They bring up this talk that as racial tensions rise I will eventually become the target and will not know where people are coming from and I don’t think they are talking about what they can do either; it just makes me think that despite the insults of their media fools wrecking everything around here going on and on all day long without reason or purpose, its still difficult to tell how they have gone from those regular insults that wreck the academic work and decide how I should be made into a character who simply exists to tackle violent people in order to make the beautiful feel comfortable, which they must ensure I became no matter what, twisting the nose all the time, eventually led them into this place where I am said to have taken up important things at Public image and government and with the use of insults set about degrading them until they became something that a cowardly low life like myself can handle, in order to build controversy that brings about sales for idiots who have strange relationships with money and will not stop short abusive videos they claim adds up to advertisement. It will not however be the first time that racism had found its way into ethnic minority tribalistic communities and Tribalism had found itself into white racists society on my account but they are blabbing as though they are desperate to see me device a way to chase my daily concerns in a way which puts Celebrities in a lot of pain, suffering and distress as well. This nonsense goes on; Celebrities, Media, all the way to sports people, the abuses never stop and I live in the loo the entire time because I am less co-operative on what people can do with my personality to make money – it happens because they are stupid and are interested in showing me every one of their stupid interests adds up to a threat that I  faced, keen on getting a response. For now the bloody idiots did play a part in society gits picking up my work to put up somewhere in order to tell me my life is over without reason and that is the consequence which was born out of what I perceived to be the last time I will tolerate it, it was the last straw as it were.

We see the same nonsense in diplomatic circles where they have gone off to tackle Russians, made a mess of National security doing so and have been seeking the interests of Celebrities all over my Public image, alongside some stupid Americans, so that when real government processes of establishing diplomatic publicity in a condition which means the Queen is communicating with the Leadership of the USA which is our biggest ally, comes round, it turns out that HM does not deserve me and my chest will explode if I didn’t find a way to vent the frustrations.

Now they say my problem is that I think I can win. I wouldn’t know anyway, I know however that since 2002, these fools have engaged with me in one only way and it involved being daddies that built communities which exerted pressure on my tummy and got to explore where I kept my anus because of what they thought they should be using my personality and public image to do at popular culture, the abusive process where runs every day, very intensely and very violently (from a distance, churning my tummy and making a mess of my social life by building up what people should think of the smell caused). We are living in 2020 now and the Media ones do not stop for a single moment every day, it goes on and on and on and on and by 7.00am every day, they must have ratcheted enough local civil unrest to chase me around over it, blowing off that big mouth about violent situations I will face if their bottom hurt. I mean I am being punished as though I will be killed because of what I did to protect myself from abusive practical jokes of white daddy, which is meant to facilitate market that helps people get rich even if they didn’t know anything and the more I try to move them on is the more violent they got, following me around everywhere I went to make a mess since last they selected poverty for themselves and had found somebody with enough talent to be blamed for a lifetimes problems, I am being punished by these idiots for it and when somebody gets killed by the Police I had been served. The Celebrity ones are another story – they said criminals were the better people buying entertainment products while I spent time thinking about rubbing shoulders and upon realising that people have been building communities to get imagination up my bun and pressure for my tummy, decided to apply their own whereby I was meant to be a character who hung around somewhere complaining of how evil the world was, which would feed into a Public image I had but could not control, so they might become richer and more famous than their stupidities currently were. It goes without saying that it does need get off my Hermitage and engage with the Books otherwise the business of me getting my eyes on hands on anything and everything that makes them smell as well should be top on their list of worries right now. There is even the community and society gits who are the oldest story here, at all times their plan is to ensure I was worse off whenever I talked about or handled anything and one of these days it will progress from its inane and stupid need to handle me into something of enlisting somebody to attack me violently with that big mouth it has got.

Some people have said it is remarkable I find it easy to respond to it differently, but I really do not. I mean without discounting my own achievements like people say I do all the time, it’s a case of a handful of gits upon knowing that most people will think it unbecoming for their famous stupidities to do these things, get encouraged to do it more than usual. So it adds up to a process of thinking about the generic characters that are usually the reasons to employ a security guard you help you protect a business premises look like and the Celebrities are top of that list at all times. The business communities have said that if I tried anything they would get me but I believe I had made it clear their insolence causes me more physical pain than they could imagine and needs to stop; they need keep their stupid eyes on the shop floor and their minions the stupid imagination off my bum before it became my main preoccupation in this place – I mean when the business communities get involved the Celebrities really do stand out like a proper example as it were, then we will find out how far their big mouth stretches from then. There is nothing wrong with my Books, just these idiots getting involved with my livelihood and tackling me for everything I did to curtail the extreme nastiness of doing so, knowing that their main aim is to destroy it and grab the market; such that those times I ask why a designer worth tens of millions of pounds would want to wreck my Bookshop and grab the market adds up to the times they could rely on me to do nothing about them until they had achieve their stupid aim. Nobody here it talking to them about winning – it needs to get off my hermitage and engage with a Bookshop, the insults are apparently an old story as it were. They do these because they are stupid and all their interests are a threat to me.

