I am told that I am a man who antagonises the men and it is utter nonsense, I do not antagonise the men, just simply that they have been damaging my career and finances to build and maintain a sense they were superior and if they were tired of it, would get my finances looking as they found it, otherwise I did not see what the problem was on either side. I mean the wickedness of Celebrities for instance was never a series of activities designed to say they did something bad because they were less informed, it is a process of building those stupid profiles we see, making statements about money being spent on people who forced me to do what they wanted, so a crowd shows up here to stagnate my career and finances, seeing me without my clothes on, to perform the worst sorts of abuse and we have now ended up with a sense that the insults where Celebrities told me what to do here was the main problem and it was either I would hurt them badly enough to ensure people stopped abusing me in public places or I did not have the courage to about harming them well enough to make the insults go away. So this is the men.

The history is to do with my time at University where the most lecturers found out what I was going with my career, was the more they got involved with the abusive activities until I dropped out; the part these idiots have been playing since included the way I set up a social media and there were actions to make the internet safer for younger people while they turned up to play the same abusive games with the social media profile, years later there have been spam mail and dark web following my internet footprints. The other parts before my internet presence after finishing my Book was that my actions played into the University environment and developed into popular culture equity that applied when people gathered in an environment for industrial activities and called in entertainers to look after the younger generation – they picked up the popularity equity and set about making money, to finish off taking revenge on me for the statements I made about criminals in order to create the equity in the first place. Now their actions and interest in me are like a tumour while they claimed I hated the famous, like a question on what to do with the tumour, showing up near public interest in my Bookshop to push its stupid career expensively and never pay for what its famous stupidities uses in this place.

They do claim it never occurred to me that Celebrities did not fancy me on this basis, which is also utter nonsense and we see the stupidities develop into a matter of showing that they were a threat to me, which if they were, those gimmicks where they open their mouth and I cannot step outside of my door, due to the alliance between some incredibly important idiots who had to announce their importance to me everyday and the local criminals, while whenever they got involved with me, the criminals became unbearably friendly, would come in very handy indeed. The sole reason I am not carrying out a direct attack on the famous is the simple fact that famous women have been getting involved with me in a personal way, speaking of relationship issues and the way they wanted sweat and regret when they could not have it – we are talking about a series of activities where if a Celebrity thought that their gimmicks showed up here after years of fighting women everyday for social privileges while claiming to be a real man, running other people down all day, if a Celebrity thought an intolerable penis was about to show up, she would likely flood the internet with profile pictures over it, hence this for instance needed to remain financially profitable otherwise I will launch a direct attack on their dangerous stupidities for my part all together as it were.

They do claim I had lost a lot of money and could never catch up with them which is also utter nonsense as I easily can by starting up a Royal Office charitability activity, however I would really have loved to retrieve any money owned by famous idiots who never stopped picking on me to get more whilst they cannot account for what they already have, by starting a philanthropic activity all together, that would have made more of a statement about my position and Office, thereby enhancing my career in the process. The claim I am this character who hides and get others to fight my battles is pretty much the mantra, it makes the most of a process where it got to pick up my assets to make its own money while wrecking everything women did with my Office to get about speaking with criminals who unless were petty street muggers, had a cope of behaviour and never attacked women or children, an activity that dramatically reduced crime around the world, make it a major part of perverting my equity at popular culture to make me a character peoples bullied to get rich and take revenge for the criminals to sell entertainment products and build communities that will attack me to show how important their stupidities were. The other part that was real was more a matter the sense that somebody is never going to have to murder me on their account as it were but they will be dead before then.

Eventually they raise this point about the Royals that got me caught up in this mess and it was an old story naturally; first was Princess Beatrice’s boyfriend from the USA and he would have my Office by marrying the Princess, then Prince Harry married an American and it really kicked off, soon after Princess Beatrice married an Italian and hell hath broken lose in terms of the good old Italian treachery, both Royals having since left the Country, no thought given to the mess they make to cause confusion when the Queen made decisions about tasks people got at the Monarchy, so the current state of affairs is one in which people may be forgiven for thinking the worst had not yet happened to some of these fools so far. Eventually it is about the drive to say that they picked up my public duties and built themselves a profile to suggest I am supposed to serve them with it and when the famous are in enough pain for their insults, people will cease to get their imagination up my anus; so far their exit plan is to say what state provided security did or said, provoked them and that I was on their side because I needed to make my bookshop successful. There have been beneficial sections for all this and one of them being that wealth equity developed which women handled to ask question of and make sense of the reasons that criminals did what they did, was used by these idiots to built entertainment products that they now have to sell for the rest of their lives, no matter how much they hated it – the other part was the big mouth blabbing each time it felt it had means to pick up my assets and make statements about the industry in their Country, which was a by product of not being able to wish away their need to run others down and get rich fast anymore, the benefits of not being able to wish it away anymore itself being that we are now having so much fun with each other, the consequence being those insults I had to get out of bed to face everyday, benefits of being able to wish it away being that nobody was really interested in making sure public control was falling apart at my Office, consequence being deaths of women who looked like something that got involved with my Office where I was doing something with municipal environment at the hands of some roommates etc.