They claim I have no respect for them naturally and its difficult to locate what the issue is when a collection of famous idiots decided that earning my income instead of working for their own was the best prestige and built a crowd that will help them on the way to social equality through it. I mean they have a show business that is about earning my income instead of theirs and work it by wrecking my Book sales while relying on me to do nothing about it until my financial well being depended on what their stupidities were thinking, whereby it has grown into a sermon at this stage that the famous and stupid need keep off my Books and stop following me around if they are complaining of the consequences. Mostly it is usually okay since the reality about Celebrities is the reasons they do not get blamed for their actions too much i.e. their activities are usually facilitated by a notion they are very important, which they are also likely to take advantage of hugely; the reality is that they are ordinary people who picked up some means by which they did something as beeline as making people happy and made a lot of money from it as per a lot of money measured against their needs – so I am actually more important than they are and it is not a crime to be. The main problem is still the Politicians and their Trader fools who spend all day punishing the rest of us for living in a society that makes life difficult for those who commit crimes. Eventually I get told that what I have said paints a very gloomy picture and that its impossible to tell what is really going on but for me it is not a crisis at all; what is really going on is that their claims there is neither God nor the devil has not successfully explained why people need to conduct a sexually abusive behaviour towards me which will put them in charge on a provisional basis, does not explain why I had to work so hard to keep my Office from them or I will have ended up carrying out an activity that ensured I set a social standard by hurting somebody and endling up with a criminal record or worse from a Government concern, does not explain why they hate the idea people at the Monarchy are likely to make statements like it being nice to see that I am working, as per I would likely get into trouble should I get a Commission from the Crown and hang about fooling around but its nice to see that they were confused concerning what I was doing, especially if their duty was to provide me with State security, have a problem with it to a point of echoing the statement and running it for Celebrity narcissism, what we know as a matter of certainty being that there have been grudges, such as what I did to ensure they tackled women less, ensured they threatened me over their financial needs and got stuck with it and the fact that I ensured they were past it when it came to the business of deploying my work or public image to make their own fame – the women being an example of the fact that they are in urgent need of the services of an exorcist and are always talking like it all the time i.e. how difficult can it be to ensure a Bookshop was quiet enough for people to read the Books I had displayed in it, if they had problems – such that making sure they were past it when it came to the purposes they devised for my Public image made a clear statement about their nepotism and the superiority they suggest through it. I have been told that I say these things but I do not do a thing about these matters which is not the case; we know that they made their own statements and I wrote my Books and now they want to be me because their statements have not been as profitable as they thought it would be, while the prospects of being me has been fostered by Media and Politicians, instead of the problem being solved by people refraining from making a mess of my Bookshop. So it has always been the old case of wondering who is making any money since they spend their time working on how to get money from poorer people to add to the money that wealthy people already have – the poor say they are giving most of their money to the wealthy, the wealthy spend their time trying to make my money instead of work for their own and both get together to spend national income on food that they dump at the Toilet every day, leaving international trouble makers to get all over it over something of an expression of hatred for the British that they appear never to be tired of and since this has given rise to the expected results from the prognosis of seeing them wreck careers, employ criminals and tackle women, of mid-range Millionaires, who specialise in making trouble for the Public and collecting money from poor people for the rich and the bottom of the Politicians hurt just as much as everybody else’s, mine mainly being a matter of the career I set up for them to wreck so the evidence might ensure I did not have to put up with too much of the Political and Media insanity – thus the Politicians have stopped telling the lies and making a mess of other people’s Offices at Parliament slightly. I don’t understand why it is still a mystery when we know it started since the recession – when we found them saying that the crisis had expressed facts on how the rich get about business, opening up opportunities for them in the process, while we knew that adding to the structural problems we have naturally in any economy, should a government spend money to bail out businesses, it did not have the range to Police those businesses and ensure that the Public were being employed – so I wrote my Books and they made their statements and all would have been resolved without the abusive practical jokes, no such thing as disrespect on my part. The International effects is the usual business of finding them spend time running off all sorts of gimmicks about a hatred for the British, knowing nothing about financial services want to take up every opportunity that exists as British Economic Interest while the Politicians fool around – so they had also inherited the fact that since we are good at Providing a Global Financial service Industry, we are constantly spending time on the problems associated with Terrorism, such as the Mid-range Millionaires who are good at wrecking careers, employing criminals and tackling women that they love to dominate us with, the Terrorists had since picked up the way we fight our corner and spent time killing and ruling over their wives and kids and husbands and we have been through hell to put a stop to it, to the extent that we have so far and now we know they are off to a new one which concerns Revolution, that the hotbed of revolution is South America, which is really going to get up the noses of the Americans. This complain of disrespect from me therefore currently goes all the way to the Office of the Prince of Wales, that I encumber the business of Men just getting around their concerns – what really happens being that they make such a mess of my business and their insolent Celebrities get all over the place because I have not responded to it for years, such that each time I get through the mess, they wait at the other end with Media exposure to ascribe what I had done to themselves and build a crowd that aids them with social equality over it. The society bits will be the ones that are responsible for the part where I am constantly being told that I never make progress with myself while their one problem is to get into trouble that churns the tummy because it makes sense to take it out on me on account I will soon organise my diet and that will add to the reasons they must continue doing it while my whole life gets flushed down the loo.

