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Managing and mitigating personal concerns and responsibilities through meet a up at the Office and Trading Estate, public access, and any associated Trading allies.

Introductory Equity on notable Prevalent Social activities and consequential events attributed, of Broadcasting Establishments and their Communities.

I am told that people found it difficult to be seen getting associated with my Books but it is all something they have built up for themselves after years of getting involved with the Bookshop for a different reason, to end up building me a three tier service process where I worked on myself, Client needs and their stupidities mimicking my Clients to a point where they got to claim that I worked for them – it is impossible to make sense of the stupid insolent boldness that facilitated this nonsense but we know they claim there is nothing I can do about it, which is wrong. What I can do about it is to start a campaign of my own where I got to make use of the way I have learned this stupid idea of theirs, which outcome should likely be that the fact Celebrities did not get along with some people caused what their careers to become a difficult experience for the public. What they do with my finances consistently every day is to pick up my social life block my public image to grab attention and public authority power, with it they set about drawing up the sort of respect that self-made millionaires for instance deserved among many other stupidities by which they bottom out my finances because they were financially comfortable, as foolishly as possible, hence I plan to access their finances in a bid to perform the same behaviour, hopefully somebody gets to stop before I did and then I did not have to. This is how it gets to inform me that my finances will never be sorted as it had a hold of it in a way that allowed it to ensure I was always below its famous stupidities and if I were success, successful at that level of society with a big mouth, blocking my marital relationship and my career to say that nothing will ever be funded as if it was Royal property, blabbing with a face full of makeup on Media every day over it, that I could not inflict the same things on them. It’s a simple matter of abusive landlords feeding into Media, media feeding into criminal popularity backyard, which feeds into Celebrities picking up my personal relationships to prevent me finding a way, while they tore up my finances and social life, to draw up respect for self made millionaires and the likes, who will buy show business – I did not elect to learn this and they had to do the part where my responses were passed off as somebody else’s career until they damaged my business image because their stupidities were modern enough to, since I did not elect to learn it, it had to go somewhere and their need to show up here all the time is set to decide where it will go.

We had since by the way, arrived at a claim that I am not myself anymore and had since devised a way that people could pay a price for getting involved with all I did, whereas the reality was more a matter of Music Industry, Film Industry and Media goons expressing what is a need to be the people writing my Books. This has since progressed into a matter of enjoying nothing else but getting involved with my patent margins to work distributary market practical jokes that stifled my earnings and for some reason this complication is maintained via a process of picking up public security work to tell lies on Media by. The boasting applicable to the idea that they had trashed my finances and were off to confiscating my personal life, after years of imploring Politicians to develop a check for what they claimed was an attitude problem I had.

It does enjoy boasting of ways that my position will never be taken seriously now that they see they were able to get what they want from me no matter what – the male idiots with their consent issues and the female fools backed by Americans and Germans stalling my Bookshop to be famous, we are about to witness how well they can cope when an Arch Prince seeks satisfaction from a process of finding out where they lived, to run their lives with the social activities of criminals as well, helping companies, businesses and persons that have spent money on their stupidities to recover the money at the market place and getting their families the feedback for the mess they have made here and the stupidities expressed. Naturally all can see it needs to fool around where, needs to stop stalling my Bookshop and client interests. Claims I am a killer of Men but I can never be free from its Official, public media, and Governmental insults referring to my birth month and date over security services jobs which their birth date stupidities wrecked the work I did to secure more control and now were unable to get the job done all together, instead finding the location of my Bookshop and getting up Media and tax payer funded publicity to stifle my finances for gimmicks and practical jokes shooting off their big mouth at me.

