There never seems to be an end to the short videos made to pass talk of the town insults my way while those who are responsible complain that I smell and it was a public phenomenon at the same time and yet the one that annoys the most is the way it is suggested I am a low life in hunt for the good life. I mean I wanted a writing career but did not take advantage of parental support by living at Home, so they might get imagination up my bum, tell lies and threaten me, which sets to destroy the rest of my career as it tended to show up where I had done the best work, so it’s so difficult to tell where they get these ideas about good life hunting from but it does go without saying the insulting short videos they claim adds up to advertisement may continue, as every indication is that they will likely to put a stop to it in a manner they were comfortable with, especially the black women who will not seek medical help from their mental state instead of entitle themselves to me because I am black too. We do here they speak of their societies and communities wanting me to stop what I am doing but since it is apt to make sense of their stupid career in terms of smell issues as well, I really am, especially while those insulting videos they claim added up to advertisement continues to be aired.

It is easy to see why it would cause me to lose my temper when they respond to my demands that they needed keep away from my Books and stop making comments about my person or Public image by telling me I like to create a false hope that I can handle them while I really cannot, if I pointed out the way that such statements fit into the above mentioned gimmicks among many others. For which it does go without saying that I plan to interfere with their salaries as well, in the course of creating this process where everything they did with my person and career abusively can be replicated and played out in their lives within a time frame that allowed me to spend time with career and family as well.

We hear those stories all the time that this added up to a process of preparing for the reign of the Prince of Wales and how I am make myself stand out as something people should attack, which is only the result of a stupidities whereby they have played these practical jokes to a fault and the presence which the media has afforded it has now helped it develop into something normal people can make sense of, after which they tell me I wouldn’t say what I say at the Monarchy, while I rather do not see the difficulty in stating that others were making my Office a threat to people’s lives, even if I wanted to build a crowd on the fact I had. They say I will continue to suffer as long as I chase this behaviour and I think they will continue to feel me as long as I wake up to these complications and fight for survival every day on account they have created us two Monarchs in this Country. I mean where I support people in Uniform for instance; take the many ways in which they make sense of the world they work in as a team – I did get involved with a team that deals with Men’s world corruption and bearing in mind the way they work and alongside the other groups that compete with them, I work with them and have to face a handful of self-seeking idiots who show up to express something of the position of the Monarchs successor, offering them an opportunity to grab what they do not own from people they think were not worthy to own them after their practical jokes had developed into a history insolence on Media – they do say there isn’t a problem I speak of which the Heir to throne cannot solve naturally and I have not yet received a clear answer on what their identity at the Monarchy was either. We may take another spectrum where having a family is an unwritten obligation; a Female Head of state will adopt a position which says that as long as you are not playing games with the long suffering wife at home while enjoying pleasures of sugar babies at work, there is no way you might get into trouble – the Male will decide that having a mistress to prevent the destruction of your career through social distractions might look tempting but the question really is whether it is ideal; both these positions have a point of enforcement and we have just ended up with both points of enforcement for absolutely no reason whatsoever. My bottom hurts, my finances are a mess and I wake up every day to engage in a fight for survival because of this and they say there were things I would not say at the Monarchy. Beyond which we hear them claim it’s nice to hear me say things that make the men feel comfortable and it does actually make me wonder if I have as such, since I can easily make it less amusing by building them a reputation for being guys that pick a fight with women – I mean we do not necessarily have to discuss it at length, it’s a game of Celebrities perverting my finances into a stage at which I got to make their lives easier and more meaningful where the consequences of their immoral personal decisions had affected them which has made a mess of everything in this place, bearing in mind they had a media to run it off with all day and every day, mixed up with the fact their alliance with Celebrities meant I was sore all over because their imagination never leaves my bottom, garnished with reputation for being guys that pick a fight with women – so this is the whole package and it will be applied as such in good time.

