Now it is said that it is not clear how I of all people ended up in the situation that I have but there is no situation whatsoever. I mean there is a Bookshop here for people who are interested in my concerns to get involved with and it is not an empty Bookshop as such, otherwise they are working very hard to seek a whole heap of trouble for their part in the matter and need to stop relying on me to do nothing about their stupidities if their lives how now been built around blowing off their big mouth over it to disturb everything associated with those who actually want to be clients.

I means it has all been happening on a global stage; follows me around at University to build communities that get imagination up my bum wrecking University studies, immediately after its Celebrities ran a global stage campaign to say anything I did with my publishers is where their fame is located, thereafter it built me a history of insults that were so intense they could divert public attention away from my patent and income margins,  now its settled up on a daily business of running me down every 24 hours, whipping my bum to show its stupid children were geniuses and I am a dunce – so it’s just too much of them, it’s everywhere and it is sickening. They do claim my statement here was an example of things I have said to show I am no longer keen for an Arch Prince’s Office which is utter nonsense as I am a famous person who has to get on the ground to support Public service operatives and ensure their intended work is being delivered, it is the reasons they are able to build communities that get imagination up my bum and make it profitable but it has reached a point now where it’s just too much of them and it’s very sickening, especially the sexual violation that happens from a distance with that big mouth they have – needs get a Book when it gets involved with this Hermitage or it is looking for a huge amount of trouble associated with an outcome where I wanted a specific relationship with the way I got to listen to what society and celebrities were saying, looking for a whole heap of it.

The other idiots with money really love to set out this idea they had enough money to counter me naturally but it will only carry on for a short while yet and then I will make sense of their stupidities having so much money that it allowed them get involved with people’s concerns uninvited, make up ideas about what really belongs to them which then becomes profitable at the market, run down people’s business to such an extent the owners can clearly see their purpose had nothing to do with trading and could clearly see that upon owning the business the end of their lives was close by. A little more and I will want a date from their stupidities with respect to when they want to begin a process of finding out if they are right with that big mouth blabbing of having such an amount of money if I started a fight, my purposes would never have been realised. I like to assume their interest in this place is more a matter of wanting to find out what roles are available in some of the more difficult aspects of Trust business and to deal with violent security matters themselves without reason or purpose and they are really getting on my nerves to cover their tracks building me publicity that said I should get into a fight with people to protect and make their stupidities happy. They always love to say that I do not understand there are powers at play in the matter and its utter rubbish; the truth of it is that within a 6 month period to the time my computer was infected with a virus and I was mentally and emotionally hit and my career was a mess, it started with small involvement based practical jokes that were not invited and got steadily worse – the relationship on which this is developed is never explained, the purpose of the activities are never explained and since it is impossible to stop them doing something that affects clients and or to draw a line on their behaviour in order to move on, is asking for an outcome where I am going to go right back to the very start of it and leave them weeping and wailing for some reason. I mean it has done it disobediently again, hence the reasons it thinks that I am in no position to assert myself i.e. spent time wrecking my Book sales on the internet and is now poised to decide how I got to sell it, making up ideas on what its stupidities own in the life of men, which facilitates those stupid communities built up to get imagination up my bum, setting a stage for them to handle my income margins and make me those stupid deals we hear them boast about all the time. There is simply too much of the entitled celebrity and society stupidities wrecking my finances and going home with its contract pay and salary everyday – they did want to know what situation I had ended up in, me of all people apparently.