They say this is a test associated with my Office and it is not any such test; I am working from some of the worst neighbourhoods in the land, people needed to stop fucking around with characters the Queen does not want to do business with, then show up here to pass insults at me for the consequences, its always a better alternative to blabbing about tests for my Office, with their Celebrities becoming obsessed with my Hermitage because it was clear that does so will destroy the Bookshop and make a personality available for their stupidities to unpick in order to make fame, talking nonsense about how I hang around somewhere planning to win, who then tell me that their behaviour is largely due to the fact I described them as stupid people and I should say again that they are stupid beyond imagination, need get away from the Hermitage and engage with the Books. Its like the other talk about the betrayal through which I have connived with US President Trump to rob them off civil rights but what really happens is the never ending punishment for pushing back against ageist idiots who chose poverty when younger to prove they are tough and now play dog tricks at me, following me around to University and showing up where I had done the best work for my career to make a mess all the time, then when Mr Trump got elected President, I was complicit with racism over it, never ever stops and the Media and Celebrity bits carry on like so everyday all day long, complete with the other foolish characters showing the benefits of being women by having one thing after another picked off from something I had written which they took out of the University computer system, to run off short videos about insulting me which their stupidities claimed added up to advertisement and in end there is no law making them and none is forcing them to be such a handful of inconsiderate fools all the time, such that picking up a job with them generally means building a crowd that shows up at that work place to explore facts on whether they wrote my Books, while I hung around somewhere expected to provide them with a sense I thought they were well meaning people who only wanted to ascertain which was male and female communities and not a handful of criminals.

It shows up like so all the time, hijacks my Bookshop and spends time building up any work I have done on a public places so might tell me about things I cannot do when I don’t have money and the outcome is that it blocks my Bookshop because I would only have been successful if I had money to invest and then I don’t end up having any money to invest so that I might be successful, while its children claim I have not got a business empire and there are other things I can only do with money such as my academic pursuits – the result which is that I am not able to progress with the activities I am meant to conduct at their Hermitage according to my own schedule and they are always hanging around Industrial parks to whip my anus generally is the source of the biggest problem that we have, especially since Celebrities to whom it does not concern in anyway, had showed up to play a part as well and hung around where thereafter talking nonsense about a fame job I am supposed to co-operate with. These fools are then the first place to make a public crisis out of the fact my finances are not looking the work that I do at the Hermitage.

They claim their behaviour is to do with the sense that I had to get involved with the Monarchy but then again, so have I made it quite clear one more case of my work and concerns being encumbered by stupid talk about money issues in this place and I will sack their own too, so they are free to show up here and tell me its about industry as well.

People have said I negated the story of how this plays into the way rich people secure more privileges for themselves and yes it does but if I am now being barred from everything I did through social pressure and criminal activity, it must mean rich people have finally been able to tell the difference between privilege and stealing. Some have said they wish to know about personal progress I want to make without tackling them or the Celebrities but that is exactly what this is about; they appear to be completely unaware that to run this Bookshop successfully, all their interest in me must now come to a stop 100% of it, since it is rather clear people always find it complicated with daily concerns and everything I did to help them get through with it because I wanted them to make time to read my Books, only means their famous idiocy got involved with mine uninvited to invent alternative purposes for the service process and spend a lot of time and effort it has taken without permission, wrecking it. I have been told that even when I said so, it is still not enough for me when people complied and yes it isn't because all of the nauseating financial complications I have had to put up with are a product of thinking that tolerating and ignoring them added up to a process of solving a problem, now I have to keep an eye on the point at which it first began because they will not stop peppering my public image with stupid comments.

Time and again we find the processes develop from a series of beeline activities I respond to with my proficiency which they find exhilarating to something which presents itself as a case of disrespect on my part towards Members of the Royal family which is really isn’t since the real thing is the business of bothering Politicians with society power – it will then claim it’s a matter of the spiritual and society powers that it has to bend me to its stupid will and I believe I have warned them enough times about targeting me with it to make excuses on the reason they thought I deserved it as they went along since 2003, I have warned them enough times about the violent lasciviousness associated with and the scandalous insults that they build groups to throw at me on the streets – I mean they do ask the question of how I came to be targeted by it when I am not their real intended targets once they had forgotten about the fun of claims my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives which becomes the way people engage with an atmosphere hanging around where a Hermit lives in the neighbourhood and had gotten serious since – I too think it is unnecessary for me to pick the issues concerning how their society gits engage with the atmosphere hanging around where a Hermit lives, their Industry twats getting imagination up my bum and their media fools who simply have never stopped in any given 24 hours for a single moment.