There is no part of municipal living that suggests people ought to get around their concerns making a mess of peoples diet, building a Community with an imagination that gets up peoples bottoms, churning the tummy and gathering money somewhere to express repressive behaviour that takes advantage of some Media salvation to place them in a position of perpetual importance and sales of products that are only possible because others have something important going on and a Public image attached to it. Then again it only makes sense when they begin to make stupid statements about behaviour they exhibit because I smell for instance, when I begin my own abusive behaviour towards the fact they are extroverted, which will leave me thinking it was all a defensive mechanism but the attrition of the property destruction will mean that state of mind gets swept off to the way side, overall, I plan to do their own well when they are retired – as it usually makes more sense because they have nothing to look forward to, adding to the fact that because I am not a criminal character like they are, I have a means through which to ensure the sexually abusive insults that put them in charge is paid for, to ensure they pay for what they use. I have been told in context that there are people who experience the same conditions I do without behaving the way I do which is completely beside the point – the point that my entire time over the last 18 years have been spent on a gimmick involving the many kinds of idiots that can grab my career, so we are now at a stage that involves the twats who have a long history of either grabbing careers or destroying it if they lost and the whole thing has gone all the way to the Monarchy while the insults never seem to abate. What will happen next is a case that will set out clearly an outcome in which everything they have been complaining about is redone and this time on grounds that I am running a Bookshop which I have warned them to keep away from and stop following me around, to wear my work as cloak that gives them security while blabbing stupid threats at me which indicate what my property and public image ends up being used for is a matter of the importance of size and muscle with a big mouth. However if the Politicians are looking for a name which fits this crisis, it is the fact integration happened after years of being hounded because I lived in a bubble and took up a personality that should rightfully belong to those who make laws that affect the lives of criminals. These are goons who see the world kinaesthetically, so they enjoy building whole communities with an imagination that gets up peoples bottom and there is nothing wrong with that if prerogatives are offered to idiots in suits – the threats over the smell caused is all good but we can see where it is heading if I am physically handled over it, while they pretended they were completely unaware of what they did to make it happen. I mean it cannot keep its hands to itself, you drop out of University and it becomes such an important victory that it eventually shows up at the Monarchy to ensure that nothing you did to see those who saw the world in this way were listening to what you had to say actually paid off but it is the effects of ending up with its society fools due to the wrecked academic work that the fucking idiots are issuing threats for – same case where those stupidities about the need to punish others in ways that are counterproductive because they have a history of bad behaviour, deciding how a person should behave towards their society was what the Laws of the land were or we always find out what those were when we end up in the Law Court for some reason? The Politicians are free to keep doing it, their own threats will eventually mean that being attacked for the smell produced an outcome in which they will be the ones hurting people as it were; we are simply heading towards a stage on which they will be doing it because they were making money and the reasons they complained about me will be a matter of the fact I was making money from handling them too, no such thing as people experiencing the same things I do without being so badly behaved. They do claim the problem to be that my mind is dangerous and it isn’t; what happens is that of people perverting everything I get up to by competing with me to be me, we all know that on the date it starts I am an adult so I must have been myself for at least 18 years already and it is likely to be a gimmick that inflicts some serious personality disorder on its stupidities which it will end up bothering me for in the future, that said, depending on the way it goes on and on and on about it, you do have to prepare for the effects of their stupidities getting all over the place and for the black people its becoming a matter of those stupid threats involving people that will handle me when I don’t make black women feel comfortable ending up as a case of something we spent time on because we were making money from it.

