It is now said that I live in such grave fear caused by culture and society trouble makers, that I spend a lot of time getting around the Monarchy to pick up my effects and ensure that people did not harm me through them and no aspect of this nonsense is actually true at all in any case – it is not what I am doing, the fear and the link with the Monarchy story was drawn up when they got off making a mess of what I was doing on the internet. The fact on the ground on the other hand is still pretty much the same story, that if they are complaining about me, that community built up to run me down while they made a mess of my public image needs to be shut down and they need to leave me alone, expressing fully how easily avoidable all that business of complaining about me really was the entire time. It’s an old story about being dragged into a corner when the Politicians ensure that anything I do to push them off had been frustrated, where I am abused to a stage of making sense of what passes on their left hand side and right hand side, so they might move into any part that I appear to have a dispositional advantage but it’s an old story where we never see American democrats support anything else but this sort of thing, so the reasons it has grown so big is the fact that the CIA and FBI and its ability to aid them with the throes and gimmicks of industrial espionage had been involved with this, hence as soon as they gained access to media it did not matter if any of these behaviour was successful, it simply had to continue provided the victim is uncomfortable and naturally I am bound to do the same things when I want to make them suffer for it as well. It is all the old story of being able to make sense of what passes on the left hand side and right hand side of the older ones while the younger ones are more interested in communities and run people down while they made an alliance with Media and Celebrities and attacked their victims claiming their victims smelled bad; they have wrecked the academic work you see and that is the primary reason they have also ended up with a history that affords them the means to hate my guts. This other fear that causes me to perform activities at the Monarchy however just beats the imagination as there is no such thing; it’s all about incentive you see – the children may carry knives and guns and when you tell them you will be handing over public image every time they see you, none will be hurt by it, same as their parents whereby I need to find what it is that constitutes the incentive which means they cannot keep their hands off me and then it will end very well when I do.

I do get asked if I know what the reasons for these behaviour is as a matter of prognosis but I don’t – the only part of their activities which I can track is the claim that my personality is the outcome of spending time with other people’s women and I can track that because on one hand this is the publicity built for me while on the other I am a hermit wondering if they really have a good reason to live in such a corrupt existence that my bottom just hurts because I come across them while attending to my daily concerns, so this is starting to create effects such as them being tired of it and starting to issue threats they claim is a matter of the fact that the way I stare at people or look at the world around me is irritating which it should be if I am a hermit and they claimed my personality is due to the time I spend with other people’s women but I don’t support physical activity towards me beyond this stage will bring out the worst in me as well. I do get told it appears to be a problem that will never ever go away and of course it is never really meant to be resolved, it’s the outcome of the fact they have come across some money and wish to deploy it for the purpose of dominating other people:  so for me it has developed from stage to stage where at first I was the personality from whom superior Celebrities will get their fame, now they are after my Books as well, as an expression of the purpose people who fit into characters and personalities like mine ought to perform as a matter of existence, so they should if they wanted see what they can do, showing up here to introduce me to further stupid ideas about their own version too. Generally however, I simply want to get into an Office and write some Books and it should be okay to do so, provided that those who claim this financial corruption thing is something that religious people inflict on themselves by attending the religious organisations; as long as those who make such claims end up complaining about it themselves, I am good and ready to progress. For the time being it has become rather very obvious that wrecking academic work and finances when Politicians help them out with money, which is a decision Politicians make because the entire population is not lucky enough to be talented, is something they have come to love and specifically with respect to me have built an entire future on the damage of my academic work they have performed, so it become something around which they chase money every day – this then gives way to the building of those communities that help them run me down and some alliance created with Celebrities and Media, while they set out violent threats and potential attacks on claims that I smell and it is annoying; so this is how they do it, it’s not a self-inflicted problem which religious people create by attending the religious organisations. They rely on this entirely as we can see but it was rather clear that if one took into account that if this nonsense made money, bankers will be willing to lend money to them, then action will be taken accordingly and will hit them hard where it mattered the most – the Celebrities are pretty much the same as well, - unable to account for the money that sits in their bank account they will show up to build a business that is developed on the idea others were below them, so it grows into a question of how the law of diminishing returns in handled in such business when the only viable course of action is the destruction of other people’s lives and property and ensure people felt good enough about the vandalism to part with money over show business products which they added to money they already have and appeared to have gained profit, rather than do a job well or run a business properly i.e. this is not self-inflicted problem that religious people bring upon themselves and I would love people who make such comments to allow me a personal space with them, to get to an office and write some Books in peace too. They do say it is what German influence looks like which does not bother me in anyway; we have had to clear out the part where they cannot provide leadership on the hurting bottoms issues but it still fails to show them German Economic interests are separate from that of the British all together, the rest of the time it’s a matter of Germany being superior to the UK while it was smaller before the second world war and now that the UK is smaller than Germany we will never hear the end of it. The reality of it is that they have set themselves out like a handful of cults, building