I am told it was a surprise that I still controlled this situation but it was never meant to be this complicated – just a process of assessing the fuss to say that nothing else mattered save myself and a Bookshop that was available only to a paying public, the Celebrities have turned it on its head to invent ideas that meant an entitled twat who always had notions of somebody bigger than I am collecting my career for them, was able to discover secrets here that could be sold to some Americans for money and more insults that may come from their social standing thereafter, especially in Hollywood, so I now have to do exactly the same thing but in terms of doing it via a show of strength. I am not saying it is the wrong thing to do, just the sense that I am still in control which implies people were nursing fears. My Books are not a problem for everybody either, when it comes down to it the matter with these gits is linked to a need they had to violate others sexually all the time – would so anything, say anything and tell any lies to achieve it, so when it turns up to peel off areas of my social life that consign such an atmosphere to the background, so that it was possible to get it around to my mainstream living, it believed that the end to its gimmicks will be one to its liking as well, especially when its famous idiots were important and therefore exempt from such a treatment. So far, it hated the Book title and took the advice not to judge a Book by its cover, now it hates the preview contents even more, requires a whole community that thinks of me without my clothes of when it had finally run off abusive gimmicks that allowed it to practice violence on people internal organs from a safe distance to get it what it wants, to a stage where it clashed with somebody that was stronger, who appeared to have fallen in love with the health issues it suffers as a consequence of having done so.


Mainly to do with my disposition - applicable work for Celebrity abuses and the consequence of only seeking to conduct PR when the famous or their fans were getting hurt on the streets - the Economic abuses which ensured I was always of a state of mind and social disposition whereby due to my damaged financial wellbeing there was always a convenient clash between what they thought I had to do for immoral society and what I could actually do - likewise mobility matters where society abuses decided I only wish to conduct PR for my affairs on the basis of which crimes they were not committing, therefore they had to devise a way to be free of me - the busy body abusive civil rights and public service idiots fighting communists on my behalf and tearing up my Governmental Diplomacy Assets to make me serve famous idiots being a general issue on the streets - lastly the methods by which all of my problems were a product of what had become unwieldy for the Office due to the abuses of rogue landlords and corrupt private security most of which served the Celebrities.


