The stupid claims that I am out of control are clearly aspired to in a wider sense and since last they took advantage of me taking up residence in a bad neighbourhood to write Books by, they had hit the jackpot and will not give it a rest like a bunch of idiots that others need to man handle. I am rather certain if they stopped making a mess of my Bookshop and finances, I would be found writing more and talking less in any case. It has always been a matter of allowing oneself to be undercut at the basic of instincts and I am sure they have seen ample evidence that I can undercut their own as well. Technically getting out of control should mean the prospects of the wealthiest boys in Town sitting down to a conversation and worrying that I might chip-in, but I had no idea why they would not enforce the whole thing properly, so ensure they did not get to handle my Books whilst they had such concerns all together. I do not suppose that when people build communities that get imagination up other people’s bottoms, rip up peoples careers and pick the best work that was done for it as tools that they can make their own money by, it made them more powerful than an Arch Prince but then again the real difference between what we are trained to do at the Monarchy and what they are trained to do in their business world is this attitude of creating a new war when asked to win a previous one, to label such activities as hope.

I am said to have had control of these matters which I had since allowed to slip through my fingers and it is utter nonsense – everything is under control, what causes the problems is the media bubble that a bunch of idiots with publicity presence build for the problems to play their own money madness practical jokes with. Not that they did not have money madness practical jokes before me or anything, it’s just a new form of updated narcissism. So, I think that I want to prepare for a life of getting out of bed to cause the Media a lot of pain and suffering a lack of which would have indicated that the process I have devised to make sense of how big the problem has become and how far the problem has developed was ineffective.

So the detail of the matters are the ways that I am made to get out of bed every day to face one battle after another over the one stupidity where I am a good person and it would be nice to have me publicity harmed or killed, so that they might resolve themselves with respect to the gangs and crime that are a product of their personal decisions – it has since evolved after the destruction of my University, studies, my social life, my finances and now an obsession with insulting me on how my public image and Bookshop should be used, into something of people getting paid for being popular by idiots who had money to make trouble for me, when each of the difficulties built for me produced such results as a process where people were given a better life in return for buying show business products and whatever industrial twats put out at the market place. Therefore the second part of the problem which is the need to pick up my asset equities and splash it out each time they invested money, making those stupid statements where I fought for market and they took it, alongside gimmicks they displayed to suggest they owned me and then I had to deal with those who spent their own assets to develop the Trust property equity and issues associated with profitability into the future of Companies that broker equities there, while they made their own money and the gimmicks went round in circles. That said, it does not mean I do not have these problems resolved on my websites and social media, it’s the one that runs on Media bubble coming round to make a mess of all the work I had done, hence it will stop when the media suffers for it in every way, mostly however it clearly goes round in circles as money idiots cannot show up here to buy and read Books with all their wealth and the big mouth they have got for it, looking for a response. I believe when I get onto the issue again, people are going to get killed on my account but according to details supplied here, if its stupid desperation as a real prick does not get it claiming I am a paedophile, it still does not get them showing up here only to buy and read Books I had written either. The risk being that if the fools had showered me with enough insults to suggest my Assets and property were fringe benefits, putting their stupid selves in charge of Public matters they knew nothing of and getting imagination up my bum to make sense of being able to channel my actions in a direction completely, if not in part, they can live off the idea that I exist to fight for market while they made investments and continue to rip up my income and keep me broke and single, claiming daddy had made a promise to buy a Book and we have ended up in a situation where they can do this and communicate this nonsense at me because a group of idiots were Celebrities and or worked on Media, which is what the problem is – the comments that are not being kept where peoples careers are located it, instead of thrown around my career and social life and I believe it is going to end badly as well.