We hear the boast all the time that I fail to recognise this matter is life threatening with that big mouth they have and it’s an old story about cracked up out of my league assessing the way that I spend time working on my faith and or other things I want to build a writing career with, to set about building communities that want to get famous or get paid for being popular instead of tackling the people who creep into the back yard to get imagination up their bums on account they are always entitled to other people’s incomes. We see this all the time and we know that they are likely to go away when you took the incentives from them but another group of goons with ideas that government buildings was a place they could go to do any wicked activity they wanted will stop you from doing nothing, then hang around somewhere thereafter being completely unable to make up their minds about the behaviour of a handful of fools blabbing of how what they do was power that everybody else would want to have but didn’t have, thereby those who criticised them were hypocrites, while the victims must have ended up in a position where they are targeted with very abusive activity every single second. For my part they garnished this nonsense once the Politicians had claimed I was the threat for taking it away from them with the understanding that if I stopped them from getting paid for being popular at my expense, I will put them in a position where they were at their most ferocious, which is precisely the reasons they always have one excuse after another to make whenever issues concerning me are raised i.e. I have been stopping anything that lets them get paid for being popular for years now and I believe I am manging the heat from their entitled stupidities very well too at this point. Another example of this nonsense is that black people are entitled to me and I had to make it obvious they had no right here by sabotaging my finances to preserve this Hermitage and when their involvement with me is about something other than money, especially for the women and their insults, we may engage with each other like human beings – we know these fools have picked it up as a tool to get around abusing me in order to set up others as characters that are entitled to my hermitage and to suggest others were clever and I were a dunce, which takes their abuses to a whole new stage, talking nonsense about life threatening at this stage while it is not yet done on what I wish to do about the damage done to my Bookshop, which is the last straw on the matter of the destructive interest they have shown in my concerns since the year 2002. In the end none ever goes this far on these matter save when Liberal America and its insultingly entitled ideas on what should become of those who have dared to own something their stupidities had not tasted, got involved and rounding it up here will help me make it quite obvious they were free to blab life threatening at me again at this point, considering when they got killed by Police Officers they loved to upstage me and their interest in this place has not yet been converted into Book sales, looking for trouble. Matters of bullying are never really handled properly as long as the Liberal idiots had gotten involved facilitating such nonsense as the soldiers that have been fighting my battles being entitled to that sweet thing they have not got brewing into a global stage mini crisis etc and then their Politicians setting up Industry where they cannot keep their eyes on the shop floor or their stupid children imagination off my bum – concerned parties have pointed out I should note they had monopolised the right to protest as well which does not bother me in anyway as it would not be the first occasion I had taken up their civil rights and ran it for them all together; we know that when it comes to handling society and celebrities, I would have had to come up with my own process if I did not have to deal with them targeting me all the time and this is what makes it bitter sweet and the reasons I have permitted their stupidities to run off at my expense to the extent that it has; all they had to do was tell CIA and FBI to do the jobs properly if their stupidities were doing a job of their own, not take up whole streets and living districts to make a case out of themselves and assert the position of their local criminals. For me it is not really as unusual as they assume it to be as such; at a Hermitage I would be thinking about the way that the nuclear weapons the US government possesses allows their stupidities to entitle themselves to my income margins, especially on social media on a scale of 1 to 10 of what is truly evil and more so in the context of their stupidities having claimed monopoly of the right to protests. The next time they blab life threatening at me, I am going to this this matter in a life threateningly serious way as well.

I have been informed that my sexual activities are at the heart of this matter as well but they are not – what happens is the way that picking up a bad neighbourhood to develop a Bookshop with gives rise to outcomes in which the whites who never intend to buy the Books have built me a reputation for writing Books which people buy to create personal problems that cannot be remedied in order to make money on my public image, extending to outcomes where all I did with the Crown and Royal Family was played out in a way which suggested they were entitled because they showed up on my media equipment. The ethnic minorities however were the developers of everything that added up to a process of building up my concerns somewhere in order to tell me my life was over and somebody else had taken it. In the end we have not been given a reason this bubble shows up on media and Parliament everyday but we know that every fall out associated with a sense they should be protected by me is the main point of friction all together and it would not have been the first time. So the outcome is this process where for the ethnic minorities I will run my finances at the Hermitage once it is being run a condition that is safe from being shared with their stupidities and the whites can continue the insults that entitle them to everything I did with the Monarchy and suggested I should be getting into a fight with people to make them feel comfortable if they are so keen to see what the results of it will be. So we know that Liberal USA is at the heart of everything that meant a process of getting out of bed every day to do all over again the things you do to ensure you were not vulnerable to bullying, needing my assistance to set out the pressure points, talking nonsense about me living shamefully which I do because they created it and ended up with their first black president, claiming Mr Trump is racist and now having an issue with where I have ended up, all the way down to my diet, notwithstanding which their stupid women are teaching white idiots how to abuse and insult, blabbing about controlling me, which outcome will likely be that when it gets seen as a threat, we will be hoping their stupidities did not set out conditions that meant somebody had to get killed, since I am clearly going to get a lot of fun out of it for my part too.