There is talk now of a problem with British productivity and the idea I could help. It has always rather been a case of a gimmick that Americans, South Americans, and Europeans want to play – the Americans are most entitled, the Europeans most authoritative, South Americans most violent. They have now reached a stage in this game where they had developed a cliché to say that the worst performing economies are usually the fastest growing and they want to apply it every single day, every moment. So, first methods would be to try and move them on and then more stringent measures may be considered. I have been asked of what I am doing with respect to my interests but it’s an old tale of the fact these guys never ever stop getting in touch to talk to us like brothers and it means that what happens in the battle field never stays there; they have developed this to a stage where in my case, my Bookshop service processes have been perverted by Celebrities to such an extent that it is now a tool that helps them live with the consequences of their socially immoral personal decisions, they on the other hand are always in league with some enemy and thereafter very soon they are making us deals that they are convinced we are not in a position to refuse and that means energy is in short supply all the time, in my case they are snipping off women I might want to settle down with in order to be the centre of attention where somebody would think they were very important and then secure a divorce as soon as that attention had vanished, usually after they must have had Children. They always go on and on about these gimmicks that the local who work with them and really enjoy pillaging my career and academic work with silly practical jokes, something about how nothing I said would ever stop them but I don’t intend what I said should stop them as such, it is meant to absolve me when I had started to make contributions to that stupid wealth and social inequality problem of theirs that they complain about all the time, among other measures I can take to handle their case. It is the question that gets asked – how on earth did Celebrities get to pervert my concerns to the extent that they have? Reason obvious being that I spend less time on Royal work where I would have made contributions to their problems a long time ago, but the question remains still, one of whether spending more time with Royal work would have meant that Celebrities made it easier for me as such. So here it would be said that I find it rather easy having solve it all in such a short time but according to my 6 websites, most of my activities are aimed at solving this productivity problem and the main one being that this is a Hermitage and will be damaged if a Couple were to broker equities with it for a business and they lost that business due to practical jokes and resorted to the sex industry to make sense of their failures, so we would rather prevent, that live with such a reality. They on the other hand have said that there are valid reasons to hate and tackle me all the time but there are like I have warned them as well – I am on course to pick up everything that saves them from the smell issues we hear them blab about all the time and when I do, I will set about trashing it to make sense of the way their lies affect my health and personal finances and once I had completely destroyed it, it will turn towards a practical joke to see what it is exactly they can do when their bottom hurts and does for eternity.

So, there are the daily complains people make of the way I am being bullied over claims that I am a coward, how it affects others and concern it will never stop. I however do not feel bullied since it is possible for me to detach bullying as a thing and consider it dispassionately, we know however that they are out of their depth at this stage all together. They always do this and the outcome will be the men running off those abuses that mean their whole lives are built around prospects of me getting into a fight with people, the women will build their own around the idea they want my income margins, public image and personality for popularity culture and for refusing to hand it to them, if I get into a fight which I won, I would be bruised and battered which will teach me a lesson for denying them and if I got into difficulty, it would be a lesson that set an example for others. They always do this before they get into the difficult work of convincing the rest of us that their civil rights involved a process of hanging about making a mess of my career to expect me to get into a fight with people on the streets. The rest of the time it’s a matter of their jobs and careers becoming the tool and means by which they address me abusively all the time; so it seems they are the only people who could invent something as stupid and becoming abusive towards those whose work they were deploying to boost their incomes, to a point where they were regularly issuing threats of violence. It is the classic villainy business of feeling as though everything that makes them afraid of me has been taken from me, they had made sense of it and added it to themselves – we all know if I felt I was facing dangers, it would become a matter of survival to retrieve and use it and I have warned them to ensure they were talking from their own rights each time they felt like exasperating me.

