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It’s all very well that we cannot be free from the complaining but we also know the whole sordid business had taken up a familiar pattern of idiots fighting for my civil rights to support prognosis of racist and violently discriminative activity since the none violent bits were not enough, considering they decided to build sub cultures which set their word out as law on others over what people were allowed to say and do – never mind that we always find out what the real law is when it gets serious enough to show up in the Law Court. The same familiar pattern of supporting prognosis of racism and violent discrimination in order to make money, then task the government with the duty of controlling the activities of those that are violent and invent media campaigns to tackle any Government that actually did or tried, fighting for the civil rights of the weak, when it’s not complaining that its stupidities were unable to get some rest as well and especially when Muslim, show up with criminal insults to take up all my time on what I may not say about its religion the way it cannot keep its dirty mouth off my case. Eventually it once again begins to feed into that case where it is said I am suffering from depression while the real problem is the 15 year clingy stupidities of superior people who attacked me for thinking about them in a charitable way because they were parasites who preferred to make decisions on whether I am allowed to be on my own, in order to obtain a new lease of life and find out they cannot stop blowing off their big mouth at me, talking nonsense about importance of bravery and violence – the African twats are getting worse because they are not currently living in Countries where their Celebrities are seen getting all over my public image because they lived in an environment where children are not allowed to thrive, while the insults that facilitate this nonsense and lays the foundation for those processes where their idiocy cannot be seen making public appearances without claiming they were superior to me and later show up here to do me favours by an evil culture and get imagination around my private parts to bend me to their will as well, never mind satisfying an evil desire would be inescapable, if they had not obtained a response for it yet, running from war zones all their stupid lives, talking rubbish with the support of media, political fools and celebrity idiots at me all of the time. It is an example whereby I wrote this after I asked if they would like to keep their mouth shut on the wife beating history insults built here like the reasons I trashed their interests in the Middle East and South America or they want me to clear it out.

The rest are more in keeping with the sort of thing we see from City centre idiots who have created this arrangement with me that featured relentlessly abusive community croons on one hand and their stupidities tackling me in suits very publicly on the other, even when they knew they had created such a thing into my social life, extracting money from my income margins abusively every day, leaving me feeling perpetually tired and as if I cannot stop the sick feeling in my stomach because of a history I am unable to rectify even though I knew what to do about it, loss of energy meaning I cannot chase my daily concerns such as work and then the sexual context insults and abuses really kick off while they complain to Politicians about an attitude associated with shutting down the grooming processes of their stupidities but now we have its involvement at industry to handle me when they buy products with Americans leading from the front on account they all had penises and the assumption was that I had none.

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