They do claim these activities helped them express the fact they think they are superior to me and its utter nonsense – what happens is the way they believe they know more about society than I do, so in terms of how culture and society makes sense of the fact that people should not take either the good things they did to an extreme end or the bad, to set themselves out as bad people who expect others to work for money and run away from the benefits to which these idiots must have entitled themselves; we see such results as those stupidities hanging around with culture and media, sending out women to make a mess of my finances, getting imagination up my bum as a matter of civil and criminal disobedience to which my response they found amusing because their stupidities considered themselves to be Men, while I have not been checking out which ones have a history of their bad behaviour to play with, talking nonsense of how the daddies and whole cultures were working against me with a big mouth, while the blacks claimed what I said to criticise their civil rights will get me into trouble and I have mentioned more times now than I can remember, that it never will unless they were looking for a whole heap of it too. my point is that they are not superior in anyway whatsoever they are just a handful of scum with families, grownups who think that they ought to get involved with my Bookshop to make profitable their less than lord able behaviour on grounds of social equality and it seems that there is no way to change this unless I got into a habit of hurting them as well.

They speak of this case where I never address the activities of people at the armed services. What we are talking about being a matter of what I have been seen doing with my websites and social media expressing the consequences the way people want to work at the armed services shows up here. I could never understand why those who handled it in terms of service work being a matter of how the way people conduct daily affairs was collected and implemented, were removed and replaced by these other people who think you needed to take up their sense of fraternity with surroundings and Nation and then set about running it on their behalf anyway. What we do know is that they have not yet sorted out the loopholes associated with the way they want to run it while I have had to cover myself and end up with mental scars for it with respect to the way it feeds into the sex industry – so the theory they have is that I am afraid of them but I think it would be well understood if a walkie talkie said, an arch prince is peaking and they needed to get the pitfalls of the way they did their jobs sorted out, their imagination kept off my anus thereof, then again, as I mentioned, what I have done on my social media and websites expresses everything about the consequences of the way they want to work. In the end we know the problem is largely a matter of the Men and their ideas about the way society gives so called privileges to the women and unless we had other arrangements where our subordinates spent time getting imagination up their bum the way their boys abuse and insult us all the time, bearing in mind these subordinates will in the system become the bosses that these boys that are coming into the ranks will answer to for the future, it is an issue that is arguable resolved another way. So they say I am a low life and the point of their activities are that they have taught me a life’s lesson but it is utter nonsense as I would be happy to move on if somebody could show me a single problem they blame and attack others for, which they had not created for themselves – ranging from the process of picking up the abuses criminal society goons levy at me to pick up my concerns and tell me my life is over, as something they built up on media so they might tell me my life is over, which is run all day, while the abusive effects are played into anything I did with the Monarchy and Royal family being what Celebrities deserved as well. In the end I have no wish to wreck their fun and their insults are affecting my finances to indicate they were spending my time on it.

They do say I speak that way but these people were financially better off and we know there are two factors in this; one of them is that there is no need for me to get off a Hermitage Bookshop and hang around somewhere looking like I wanted to make money the way a handful of goons get involved with a bubble that existed because people passed exams to become shop managers, set out products to get rich by abusing others in order to get paid for being popular and thereby setting people out as victims of narcissism that can help populations feel good for buying their products but the only reason this has happened is that I had set out a Bookshop and it is expected that if their interest was kindled, then I needed their money, so for this to be the reasons I have woken up to the nausea of this nonsense the last 4 years, every day, is an easily explanation for my current temperaments. It makes people so stupid; rather than get a plug up their bums and kill off all that lets them get paid for being popular, you ended up somewhere making sense of the years of unseemly behaviour towards you, which has eventually brought you to a point where you believed it was okay to work a career the way that they did, hopefully the mental health system will sanction you for it, once you are done shutting yourself down. The other factor which comes to play is that they have built up such a history of insult for me, that it is possible to divert public attention from the consequences of my person, public image and patents, to somewhere else where they can make money from it and love to tell me nothing I did would stop them when we know that starting a process of tackling their interest in the incomes and finances of people I broker equities and share a trust system with would be a very good start indeed as it were. I have ended up here because of the years spent on two things; one of those is a process where I tried ignoring them as a method of getting round the problem which has now produced an outcome in which they had entitled themselves to my income margins and their media fools had developed from idiots who provoke and abuse until I said and did something that set me out as a character people picked on to suck up to rich people who wanted respect for the money as a way to plan their own career and finances – this has now fed into the way that the health issues caused by their abusive insults have met up with the stage at which I had to push very hard with respect to the important changes happening with my career and Hermitage, we have also seen the second factor emerging as a process of building up society idiots picking up my concerns to tell me my life is over on media which can then be run off all day as controversy that helps them sell products, after they had developed a certain type of abuse that makes me into the smell guy and ran it off on a global stage. They are not financially better off; it’s the same issue with the same group of people for years, like a test of whether I am human or not – it has always been them at it since I left school and it’s always the one issues of things I would have done with bullying being interfered with to prevent any action on my part while they got to tackle me over the sense they felt unsafe and yet when we assess those bullies again, we find the bullies were criminals and the only form of interest in other people’s lives which get them driving imagination up peoples bottoms is that of the Media and Celebrities.

