The excuse made is that I am now at a stage where my habits have caught up with me and it is utter rubbish – the one thing that is making a mess of my finances was a two part story of their need to develop a habit of running practical jokes around my Books, so it was never a product that will sit well with a Client in their Homes and yet a Book is a product people used in their bedrooms; so the women always had something in mind with verbose insults attached, that I should have been doing with the career I already had and the Men are always using the career for something,  ranging from practical jokes to the idea the very things I did to determine my income was a product of a mans world that they had built and existed to improve their stupid lives, therefore to which they were entitled to spend on themselves as I come up with it every day. All of it were manageable on my part until the entertainment twats who pick up my assets to make their own money, got off deciding they could not separate from my earnings and so they pick it up and rally the public to announcements on young millionaires they had created with it from people who had agreed to do as they were told – whilst I am without an income thereof, start another campaign of an alliance with rogue landlords who supplied the local government information on the way I am a benefit fraudster, work with employers to ensure I did not get a job by threatening practical jokes on employers who gave me any work and is now working on how it would get to steal my career while making me homeless and does not plan for it to meet with the fact it was in the interest of the Government for me to get a job if I was on unemployment support and that somewhere in the middle where the two interests met would be the part where its ageist stupidities got to keep its fingers off my bum, its nose out of my academic activities and Bookshop market. What it is doing as stupidly as possible at this stage is the part where it got to assess my habits, so we can say it had not yet developed into a matter of me building them a profile and building one for their distributors as well, so it may look as though none had ever made a contribution to wealth and social inequality in their stupid lives or it may take the information here and start getting involved with my concerns professionally.

I am told I had this matter under control and yes I did but the crunch point was when I took out a private security industry job, the events that occurred which showed the bloody idiots will not give me a break by themselves and now they have been picking up my earnings since I set up the Bookshop for trading thereafter, to make those stupid announcements about young millionaires they created from people who did as they were told. In the end there is no such thing as a neighbourhood where some stupid people got to develop a habit towards another person’s personality and built a crowd to use his personal space with accusations and insults every day, to make popularity money and seek self-improvements they claim made them wealthy and superior enough to build communities that finger peoples bums and certainly no such thing as instances where they can park their cars near the victims home and developed some distant violence that can be channelled towards the victim, which was then so normal that it acquired its own media presence. We are here because they are not getting involved with my professional concerns professionally, therefore making a mess of my career while their earnings had made them bullies; the whites always brag but if their rabbit hole was more home than my rabbit hole, then solving their problem would involve more hard work, the discrimination which does not bother me as a point of thought at all, like they think it does, the ethnic minorities on the other hand will claim I am the one doing the discrimination when I start and did not have a brake or reverse gear. In the end I need to rebuild my life which was damaged because Celebrities took over and then decided my behaviour towards them was a bit too much – since then, the Celebrities have not solved their celebrity problems, they have not fixed my finances and have failed to make them behave – what they have done alongside their gold diggers, is show up here to pick up my service processes and build me a profile their stupidities would feel more comfortable with, much the same as they ensured the problem ended up at the Office of the Head of state (that it might become so messy that matters of state were interrupted) so I looked like if I did not explode, something would, needless to say they turn up on my social media everyday to do something that showed everybody why they were always fighting my wars.

They do claim that this had since been a matter of the idea they thought they had reasons to be afraid of me but now know that they did not have to be. It is utter nonsense naturally as we know that I have not even lost my temper to such an extent that I want to get off my Royal social and public life and also my Hermitage, to cause them harm but we know that I will be said to be the one doing discrimination if I turned towards violence with respect to my opinions of their friends who smoke class A drugs at 11 am and prevent children from attending school. Currently it seems that its abusive and insolent behaviour will not be improved, if I did ensure it arrived at the Office at 9.00am and whilst I did not have business with its company or its office, I walked in at 9.20, to discuss either its community that fingers my bum and runs me down everyday or the fact that on its stupid way to work it fingered my bum and made me smell all day. They claim I appear to be at war with the entire world but I am not, just some stupid American led gimmick where a bunch of incredibly foolish people lived in an ideology that meant making money was war and they needed to beat down the thing that got in the way, the money in question was my income margins and I was the thing standing in the way, the beating down happens all day long and they break when they break, they break when the investments had become profitable ventures and the next set of market gambling had to be considered. It was as simple as establishing a relationship with consumers, in the end consumers always use a product to boost their incomes and then they decide a portion was to be shared with the people who helped them boost it, whilst what you were really doing was to give them a product and show them how to use it in return. So it does need to get involved with my Bookshop professionally and ask its celebrities to shut down the public media gimmicks, as contrary to the abuses, there was nothing their stupidities could do about me, facts have been proven at this stage, considering they only show up to build publicity on reasons they hated the fact they were made to fight my wars, work alongside their gold diggers to develop my public image into a profile for people who got bullied so others could befriend the wealthy, while the rich gits who spent money on their gimmicks did, the assumption being that we either now lived in the same existence or that I have in anyway been affected, save the part where my Bookshop and social life had simply stagnated considering it is not their own - story of my life, most gimmicks usually end in utter disaster before it really stopped.