They claim that they had reasons for hating me so much and yes they do; they build up those lies to such an extent it affects my career and finances right down to the bottom line and at no stage do they think it mattered if they were complaining of my responses as well, that they got to shut it down – we see the same behaviour put forward on the fact I was found doing private security work, which I did leave for them because it was becoming unbearably abusive, which I did leave for them in 2016, so since 2016, they have been pointing petty street criminals towards where I live and grabbing my Public image, which is the source of the fact they cannot keep their mouth shut over the claims of cowardice gimmicks. I rather like to think it is what they want to spend their time on but so am I do with the insults in equal measure as well. They always claim there is nothing I can do about them naturally while my chest and tummy and bottom hurts since they believe their stupidities to be a worthy use of time; what we know they are complaining about especially when they speak of reasons to hate me, is the fact that I had built up these stupid lies they tell on social media and it is now my property – this churns their tummy and sends shivers down their spine, so they believe that if they carried on until I was no longer able to resist the part where I picked up everything that saved them from the smell issues we hear them complain of and set about trashing it, whereby once done hopefully in the course of making sure each stupidity exhibited at my expense got a response that their friends and families and work place and careers felt the way their idiocy affects me here as well, they will not allow me get my hands on the salary that gets to their heads all together.

Some people have suggested they want roles in what I am doing and I suppose it makes sense to say that if they had one, each time they went down these ways, it would be possible to demand an explanation and yes there are roles, if The Queens aides who work at the top levels of Government had to look into the issue of the way that a group of people work hard to establish relationships between Celebrities and criminals was at some stage counter-productive; they can take up roles where I set about collecting public place equities from the lives of such people to help them make money as well, if they were willing to play along and this is just one of many roles as such.

I have been told I should not be doing this kind of work, but we are here because of Hollywood goons with ideas about criminals who buy entertainment being nice people while I spent my time rubbing shoulders with others. They are now not doing the work all together and I have to contend with Industry gits who hate my guts because I want to build up the lies that incapacitate my career and livelihood on social media, which will provide me a platform to trash everything that saves them from the bullying they have devised and built a Public stage phenomenon on National Media for, the same way it seems that none of the behaviour of society people ever changes when it is harmful to others and fun for them save if their finances are affected and because they enjoy getting imagination up my bum, I want to keep their loo for them and begin my own processes of sacking their financial wellbeing thereafter. So it happens because Politicians will stop me endlessly and then hang about somewhere complaining of it for years – I mean the Politicians are no longer a factor here as such, in the sense that regardless of the issue having been resolved with them a few years now, even if they said that I had my life sorted and those who didn’t were entitled to government support, it would still have made sense to try and life people who were stupid out of poverty as it tended to avoid public problems but they didn’t, however they supported these goons financially as such and for that reason, even when people are financially better off than I am, I am still victim of wealth and social inequality bullying to a point where it is a National stage phenomenon and so the Government help is not the only thing I will make them suffer intensely for in this place as such.

They do claim they are convinced they had reasons to hate me deeply and intensely and I suppose they did but it does not actually mean a thing here – people are evil, people are selfish and people want to blame others for their problems, this idea that it is profitable to set me out as a target for their madness is a mistake as I am not vulnerable to their democratic madness and crowd power gimmicks. They do claim I think I am but I am not and its utter nonsense as once done with building up publicity for their lies to churn their tummy as well as they do mine, when it comes to the tit for tart results, hopefully they will not let me get my hands on the salary that is the source of all these abuses and insults all together, as it would be a terrible end for them – the idea I am vulnerable to it being the best show that they live in dream world to date. I mean, it has trashed everything here, telling lies all day, making a mess of my career, building a crowd that will help it get me into a fight with people on the streets – the Hollywood bits are now off to ensure everything I did was followed up with Publicity that got them entitled to a bigger and better version and when I build up their lies to churn their tummy as well, I will get into trouble because they were rich and stupid – it goes without saying it’s about to stop when I trash everything that allows them carry on their concerns in safety to ensure they kept their stupidities away from the people in Uniform, less of a process of showing up here to talk to me like a brother all the time, every time they bothered and buggered me, looking for an appropriate response. The part about following me around to rip up my University studies could be brushed under the carpet whenever they petitioned politicians over my so called attitude but the bad reputation built for me, to wreck my social life, which keeps giving at market, social media, advertisement and public billboards cannot – it has now grown into a case of the Hermitage versus the Celebrities and I have my own ideas about their bad reputation too. I do get told I need give myself a break but it’s not really stuck to my head I should say – it’s their lies and it’s now my property, when I think I can no longer carry out my concerns in safety, I will trash their own as well.