I am informed that I am a laughing stock at this stage, which I am not in anyway, or more a matter of my need to be one because people had a tendency to haul insults at me, since the last time they made out that when I get hurt people made money, it is developing into a result naturally where I will have to answer the question of my overall view of these matters which was a mystery to many, in terms of the way that everything I have done to separate instances where I was attacked by them because when I got hurt people made money, was not in any way linked to their need to handle my property and assets for abusive money making purposes – such that my response would involve grooming their society into the same position, so that I may do something to establish a convincing link between harming them and making money, which I can sell to others as well. It beats the imagination when they claim I will be attacked at some stage because I smelled whilst they had no way to show I was so undisciplined that if I had no food, I would love to inform them and if I had any food I would love to inform them just as much but so have I issued the warning that when one of their mentally ill low lives they get tangled up in my personal space, to make these stupid statements that I am a laughing stock, ended up attacking me, I will likely move it on from a process of attacking their show business to an outright feud. We have to put up with this nonsense endlessly whilst they made a mess of people’s lives because they were men like so, losing sight of the fact I am a Man as well, these days in league with some real men from the middle east and Asia, where in terms of the Asians especially, when tackled as narcissists, one puts Asian women fighting off narcissists with a publicly displayed plan, which is sometimes amusing when it is, at risk, whilst at the same time, not doing it generally meant that the other gits that they could turn on at any time, worked with them to trash everything that mattered to me. The other goons had since progressed from building a platform for male narcissism in order to make money due to a history of the way they make me into girl dinner by hanging around bragging about using their muscles on me whenever women needed to be encouraged to take advantage of and prevent me from fighting back, we have now ended up with exactly the same process of doing the bragging whilst expecting me to resist attacking their idols at great personal cost, this time entirely about some famous twats that have come to believe they could do and undo with my person i.e. the reasons I need to be a laughing stock, so that what I got away with would decide how the events that would follow would make me into one altogether.  In terms of Official matters, we hear them suggest state provided security provoked them, we also know it was never the new recruits that did the desk jobs at the security services and that their need to use industrial offices as a tool for running people down, produced the outcomes in which people were forced to do things that got them into trouble with the law and the system – so it usually suggests that I needed to get involved in the work as it turned out that each time I did, their need to abuse people with industry offices for getting rich purposes goes all the way to the Office of the Head of State and becomes a public matter when the Monarch meets with the Prime Minister later on, they complain about this but the behaviour never seldom improves at all. Then we ended up with another condition in which Politicians were making the rich richer at my expense for instance, making it incredibly important to make the statement that since they were not living on food banks or social security, they needed to pay for what they used whenever they handled my Bookshop, alternatively, since the need to do damage to my finances was a function of what was in their personal bank accounts, they might want to share the pass code too – the only option left besides this sort of action was a reality in which my schedule did not work for me anymore although I had one. Here it is suggested I had made my career unnecessarily complicated which I had not – I am working intellectual property administration, as per CEOs manage large companies and outsource the work to me, perhaps I might free of instances where I told people what I did for a living and they got off to a gimmick where I must have been a little twerp that picked up a career that was too much for me, causing them to take more risks with personal safety and wellbeing – then there was the idea that my Books were badly written which they are in a sense but the fact they are badly written is part of the product and service delivery process, those who did not wish to get involved since I am that passionate about protecting clients assets and property equity, did not have to as this was not their own careers as well, besides which the Books are not that terribly written, just a reality that if I said something about product development, product aesthetics and product functionality, then said one thing about society abuses, it would have transpired that I had said three important things and a stupid one. I am not so terribly worried about it, we were simply living from a world of me and the CEOs with these goons in the middle making a mess, so far, they were complaining about security services taking an interest, chances are I will levy the same abuses on their neighbourhoods and set about attacking their outdoor activities too. Eventually it is pointed out I had a good career but most people are not allowed to see it but I do have a good career, the narcissists were the people saying that it was lacklustre because they were always viewing me in terms of ways I could show up in a  public place to be berated and abused; to show I had a good career I would need to make a list of the ways the purpose of a Royal commission had been fulfilled here, in terms of the fact my actions must encourage people to settle down in matrimony after getting their finances done, to which effect it becomes obvious that Celebrity culture was not the conventional way to make a living and I was one of the best, preferring that the narcissists thought it was lacklustre – ways that I had used actual career work to mitigate the fact that complaining about people who looked like they only learned insults at school, suggests my qualifications had caused me to spend time among them against my will but they continued showing up here to hijack my schedule for popularity gimmicks, trash my finances and brag about their activities making them more important – then there was work to help society make its statements since it was a world where most people had their own very important thing they buried their head in save a bunch of gits with strange ideas on how to get by being willing to dish unusual results for others but inventing tricks to avoid experiencing what they have considered to be an eventuality that others should get to make sense of – then there was the culture in which I am willing to allow some trouble makers build a history and habit at my expense, since there was a tendency to pass its benefits to some woman that assisted me with something important, hence I do not find society abuses provocative until the famous showed up to convert their need to tackle me, face the consequences and hang about at the background complaining which served as music to my ears, only for the famous to be the people complaining that it was impossible to get into a relationship with me and cuddle over it, whilst at the same time unwilling to let other gets into a relationship with me and cuddle over it as such, building up to the worries about my inability to settle down in matrimony whilst the problem was both that if people wanted to get involved with me they would and of course every one of them shows up here with ideas I should be getting into a fight, hence I know I am doing nothing unusual therefore it does not bother me. There is also the process of avoiding the completion of my academic pursuits over society troublemakers as office duty requires that work was done only to ensure when public figures complained about it, their activities were not a mystery. Basically it is a round table Arthurian principles by which I avoid ending up in a situation where I blew the roof off overseas but failed to achieve on home affairs, building up to a situation where it was thought that it was impossible for me to achieve anything, which would lead to constitutional problems since the general sensibility would have become that I was incapable of getting anything done.