communities to run me down and cannot tame the insults on how what I do with myself was up to them and the only reason that they are having a free range to get their imagination up my bum and complain about it is that an Arch Prince is not doing a thing about it as well – reason being the other people at the Monarchy they claim I am allied to while those exist to shove me over these issues all the time and need to have it fixed by themselves. They do claim that the sense I can handle them is a false hope and I am talking out of fear but apart from the fact that these matters must be considered as something stupid people do for dangerous reasons and people shouldn’t sit around dreaming that I will have to handle them all the time, if they do not wish to claim I have sacked their society and they were unable to develop properly like women because there were no men to attack weedy me in order to them to feel superior – goes without saying, the next time they threaten me over a need to see me hand over my achievements to women on account they had civil rights, I should try to ensure what I did with this time was legendary. There is no such thing as a false hope of handling the matter; as  pointed out, it has always been an incentive, that if you took from them the means by which they are a danger to you, can you be trusted not to become a danger to them, so the simpler form of this story is that they need to keep away from my Books and stop handling me, while the daily complaining can be stopped if they did not handle me at all – I suppose what I do with my time is write some Books thereof and when they got involved read what I had written not make silly claims. The threats are all good but it is fair to point out as well that failure to cease handling me will easily result in the destruction of their Celebrity culture as well, which will begin by shutting down the Mobility of those in Government who fancy it – it has always been a simple tool that if the line between Celebrity and criminals is blurred like it is presently, where they have a need to progress from patenting my life to their names, to a process of devising their own peoples law enforcement which excludes the Police from how crimes are handled led by American Celebrities, complete with features like films they make to run their message through, then one of the simplest tools is to ensure matters of State Ceremony replaces their fame precedence – where I do get told I understate what I have achieved here but I am aware of how doing so curbs organised crime and violence, I am only responding to the simplistic views and questions people have. It is what I am doing with the Royals who fancy them at this stage i.e. the threats they issue and blabbing about German influence will not do, we know that Germans are very good at creating problems and then bailing out of it, never mind their society being full of gits that cannot stop slapping girls panties and extending the behaviour to Men they believe they had put labels on, alongside the violent parents who cannot tolerate some of it: what happens is that it affects me and take action accordingly, seemingly I had accomplished something, since others at the Monarchy who engage in Public control took it up, what then followed was a campaign of cynicism and abuse which had no purpose whatever that has eventually ended with these goons issuing threats building another set of communities that can get imagination up my bottom, hence I had to make it very clear that I have not planned in any way to run a Royal Hermitage Office in a way that makes other Royals who want to please Celebrities comfortable, it is therefore also the reasons that their abusive cynicism gets little response – point being when State Ceremony takes precedence over Celebrity culture the blurred line between Celebrities and criminals is eliminated and all I need do is settle which one was the Royal investiture and whether it was done properly.

I do get told mine is German bashing as well which is utter nonsense – the reality here is one of the business people with their need to assert themselves on others and force themselves on other taken to unprecedented degree, with the Germans constantly suggesting and insisting we British are wrong and the characters we think are likely to turn on us on a later date should be getting privileged for providing security. I have now gotten a sense from culture and society having been people saw me get along with them, that getting along with them again will not be taken well – it becomes one of those cases where they need to take the warnings about handling my person or my books seriously; that if these are nepotism they run off to the highest level imaginable, is it acceptable for those with more far reaching financial decision making to handle the issue and if not, how long with such persons who are also the oldest in the working environment likely tolerate the fact I had taken the peaceful route; it needs to keep off my case as it becomes every clearer that unless their finances are handled, it never stops, it needs to keep away from me since it had now become quite clear that I am more likely to do it than they believe I am as it were. The other smaller aspects will be the part where they can never stop issuing those silly threats because I am meant to gets stuck somewhere being Royalty while they deployed my Public image for their purposes as insultingly as they can possibly make it. It is the three factors people have not paid attention to while they would fancy their opinions of me be regarded as the truth; the access my birth mom and the society idiots who love the way she sacrifices her children for attention has to my academic pursuits through the Labour Party, which is the most toxic nonsense in the whole world there is, feeding into Royal Family Politics – the fact that rich people do not steal from these idiots like they claim but its them doing all the stealing while projecting themselves on rich people and if the reality about being rich is that you successfully accessed wealth systems and it cannot be turned off no matter how rich you become because there are people making a living with it, then the question has always been one of what likely is the best method to deal with wealth inequality and not the business of putting labels on somebody their stupidities have never stopped complaining about, who certainly does not mind killing them for it – the reason I operate with Celebrity idiots the way I do, especially the co-operation with these society fools who work the way my birth mum sacrifices the children to get attention from their stupidities being that I should not be punished for being me on account a famous fool patented bits of it to their names and does not listen to anything they are being told, bearing in mind that at the end of the day, they had put out show business products and the public was willing to pay for it. And of course for what their stupidities are worth, there is no need projecting their stupidities on me like that endlessly over money issues whilst the complain about the responses they get have not diminished, there is nothing wrong with my mental health.