I have been told this is very hateful activity but it’s not me, we hear women point out all the time that these guys need to be avoided as they likely tend to show up all over people’s concerns to stomp and abuse and fester until nobody they do not take a liking to had a valuable career. In my case they simply really love to target me and tell lies that its all bullying which raises these questions I need to respond to all the time when I had become a character they believe they can handle and want to pinch all the time. Its what a war looks like i.e. Mr Macron on France, sent out some Students from a Prestigious University to shoot some Brits and tell the ones that were not shot what to do in the UK, looking immaculate in shining new Military Uniforms – of course you want to compete and in the case of these guys the insults are always so profitable and sweetly verbose, especially when they have some Fashion and Celebrity culture to fool around with and soon enough one is facing the throes of the private security Industry for it as well so they always tended to get whatever they wanted, while the their parents being resisted was the part where you will learn the stage on which your power should be displayed. As I mentioned before, it does tend to issue those threats for the tummy influx that it smells like it is completely unaware but none has taken the risk to go the extra mile in my case yet, as I rather think I would get al haywire as well if that were to occur. We find the main case about me to be that I shut down their Popular culture and yes I did since its always a matter of being threatened for being labelled a weak Man, especially when I am seen getting anywhere near a Church which tends to mean according to them, that I will be taught a few things that make me even weaker and allows me to grab opportunities that should belong to women – so we know that Federated societies are always very strict because of these sorts of attitude, never mind the Politicians putting labels on others so that people might be abused to further top up the sense of convenience they had acquired, so it made sense to shut down the popular culture and ensure they spent time on that for each occasion I got threatened by them. I do get told it has to stop and I couldn’t agree more – there would be no problems if the threats were inexistent; what happens with their civil rights is always that it is about money, other peoples money and how it affects them which leads onto the ways they want to acquire it; this comes with ideologies and sensibilities around ownership and society and is therefore likely to be trailed by criminals, so if these civil rights movements do not threaten me all will be well and then there is the part where they are supposed to pay attention to the criminals that have own ideas on society and wealth ownership as well during their civil rights movements instead of paying it to me but if they do not threaten me over the fact they had financial needs, there was no reason for second issue to have become a problem. The rest will be a matter of those abuses meaning that I face real threats from them and I tend to think they were bluffing with it as there is no part of their stupidities that are linked to what the laws of the land is, putting itself out there like something that is binding on me over some features of my life which I may have shared with them. The rest of the time they say it’s all Communist effects and I understand that too but its always a story of the way Communist leaders make Policy being a threat to me and a story put out to suggest the occurrence of a war from which I will gain some benefits, no idea what they are talking about or it’s a Policy which ensures those I am friendly with are put in danger – the rest is all gimmicks which goes back to the fundamental reasons these things happen i.e. greed and yes some successful business people speak of secret doors in their Offices which allow them escape the advances of greedy people but in my case I now have to make sense of a bunch of idiots who believe that should their parents make advances at me because I have property they wish to get into partnership with in order to run a business – something that is common place when they start to entice you with possession, property and lifestyle because they want to make you interested in making money with what you have on account they wish to get into a partnership with it, it is disrespectful on my part, no idea what their style of greed was then, save the type that will soon get around with local hoodlums and criminals and get those conducting tribalism raids at my expense in the City i.e. the Politicians have said it has to stop and I could not agree more as it were.

They always claim that I exert my leadership on them much as they love to also claim that they have damaged my Bookshop and on being able to preserve their own property created themselves a sense of equality or maybe even superiority and both are utter nonsense. It’s impossible to spend time on Church concerns where they do not teach the sort of things people put into me which has to go somewhere or get organised leaving them complaining all the time, what happens with it is that you end up being concerned with the criminals and hoodlums that show up at the backyard of its financial concerns and this is not a disposition that allows people to be interested in exerting their leadership on a bunch of individuals that have never listened to anything that others are saying to them as far as we know. The part about ripping up my property to create superiority and or equality is all good but the next time they make a stupid move at my expense, they will begin to understand why the narrative has changed from one of trying to ensure their involvement with my websites and social media stopped being so toxic, to one of making sure they understood that they are meant to show up around in concerns in order to read what I have written and nothing else – it’s the one where I will be shutting down the careers of their Celebrities while their insults will ensure I never spent money on advertisement as well. There is also as much concern that I am finished as there is concern that I am said to have a very bad attitude and it appears to be the case – both of which are utter nonsense – I am not finished in anyway, its been 12 years of abusive behaviour towards me by Media, Celebrities and Industry fools, what we have had recently in the last five years is that they have finally located the kinds of people that may take the career from me at any cost and it never needed to become such a public matter save the amount of Royals playing up their corruption on it and the number of Politicians thinking their version will be devised in a way that allows them avoid the consequences, much as I have made a mess as well that ensures there is ample encouragement for the behaviour. The bad attitude story is a bunch of very abusive and insulting goons who like to think when they say such things to me it improves their standing in the world if not their whole lives all together and they do like to act in a way which suggests that I have completely lost my self confidence over the need to make money with my Books which mean something to them and they had chosen to relate with insultingly and abusively instead but I have not lost any self confidence whatsoever, just giving them thesis on what their silly behaviour could possibly mean, just in case I wish to rip up what matters to them as well. Am I aware then that few people are as talented as I am? Of course, I am but there is no point going from a character that is said to have grabbed the personality Politicians should be using to making an oaf of myself in Public places over it. They do say they don’t wish to talk about my talents, only my selfishness and it never actually makes sense as I had written a Book so I might make some time for myself all together but then again they do say their point was that a lack of improvement to my attitude will mean that my finances never improved and we can see it’s a bunch of very abusive and destructive fucking idiots thinking I have been trapped, relying on me to do nothing about it.