They do claim my problem affects everybody but I don’t know why I put it off as such; the first stage of this has now come to a head whereby I am said to be a coward because people tackle me all the time and none gets hurt, which is an outcome of the idea it’s not up to be to decide if I wanted to be on my own with the big mouth they have got. I guess the next will be the consequences of this process where they spend time working on me every time they are given jobs to do, instead of drawing from the years their parents dragged them out of bed to chase daily concerns and in order to ensure I reorganised myself in this new existence that made their stupidities comfortable, they have brewed public pressure that will stop me living shamefully or celebrities will take away my Hermitage with a big mouth. So when this plays into how they earn a certain amount of money and can speak to people anyway they wanted because they had, which applies to me as well thereby wrecking my Bookshop due to their excessive interest in me, adding to the fact every time they see me they tell tales of me being lazy until I had to explain there was no need for me to get involved with a bubble organised by criminals because others passed exams to become shop managers, then they will steal the idea naturally but each time I am seen working on my projects, I got tackled because business was an adventure, giving meaning to the way it is said you should never allow others tell you what to do when you are in business – giving way to the process of damaging my Bookshop which is the last straw for the stupid interest expressed in me and my concerns over the last decade and a half. It is now no longer a matter of saying that customers were free to buy whatever they wanted to, I am now being bullied because they had spent the incomes of my Trust brokers on themselves and wanted more, which can be gained if I improved the way I appeared in public, in keeping with a social status and this nonsense needed to show up where they lived so their families got full information of what I put up with every time they got to the Offices as well, besides which we can see that they needed to stop working on me whenever they are given jobs to do, so that I may carry on with my own concerns as well, regardless of how crooked they always had to be.

They speak of German influence all the time and not the destruction of people’s career and finances to make use of the public image as a means to get paid for being popular, since it’s usually dangerous to do so. In my case it’s more of how they saw me in the security services industry and thereby decided they wanted to get the criminals showing up where I lived all day – such that pleasure their abusive stupidities got while I did a job in the industry will be nothing compared to what they will get now that I am out of it with a big mouth. They do say as long as they present themselves as decent people there is not much I could do but we all know it’s about slapping on cosmetics to ensure they were not vulnerable to the same processes they used to wreck my career. They do say I had no respect for their culture and it’s the source of my problems but we know that the statement like the men that can beat me up make for their stupid women who want to handle my earnings, that those who messed with it will be dead because they will not be allowed a moments peace until they were, however the rest of the time beyond that will go far off the mark where you had to deal with the greedy ones that use this disposition to wreck everything you own in order to make themselves comfortable and then start a war if the culture had been damaged while those who made the rules all together became powerless to do a thing about it – it grows into a process where living in a condition where the way people handled you was not in keeping with any rules, into a process of living in hell because their stupidities were convinced they could do whatever they liked with you and another group of scum who wash the good behaviour at home where they kept it for friends and throw it at you in public all day wrecked the finances to make you vulnerable to younger generation. So It is about to develop into questions about what the cultural actually is from which I will expect an answer, without which I will certainly express the fact they need keep off my Books and their comments off my concerns as there is too much of them here, it’s sickening – so it does actually feed into those statements they make about how I am afraid of power at the Monarchy because they never really bring publicity to bear on the way they rip up my University studies and chase me around 12 years after because they wanted to use my public image and personality to get paid for being popular, which does actually belong to them last time we checked as it were.

