They claim my woes are a product of a time I criticised Islam, but I never did, as I am not a Muslim and know nothing about Islam to say that this was right or that was wrong but some facts are clear as that which is not being taught in any religion, which is what is happening here – gits who showed up to label me an infidel to such an extent they make a mess of my public life and settle up on their cracked up out of my league children getting more comfortable with the idea of abusing and running down men that were older than them in public places every day. When it does not have need of that community it uses as a yardstick to ensure that I cannot ignore its gimmicks and that it was able to get away with it, it appears to be completely oblivious to the idea that its stupidities probably came with consequences attached. Hence it does not in any way show they were a bunch of idiots who really loved to be conquered.

It is not the main problem though, the main problem is the need for Celebrities to pick up my earnings, their society gits to pick up my life and their popularity idiots to pick up the way I stand up for myself, all of which had become more vicious over the years due to increasingly restricted access on my part, the restricted access most of which is a product of their insults and the way that criminal got involved with it. The history is that we are now in the fifth year of an end to my private security industry work which showed clearly that they will never give me a break by themselves, after which I set up the Bookshop for shop properly and clients have been walking away every day since, over fears that their practical jokes would wreck business for employers if they engaged with the Bookshop. The Muslims were an expression of the way that there are been a lot of digging around in the Middle East where people found resources to sell to the world and make a lot of money, the money which is now being used to play up the abusive parts that Industry idiots played; parts which made me feel breathless with blackmail that they will hut others when they could not reach me every day, back-forth, back-forth gimmicks that ensure my career does not mean anything to anybody no matter what I did with it, used to kill people and destroy the Natural environment while my response was a practical joke that made sense of the relationship their stupidities wanted to build with those they thought had real power, needs to avoid threatening me.

So I might start with the society gits but they were a product of Celebrity fight club where they fight people and the celebrities are allowed to win but I was forced to pay the bills, hence a decade of perverted interest that the left showed in my concerns now had a public face with a big mouth, hence the Celebrities were the correct place to start, then I will move it to the part where I channelled most of my energy towards what they thought I needed to do to run my Bookshop without disturbance, where they take up my time and I take up their own, damage my earning margins and I damaged their own, made a mess of my writers social life and public image and their businesses got a treatment that produced a just result etc, so it appears it had not stopped the way they wanted yet and will stop the way that I want it, especially in terms of those gimmicks led by pyramid scheme real men, who make out money making was war and it was best fought on my career and finances. Eventually it does not affect me at all as celebrities usually turn up here to pick up wealth equity and make wealth equity entertainment which is even being applauded by criminals as the right thing, if their crimes were criticised, considering they had families that enjoyed the entertainment but it loves to pick up my earnings and trash any future making stupid announcements about young millionaires their stupidities have created from dress well self-exhibitionism narcissist twats who did what they were told, setting me out as a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy. If I asked it to make an announcement on its ability to confiscate my Public image with a stupid media appearance, it was likely going to make one I suppose. In the end the cause of it all is still the way that my Clients have been moving away because I cannot be relied upon to attack the famous if their practical jokes would wreck business for employers when people engaged with the shop, however which I had offered the exit where they stopped interfering with my public image and my Bookshop, especially during working Hours. They do claim it was difficult to see how I could make any attack effective besides which I had no way to defend myself from their dress well narcissists but we know according to history that the latter is likely to create such a result as I got off stripping them of every means by which they could call on violent support considering that I did not have direct body guarding for my position and I had to defend myself, which will make them complain endlessly about that being allowed while the state could keep a Military. For the former, I do wonder if they had anything more than society gits and popularity twats and the sales industry pyramid scheme idiots beating people down until they were rich (whooah!, as they break when they break if not complaining about people saying they were homosexual or saddling me with such insults to avoid the responses from their victims) - it cannot shut down the habit of showing up here to experiment as to whether if it built people a profile to decide what employers thought, it could be powerful enough to do things that affect peoples lives like the Politicians did, if the facts have been available to their media stupidities for 15 years now, about the way that idealistic gits who messed with their careers could only get them fighting for civil rights but those who messed with the careers of Politicians would stack weapons somewhere a small business that is not going anywhere to look over peoples shoulders and become a civil threats when due, especially if their stupidities have been complaining about living with the results of their experiments. If I continue to delay attacking the Celebrities, it will progress from publicity to create the idea that access I withdrew from them for claims I rubbed shoulders while criminals were better people never happened, will develop into outcomes where I had lost everything because they had built it up into their profiles, made entertainment with and patented it to their names - I do not intend to delay beyond 2022, especially the need to ensure by running my own social life, social system and social activities applicable, that money they could not account for was no longer in their possession as a prelude to an attack on their time, personal life and finances, going into the future, each time that mine is picked up.