They do make those claims that I love to dispute Royalty is not stupid but my nature, personality and actions prove it; it is utter nonsense naturally as we know what happens is that they can keep the stupid parts of civil living out of mainstream living to prevent it making others uncomfortable and get on with their lives thereafter more so like I can but then again apparently their claim there is that my involvement with the stupid aspects of civil living actually meant that I am stupid. So, it goes without saying that when I do their own as well, they will claim I have acted in a discriminative and stereotyping manner. They always tend to suggest they needed more information but it was rather obvious there were areas of society reserved for those who commit crimes, think about committing crimes and support people who commit crimes, this is because they are cursed people – I mean cursed if I must explain cursed, as in being able to make sense of the madness that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of public place ageist goons to an extent where it is an integral part of your life for example, among many other disposition, hence the question that must be answered when people say such things as mentioned above is whether the State Operatives, Service personnel and the people in Uniform who get involved with it are also cursed, I venture to suggest we are not, it’s the work that we do getting involved with it. speaking of more information and education about it, the above facts indicated the way my Office and Public work operates but then again, claims I am stupid while all these facts were the case has not yet applied to the minds of those who do as one of the main corner stone reasons I am cash strapped ad have to wake up to the nausea of financial complications at this Royal Office all together, but the more I dug into it is the more annoying it gets since if they were convinced I am stupid, none can make sense of the other Publicity designed to suggest they were deserving of a bigger and better version of what I accomplished, destroying everything here right down to social life. The point is I have been targeted with the curse factors to a stage where the effects of targeting me had become a global stage phenomenon but I am not affected, so there is ample evidence everywhere people looked, that I am not cursed.

So they claim there are people at the Monarchy who say that I am but it’s an old story what matters to those; always important to talk about the interest of the Church while the population suffered and even they could not tell the difference between normal people and individuals who really needed to show us a single problem they had not created for themselves whenever they bugger us with populism. The top end of it being their need to punish women in Public and then the women will be gay and the children will be gay and they will have to make a deal at the Church on how to accommodate Homosexuality. Perhaps they are talking about the part where people put me in a position that meant I had to punish them whereby I made a decision to wallow with them in it since brain had apparently gone on Holiday.

Eventually we reach this point where they say my problems never go away and new one are created everyday but it’s the same case of the issues I have handled in terms of ignoring those who created them because I had at the time assumed it was an acceptable way to approach problems. So since they saw me do a security guard job and set about trashing my career again in order to ensure I got into a fight with people on the streets to make them happy and make them feel that their money was important, all hell hath broken lose naturally. So, it’s the same famous and stupid, rich and stupid, doing stupid things about which it appears to act as if it would stop if it learned the reasons it shouldn’t do it painfully. They love to say there is nothing I can do because I am broke naturally but broke does not mean that you should do nothing when people show up to spend their money running off some publicity that leaves them with reputation to suggest they were deserving of a bigger and better version of what you did for a living considering their size, their age and the fact they were on their third to fifth mortgage, as though this was not ironic enough, it does it because it has an amount of money that will not run out before I am burned out if it started a fight, ironically when it has a lot of money and my Books do not cost an arm and a leg. So whilst this gimmick has not yet stopped as would make me popular and perhaps for all the wrong reasons, there appears to be no end to me pointing out that it needs to stay away from my Books and stop making comments on my Public image which served an exit that works for everybody.

