It has been said time and again that I live like a woman and it’s impossible to settle a sensibility on what it means anyway but either way, should I want to make it easier for the dim minds, I would say that living like a woman does not mean that when I set out a Bookshop it is meant to do something other than sell Books because of the decades of familiarity based insults and very violent corruption of involvement performed by very silly individuals who are happy to risk high crimes, testing other people as per how people will react to the idea of knowing they have been planning their lives on people’s wallets and naturally I am completely lost as per which rights they had assumed to allow them this disposition which mean they are now the ones issuing threats. I have decided personally however to move the matter to a tit for tart sort of career issues where I break their own each time they break mine and I am advanced in the process of preparing it but it is quite clear that I will not have it immediately as well. Generally this nonsense about living like a woman is supposed to have been the insults of some very silly women with cultural disobedience at their disposal assuming they can play foolish games with my career and finances all the time, dispatched from Federated societies and they do love to get together with their men and tell me I have not got a chance which is incredibly annoying but I do not suppose that it is lost in translation here, that since 2014, their idiocy has taken the business of passing insults at me and making it profitable on Media to do so, right up to the stage where they needed to decide how I existed, so they might be in control of how I made money and where I spent it, since creating this condition where there is always a premise for abuses and insults on media associated with the state of my finances or my financial wellbeing, meaning that we should not be doing any of this at all in the first place – so I am going to move this matter in light of the way they build communities and turn up to run me down, while teaching their children to get imagination up my bum, to a tit for tart way of handling the career, in terms of breaking their own every time they break mine, as there is no prospects of getting a breathing space from their stupidities unless I did. I do get told that I say so but am really planning something very nefarious for my part as well and yes I am I.e. if I did get off spending a couple of years of somebody else’s time, not just teaching my Children how to get imagination up his bum while I build communities that help me run him down so we might decide what we wanted to do with his public image in order to get comfortable, claiming that the persons public image is a product of sleeping with peoples wives, to such an extent, it’s impossible for my victim to walk by women peacefully on the Streets and then set about claiming on Media once the previous issue had become a phenomenon, that the person lives like a woman when he is a Man and need to give up everything he had worked for, I must have been very aware this is a very twisted, very evil and very vile nonsense to exhibit at other people’s expense and set about blowing off the big mouth at my victims anytime that I can do so; hence the theory is always that I will set about handling it but I never will, what will happen instead is another of those instances where it is said I have either committed great crimes or gained from acts of great criminal contents and then gotten away with it. The Media are for instance another group who set out the issues very well; they select Music Tracks on the radio  waves, in a way that takes advantage of the fact that on attendance at work, I was productive enough to achieve an impression on my employers Clients, knowing it will create all sorts of problems but set it out as the means by which to beat me down with their very important fame jobs, which beating me down then progresses to the part where every feeling that they ought to select their music tracks differently means the whole thing gets violent as a low life who has achieved nothing with himself assumes he may address or try to handle somebody who works in the Radio studio and earns a lot of money – so I take steps to decide they will select and run their music tracks in a way that does not affect my career, it will add up to an attack on the freedom of the press, so the only way is to beat them down before bedtime every day as well, which they are not working so hard to prevent but like the business of a low life wanting to handle them because they arrange music tracks to affect the Bosses business in order to beat me down simply ensured I did nothing about their very important selves while they were busy at it, only goes to provide a couple of seconds break from it before they go back to do exactly what they had been doing the entire time.