I do get told it is shameful the way I expose myself to these issues but it isn’t in my view; if I said it’s a matter of a handful of gits keeping an eye on what I can be used for as insultingly as possible, to an extent where they followed me around to wreck my academic pursuits in order to foster it which has now produced an outcome where their stupid children may relate with me like I am a fat old tramp who lives in the neighbourhoods and had not achieved anything while they are geniuses, getting imagination up my bum for personal progress and a big mouth to show for it – so saying this as we can see, would resolve the insulting bullying but not while the media is all over it, if I tackled local media the problem will continue as long as Liberal America allows them the abusive means where they cannot keep their imagination off my bum and their eyes on their shop floor and off my public image, so this is what the problem is: Obama is no longer US president, they claim Trump is racist, Celebrities do not live on foodbanks and the community croons that have built their own publicity to facilitate people making sense of their stupid problems on my bedroom window to beat me down in my own bed all day now needs to come to a stop. They do claim it will get me into trouble with a big mouth but we know people do carry on without responding to this nonsense, in my case of which their interest has moved from my public image to my Books. I do get told the way I speak indicated the matter is getting worse and yes it is; I mean how does any person tackle the matter of an idiot who spent his years blabbing of his cultural power and the things that will befall those who grab his career, evolve into both such a character and one that runs my concerns with respect to whether or not I am vulnerable to ageist goons who want to see me grovel for money, then wreck my academic work and get its stupid Children imagining their finger in my anus all day, only to get off on public places blabbing about being important and setting out what is essentially a photo opportunity for it? They like to brag people like me think they have achieved much but are not up to scratch while we know they believe their superficial stupidities to add up to something incredibly important: until when it is reality the Prime Minister lives in London, The Queen lives in London, the Mayor of London lives in London, the Lord Mayor of London lives in London and many other dignitaries, whereby it’s impossible to tell which one you will meet by chance while walking the dog and whether it is a life to look good enough to meet dignitaries every day and all day long – this is where the blabbing is that it depended on where you lived, of which I don’t believe it to be their philosophy if they have wrecked my Bookshop to build up stupidities quasi criminals create at my expense to tell me my life is over, like a bubble on media which they have claimed will be used to make decisions on my income. So I have had enough of it the way I have learned much about their idiocy getting imagination up my bum naturally and this knowledge is not staying at this Hermitage; I am no longer that patient on the matter and need to move it off somewhere, so they are going to have let me have my personal space very soon. They do claim I think I must have it all my way which is utter nonsense – I suppose it is fair to say that if my Books were about the way they and their families got on, what they were allowed to do, was to lodge a law suit not handle it but we know it’s about me, so their insulting and perverted interests have been kindled: it fits very well into those insults about bad things I have done which I am being reprimanded for, we know at this point that I never respond to it, save the part where damage to a Bookshop is taking up my time, to make sense of their unusual stupidities.

It does feed into questions of me abandoning Celebrity interests which I have not, it simply is no longer available to rich and stupid goons who spend time building up a sense that I am discriminative when I set out a stage that keeps out the quasi criminals and build up young people to tackle me which is set to show there is nothing I can do with respect to the way they invest my equity to make films and entertainment and various other things like advertisement and so on – so it is an understatement when I describe it as rich and stupid since we also see them show up to say all of the time that it is the same experience that they had and I don’t remember meeting them as a minor, don’t remember them paying the fees when they wrecked University studies and I don’t remember them paying my bills – the part where it’s a question of what is right and wrong is usually unbearably annoying since I am a Hermit and know what evil looks like, never mind such facts as claims my Books set free people they usually bullied to feel good about themselves and they had the right to handle it thereof, I never spoke about whether it is right or wrong, I spoke about being a Christian who does not want this nonsense about being in a disposition where I am laden with thoughts of hurting younger people all the time because somebody put them up to all sorts of stupidity at my expense. I have to deal with it all the time, never mind difficult disposition associated with the sense the younger people deserved a better life than fighting me all the time; they need to make statements about how spending 15 to 20 years in the worst jobs in the land is better than a young professional and the media is inundated with cases after cases on the reason their social standing was better etc. It’s the parent bully syndrome that law enforcement talk about whenever they do and it’s always dank and dark and dreary and looks like it wants to see me put it on a scale of 1 to 10 of what is evil, talking nonsense at me about what might be right when I simply want it to stay away from my Books and stop blabbing its stupidities on my public image, especially the Americans who claim we sneer at power but not when it is used to do violent things that keep us safe, getting into a fight with me and my allies to make sense of its stupidities fighting my battles all the time.

They say I have failed to accept I am facing a losing battle and it is not a losing battle in anyway – people must know if they have made comments which have wrecked my Book sales, it does not turn into the right thing to do when they have aligned their celebrity interests to look like they lived on foodbanks and I had to co-operate or the same effect a lack of co-operation on my part has on their celebrity culture will be visited on my Bookshop. So far they have stopped chasing my bottom at Buckingham Palace but other forms of insult and abuses continue never the less, the real question of the kind of situation I have ended up in, me of all people i.e. listening to what Celebrities are saying – no Books getting sold, no Celebrities buying Books, none knows what is really going on. So, I do need to run a campaign and say some things and get things ready because they must have been aware this is destruction of people’s property because of their sickness and greed on a grand proportion.