I am told that in the absence of security from the Monarchy I would by now have been taught a life’s lesson by Celebrities and it is utter rubbish – what is happening is that they had built up a version of me that spends my time ripping up my finances on Media, which is used by trouble makers at the Monarchy to ensure public interest trouble makers showed up here to take the initiative by getting better off with my property which propels me to respond, Chief among which is the Prince of Wales. The Celebrities on the other hand use the same to rip up my finances in a bid to maintain superiority associated with having wrecked my career by chasing me around with abuses that will get me into trouble with the Police due to a need they had to lay claims of ownership to my Public image and I am certain that both can shut it down very easily, if it more so was making them uncomfortable, considering that this is not their lives. They do claim the support from the Prince of Wales was a big problem but they were talking about politicians who are usually public trouble makers mostly – here it is as simple as getting the Public welfare destroyers getting the better of his property which will propel him to fight as well, so it will be possible to see that if he kept the Crown it would be tough and if he didn’t he made a personal decision.

I personally do not think the business of people being a threat to me if there was no protection from the Monarchy is likely to play into reality anyway, these are a bunch of goons who forget their place all the time, a product of industry characters buying them venues and equipment to engage with the public and become famous enough to shower me with office space insults to such an extent that it spilled onto the streets, they fucked themselves and wanted my social life to be decent people by, issuing threats with a big mouth. They are not what people describe as A-list Celebrities and really know nothing about the fame industry all together as such, thus I had nothing to fear from them. Same as the Industry gits buy them venues and equipment to engage with the Public and get famous knowing what their behaviour was like, claiming I have prevented the usual processes of sexual context abuses which drive them to kill themselves took place and yes, I have because they had no need to rip up my University studies and continue to thrash my finances after they did 10 years running. They can now progress from those claims Libera will do anything to avoid a fight, to doing the fighting on the terms of a Libera, so that their practical jokes may come to a stop as well: I mean it is the question of the reasons we do it as such, the fact that there was Public and civil welfare on one hand and the work that Public security operatives did on the other, so that it was clear that if you made trouble, public security operatives would intervene and if they had to put chains to your hands, fill a form about your behaviour to file in an Office and keep an eye on you, that was your bad. We see this nonsense extend to those gimmicks where Celebrities blow kisses at criminals on my public image to earn my money and make me fight their enemies, as if their stupidities were the ones baby sitting the criminals. Eventually developing into those stupid threats that progress from the fact I am now able to justify not interfering with the relationship they had with their employers while they built a community that got imagination up my bum to maintain those stupidities that suggest we would do anything to avoid a fight and they were issuing threats about protection from the Monarchy preventing their stupidities from acting on me, when they do have to build gangs for it, will not want to accept the stupid community they had behind them was the biggest problem I faced, will want those communities for the purpose of support groups after all – the question of the reasons we do anything to avoid a fight with their stupidities. Whoever would not do anything to avoid a fight with an idiot who brings problems to your doorstep and ensures your response got him on an angle where he built a community for his position, because he spent family finances on sexual gimmicks and prayed his wife will not find out, better still he saw my public image and could recover finances with it, as stupidly as possible.

It loves blowing off the big mouth while its children and foolish Celebrities cannot do anything without laying claims of ownership to my Public image, so I do not get imagination up peoples bums like they are bold enough to but I do build the atmosphere for it so that I might get away with the fact that I got them fingering and fucking their own bums as well, hence when they think their stupidities were mad enough, show up here to make themselves a real threat. It goes all the way to the stupid women in their world and its never clear why they don’t marry those instead; women who loved to declare they were not trouble by violent situations which if they were psychopaths in this direction none expected them to, if somebody else was fighting their battles for them more so – the same process where it shows up here to chase danger instead of chase it in their lives and that of their relatives, reaching the stage where it spends thousands of family finance on sexual gimmicks hoping the wife will not have noticed. I do get told I am a narcissist as well and yes I am but narcissism is a product of tenderness, being tender towards those you loved generally meant that if you ended up hating the fact others were idiots, it all went the other way, like the stupid women showing up here to make a mess of a Court system where women claimed that they spent spare time having anal sex with me. People will then say it was terrible but not from the point of view of law enforcement who investigate murders, the social facts they find and the concluding processes of their investigations, what the defendant says in the Law Court etc, not from the point of view of the women who realise somebody is chasing them around and might want to murder them for trophy – so the silly women these gits should marry like so show up here to make a mess of it hoping I will be forced to fight their enemies and building up a sense their stupid civil rights looked that way. We see the same rubbish at Celebrity culture where they set people out as punching bags to please rich people who enjoyed spending money to make trouble for others but when it comes to being famous, they believe I ought to be made to suffer the consequences for it and I think this nonsense is about to end badly as well, badly enough to make sense of how stupid Celebrities really are when they are happy to get paid by somebody who pays them for selling products by being popular through a process of hurting other people, so stupid that they could not work out how to make what the Public thought of them as a matter of inflicting lifestyle issues on others to sell products that pays the Celebrity endorsement which makes the money that facilitated the insults, without harming others but their problem with my Public image had since emerged because it came with applicable consequences and of course I am not the one that wanted to be famous either as it were.