So I do get told also that the clash with Celebrities is deepening and yes it is, I do get asked what I do say to make the issue simpler but it has always been an old story about the eventual result of claims that their fame now exists somewhere at the relationship I have with my Publishers, is that when I set out a wealth equity system at a Royal Hermitage Trust, the Equity brokered, sets me out as a character on whom the show business ruthlessness of taking candy from a baby would be most effective perverting my livelihood for all sorts of nonsense that they cannot handle themselves, besides which it tended to mean they can grab anything from this place and deploy it to make show business products and there was nothing I could do about it. So it becoming serious enough for me to take necessary steps that allow me to enforce the fact that Celebrities for each time they handle any part of my Concerns ought to use it according to the purposes intended as well – it’s a Bookshop and they are supposed to buy Books, besides which if I build a wealth equity structure, when Celebrities deploy aspects of my work and public life through it, I expect a regard for the disposition of their parents and support for younger people at school from it and some Politicians have expressed interest in it, it’s impossible to tell what their stupidities expect me to do while they have handled it for the purposes of expressing their incredibly stupidly famous gits show business ruthlessness and so does it beat my imagination that they are now the ones issuing threats because their bottom hurts. I still do not think it a crisis either, this business has a purpose and unless it’s a product that people buy for their own purposes from it, should handle it for the purpose intended and this is the way to resolve all the issues with the Celebrities, which I am really fed up with at this stage. The wealth equity systems exist to facilitate relations between Industry property owners and those who are getting into Industry – this is what a wealth equity system does, not provide idiots with money so they might forge relationships with criminals, buy organised crime products and do us favours – those who have no wish to handle my work and intended need to keep away from it, especially when famous, I like to think its famous stupid for my part. The other part of this tale being that the way I conclude my matters make people uncomfortable but this is not what makes people uncomfortable, what does is the fact I am getting rid of these goons and they do always say that when I do their hearts will be broken while I don’t care in anyway if it would be – I mean it still goes back to the days when I was spending time rubbing shoulders with rich people while even criminals bought more films, knowing I had state provided security and some role associated with diplomacy, wrecked my academic work and everything else that was linked to it around here and turned up to handle my finances through my Bookshop to tie me down and get me doing something to cover their bums as well. I believe the way to be safe from all this nonsense, right down to relations with my Publishers being where their stupid fame is located, is to ensure that most of my engagements with my concerns happened on the internet, as they are unable to resist the urge to handle my property while securing back-up support from neighbourhood boys. While those who are getting more physical with the big mouths Celebrity nonsense that likes to make a mess and start a war when asked to clean it up are seeking out an occasion where they will well of neighbourhood tell me I am looking for trouble introducing myself as an Arch Prince in the Course of looking after matters at this Hermitage with respect to running a profitable Bookshop are looking for some real trouble on their part as well, might want to mind their social class a little more than that. About the way I handle matters making people uncomfortable however, it seems that nothing works, save the business of allowing culture and society troublemakers to resolve their problems by accessing the Public image of Celebrities as well. They do say there are a lot of people out there who can do what I can do and I suppose they can do the divinity aspect as well, where it’s an issue about me and my personality and public image, the atmosphere it not quite ghostly which is cold and frosty but is full of spirits, thus that there is no God is another story that they tell as it were. Some have said that it is not as bad as I had set it out to be and that I am paranoid but I am not in anyway; it has rather now reached a point where Film makers who stand up for themselves get attacked and Celebrities who stand up for themselves suffer the same fate – all about the talented and the parameters for making money being available at this disposal of this gits and in my case I have no choice as per how my work gets deployed with their big mouth while I have reached a conclusion now, that it will never be resolved save there is a demarcation between myself and Celebrities I get along with and them, so that a bargain might be possible if we want to make one. It’s not as rosy as people suggest that it is, I personally cannot understand why they are the ones issuing threats over hurting bottoms when I don’t hurt their bottoms anyway, guess too who are beating me down over my poorly financial well-being.

On the subject of living like a woman, I simply have an ability to fight back rather than get about looking for trouble and I have been told enough times that I am a very unusual character, for me to take such a fact seriously, since I find this comfortable because the prospect of winning for me is quite high. What then happens is that since my mental state develops around the process of what I do with violent situations being a matter of what people put into me, they spend their time on nothing else save churning my tummy – the idea that I live like a woman is quite ridiculous. So we see that they would not wish the business of building communities to go off and run other people down in order to get imagination up their anus over some lasciviousness that is set to be profitable, to happen to themselves or their relatives but the problem is that victims such as myself seldom have the time to think about this vile nonsense in such ways but now it is starting to become unfathomably annoying, especially when it knows where my Books are located, Liberal American leads the world at handling it, they were performing some citizen corruption all over it to get rich quick and I live like a woman and therefore need to give up whom I am to those it really belongs to. Pointed out, just in case some were still lost on the reasons I must move the matter to a break my career and I smash your own scenarios for getting on, so that I may secure myself a breathing space too. The reality is that the only relationship I have with these people is one of bullying, while the only relationship I have with Celebrities is one of ideas on how I should be used which is followed on by the scum they share the proceeds with via very abusive and violent behaviour – so the part they are current complaining about is the Asset denial bits where their kids are past the age of getting rich and famous on my Public image, where we are going next will be the part where I had a lot of time to think of it that way in order to protect my Bookshop from stupid Americans with problems who have the right to build business empires on my property and public image, while the Celebrities will handle to deploy anything they touched around here according to the purpose it was set out. Some have suggested I might be wrong about the Celebrities but we know their most prized victory is the ability to stifle my earnings which works either way I wanted to recover what I had lost from their stupidities and ensure they were seen as what they really were but besides that, if they are handling bigger criminals while I am a small personal handling smaller criminals, I fail to see how it tended to mean that I should drop out of University and their insults should so profitable and leave me with a psychological sense that there is always pressure on my head and tummy which leaves me with obscurity and ensures I smell of what I ate all the time.

It is a very simple business where people buy Books I have written to find creative equities and seek out administrative items that apply to what they want to do through my websites if they needed more and there will be no trouble if I stopped dealing with idiots who have ideas on how I should be used changing this message for me on me, to blow off their big mouth while complaining of where their stupidities had ended them up before they met me or other scum with a foolish need to show the importance of their money, making out the bidding processes had turned my business into something that gits may express a taking candy from a baby attitude by, as stupidly as possible – which tended to show that if I stem this problem, the fact they had made profit from it will continue an issue still going into the future and there needs to be a very clear message on where I stand regarding their stupidities in that respect. It must be used according to purposes intended if people wish to be respected and wish to be free of complaining about me as well.