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They claim I have lost a huge amount of authority which I have not and if I felt I had, I would raze their world for it too. This is really a very small matter where their big brother characters picked me up where I felt relaxed because I rented the space from them and then picked up instances where I took my clothes off or even had an enema because I rented the space from them, to build communities that get imagination up my bum, by which I will forfeit my Public life to them – a very small thing that now affects how they organised the work environment to such an extent there is now one for them and one for everybody else and the one they had involved ripping up peoples careers and livelihoods with practical jokes, to get imagination up peoples bums in their premises as per when they speak of ownership only then does it matter – it affects their industry gits who had no talents whatsoever and build abusive communities that back them up as they got to the top Offices at Industry by running tribalism raids on others – affects Celebrities taking leave of the work market because they could make money from my Public image and I could go on. It has a such become annoying enough, not least due to the daily insults, for me to want to get around to the criminal popularity backyard and break it to pieces as well; I mean I could never tell the exact stage where they decided the most profitable things people could do at the market was to tackle me, I knew if they built it up on Media I would face a tough time but I could never make sense of any series of events that may have caused them to build it, showing up here to stifle my earnings telling lies, claiming I get imagination up their bums, so that a crowd got to support the interest they showed in my earnings with a stupid show business that is not longer making waves in the Public light. Hence, they have done mine and I will tolerate it up to the end of November 2021, beyond which they are about to start giving me some very useful options otherwise. The things people say about authority lost at the Monarchy was a matter of people building a safety net for me and if tends to work all the time, so I have to accept they knew what they were doing and to rely on it as I am expected to. They do claim this is all due to me being a coward which I could never make sense of as I don’t even have a boy scout training but I am faced with idiots that picked up my personal time to pass off as the means by which a crowd got imagination around my private parts, to make me fight for others, talking nonsense about what I deserved only when I had solved a problem where others were fighting my battles on other peoples business premises all the time, which adds to the two and a half year history of working private security Industry for a retail outlet; I do feel like killing the idiots all the time as well and they do complain about it, therefore I have to assume that it continued because they loved to complain. The rest of it is a matter of people making judgements on others while even the Law makers followed a process to decide how people were handled; it loved to punch but it knows I suppose that if the victim ends up in hospital, on a minimum wage, they are likely to give him his severance when he gets back because such jobs were so easily filled, so it loves the punching but not the paying of electricity bills – then there is the one where they hit the women as well and they love it but the problem was a matter of the women carrying out certain social activities, if too scared to, somebody had to build her back up and when she is ready to do it again, they were all over it and we could see what the problem was, thus people like this asking me the questions had a tendency to start discussing my star signs as usual, since I am likely to sell their own if I got my hands on it.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Saturday, December 14, 2019, In : The 14 Year Royal Hermitage Creative Equity Literary Empire
It is now said that I live in such grave fear caused by culture and society trouble makers, that I spend a lot of time getting around the Monarchy to pick up my effects and ensure that people did not harm me through them and no aspect of this nonsense is actually true at all in any case – it is not what I am doing, the fear and the link with the Monarchy story was drawn up when they got off making a mess of what I was doing on the internet. The fact o...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Saturday, November 30, 2019, In : The 14 Year Royal Hermitage Creative Equity Literary Empire

It has been said time and again that I live like a woman and it’s impossible to settle a sensibility on what it means anyway but either way, should I want to make it easier for the dim minds, I would say that living like a woman does not mean that when I set out a Bookshop it is meant to do something other than sell Books because of the decades of familiarity based insults and very violent corruption of involvement performed by very silly individuals ...

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