The useful time wasted here to gather up work processes and to build up a campaign that reached the stage where it was said that I had established which Publicity was linked to my patents and how those patents applied to my Books and therefore the part that their comments and gestures damaged to saddle me with financial problems because it would have added up to breach of their rights if I didn’t do it and the disobedience of making statements about the difficulties they have faced in their lives, what they deserved thereof and continuing to such an extent it was possible to shoot off the dirty mouth after getting their famous fingers up my bum talking nonsense, of the way the Monarchy protected me from their stupidities and then I can barely begin to make them keep their mouths shut when it came to my career. We even hear that this was all some great make do by people who lacked respect for those that made them financially better off, while at the same  time women thought of me as the good narcissist, which is not necessarily the case, just that I take responsibility for the way I respond to ensure when their women handle my concerns they had babies, making me have babies as well only progresses into something of a business where I kept them out of my concerns because the promise to keep their imagination off peoples bums will never be kept. The reality of it is the grand story people tell of the way the devil treats people to comforts when they visit hell for the first two times or so but beyond that treats them as residents of hell which they feel uncomfortable with and the way these gits ensure somebody else had to do the latter – help for financial matters do not come from their money madness stupidities challenging me as what they believe is their idea for tidying up the mess they have made in this place, they live out a lifestyle that was so excessive they ended up with the tummy and bottom chasing issues, which they have turned up here to cling to my life and make into a Public state of affairs because they want another existence, Politicians therefore have always suggested this was okay until people complained of it at Government Buildings because they were public leaders. I am quite fed up with it and want them keeping off all that is concerned with my Books and my Bookshop, keeping their career comments restricted to their own careers. Another part of this story is that I am not vulnerable to them and it is quite interesting but it is not really a novelty as such, same incentive driven violent gimmicks where first group of people will face extreme violence because they did not have much to lose and the group after that faced the same things because what they gained from their gimmicks was worth it – I am not vulnerable to this civil rights nonsense and believe I will end up teaching them lessons they will never forget over it and we are not talking about being consigned to history over those gimmicks where Libera will do anything to avoid a fight, so their stupidities built a community to get imagination up my bum and clung to my earnings – that was a case of expecting the consequences to be an increase in violent abuse of women which I have tackled by helping the female community build up this colloquial prenuptial agreements before getting into a relationship with them that is easily enforced with grave consequences.

The story told over all is that I did not fancy German influence gits and did not get along with them, could handle their gimmicks as well but was complacent like we all are at the Monarchy, which reality is that the existence of the problem was a matter of the Queens authority and questions of other people’s relevance. In their case I found out the conspiracy between their famous stupidities and these German influence gits who are so stupid they get the eyes fixed on peoples property and decided they will get through the world via career ambush, personal life ambush and financial ambush etc, shooting off the dirty mouth all the time about how others were vulnerable to their popularity narcissism, blabbing that I came into their communities to count all the men there while at it while suggesting their stupidities had won a great victory – I find out the conspiracy between the two while I was engaged in some private security industry job that I got from a German Company. The usual case of picking up their own mess, to show up here displaying all kinds of nonsense that indicated they thought they were in a master servant relationship with me where their stupidities must have consolidated a position or are paying for, while the German influence twats were engaged with a business of taking their abuses through to a talk of the town insults upon which everything they did and wanted relied, if I were married and divorced because of it their stupidities got worse because they were the best at working the foolish scandals – all leaves me wondering what it is the fucking idiots could do about me if I were not protected by the Monarchy, wish they talked less. The kind of nonsense I have to put up with is for instance with respect to my wealth equity, where a handful of gits will be the means by which threats to public welfare were revived and nothing I did about them worked because they had access to a Media presence, whilst my wealth equity was the exit, Celebrities had taken it and devised what they wanted it to be, putting out information that will ensure they got paid for being popular, running off the effects law enforcement activities had on criminals, eventually getting to the part where they did it by themselves through their own security guards – what I decide then being a process where their position serves as means to awareness until I get the right people to work the system, then I can get rid of them, what they then do is set about wrecking my property because they felt they were important and entitled to have anything they wanted, much the same as the industry idiots ensure my career did not mean anything to anybody if I didn’t settle for their gimmicks. Now Libera fights and we are set to avoid the business of the mess they loved making around public welfare and the work that security services did, with respect to which there will be no sexual assault epidemic, especially now that they understand it generally implied that the work the security services did was not important and will now have to agree that it is in kinds of circumstances the circumstances - this is how they will deal with people trashing their career and finances as well - the work of the Police and the Military is important.