finances was followed up in an extensive way, I am just putting myself on the line at this point because I have to hope that it is possible for the behaviour to change without one of those.

The Politicians are also concerned that this appears to be a problem that goes on forever which I understand but it really isn’t from here, what happens is the Media making a total mess of my work and person, garnished with claims my personality is the outcome of sleeping with peoples wives – so I am always open on that front for the gimmicks of the ethnic minorities who always start via imagination concerning my bedroom window. In the end what I have done has already produced an outcome where the culture and society gits built up my life somewhere and covered it with publicity that allowed them to tell me my life was over whenever they felt they had to and that should have been the end of the matter but it wasn’t because the Celebrities about whom none of this concerns had gotten involved, spent money on it and urged people to do more, chasing my public image as their own, such that it becomes a case where saying a matter with Industry leadership needed to be cleared up as per where they should place their eyes and where their minions should place the imagination of the stupid fingers, the Celebrities stick out every time like an example that has to be made i.e. of the company leadership keeping imagination on how peoples bodies should be used and minions getting imagination up peoples anus, Celebrities are friends with the big boys and have their own minions getting imagination up the bum of their victims more viciously all day as well. They do love to blab that chasing my concerns in such ways leaves me prone to the prospects of never being financially successful and its utter rubbish as the work environment is set out the way it is set out by the authorities for a reason and should be followed if people were operating in one; I will get jobs from them on that basis and then the budding criminals and ex-convicts will get jobs as well and it will become a very important thing when these characters had become a problem for everybody while the industrial leadership encourages them to get imagination up my bum due to dreams of seeing me get into a fight and then will I teach them a lesson they will never forget so they might make the difficult decisions on the administrative table with respect to the sacking as it were. So it is the fact that Media makes a mess of my concerns and claims my personality is the outcome of sleeping with peoples wives, so they hung around their communities getting imagination up my bedroom window in the first place that is the cause of the sense this is a problem that never goes away while it really isn’t.

The other concern that I am caught up in a fight constantly while I really should be in my position fits into this too but the main difference is that the silly women involved are still working some foolish civil rights that involved a process where they were weaker sex and their boyfriends were real men and I was in the middle, not weak enough to enjoy the life of women and not strong enough to be a real man, can work but will not be able to protect it and had a certain purpose in the world with a big mouth. Cannot get a moments peace out of their stupidities complaining about civil rights as well and once I had moved them on, they had secured a corner where they fought and won my battles. So it still comes back down to the fact anything which I had handled as though ignoring them solves a problem, does not stop me from running a Bookshop successfully, it is those foolish statements they pepper my public image with and their silly need to handle my Books and concerns that is doing all the damage, which can be solved if I got back to the very beginning of when this nonsense started and begin a process of taking it out from there to handle uncertainly associated with the way their civil and criminal disobedience affected paying customers.

They do claim we brought the problem on ourselves and its utter nonsense; first of all, they are not a scary phenomenon, there are Royals who are just like Celebrities but unlike Celebrities do civil service work as well, there are business owners in whose world there is business leadership with Minions getting around violating people and thereby violating an Arch Prince who wants to show them how good they look when they are violated as well and they had built a counter community but continued with the behaviour, then the Celebrities who are clearly not living on food banks but are the best thing that ever happened to the big boys version of goons who violate others to make market all day at Industry. They are really not more important than the right of the State of me successful as they say and those insults I think are really adding up. It has now on a personal front, turned to a question of when I start or since it is in their foolish hands, when they think I should start; working like a writer, living like one and getting around daily concerns like one, if I am making a livelihood from it.