They love to boast that I simply cannot handle the fact they are financially better off and its utter nonsense since what happens is that I performed a service for people free of charge, this left them making me some sort of quasi promise that they will buy my products and I had to work out which service or product to get the money from the Trust system by – this is what these money people goons wreck for me every day despite the fact they are not complaining about financial issues; so it does go without saying that wrecking the academic work can be tossed aside whenever they complain to Politicians about my attitude but this bad reputation that keeps making them money meant there needs be a war between a Hermit and the money people/Celebrities/ media as soon as possible, if this matter had to be resolved and we are not talking about the 1980s either. They do say I had crafted and written the Book such that it would only be successful if these circumstances were not disturbed and yes I did, since a Hermit does not expect to run off a process of raising funds to pay his way on one hand while his concerns are located somewhere else so he had to race down somewhere whenever I needed to respond to matters either way. Some have suggested it’s a very public loop in the mind that I am unable to get along with Celebrities but the facts are a series of scenarios, none of which exonerates them – first one will be the part where they get involved with culture and society goons, probably organised crime people where applicable – second they barge into my concerns and take over public life matters that exist in a condition where they were convinced I couldn’t really enforce how I felt people should relate with it and if I intended such enforcement I was not in a position to make them effective – stage three will be the part where they had been paid for being popular so they needed to show anybody who abused them should be rest assured they will make somebody suffer for it, so they trashed my academic work and career every time it happened – stage four will be the part where I thought they needed help with the culture and society issues but ended up in a situation where everything I did to try and move them on while they were trashing my whole life, served as something they could copy and play out a tit for tart situation upon having an amount of money that will not run out if I started a fight, once I had realised they were in league with it – then the final stage will be the part where they are publicly in league with it to trash my whole life and tell me I could do nothing about it because I am broke – from here the ball is in the Court of those who think this created a loop in the mind regarding my feelings. I mean they must know they are destroying somebody’s property, so those lies are mine now which is a start, owning it so churns their tummy which is impressive and we are heading towards an outcome that will see it stop in a manner which made me more comfortable than they were.

I have been told that I hurt myself with these matters and set about blaming others but I don’t; what actually happens is that the Media and Celebrities have been playing up these gimmicks for years, about clinging to my work and public image to make statements about my body type getting into a fight with people on this streets – as it would probably mean I got stabbed and shot and there was news they could report it to look like they were having the kind of security that real men who have a taste in life should have. They have trashed my academic work performing this nonsense every day and it got worse as soon as they saw me do security guard work naturally but they have not yet been convinced that they needed to stop – they make claims and counter claims but it’s all about taking over areas of my life that they can cover their skin with and then set about making as much trouble as possible while they cling to my public image and career. Now they are attacking me for pursuing my daily concerns all together i.e. stuffing culture and society goons with what I know, to ensure the stupidities of continued processes of following me around to make a mess of my finances and career may continue if they wished and then writing some Books once I am done performing property equity administration that will ensure they got to grab my career once they were done bragging about doing so – they even have the cheek to claim that my work affects their media careers that are clearly god’s gift to the world as far as their stupidities were concerned and the need to cling to my Public image and try to make it their own for the future continues. So I have been told I never really point out this is all about the media but it is, it has always been and got a lot worse once a group of women got involved with mine because they simply wanted to report the news without being abused – so this is where the mess began and they had decided they would take over, use that part of my life to cover their skins, cling to my Public image and set out a future for their children that involved making claims about being the persons that can control me on behalf of fat cats, industry goons and Celebrities and then set about making as much trouble for me as possible – so even in terms of trouble keeping me from interfering with their need to own my public image and continue those insults that based on their size and age and the fact they are on their firth mortgage they deserved a bigger and better version of what I had, moving on to a process of becoming more important than I am using my own public image, there is method in it – however I too have said my piece about a condition in which it got to stop the way I would most like it to as well. It’s much the same process, either a handful of goons set about a series of public p[lace abuses and insults that allow criminals access to my concerns, then claim I am the low life rubbing shoulders with them to put them in such a position while I can never be free of seeing their stupidities at the bottom line of my accounts Books every day, regardless of which they had money to spare, which sets to ensure that they were able to develop for themselves a form of financially beneficial form of political nepotism and their blame culture will take their financial disposition to unknown heights or a group of women will get involved with my concerns because they think it helps them report the news without being abused, the men will set out a sense they were entitled to all media jobs and set about trashing it as well as my career, only to build a public place disposition where I am meant to get into a fight with people on the streets so they might report on the outcomes to live in a world where they were real men on media, looking like a bunch of characters that had to be physically attacked.