Now I am said to be in need of saving from some public and economic problems but I really don’t – what has been happening is a group of goons being wise in their own eyes for years at Government buildings and the Media where they go on and on and on without end, now stuck with the problems and cannot get their head around it – this is what it is; in my case, it started the business of wanting its civil rights to become a threat to me which it had already been expressing endlessly five years prior, in 2010, by 2019, its insulting Celebrities had successfully built me a history of abuse with respect to how my career should be handled to make their stupidities comfortable but they had run out of money through which they may invest in this new form of oppression their stupidities had discovered and the problem is now that they need this oppression but have to find the money somehow and for that reason I am sore all over and smell of what I ate to such an extent there is now a phenomenon on how I smell; the question is where you stopped if you had decided to get around this matter in a violent way.

I however do not think it is a crisis either, there is simply no known place on this planet or in this life, in which these idiots became more important than I am using my public image and history of person to do so, like their stupidities show up here to seek all the time – it needs to keep its comments off my public image if it is not reviewing something that it had paid for at this Bookshop and I am not stifling its salary as well because of its attitude towards mine. Then we find the other sociopaths, they will be friendly first and then after they will gain access to me and if they needs were not met, I will face violence, which Americans are leading from the front on as it were – it will be fun when I turn out to have built a public image for it too as it were.

So in the end it is said that people desire the rationale by which I have reached this position as it is rather clear I don’t need saving from it but it’s the old tale of a legendary disobedience from Middle East people, Asians, Africans, Europeans and when they had been able to screw around with peoples concerns to a point of getting their imagination up peoples bottoms, that is the proverbial end – it now knows how to hurt its victims and will never stop digging. Simple as keeping its moth shut unless it is reviewing something it paid for at this Bookshop and my main concern is still only the fact that I have done everything to answer the question of whether it is the fault of myself or the Books that the Bookshop isn’t doing well, the answer which has come through as one which expresses the fact they spend most of their time, finding money to provide for the health and damaging it for me.

It is the oldest story in the Book - the Politicians and nosy Media cannot make sense of why you are unhappy with behaviour channelled at you by idiots who claim to have contributed to or taught you what ended up producing your financial success, thereby being entitled to communicate with the state of your income and every time they end up creating the problems and do not know how to go about solving them. Then there are the gits who are big enough to make me do what they wanted while taking responsibility for the actions of their people which affect me adversely and making sure I do not have a moments peace unless I am getting into a fight with those that have hurt them, which puts their stupidities on the moral high ground. It runs off like that without reasons and wants to tell me how to exist, right from day one, now its blabbing about its footing and how much trouble I will get into now that I have a Bookshop, am ready to trade and we have a history as it were.

I have been told I would help to progress matters if I shared any knowledge of prognosis for their behaviour but I don’t know, I however have come across statements they have made about ideas on which humans will evolve to be the superior races in the future and which will evolve to be inferior; the superior races were tall and slender, the inferior were short and stocky – so when I had written a Book that supported people on bullying which churns the tummy and they realised they needed it, they set about destroying my Books and we see their behaviour being exhibited as though they were more in need of help my Books offered than those who would have been helped by it, as the fact their families are blissfully unaware of the stupidities others endure whenever they get to work everyday which keeps people from simply completing a days task at the Office without the worlds trouble in the locality, they were more in need of it than those who would have been helped as their money shows. Then there is the part where I write their Books in this place and their recent preoccupation with my hermitage as leverage for another spate of this sort of nonsense has become completely intolerable. We find that there are another group of fools who take advantage of the bullying that churns tummy to make money and these are the gits who mainly don’t like the way I had gone around getting rid of the problem but then again, I probably would have written the Books in a less crude manner if they had not pillaged my University studies in order to get Industry fools spending money on them to help them acquire venues and equipment through which they got famous. They always like to say the purpose of these is that it helps to push people and get people achieving their aims but they never listen to what others are saying, like when I point out they are only interested in wrecking local wealth, then getting counted among those who own what it left. So tolerance does have its limit and the limit is when they have run out of acumen to make their gimmicks financially profitable regardless of whether they had set out that acumen at my expense which was unbearable and has been for decades in the first place – loss of it usually means that they had set out business and business is always profitable, so they need to add other peoples money to their money hence we really do have a problem - quite a remarkable bunch who seem to drop straight down to obscurity when people stop being victims of bullying that they devise, as they tended to do anything else with their time as such. They always claim they cannot tell the point at which it got completely out of hand while reality is that I have laid out before them a 12 year period of nauseating financial complication caused by the insults of their women and their practical jokes and showed why it should stop, their response instead being to respond to statements I have made about people keeping away from my Books to pepper my Public image only when they are reviewing something they paid for in this place, to them building up my Royal Hermitage on Media so they can take whatever they wanted from it and use it as leverage to control me as well. So now I am interested in their middle management gimmicks, minions in the work place getting imagination up peoples bums and City centre women with abusive popular culture and gold digging whose involvement with media means beating me down while I chase my concerns everyday, knowing I can only make them fear me if I used it to push them into the sex work that I had saved them from, to such an extent they had also decided I needed to do that to a point that met with their high levels of taste and pleasure and needed to be condemned to it thereof, we have need for a compromise and yet the behaviour towards my finances and the insults have not yet stopped.