They claim its about civil revolt and I am trying to make sense of how their revolt fits into a scenario where the Police require me to maintain some public place tending of my personality to agree with the work they are doing, when added up to the fact they learned their profession in an academic and each of them wears a Uniform and there are people in an environment that id difficult because of the way that we organise society, on account that it was the best point from which somebody can start to plan or engage in criminal activity while they really did not need to be there, so their revolt must fit into somewhere in all that I guess. My point is that this is not civil revolt characters in anyway, they are the other side of City centre operatives who never speak of these things we speak about, not because they cannot but because they were doing something else with their time – these are the reverse of that, the reasons people employ security guards to help protect a premises, just so that it might serve its consumers, before other complications follow. Its like they say I have got an understanding of the raging Public insanity but we can see that it likes to listen into any conversations I engage in to stuff the culture and society trouble makers with what I know, so they carried it around like PR and take from the source by getting violent at me from a distance on how it should be used to serve its rights, garnished with ideas on whom its stupidities were superior to, so when it has too much, it hangs around somewhere complaining I am partly responsible for screwing its mind and its actions of distant violence has not yet produced an outcome in which I was physically handled as such but it is growing into a reason somebody will ask it to beat me up as it were, especially bearing in mind that at the heart of the huge big and stupid responsibility, if it allowed me have the peace and quiet at the Office, it would have inevitably suggested I am important when I am not, as far as its stupidities were concerned. They do claim I deserved better which leaves me wondering what better they mean – I am working from a bad neighbourhood which serves such a purpose as to ensure that I am where most matters that I can deal with an a hermitage are kicking off everyday and it also ensures that after years of being a discriminative person while criminals were good people buying show business products, I will not be bothering the entitled Celebrities into the future.

I am said to be a disgrace and this is what they are most concerned about but it is clearly not disgraceful enough if I am running a Business with a Bookshop and I know its always complicated for people when the Media and Celebrities get involved and its not clear that I had lost both. The other part of the story being that I deny the existence of the racism issues while its not as simple; first it’s a white majority country so the more what you do depends on what the white community has is the more exposed to racial behaviour you are – the problem is not those who come up with scientific theories that they are superior, the problem is those who poke you out of your home, wreck the academic work and finances to ensure that they got ahead and when that had failed set about a mini war to ensure they share your Books as long as you are here sharing their Country, the people who ensure that the base of that dependency on the white communities was expanded – the ones that are always blabbing Industry at me to make me angry enough to set out they need keep their eyes on the shop floor and not my bum and need tell their minions to keep their imagination off my bum too. The white community on the other hand this dilemma, that they are always to expand their business interests overseas, especially when they had started talking about how much white wealth makes everybody else better off, when they allow others to come into the Country which provides them the access to go overseas on a general pursuit, about which my problem is usually also the idea that somebody is hanging around somewhere chasing the future of the black race while I am doing no such thing. Its never that easy with the racism thing.

They do say that nothing I say here clears out the issue necessarily but doing so will require a process of understanding exactly what people are controlling public sensibilities and because there is so much abuse and disrespect it is the Parent bullies who are like a section of satanism in society and various other more serious forms that will get into our lives very soon if they continue to hold their position – the bits that never stop are the women about whom others must do something violent to protect alongside their money issues people for all of whom the need to make money was an all consuming thing that is meant to affect other peoples lives very deeply because they were a priority. In the end they are there because of the kind of leadership which Politicians and Media have been supplying, that has now brought them to public prominence – for my part, they mostly used to blab about a provocative religion while their racist counterparts claimed they were here first and competed with me about which peaceful spiritual religious leadership sensibilities were fitting for my size and race, like something out of the annals of hell, so I need to get back to my life, back to being who I really am but first must sort out this Bookshop thing and secure my supplies. I am a Hermit you see and do understand what they really are, so we can handle the public issues when we make sense of it and they do tell me they found my activities provocative but it is also an assumption I am a fan of their existence when I constantly have to battle the fact they are not interested in improving the condition of public wealth but only in destroying what exists to tackle those who disagree with their need to make money which lays to waste everything in other peoples lives, then get counted among those who control anything that is left as well. They love to say that I am a talker who cannot really match my words but its an old story about where we have ended up being a product of their inability to stop showing up in public places to claim they were superior to me in a process of trying to ensure their financial needs were prioritised and can show up here to blab if mad enough or keep off my Books and stop peppering my Public image with comments. The Politicians have said that it is not difficult for me to tackle the matter and none knows why I save it for other things but I really don’t – I don’t keep their money here and they are aware I don’t appreciate them chasing it here as such either but it is better to use their position as a tool that helps tackle the other goons about whom we do quantitative easing but do not look like it all the time; they say that considering their businesses and incomes and the other hoodlum minions that follow them around to get imagination up peoples bottoms, not only are the insults of telling others how to exist more profitable than ever but those who resist them simply have difficulty showing respect for the privileges that rich people enjoy; so when they get to pay off some public problems it really makes sense i.e. spend money to help them buy equipment and venues to engage with the public and become famous lest somebody drops out of University like I did for instance, it really tends to make sense. Hence eventually I am said to have given up on my public image which I have not – it seems that going back to the past where companies were more in control of the way I built creative equity to broker with them at a Canopy is the way to proceed, as it is a good past to go back as such but this time, without the Celebrities hanging around to claim I spend time rubbing shoulders while criminals buy show business products and are therefore the good people while I am a low life etc. The one we are grappling with at Government level now is the part where they picked up my Hermitage as a tool through which they got into a fight with Russians, made it messy and decided it had set the stage by which we as a Country should be more friendly with the US and suck up to Celebrities while being controlled by them and it was clear that if HM was not offered some exit for it the Country was going to burn as a result of it.